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its ok
Saturday, July 29, 2006
well she's here and it's ok not been easy to get online though and post! it's actually been so far pretty good

i've treated myself to a lush pair of birkenstocks and princess too i am seriously fucking my feet up recently with my overuse of flip flops when i wake up in the morning and get out of bed it feels like i've been walking all night lol

we're off on a holiday as soon as she's gone quite excited about it not been away for a while well not since we went skiing earlier this year

it's bleeding hot here i've been swimming most days uping my lengths daily

off to the waterpark on monday....... i've also got a cunning plan to get rid of the triangles.....

apparently dove body lotion with self tan works wonders so my mate karen says so i'm gonna plaster it over the trasngles and see what happens i'll let you know they are so white they really stand i expect you could see their glare from space lol

been out on the piss a lot lately with the girls been a lot of fun

well thats it for now short and sweet like me

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pink is my favourite colour
Monday, July 24, 2006
well just as well as its the colour of a lot of my body lol

i made the mistake of not putting any cream on yesterday when i went to pick hubby up from the beach - he had gone wakeboarding at 6am with a friend.

princess and i went out on the double donut which was a blast i would have liked to go a lot faster though

as a result i got bloody burnt the triangles are very enhanced lol

today i took princess swimming for the afternoon i did 30 lengths and feck do i feel it now.....

mother in law may well be coming for a visit just waiting to hear whether she has gotten a last minute flight.....

other than that all is well

i've been having flashbacks due to reasing my archives from 2 yrs ago - i was on the verge of moving here, and i'd just gotten back from visiting scarlet for a drunken week

shit i miss her and our crazy times

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skools out for summer
Friday, July 21, 2006
yep ladydees and gents skools out for summer
no more getting up at 6am
no more ironing bloody uniform
no more packed lunches
no more crazy mad dashes cos we are late yet again cos madam decided to kick up yet again

sitting on the beach
layzing in my pool
reading good books
holiday visitors getting their cheap destination at chateau loulou
lay ins

yay for school holidays

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catch up
Saturday, July 15, 2006
It's been a busy week which started with me finally finishing my ou! It was a bastard to submit though i finally did it in the end. something about a redundant absolute link in the source code. i couldn't find it so i left it in the end as everything loaded ok, and i checked it on different pc's to be sure.

the rest of the week hs been bloody hot and i've spent it trying to cool down.

i've fallen over twice

not drunk either time not even a little

i've also been very knackered not sleeping a great deal either due to the heat but still this island has been my home now for just short of 2 years and i'm pretty used to it, in fact i love it.

the week also started off with chronic shits- side effects of my new meds- thankfully subsuded now

right thats it for now off to get showered and go out- my first free weekend in 10 weeks! bliss someone told me the sales are on lol

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on t'piss t'nite
Friday, July 07, 2006
thats right i'm on the piss tonight

was out till last last night at a show- was fantastic

tonight i'm gonna let my hair down - i deserve it (loreal u know)

i do deserve it lots


ps scarlet baby too chuffed for you to put it into words
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crap n bollox
Tuesday, July 04, 2006
I can bear it no longer... i've got to post on top of that drunken repeat courtesy of scarlet!!!

the days are unbearably hot here right now, though i'm told uk is running a tad higher than normal still you'll only have it a few days not months on end!!!!

things have been crazy i've been incredibly busy to say the least and less than a week to finish my tma for my OU!! it's going quite well actually. but i'm out a lot the rest of the week. out for meal tomorow night, thursday to see a show, friday night a meal for a friend who's moving away i intend to get bladdered

i spent the weekend ina haze induced by bottle of reef!!! was quite nice to just chill for a change and enjoy relaxing in the pool

right enough shit from me i'm off to study for a bit though it's loody hard to think it's still over 30 degrees

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Blast from october 2004
Saturday, July 01, 2006
This is a post i did right back in october and tonight i was going through the archives and found this post i did ......................and well it made me laugh sooo much i had to just put it back out there sorry lou but i is drunk and it does seem like a good idea.

O.k people hands up who knows what dogging is?Right you dirty bastards it seems i am the only one who didn't.Its not very often a story in the local rag makes me laugh but this was a beauty.
I was in my sisters kitchen yesterday, she was cooking while i was reading the local paper, and this story caught my eye.so i looked up and asked her what dogging means?she replied.................Its when people gather in carparks late at night, and have sex or watch other people do it in their cars.i'm not one to judge, but eeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwww.anyway i read the story to her.It went somthing like this.............................................Three ladies in their 70's have been campaining against the practice of "dogging"in there area.And have contacted the local council for its support.They have been warnng the public who could easily get caught up in this unspeakable act, just by parking their cars.Although, rather amused by the affair. town councillers declined the invitation to display warning signs in their carparks.My sister and i both looked at eachother and both said at the same time."they got caught then"well.... i can't believe i never knew what that was.lou quite often is telling me that her and hubby is of for a bit off "dogging" at the weekend.And i just never asked her what it was, i just smiled and said" ahhh thats nice"Well, i ain't getting in her car again, not unless she puts plastic on the seats.A more enlightened scarlet.
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