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bad girl
Wednesday, November 29, 2006
i'm a bad girl

but i'm also very very good

i'm bad cos i've been a very very lazy blogger

i'm good cos i'm working hard down the gym

i'm good cos i put on a party for hubby's birthday at the weekend

i'm good cos i didn't get wrecked ...... or stuff my face

friday hales december and the constant whirl of social engagments and pissed lou

friday afternoon i'm off to the hairdressers to get my hair done and then i'm off to the hotel to meet hubby in the jacuzzi hopefully if i can get a very sexy shower cap lmao

then we're partying the night away with good friends - not in the jacuzzi lol

and so it begins...... i love december

love to all

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a few of my favourite things...
Wednesday, November 15, 2006
the first bowl of cornflakes from a new box

the first cup of tea of the day

the smell of hoof oil

the smell of putty

the smell of fresh rain on hot dusty ground

the moment when my daughter wakes in the night and smiles at me that beautiful smile and says moon and stars mummy

my dog

my family

sitting alone in a dark room with my favourite tunes playing

those 3 little words my hubby says to me every day

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umm i had a bit to drink last night......
Saturday, November 11, 2006
so i had a bit to drink last night,

these are the texts i found on my mobile this morning........

To Princess: love u munny drunk x x

To Scarlet: feckhn pisrd x

To Scarlet: gin 4s my friengd x

To Scarlet: wisi u werf heqe x

To Scarlet: wayhey x love u fuc wirk u weregere x

To K: that woman u thouhgt is chrisekajje not heq name aliron fecl am pissead safe jourmey x

at this point k rang mefrom the uk to ask what the feck i was going on about lmao

To Scarlet: Sthll drunk lmao an nd 1s now x

thank god i was too pissed to turn on the pc by the time i had staggered home!!!!!

although i've not drunkingly blogged for a wee while

it's been a busy week. i've hit the gym with serious intent, my trainer is chuffed to bits with me after i survived our session on thursday afternoon despite the fact i could barely walk after pilates on wednesday night!!! she rang me 20 minutes before i was due to meet her and she said that we were going outside...... da da da da daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa feck

i was brickin it what the feck outside?

we ended up power walking up the hills running down the hills and on the flat, i coped and did more than she thought i would have managed and then some!! we also did some sparring

i was exhilerated loved every second especially the sparring which really surpised me. i think maybe just maybe i've found what i needed aside from a kick up the arse

it was lovely being out with hubby last night, it was lovely meeting great people and i thoroughly enjoyed myself. this morning we picked up princess from her mates house where she'd been for a sleepover and took her to her rehersal. (did i say she was in a panto in the new year she got through from the 70 kids to the 22 that were picked) we had some lovely quality alone time going to a cafe for a full cooked breakfast and home to chill.

last night i have to say i missed absent friends. its been too long far too fecking long since i was out on the piss with that wayward girl scarlet.

gotta get princess to bed shes flaked out on the sofa

oh btw no hangover unlike everyone else na na na na naaaaaaaaaaa

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baby is back
Saturday, November 04, 2006
She's back
My babies back

moody and tired but she's home safe and sound with mountains of washing clutching gifts that only a mother would love

i'm happy again


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its all so quiet
Wednesday, November 01, 2006
it's all so quiet

princess has gone away on a residential school trip for 3 days

i'm lost without her

i'm bored she's not here to amuse me/keep me busy/drive me insane

she'll be home on friday

i hope it flies

somehow i think it wont

posted by Lou Lou @ 6:19:00 pm  
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