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a quiet weekend?
Tuesday, August 30, 2005
I started back at work today. Its was fecking busy, fecking hot and now i'm fecking knackered, but then getting up at 6am and having less than 5 hours sleep will do that for you!

Highlights of my weekend, well since i last blogged.

I've enjoyed my last few days of freedom before getting back to the grind.

The beach, on thursday, on saturday and then another beach on sunday, burning my boobs, a bit.

Drinking a few bottles of wine, ok maybe more than a fw but i shared them with D!

Taking my empties to the bottle bank, empty plastic bottles that is!

Big tidy up, mum and dad are here in 2 days!!!!!!!

Watching hubby and his mate kiting as i laid back in the sun, oh on the beach.

Shoe shopping. finally we got some for princess!

My hubby was a bit of a hero, wearing only a towel, and thats not some kinky sex fantasy.
and nor was the following.....

Wearing my underwear over my clothes,

Wearing my friends bra on my head,

Being covered in flour, and water....it fecking hurt when it dried.

Walking home proudly, drunk and defiant dressed as above.

Sadly there are pictures to prove this!!!!!!

Just a normal quiet weekend on the whole lmao


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scooby dooby doo
Wednesday, August 24, 2005
Not much to report really!

tonight i tried to teach myself this new scooby doo craze thing so i can teach princess, tied myself up in knots!!




this should explain all!!!!!
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bonsoir ma petit choux fleurs
Monday, August 22, 2005
shopping trip to get school shoes for princess. went with D
not a bloody pair to fit shite

so off we went to luncheon, bypassing several shops on the way.

I have a lush new t-shirt, very nice fit, very flattering in mocca

a very sexy chocolate brown very deep plunge halter neck top, trying it on in the changing room i was well impressed how it set off my tan, and tits.

two new handbags, well i got 3 but gave one to princess

a pressie for the kid whose party princess was off to this afternoon.

i had a lovely lunch, a refreshing frappechino

came home had a cuppa with D, came home, hubby home, modeled new items.....

not telling

had lush dinner, hogroast, well ok it was roast pork i was too lazy to cook the veggies, so added a few bread rolls, sliced the roast pork, added stuffing and apple sauce....scrummmmmmmmmmmmmmmy

tomorrows plans?

quiet day,
coffee shop with D and kids,
off to the beach in the afternoon.
I'm beachmaster........ baywatch eat your heart out, it's Lou in her red voodoo dolls bikini, ogling surfers!

A girls gotta make the most of her last week off!

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it's been a long wait
Saturday, August 20, 2005
It's been a long wait, lots of tests, lots of being fobbed off, but finally i know now.

I have PCOS. It's confirmed. Finally a reason, finally an answer. Finally i know it's not all in my bloody head and finally someone took me seriously and not taken the view "you're over 30 now what else to you expect everyone puts on weight then?" (feck off they don't)

Now all they have to do is find an answer for my other medical issue, which they actually don't have one for! I is a medical quandry, i'm thinking of donating myself to science!

It's such a relief to know that despite all efforts and starving myself to no avail there is a logical reason why nothing worked. Now wheres that cream cake i've drooled over for the past 2 years and not allowed myself to eat? Actually i have lost 4lb! I have no clue how. I have done nothing different to my normal healthy lifestyle, yest they have vanished as quickly as the bloody weight gain appeared in the first place!

There is another part to this also. I have a mirena coil, and this stops mentruation in some people, like me. Because i don't get the curse anymore my bone density has lessened and my body has produced more estrogen to counter balance this which adds to the gain. So i have a choice. Do i get it removed and go on some pills that mightmake everything worse, whilst the mirena is doing the job its should do well, or do i stick it out for the next 2 years until it's due for removal? A case of better the devil you know i think.

So maybe just maybe i'll be back to my old self at some stage. Though saying that being a little larger i do have more confidence, maybe because i was bullied so badly growing up for being a stick with no tits. Plus i like having the bouncy boobs that arrived along with the weight. They are deffo a plus. I'm not massive but for me i'm uncomfortable with the number on the scales, maybe phycological, cos i'm told i look great compared to the waif once was, but i just want to go down a little, till i'm comfortable in my own skin again. This may of course be a losing battle, as i've already tried to kill myself at the gym and starve myself to death to no avail and no loss. But still this 4lb is a milestone loss for me, and i have no clue how it's gone.

Medical shit aside.

Princess is healing nicely and doing as she's told for a change she's upstairs doing her bedroom, I'm supposed to be hoovering! But thought wth i'll post instead as yesterday i was completely glued to a wonderful book which i finished at 1am.

My darling parents are due here in 11 days. It's been months since i was even in the same country as them and i'm so excited. I can't wait to thank them in person for my early birthday pressie, Scarlet. Already i'm planning things for us to do, although we did so much on the tourist trail last time there isn't a whole lot left!!! Still chilling will be nice, and save me from pushing Dad's wheelchair up too many hills, they don't really do disabled access here. Planning maybe a trip to the mountains, it's a lot cooler there and so beautiful.

I'm also planning a trip for May Bank Holiday next year, we're planning to rent a large villa with friends. The favourite one at the mo is fecking huge. It has onsuite jacuzzi's and 2 swimming pools, all mod cons to say the least, tennis court, and it's like something out of a photshoot in hello Simply divine. We've spoken to the letting agency and it's available for the dates we want, and pretty reasonable. Another i've seenw hich is splendid is a castle. A fecking castle!!!!! It's bloody cheap too. Still it's a lot more rural and doesn't have all the facilities some of them have. But how cool would that be to chill in a castle, shag in a fairytale bad and get pissed by the pool?

It's still bloody hot here, showing no signs of cooling although the nights are getting darker. Some nights i even contemplate sleeping on the veranda. Only the threat of being bitten alive by mossies, carried off my massive ants, and crawled over by millipeeds, and covered by preying mantisis are putting me off. If i could only fashion myself a mesh tent or something.

Weekend plans? Not much prolly on the piss tonight, it is saturday and i haven't had a drink all week, tomorrow waterskiing gonna try kneeboarding. Expect tales of bruises tomorrow!!

Have a great weekend all

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Thursday, August 18, 2005
after all the excitment caused by my daughter, who's fine now thanks all, tomorrow it's my turn.

Yet again i'm off to hospital. This time though for more tests because they think finally they have a reason for my unexplained weight gain and host of other symptoms. I don't recall if i told you, but a few weeks ago i got some long awaited blood test results back, and it's highly suggestable that i have polycystic ovaries syndrom. I'll leave ou to google it if you wish cos i'm too lazy to link!

It would explain a lot. It would explain everything well almost apart from all my shitty circualtion problems.

I am a little concerned as to the tests, most concerned are of a delicate womanly nature i will not go into so as to spare the sqeamish among you, yeah thats you men!

I'll let you know how i get on.

My week has been quiet, reading, chilling, dvds, aside of course from the drama! I have only 1 1/2 weeks now before i go back to work. I can't wait!

See you later maybe

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being a mum
Tuesday, August 16, 2005
Being a mum is the most wonderful thing i ever have done. it fills me with love, happiness, pride, annoyance, and sometimes it damn well scares the shit out of me. today was one of those days.

A normal day, housework done, princess out playing i decide to take a break and have a go on the playstation2 i'm really crap but keep trying to crack the game my daugfhter has gone past me at! The phone rings. I sort the problem. I ring D. We're chit chatting when she says...I can hear crying. Yeah ok, whats's it this time petty squabbles. How wrong was i.

I put down the phone and went to my door, to hear my daughter screaming . "Mummy i fell Mummy I fell." My heart lept into my mouth. If you are a parent you'll know what i mean. There's a really big difference between a cry and a true cry when your child is truly hurt. Taking her into the kitchen, I look her over, shes hysterical.

I see blood on her hands and mop it up and keep asking her where she is hurt, she says she doesn't know. All she says is she fell, she's sorry she was in the tree. The very tree i have warned her about until i am blue in the face.

My princess has very long hair, and a lot of it, wearing it down today, i turned her round to check over her back and then i saw the blood. Pouring off her and yeto panic mode. I'm guessing its from her head but she has so much hair i can't see where from. Pressing a teatowel to her head D drives us to the doctors, no time to call hubby. Princess screaming she doesn't want stitches. Running in, i garble that someone has to see her immediately. We are ushered into the triage room.

After what seemed like a lifetime, my shocked, scared child clinging to me we establish she has a head wound. It's not horrendous but there is a lot of blood. The doctor views it and decides to leave it open, as it should heal better. It's about 2 cm and a few mm wide. (besides if she has stitches or glue she won't be able to ski at the weekend, she was very concerned about this, princess that is) we have to go back tomorrow for review and if it needs to be done then, they'll do it.

She has had to sit quiet all afternoon, the beach plans gone down the drain i've had to sit through the santa clause (in bloody august) and eat minstrels. it took me several attempts to wash her clean of all the blood, her clothes are in soak in salt water i'll be lucky if i don't have to throw them away. It took me 45 minutes to wash the blood out of her hair, gone so crispy due to the heat i could probably use it to open a letter! (very difficult to wash out and of course avoiding the section of her head that is hurt)

I've given her a bollocking. She won't climb that bloody tree again. It could have been so much worse. She got of lightly. tree + flipflops+ child = bloody stupid.

The emotions that poured through me in that hour have exhausted me. i'm oh so thankful she's ok. I'm oh so happy, i don't want to let her out of my sight, yet at the same time i'm bloody angry for her for doing something so bloody daft.

Does that make sense?

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queen of lazy bitches
Sunday, August 14, 2005
"Basket Case" Green Day

Do you have the time
to listen to me whine
About nothing and everything
all at once
I am one of those
Melodramatic fools
Neurotic to the bone
No doubt about it

Miss you x

It's been a long few days in a quiet house since i dropped Scarlet off at the airport. A lot of feeling sorry for myself and oh woe is me. I'm been a lazy bitch actually.

I've lazed in bed till 11am, i've let the ironing pile grow again, i haven't hooveerred for 2 days...,must do it tonight.

I've lazed in the pool on the lilo for hours, managed to burn my ass a bright red lobster glow, feck does it hurt when i inadvertantly scrubbed it with my loofah pad! Hubby came home from work whilst i was dozing on there topless ( i was on my front, my scar is far to tender still to be exposed to sun like that!) and threw ice cold water on me! Bugger. fell of the lilo in shock!

But then over the weekend i haven't been allowed to be lazy. I've been up at 7am and out the door by 7.30am! Waterskiing, Princess has improved in leaps and bounds and is moving from a "whiteboard" to a pair of junior ski's. Hubby has been wakeboarding, and me i've been playing beachmistress! Although next weekend i am trying my hand at kneeboarding with the hope it won't fuck my back up, like waterskiing does.

Last night we were at D and A's for drinks and games night...thought of you Scarlet babe esp after last weeks drunken marathon! I managed a glass of wine. pathetic. still maybe it's wise to give my liver a rest after the hammering it took whilst you were here!

oh well best go get some stuff done

miss you


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Holy Crap
Thursday, August 11, 2005
My mother in a fit of family togertherness has decided to round the whole family up for a get together meal.
Yes she is one crazy biatch.
We have not been together in the same room for......................well 8-10 years.
Lets just say they is no way I am stepping into the restaurant sober.
wish me luck folks
The betting is there will be tears before cocoa.
shhhhhhhhhhhh.................. already had a few glasses of wine (but don't tell my mum)

scarlet the lobster
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its over
Wednesday, August 10, 2005
it's over.

my heart is breaking
i can't believe it's gone so fast.
today i took scarlet to the airport.

i hugged her tight, told her i loved her and walked away my face awash with tears, clinging desparately to the hand of my daughter, every bit as upset as i was. blindly i walked out the doors and into the sun.

it's been wild.
it's been a blast.
we've drunk so much.
we've laughed, we've cried, we've just sat in silence.

i miss her so much already.
the house is quiet even though we're all here, hubby, me and princess.

she's not here.

scarlet my dearest friend, my truest friend.
i love you.
i miss you.

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Tuesday, August 09, 2005
My time here with Lou is almost over............................

It has hit us both this morning.
my time here has flown sooo quickly and yet on the other hand its like we have never been apart.
But that is the beauty off having a true friendship, and yes I do know how lucky I am.
I am truly not looking forward to tomorrow, where I have to leave her behind.
It will break my heart.

I have met some wonderful people here that have really been great fun and also made me feel so welcome, that we have been sat around discussing my next visit.

We are off to the beach again today, just so I can top up the lobster effect.
Sweet Jesus I am in pain....
My own fault I was warned by numerous amounts of people.
then will be having drinks will Lou's friends tonight................... Then its all over until Easter.
The only part of me that is happy to leave must be my poorly liver, which has taken one serious battering.

I would just like to say again ' Thank you' it has meant soo much to us.
Love you both.

And as for my bestest friend 'Going to miss you so much, and I love you too you 'ol Tart'

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omg i've been here a year! and some other stuff
Sunday, August 07, 2005
It's fableeous having my bestest mate here....

Having a wonderful time, gonna be over too soon, will be gutted but don't want to face that now.

Much consumption of wine/beer/g and t has taken place, i also poisoned myself.....ate something i'm allergic to,(unknowingly) not nice! I was rather poorly.

Scarlet sympathetic as always slept right through it!!!!! That girls bout of insommnia finally seems to be at an end! It's a bloody nightmare waking her up in the morning, that girl can sleep through anything, including having stuff thrown at her and being poked by a rolled up magazine!!

We've been to the beach today, had a fabulous time basking in the sun, building sandcastles, playing in the water, a spot of snorkelling, a bit of swimming. Scarlet is decidedly lobsterish, glowing a radioactive red lmao, pretty much allover despite using suncream! I am a nice darker shade of brown! It won't last long though the bitch is going brown already!

She says to say her triangles are much whiter and larger than mine!!!!!!

Tomorrow we hit the shops! Handbag shopping, sending postcards home, a few tacky gifts for loved ones. I don't really need another handbag, Bollocks! I do! i do! i do! I might even treat myself to a new bikini. A girl can never have too many, besides i have a sexy new sarong and i don't have one that matches it yet!

Scarlet coming here for the past year has been a dream, a spark of a hope kept alive. I still can't believe she's here, and yet it seems like it was only yesterday since i saw her last just before i left England.

I've been here a year now, can you believe it? It was my anniversary on sunday, now yesterday! A year since i boarded the plane with my darling hubby and daughter and set out for our new life in the sun.

I have tried to say thankyou to the wonderful people who arranged my surprise, but the words just don't seem enough. But i'll try once more.

To you both,

I love you so very much. I miss you more than i can say. I can't express in words what you did means to me. I know you understand.

The day i left i thought my heart would break, and yet i was so full of excitment about my new adventure, i know how much it hurt you to say goodbye and yet you did and sent me off with love and a smile. It was hard to say goodbyes to everyone i loved.

Leaving Scarlet behind, was pure trauma. And although i hoped and dreamt she might visit me here, i knew circumstances probably wouldn't allow it.

You both made my dream come true. It's the most wonderful birthday pressie i think i'll ever ever have, don't you dare ever buy me another one ever, or christmas!

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou

I love you Mummy and Daddy.


PS See you in 3 weeks!!!!!!!!! ( and counting!)

I still don't think it's enough. NO words can describe the emotion i felt as i saw her for the first time in over a year. The tears said it all.

Now i'm off to bed, long day tomorrow.


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having too much fun
will try and post tonight
off to the beach
L and S
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we are the drunky girls
Thursday, August 04, 2005
happy bithday in month to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
raione is my preseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
thanks you mummy and daddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
i loves you

we has been out for a lush dinner and a bit of drinkypoos after a crazy day of things that went wrong
but we did go to the beach
i did get my tis oout hubby pulled thew tringles off but scr she just got bigs tits and lost hers in wayter
i made scar go in a kayak on the ocen rave was coo fun buts i felt sick puke too sonn afters lunch

zo we comes home and gets the bottles out NOT LIKES KINGA SLUT TRAMP HPORE

gin wine and danciong singin and funky mooves we is hot stuff baybe cool

fecking brill

love u
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There has been something very odd going on in my house for the last few days and i have been the queen of paranoia!
I was right!
I was fecking well right!
This evening whilst in bed watching a dvd, my hubby got up and got dressed and left me.
He wouldn't say where he was going and he was gone for over 2 hours.

I forgive him.
I forgive him the lies. I forgive him the half truths.

I was sat on a hammock in the garden stargazing when i heard heels, in the wee hours of the morning, the bitch scarlet said hello!

*insert much girlyness here as we jump about like twats*

I forgive her her lies too.
bitch slut whore

I am not stupid. I can read you all like books. what i dreamt could happen has happened and i sit here a very very happy lou.

Stay tuned for many drunken posts over the next week!


L and Scarlet, in the sun
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mirror mirror
Tuesday, August 02, 2005
i was out shopping yesterday you know the usualy girly stuff, clothes, clothes, clothes, food

and then i looked in a mirror

and saw this woman looking back at me

hair pulled back tight in a high pony tail, tanned face, green eyes, big smile,

one or two lines that weren't there before,

i realised i'm not a girl anymore

i'm almost all grown up!

when was the last time you looked in the mirror?

really looked?

what did you see?


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something is going on


Well maybe not.......... but I know SOMETHING is going on!


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