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Sunday, July 26, 2009
Socially, my life is on the up! I have never been out so much!

My life is on an even keel, and I think after the last 6 months I've had I deserve it even if I say so myself!

Beast dog has finally finished her treatment at the vets, a considerable sum later. but she has her leg, she is walking on it, not all the time, but she is using it, she is able to use the stairs, jump on and off the beds....she is her old self up to mischief!

I am pretty happy. Mums has booked her flight to come out later in the summer, and I can't wait to spend some time with her.

I am really and honestly doing ok.

Love L xxx
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Sunday, July 12, 2009
A few weeks and a few changes.

Firstly best dog has had her cast fully off, she is now trying to use her leg, is able to manage stairs, can even jump on my bed! The scarring is heavy, in places i am not sure whether any hair will grow back but there is always hope. She is one brave doggy.

I have collected my eagerly awaited new car! mine, mine mine! I have not given him a name yet, my first male car, i name all my cars! He is fast and very sexy! jet black! I got a Mazda2 sport! I have had him less than a week and am clocking up the miles fast! name suggestiong gratefully received!

I've been out of the town with the laydees, had a great time. I was at a costume ball yesterday......i went as a whore, saloon girl! Top night. have another bash later this week, hawaiian this time! Any the following week anther do!

I drove a very long way to see Kings of Leon! In my old little car which had no air con, on a day temps were over 34 degrees!!! Well worth the effort! Off to see green day later this year with the girls!

Princess is off to Paris in the monring with her school for a week. i shall miss her it will be very quiet.

Princess was awarded for outstanding excellence in design technology at her schools prizegiving earlier in the week, and vrought home a cracking annual report. well chuffed.

oh well am off to bed, knackered.

love l xxx

I am getting on with living.
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