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so this is christmas.......
Saturday, December 23, 2006
so this is christmas...... another christmas......and it just hit me like a ton a bricks it's just us, just the three of us....again

i've had a few quiet tears after i put down the phone to my mum

i've not felt much like christmas this year, i've found it really hard to get going, i guess its the constant sunshine, carols in a foreign language, lack of atmosphere to name a few of the stumbling blocks. The lack of a card and letter i get every year from my darling auntie m, who sadly passed earlier this year.......all cogs in the workings of the christmas machine

god i'm a miserable cow.

i've got a christmas tree next to me, a roaring log fire ( no kidding i have) a dining table covered in pressies (for other people) and it still ain't getting me excited

something did this lunchtime though..... we collected our very beautiful new wedding rings....i can't wait to wear it although i will be very sad to remove my old one. i'm not allowed it until christmas day and i'll add some pics then...christmas day is pretty poigniant actually as it's the anniversary of our engagement 15 years ago this year.

We've lots on over the festive period and it starts tomorrow, again! we're off to a festive showing of Santa Clause 3 then out for dinner with some good friends. xmas day we're joining good friends for dinner out, boxing day we're on the beach first thing for wakeboarding and mincepies, and the evening we're going to friends who are having a traditional bbq lol new years eve we're off out for a good night out with friends and inbetween we've friends visiting us and us visiting others

so this is christmas, and i don't know where the year has gone i really don't. it's my third here
and it never gets any more christmassy i guess i'll get used to it with time

happy holidays to you all

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endless whirl
Friday, December 15, 2006
it's december, as if you didn't know and the endless whirl is still twirling and i'm stuck somewhere in the middle of it!

it's been great i have to say although it's pretty hard to feel like crimbo as it's still pretty warm in the day - although not warm enough for me to be in shorts there are mental tourists on the beaches still!!!! but to them i guess it's damn warm!

i've finally put up a few decorations at the house tonight and will complete it in the morning with princess putting up the tree etc i've found it very hard to get any sence of urgency this year about the deccies as i've barely time to wipe me bum right now! still i'm trying to get myself in the mood by having xmas tunes on repeat - ghastly but it has to be done and even a bit of crimbo karaoke has gone down at chateau loulou

i'm having a break from the endless jingle bells and sleighbells listening to some old favourites which i have to say are puttinfg me in a really good place.

i love music for that - it's ability to spirit me away as i've said before it's a big part of my life

hubby who gained maximum brownie points this afternoon.

we went to the city for a little crimbo shopping popped into a friends jewellers to say hello or so i thought.

hubby - "is there anything you've seen?"
me - "didn't know i was looking (duuhhh the place if jammed with sparkles i could drape myself in)
hubby - "i rather thought we'd have new wedding rings made for each other for chrsitmas"
me- " omg " cue tears

and i thought he didn't have a romantic bone in his body the most perfect present and lovely surprise

so we've designed them ourselves, white gold with a narrow thread of yellow gold running through the middle and satin white gold on one side of the thread and shiney on the other.

so why are we having new rings?

because hubby's is very very battered and worn and when we first got wed we couldn't afford anything special so we bought plain 9ct bands with a bit of edging on them.

i don't know what i will do with my old one. i think i'll probably wear it on my other hand as i can't bear to be without it. it is afterall the ring that was blessed. i'll have to look at having our new ones blessed i think - or maybe we could go the whole hog and have a blessing on the beach and i could get another posh frock and we could have a big party............nice dream but i doubt it will happen!

anyway that's it for me for now i've not much else to say but i'll try and not be such a slacker

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Big Bash
Saturday, December 02, 2006
at 2pm we picked up mates d and s and we drove to the hotel - we dropped the men off with the baggage and went to the hairdressers.

2 hours later i'm a sultry brunette and lookin hotter than i am feelin due to this bastard cold i have

so back to the h0tel to be informed by hubby he needs a new tie and exactly where i can buy it from cos he saw it there earlier- ffs i mean why didnt u get it yourself?
shopping trip and back to the bar for a double g and t ..... this girl needed it

back to the room - pretty nice amazing view and a bath - careflly covering my hair. put some shiney shimmer stuff on some slap and carefully slipped into my dress.

the dress

burgandy silk, full length, stunning and i am looking amazing...... i'm looking in the mirror thinking wow that girl scrubs up good lol slipped my satin strappy sandals on grabbed my bag and wrap and went to meet d and s before we went to meet hubby who was already looking amazing in his suit at the bar.

walking through the lobby heads turned.... i was in shock i mean well i guess too many pretty laydees dont walk through in full evening garb every day of the week but hell i was looking hot and only short of a tiara

the do was amazing the dj not so great mixing wasnt exactly slick the entertainment was pretty good a magician who came round the tables, a caricaturist and some live music from a david grey wannabe who shook his head more than a bobble head doll

food sublime although i'll come to that later i think i may of made a mistake!

i danced like a woman possessed, drunk not much really but it hit me like a brick wall later...
had some amazing photos taken, had a fabulous caricature done of the two of us too.

so later

we go back to our room, and i'm feeling a bit worse for wear - 10 minutes after not so seductively removing my dress i run to the bathroom and heave my guts up for 10 mins. when i come back in hubby is naked on the bed in a coma jees i have shit timing lmao

everything is moving around i was grateful when sleep came.

getting up this am was another story

it was a struggle cant explain how rough i was as i hadnt drunk enough to be in a state like that. i could barely even stand for fear of passing out in fact i had to clutch furniture to move around

2 hours later we managed to make breakfast - hubby did anyway i tried two bites of toast and a nibble of a pastry and a cuppa and a glass of ice all of which made a hurried exit on the way back to the room, luckily i managed to get to a loo in the lobby.

got home and put myself to bed.

amazingly i feel fine now. it was either a dodgy prawn or something with yoghurt in it - which i am very allergic to. bugger.

still it was still a top night and best of all i actually got to dance with hubby which is about as rare as rocking horse shit.

i'm out again on thursday night....... i'll check out whats on the food this time lol and i think i'll dress down a bit too and so the whirl of xmas events begins i have loads more to go to and somehow it never gets boring

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