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The two biggest medical events were in 1998 when I fractured my spine and in 2003 when I had a golf ball sized benign tumour removed from my breast.
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where i bin at
Sunday, February 24, 2008
Went to Disneyland Paris for the week

Bloody knackered


L xxx
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Heart Day
Thursday, February 14, 2008
Valentines Day

A day of has he?
Will he?
Was that the doorbell?
Is that for me?

Or feelings of
Bitterness the bastard hasn't bothered
hard done by, afterall you made the effort

Or do it MY WAY by following the simple instructions laid out below!

  1. Buy your own gift, something you really really really want just in case he hasn't bothered.
  2. The night before ask sweetly," I don't suppose you managed to get me anything did you darling?"
  3. Upon the answer being negative whip out "the one you bought earlier" and present it saying "there you go babe I got one for you"
  4. Be chuffed you got exactly what you wanted!!

However, if he has actually got you something, well you have an extra little treat for yourself! Voila!!

Seriously, I love my pressie, and i'm sure he liked what he got this morning, there's more to come, he just doesn't know what!!!

L xxx
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catch up
Monday, February 11, 2008

I'm still really upbeat and it's showing no signs of going! Yay!

We've had some lovely weather, no sign of the snow i've been waiting patiently for.

I've started to look for Princesses birthday pressie. This year it's pretty big and will use a considerable amount of wrapping paper. I promised her she could have a new wakeboard. So i've been looking about for deals , including bindings, which are every bit as expensive as the board itself, and sometimes more! I think i've narrowed it down to what I think she will love, and the bindings are good.

The season doesn't start for another couple of months, it's a lot colder here. If we were still in the sun we'd not have stopped over the winter! I think she will need a steamer wetsuit too ( one with full arms and legs) her shorty might be ok, but she has grown so much I'm not sure it will still fit her! Her neoprene vest is fine though, her gloves will possibly last her another season. Expenses expenses!

Why do Hubby and Princess insist on such expensive hobbies? lol The fishing season looming, and the pair of them will be out on the river/canal/lakes shortly. Princess is pretty good for sort stuff! She has all her own kit, and expensive taste! ( not a bit like her mama!)

Valentines in a couple of days no idea if aything will be coming my way from Hubby, we've been together so long and i don't need cards etc to know he loves me. I just can't seem to let it pass though so i bought some little pressies for him today. Little useful bits I know he'll like. If i get something well great, but it won't make any difference if i don't! I love him to bits regardless.

My lovely purple polyanthus are looking stunning on my front steps. I'm planning on more. I love the colour. I can't wait to get gardening proper.

My camera has arrived!!!!! Yay.

I had a mamooth webchat with Scarlet over the weekend. I really needed it. We had a lot of laughs. I miss her muchly.

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Thursday, February 07, 2008
Having baked a crusty fresh loaf i thought it was sacrelidge to not indulge in a thick (ok wedge) warm slice covered in proper butter with my mug of pasta for lunch!


I'm a bad girl. I usually wait for it to completely cool before I slice it on my slicing machine and bag it up ready for family consumption. Still it was worth it!

Chicken Korma for dinner tonight. Yummy

I finally caved in and joined twat book. Only so i could see my mates new baby pics, and play poker withScarlet.

In other news

there is no news

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oh happy day
Tuesday, February 05, 2008
oh happy day

oh happy day

something happened

and happy i'll stay

oh happy day

oh happy day

lou lou is smiling

and shooting hooooooooray!

L x
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poorly girl
Sunday, February 03, 2008
I is a poorly girl.

This afternoon i fell down the stairs whilst carrying a chair i had used to reach costume stuff for princess.

jees it hurts.

my foot/ big toe is rather bruised which considering the way i fell its amazing i didn't break anything!

i now have a poorly tummy.

i'm hungry and the delivery man is taking forever. since i've already ordered it i'm going to have to risk eating it!

still in pain but not as bad, a dull throb now. kept an ice pack on it for a few hours, which has kept swelling down.

hubby laughed at me, only because i had managed to save the bloody chair!

got a few things planned for this week. nothing exciting to anyone but me!




oh the irony is princess is now wearing a different bloody costume!
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Saturday was a great day!

A quiet start, a little light housework, a phone call, a knock on the door and a ride into town!

Mc Crappys, (the things i do for my kid!) H&M and another shop, a brief walk and the fun really began!

Money paid, swimmers on, we entered the "paradise", wild water rapids, rocket slides, shoots, massive jacuzzi's, pools outside with steam billowing forth into the atmosphere.

It was fun fun fun. I got rather bruised, almost drowned, a slight exageration but at the time it felt that way as the water pushed me under and the current sped me forward! The bruises resulted from princess "assisting" me with the turnstyles to one of the areas ( you have to zap your chip for admittance) she decied to turn the turnstyles for me as i walked through, slightly too fast which resulted in the ends of them stuck on my thigh and boob! I have perfectly round bruises now! In the rapids some random bloke grabbed my boob as he sped past!'

The jacuzzi was punishing but oh so relaxing. next time i'm doing the sauna's too.

We finally got home at 18.30! It was a great day and the fun didn't end there! 20.00 and the doorbell rang. A lovely lady holding a bottle of wine and a box of praline entered. The laughter began and didn't stop.

So another good, positive day! Yay!

Today is Sunday. I'm chilling before i start the huge pile of ironing i will make short work of ( thank the lord for steam generator irons) I've already had a work out playing wii sports. ( i suck at tennis, rock at bowling and what the hell was i doing on the boxing?) Pancakes for breakfast, loaded with cinnamon sugar, syrup and lemon juice! Yum!

Will this coming week be as good to me? I hope so, i really really hope so.

L xx
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Friday, February 01, 2008
I'm still feeling positive! Yesterday was another good day i thought to myself as i shook my booty round the house.

I lost the grey and am back to being a sultry brunette once more. It's amazing how young i look for my age, the only thing that gaves it away was the grey, and even then thats only because for someone my age i have rather a lot of it!

Went into town with a bounce in my step and met up with an aquaintance, she is a national to this country and speaks good english, it was nice to shop with someone else for a change and get a girly point of view on products/shoes/handbags!

I baked another loaf of bread, made fresh pizza (yes my own dough too) and then chilled. Went to bed early but didn't get any sleep, i couldn't. The dog licking my hand at 4am wasn't helping either!

So today i've once more danced around the house as i've cleaned, scrubbed, hoovered, dusted, folded, sorted. I'm playing hookey now, i'm supposed to be at princesses school discussing "icky education" programme that begins next week. I've already sat Princess down and had to talk and bought her books. she knows all she needs to for an almost 11 year old. I have no transport today, i couldn't be arsed to walk, its too fecking cold and windy and i didn't feel like catching the bus. I don't suppose they will miss me. It's not like i have any questions!

The tunes that have blasted in my house today have made me feel great, lots of old nostalgia with some up to minute shit thrown in. well music from the last year anyway!

Not sure what i shall do over this weekend. possibly ice skating, possibly to the leisure pool complex/cinema. Hubby is working s it's a princess and mummy day - and they always always rock! ( even when we don't get out of our pj's all day!)

in desparate need of a cup of tea, a bit of lunch and a pee so i'm off


l xxx
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