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Thank you for the birthday gift Daddy!
Saturday, April 11, 2009
Happy Birthday Daddy

It was Dad's birthday today. The first he wasn't with us, the first I couldn't pick up the phone to sing to him.

It was also the day my Mum chose to say goodbye again, after a short personal reflection Daddy's ashes were placed under the turf at my brothers grave.

I still feel Dad around, I still talk to him. He has been here, and on today, his birthday he gave me a gift.

My darling Beast Dog.

I never saw it coming, it was a complete surprise, especially after the conversations I have had this week with the vet. We went this morning for our visit. We have been allowed to visit her since Monday!!! Only short times with a little walk as it keeps her calmer.


Basically she is home with us!!! I have to take her back for dressing changes, and she will have to go back for further treatment and stay a while, but for now she is with me!

So, here's the low down.

The skin graft hasn't taken. She will need to have another one shortly. If it doesn't take she will have to have her leg amputated. If it does they are going to insert metal rods to maintain stability of the joint. The amputation sounds pretty extreme, but right now she has a big hole in her leg.

So she is home. We will fix her with love!

Finally some happy news in my life!!!

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happy birthday!
Friday, April 03, 2009
Happy Birthday Stop! It went past and I forgot all about it, what with all the drama in my life!

There has been more drama.

Yeah I know I can hardly believe it either.

Just how many of those bad luck if you do not forward to at least a million people have i deleted to deserve all this pain?

So, to recap.

Daddy - Christmas Eve

Grandad - 11 weeks later

and now

Beast Dog - 12 weeks later, although she is still with us, just not at home.

Beast dog is at the vets. She got hit by a car almost 2 weeks ago. She is still at the vets. They operated for 3 hours, 3 surgeons to try and save her leg.

Waiting for news tonight on skin graft, apparently it is not taking too well. Still too early to tell about her leg.

We are not even allowed to see her as she is not allowed to get excited.

So my life is pretty full of drama. I am slightly sick of people asking me how i am.

Guess what

I'm in pain

Outwardly i do not show it, but inside i'm screaming what have i done?
why is this happening?

it's all too much

So i smile and say i'm fine, and yes there is a lot of drama right now, but i'll be ok

and i will

i am stronger than i ever knew i was

bless you all

l xxxx
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