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Sunday, February 26, 2006
an odd few days - but then my life is mostly odd, but then thats cos i am

scarlets birthday- and i missed yet again celebrating with her pissed off at that still managed to have a nice chat with her

work has carried on being mental but now it's half term so i gets the week off yay

the weather has started to look up 20 degrees and in t shirts it prolly won't last but you never know!

yesterday i watched bridget jones 2, a film i have seen before but decided to add to my huage dvd collection.
i am bridget.
yeah ok, i'm married, happily and have a child
but in alot of other aspects i'm fecking bridget jones ( no i'm not fecking her just am her)
i am clumsy
i am daft, soft as shite
crap at most things
emotional fuckwit
love my wine
shit music to get drunk and sing too
nothing ever fecking goes right for me


i also whilst driving my car earlier to pick princess up from her day at her mates practically broke down with emotion singing along to damien rice blowers fecking daughter and then cannonball. bugger i had decided after spending most car journeys with my dear hubby and princess shouting along to the bloody crazy frog and is this the way to fecking amorillo on constant repeat i'd try a little grown up music obviously listening to shite has fecked my brain up

i got a wee bit emotional again a few mos ago, good old sitemeter tells me lots of people look here about shit on torvill and dean, i mentioned them in a post yonks ago, but when trying to find said post i happened upon some emotional shit in the archives from october 04 from when i had my tumour and shit. i cope pretty well i guess but still i get emotional.

i'm told that by the the doctor recently when i asked him if my scar would ever get any better or heal any more. it is bloody angry still and very bloody iritated all the time, and it has a bit where it hasn't properly healed too and scabs a bit. but sometimes i get a bit vain and bloody angry that this horrible red welt is so damn disfiguring and that it shows so damn much due to where it is- the summer is on it's way and it won't stop me stripping off, but i know there once more will be looks and questions in peoples eyes

i'm grateful, don't get me wrong i really and truly am. i am lucky. i will be eternally grateful that i was lucky but sometimes i can't help being a self indulgent cow

oh shut the feck up lou self indulgent fecking shite

i'm off before i waffle more bollocks


oh ps

i've decided to try and stay blogging i guess jeanette says it best
"In our non-virtual lives, sometimes we are silent and it is okay because we still physically see one another and feel each other's presence. It is different in blog world. It seems as though we need to keep writing to validate our blog's existence at times, or even our own existence."

Jeanette as always you are inspiration and always in my thoughts, your strength, your positivity and your spirit shines through and overcomes all you are a fighter, a winner and i pray you'll never lose x

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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

my favourite word right now

its fecking brill

happy birthday 40th birthday scarlet baby hope you liked your pressies - if they arrived on time

work is shite right now

boss is on a wind down and she doesn't give a feck about anything (shes gone in a month)

i have taken on yet more responsibility and no more pay- yet i'm working on that

i'm still on a i don't know what i'm doing thing- thanks all for your love and support i didn't think any bastard was still reading here i thought you'd all dropped off to sleep with boredom!

i love you


flidicouses one and all

posted by Lou Lou @ 5:58:00 pm  
i've come to a decision or maybe not
Friday, February 17, 2006
well i think i have but then i'm not sure

the blog has gone way down hill

i'm ashamed at the lasck of effort i've been putting in

i miss it desparately but have lost my fecking mojo i really need to get back on track

do i pull the plug and start over in the hope a nice clean new blog will be the kick up the arse i need?

do i limp on and try again?

or do i just carry on in this shite way i am

i am disgusted

so what do i do?

when stop began alsot 2 years ago, it was out of curiosity and boredom, having read so many blogs religously i was scared to try myself and finally did along with scarlet to hold my hand and be brave.

scarlet actually has a life hense not blogging lately she's fecking deserted me, and i know and understand her reasons

i don't want to give it up, but it can't go on the way it did

at first i told no one

then i told my mum

only a few select people i know personally know about the blog

what do i do

i'm so confused

my blog is so fecking shite lately rewriting the archives is looking positvely inviting

help me

posted by Lou Lou @ 8:34:00 pm  
back in business

i'm back baby
a complete reformatt and a new modem later i'm back!
last night was bliss

gotta go

parents wating in reception


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it hurts
Wednesday, February 15, 2006

it hurts that i have no bloody computer at home right now and that even the
bloody recovery disk didn't work. oh well gonna strip it down tonight

talking about stripping.....i might as well be today i have on this lovely
cream cashmere wrap top, which i need a little broach just to keep me
modest. i had on said broach, which about 15 mins ago broke, leaving me
flashing my breasts to the office staff next door...yikes thank god they're
female i would never have lived it down if it was one of the blokes.

so i have all day to sit here and not move too much lest i involountery
flash my rather pretty bra! either that or i work on making some
contraption with staples, paperclips and sellotape to keep the puppies at

valentines day was ace. i got a card and perfume this year wow! other than
that the day wasn't that greast and it was very very cold here last night (8
degrees) which for here is cold, and i have no heating in my house, so an
early night it was and i used my hubby as central heating! i am loved.

today i have meetings and an awful lot of work to do so i best crack on


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terminal city
Friday, February 10, 2006

it's dead my pc has upped and died
is it the constant barage of massive thunder and lightning (even though
surge protected) is it due to the power cuts we had two days ago?
i started off by loosing my dvd rom, cd rw and dvd rw from my computer, only
two of them showed in device manager and were disabled and wouldn't re
enable, code 22 it said. i tried everything, took all the wires out put
them back in one by one and no luck

yesterday the modem has gone too well its there but can't dial out code 633
it says feck

woe is me


what the hell is wrong and what the hell has happened



scarlet is going to see the artic monkeys jammy cow

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swing low sweeet chariot....
Saturday, February 04, 2006
good old engerland have beat the welsh sheep shaggers once more


enthralled by the action i was most amused to see the welsh side sporting many rejects from a 70's porno

the hair the hair

oh god the horror

what the feck do they look like?

i'm so glad to be an engerlandy girly instead of what my princess calls walesish

swing low baby

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whinge whine gripe
Friday, February 03, 2006

life is decidedly taking a turn here for me. some aspects are really
exciting and some are plain doing my head in.

i really really love my mum and dad. they've confirmed they're coming out
for a visit at easter, which gives me something special to look forward to,
as my life at easter will completely change, for a bit anyway.

on the excting side, my skiing is improving and is lots of fun, plus really
social as us extreme dudes get together lmao half term coming up and we;ve
booked a chalet up the mountain to make the most of it! lets hope theres
plenty of snow still.

i've also taken on another job, you all know i'm very involved in a
watersports beach club, well my whole family are and all my mates, but i'm
going to be managing the clubhouse i don't have a massive amount of time,
but hey it goes on my cv!

on the work front, thats where things are starting to get crazy.....
i told you the boss is leaving....well muggins will have an awful lot of
work on her shoulders shortly well from easter.... which is exciting and
scary at the same time, and yes it does all go on my cv!
but then in the run up things are going mental and i'm leaving every day
feeling like i'm bashing my head against a wall.

i was at a conference earlier in the week, which sounds dead good but isn't
as great as it sounds everything is so damn political

personal life
i'm bloody knackered but life is good. and i'm planning to do an OU in
something which will enhance my professional development!

whinge over


posted by Lou Lou @ 8:25:00 am  
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