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Saturday, January 30, 2010
I am pretty excited right now. Today, after a long 3 weeks we got to go and meet our new member of our family. Dakota Storm.

She's a beautiful Huskamute (Siberian Husky cross Alaskan Malamute)

We bring her home to join our family at the end of March.

Other than that, we've had snow since mid December, we've only seen grass for 3 days, and it's really getting me down! I hate driving in it. I finally got up the nerve the other day and had a bit of a moment. Although I didn't hit anything I shook myself up, so I have decided not to drive any more until it's all gone!!!!

Princess has calmed down, which I know I am speaking too soon of, as she turns 13 in March. but still she is much nicer to be around and not quite the hormonal ticking time bomb she was!!!!!

So, I am smiling.

Love L xxx
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