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Saturday, May 30, 2009
i've had a few moments

moments that remind me how special life is

moments that remind me how much i miss dad

moments that make me feel so very lonely

moments that have made me laugh so hard i've cried

love l x
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Wednesday, May 20, 2009
My life has been full of ups but mainly downs lately.

It's been hard to vent, maybe I'm scared of what will happen when I do....

On Saturday, it will be the 5 month anniversary of losing my Daddy, and yes, I still call him Daddy, he was always my Daddy and him going off and leaving me will not change that. even though I am still angry at him right now. I think that's maybe why I haven't grieved as I should have, I have not even touched the surface.

I always felt i would drown in my tears, in the last 5 months I couldn't have filled a cup, let alone a bucket!

Hot on the heals of losing Daddy, I lost my darling magical man, my Grandad. A brave holder of the Burma Star. A wonderful man who made everyone around him feel warm and loved. he gave the best hugs.

Then my beast dog, she got hit by that car. She was so smashed up, and it wasn't looking good.

Love and miracles happen.

Watched over by my Daddy and Grandad, Beast Dog has had an amazing, but very expensive recovery which is not over yet!

We were looking a few weeks back at possible amputation still if the skin grafts failed again. We were looking at pinning if the skin grafts didn't.

Xrays just a week ago taken showed something amazing. Her leg, it's healing itself. The skin has almost all grown back and there is only a few cms left where there is only flesh showing. her joint which was smashed completely has healed and looks almost perfect now on the xrays!

Finally something good has happened!

warmest wishes to you all

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