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life is good
Wednesday, August 29, 2007
Life is good

I've lost some weight

I've got a very clever daughter who's waterskiing around the bay without assistance.

Its bloody hot still.

I'm turning into a low fat/calorie nigella type person in the kitchen

My dad is better

My sister is up the duff

yeah life is sweet

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tis i again
Friday, August 17, 2007
It's been an oddish kind of week i guess and yes i'm a lazy cow for not posting sooner - i have no excuse!

So we went to the beach on saturday morning... the water wasn't great. Saturday night we went to celebrate L's 30th birthday. How i wish i'd had a camcorder to hand... the candles on the cakes set off the fire alarms..thankfully there were no sprinklers! The dancing standard was interesting to say the least. I an embarressed to admit i've forgotten how to do the timewarp, well to the shitty damien version anyway!

Sunday was a lazy lie in day

The rest of the week we've been out and about shopping and stuff, well a girl can never have too many pairs of shoes or handbags!

Oh and filing. The filing box under our bed has been transformed to neat organised folders. Well the folders were always there, there was just a lot of stuff not in them!!! I've also sorted out a lot of princesses clothes and shoes out she's grown so quick.

I've also purchased via the tinternet some books to assist me with the talk.

Yes ladies and gents it's a looming....questions are so far being headed off until i have literature to back up the talk. I've been dreading this. Thank God I only have to do it once as i only have her!!!

Any suggestions gratefully recieved

L xxx
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and breathe...
Friday, August 10, 2007
it's finally a little (emphasis on little) cooler here, i am sleeping a little better

i can finally breathe, Daddy is finally at home where he belongs,

i've been pretty busy doing mummy things with Princess as it's the summer holidays

this has included shopping for clothes, and shoes

shopping for food - yummy cooking fab meals with the produce. fresh stuff here tastes so much better it actually has flavour

waterpark - not losing my top for a change

eating out... very bad as i am on an eating lifestyle change, that is to say i am on a diet but not allowed to call it that as its not a diet its a way of life - bollocks but hey if i manage to lose a few more pounds ok even if i starve in the bloody process!

the beach

chilling at home....watching dvds (including the one of me in Joseph and his amazing technicolour dreamcoat!!!) reading books, i've gotten through 6 in the past week

baking - princess wanted to bake cakes - i've not touched one....oh the strength of my will power!

catching some rays in the garden - attempting to lose the triangles and managing to burn my bum but not my boobs!

oh and two days ago it was the anniversary of us moving here - three years. i have no idea where that time has gone. it's like a time tirangle or something i have never in my life known time to pass as fast as it does here. wake up monday morning blink it's wednesday blink again and it's saturday morning.

plans for the weekend...

wakeboarding saturday morning, as usual for hubby, princess waterskiing and me, i'll be sat on the veranda sipping a cool drink, chatting to mates and having a laugh.

30th/14th birthday bash on the beach on saturday night - disco and good food, lots of favourite people there should be a riot....

sunday, well same as saturday minuns the party!!!

hope you're all having a great time


l xxx
posted by Lou Lou @ 7:35:00 am  
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