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its getting hot in here
Tuesday, July 31, 2007
too fecking hot

and i'm not talking about me after my trip to the hairdressers....

the temp here is crazy, well not so much the temp but the bloody humidity


can't sleep, am peeling the sheets off me just to move

awake still at 3.30am

no air

no respite

how i long for rain

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fantastic news
Tuesday, July 24, 2007
What a difference a few days can make.

Today i got fantastic news.

Daddy is much better, he might, might be out of hospital in as little as a week. Which given the situation is amazing. He's already been in 5 long worrying weeks.

So so so pleased and yet i won't breathe until he's safely home.

My parents, wonderful people. And yeah i know everyone says their parents are great, but mine, they really are. They are supporting, loving compassionate and fantastic friends.

I love you both, more than I can say and I miss you so much it breaks my heart.

love L
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the weekend
Monday, July 16, 2007
I've been away for a lovely weekend with friends.... Friday the 13th was an interesting day.

  • I managed to get superglue all over my hand - twat
  • I lost my sunglasses - well left them at home......twat
  • Shitty long draggy day
  • Mates house almost got burnt down from a brush fire close by.... but it didn't!!!

So all packed we got to the hotel about 4pm - checked in, had our wrist bands attached, and found our room, eventually.
Me being me i have to unpack, make it lke a little home, i can't help it, hubby and D belt it down to the pool bar to nab sunbeds and get the first round in.
The drinking started.
We ate a huge amount, drunk a huge amount we cvertainly got our all inclusive moneys worth this weekend!

The first nights entertainment - kids disco with such delights as superman and the cha cha slide versions one and two (arrrggghh) then a caberet. Fecking hell. They said it had taken them 3 days to rehearse - three days? more like three fecking minutes. Shite Shite and shite. Even played bingo. The drink made it bearable.

Sat entertainment fecking shite karaoke which kept going wrong either too fast or putting the wrong song on. Sauna and Jacuzzi a lovely break from the kids J and i enjoyed.

Still it was a lovely weekend with great friends.

Got home to find my lost sunglasses crushed at the kerb - bollocks.

i'm a bit red and sore the triangles are looking very white, and of course i managed to lose my top several times - due to hubby undoing it in the pool.

now i feel like shite, i've a sore throat, a drippy nose and i'm bunged up.

and my daddy is no better.... he's had a weekend out of the hospital gone back in this am and it's not good news. He's a fighter. he has to be. do me a favour and pray for him will you?

love l xx
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mothers pride...............and i'm not talking about bread
Tuesday, July 10, 2007
At 15.00hrs this afternoon I was esconced in a dressing room doing my make up artiste bit decorating performers with stage make up. There were two shows, i'm not going to bother telling you about the first, apart from there was a kid who has her hair in corn rows and it made her look like a klingon!

The second show didn't need so much makeup, there was a smaller cast, and the makeup wasn't as specialised either.

My princess had one of the leads she had to audition for it earlier this year and worked on this play whilst she was in Joseph as well.

Before she left the dressing room she asked me not to go sit where she could see me. Fair enough, it was sold out anyway so I made my way to up by the lighting guys and hid there. (I could do that cos I was team makeup)

The play opened.

In the second scene my princess had her first bit. She was fantastic. I know i have to say that but seriously, she was fecking fantastic. She was clear, her voice carried to the rear of the theatre without a mic. Her charactorisation spot on during her monologue. She was perfect.

And as she spoke, soft tears began to fall down my face.
My heart swelled so much with pride.
The tears didn't stop.

In one scene, in the spotlight, she had to use several different voices to denote charactors, she is talking to herself. The voices were fantastic and the audience recognised it by a chuckle and a clap.

Later on she again is centre stage in the spotlight. She has to transform in front of the audience from a small mousy girl to a strong confident girl. She got a large round of applause and whoops and cheers.

Still my silent tears fell.

The finale.

Princess has to accept an award during the finale.
I had stood up from my hiding place at this point and cheered and clapped with the auidience, tears falling still.

If only you could all understand what this means to me.
yeah I know you've all had proud moments......But this is something special.

Princess in her first years at school was bullied. It was a trauma that has had a massive impact on her. It left her quiet, insecure, unconfident with awfully low self esteem. nothing we could do or say could really make a lot of difference..............
until she was finally old enough to join the youth theatre.

Under the amazing guidance of the fabulous staff there, two in particular N and L, my princess has changed hugely. she is unrecognisable from the child she was.

Tonight, i sit with tears in my eyes, as i thank those wonderful people for helping my girl realise within herself how damn special she is.

as we left the dressing room after the performance i lost count of how many people told her she was wonderful.

mothers pride

god i'm proud of my girl



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been a while...
Friday, July 06, 2007
There have been days over the last few weeks I seem to be on the verge of tears a lot of the time.
There's been a lot going on, and I guess being far from home doesn't make it easy.

The home phone ringing in the afternoon scares the shit out of me, i'm ok with the mobile cos it means it's generally people here, but phonecalls from the afternoon tend to bear upsetting news about family members.

Still grandad's doing ok now.

Dad's not so ok.... three weeks now he's been in hospital and in a few more by the sounds of it. I just have to have faith and pray. He will be ok because he has to be.
Happier news.

Spent a fantastic weekend with friends last weekend.
Have booked an all inclusive weekend away for next..... can't wait
Friends have been lovely and supportive of my flakieness.

I spent a good deal of last night looking at old photos from 2003. Pre weight gain. Pre living here. When princess looked so wee. These days she's well past my shoulder and pinching my bloody shoes. She's only bloody 10! God only knows where the height is coming from as hubby and I aren't tall, but I was until i was 12 - I just didn't grow anymore after then!!!!!

Princess is in the middle of rehearsals again - she's got one of the leads in a play thats on next week. I'm volunteered to help out with stage make up etc. She'll be wonderful. She comes alive on stage. I hope I don't turn into one of those awful stage mothers, still it's been a while and i'm not showing any sign of it i think, i hope.

She starts school holidays in two weeks today. No more getting up at 6am yay. Not that it's easy to sleep in with the bastard cicadas making their friggin noises, they don't stop. Then there's the heat, we finally have a little respite..... it was 45 for 2 weeks straight and about 38 at night. I'd wake up in the night soaking wet thinking either the water tank had burst or i'd pissed myself.

I finally have a few picks from that T party. Gees theres a lot of drunken men in dresses. Not incredibly flattering, and yes i've cut my head off - you don't all need scaring!, but it's me. And no i'm not that brown. I don't sunbathe very much because i can't be arsed, and don't you know you can get skin cancer? It's fecking hot here. and yes that plastic was fecking hot and no i did not enjoy it, wearing it not the party!

So you are honoured. Thats the first time i've ever posted a pic of me, ever.

Right thats it i have to go to the sweatbox that it my kitchen and cook tea - ok maybe i'll just stick the bbq on and make kebabs .... sounds a better option. I'd never have been a chef i know i swear as much as gorden ramsey but he can cook a lot fecking better lol

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