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a first
Sunday, May 27, 2007
i did something this weekend i never did before.....

the tringles were freed, and i went topless for the first time in my life, only in my garden, and i made sure of course my scar had plenty of sunblock on.

my main motivation was i felt it would do my scar a little good to have some sunlight on it, the second was no annoying lines left from my bikini. the scar is actually a bit better than it was its taking its time, i'm running up to the third anniversary now of finding the lump.

it was surprisingly easy actually, not that i'm going to get them out on the beach or anything i dont want to scare anyone!!! but i may well do it again!

might well go to the beach tomorrow



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tringle tringle tringle tringle
Monday, May 21, 2007
pool party at a mates mansion

i kid you not, first time i'd been to their pad and omg

fecking huge, very very nice and the interior dec is so them

the tringles were out - thinking about going topless though, covering my scar though so i have no annoying triangles this year - only in my back garden of course!

fab time - sadly i was driving so no drinkies for me and boy there were shit loads served from their poolside bar, oh and the poolside sauna on hand too

feck how the other half live

very very lazy day yesterday did not even get dressed!

as i type i am being bait for an anooying mozzie. the little bastard has already bitten me 10 times tonight i'm swelling up and the little bastard is gettting fatter - he is destined to die if i catch him trying to suck my blood once more

right enough

i'm boring myself

love ya

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honey i'm home
Friday, May 18, 2007
i bet you thought i'd fecked off and left you all again..... or maybe just thought i was being a lazy cow.....

i've been on one of my journies....and as usual chaos follows me.

not a lot of sleep

some lovely time with friends

nice shopping

fecking awful weather

fecking awful plane

fecking awful delays

got in this early this am....

honey i'm home!

love l xx
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Tuesday, May 08, 2007
where have i been?
what have i done?
why did i go?
why did i come back?

i'll keep it brief......

where have i been?

i've been right here! yeah i have ok i blogged elsewhere a bit but it wasn't as comfortable!
i've had a travel adventure - which was shite appart from the shopping and the food!
i've been lurking on all your blogs!

what have i done?

i've worked my arse off and done something i wanted to do for a long time.... i got back on the stage.

i was in Joseph and his amazing technicolor dreamcoat, which ran for a week as a wife of zebulum, and chorus girlie extraordinaire, which basically means i was on stage a fair bit and had a lot of singing and dancing to do! it was awesome, i had a blast and made some fantastic mates through it i can't wait to do it again. the songs are forever in my heart.

i know all the colours! and discovered my love of singing once more boy have i got the bug!

i've celebrated my 13th wedding anniverary to my beloved

why did i go?

the blog was a stale mouldy loaf of bread... i needed a break after 4 years, or is it 3 i forget! plus i was beginning to think it was all a bit pointless cos scarlet had fecked off and left me to it, off the blog anyway shes ok in real life and we just spoke a few mins ago actually!

why did i come back?

i missed you.... did you miss me?

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