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sur le piste
Friday, January 27, 2006

I have to say that was quite the best weekend i've had in a while, good
family fun with lots of laughs and alcohol of course she says as she's on
the verge of doing it all again this weekend!

i have to say i looked rather hot in my red snow bunny outfit co-ordinated
right down to my socks! Ithere were some sights out there. do you know
some people think its clever to walk up the middle of a ski slope with a dog
wearing stilettoes? the girl wearing them not the dog!!!

i felt rather better about the fact there was people of so many abilitites
there. i myself have improved massively over the weekend, carving little
turns down the slope, a little off piste and i even managed a little jump.

yeah ok, i jumped, and then fell flat on my back as the ends of my skis
cought the back of the ramp we had made! i laughed till tears rolled out my
eyes. which i did again when i saw the video of it!

i fell a few times once in the middle of the slope as i said before as kids
laughed at my lack of coordination, i was trying to dodge that bloody dog
for gods sake....... oh and when pal aj took me off piste he crashed into
me and i lost my balance

we stood around for pics, crossing our arms x factor styly and our skis
shouting exteme instead of cheese.

we spent the weekend trying to get the word extreme into every sentance we
could lol

princess was fabulous on the slopes going hell for leather where the hell
does my kid get her sportiness from? i sure ain't me!!!

the apres ski was fab lots of food, excellent company and lots of laughs

planning to do it all over again this weekend!

The week itself has been mental i'm wiped out but still up for fun this

about to have my first cuppa of the day, and try and get a mountain of work
done so i can go up the mountains!

extreme dudes


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if you blinked you'd forget where you were
Monday, January 23, 2006

it was perfect hot, hot sun, blue skies not a cloud in sight, if it wasn't
for the snow you could forget you were actually skiing!

It was an amazing weekend filled with laughter and great friends, good foo
and lots of alcohol. I have gone from being dry slope beginner to a novice
in one weekend! I am amazed at myself!

i'll tell you more about it later, back to work for me i'm
afraid!.......i'll leave you with the thought of me sprawled ungainly in the
middle of the slope as little kids whizzed past me laughing....

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todays the day!
Friday, January 20, 2006

as i said, todays the day! I'm pretty much all packed, just a few more bits
and pieces to buy, gotta load the car of course and then we're off. Have to
finish work too.....

yesterday princess was ill so i missed a lot of work i've had to catch up on
today. the phone has rung loads

i managed to get out and pick up my new glasses very foxy they are too i'm
really pleased with them everything looks a little odd through them at the
mo as my eyes haven't quite focused in and they are stronger than my last
pair! i'm getting old.....

boss has popped in to catch up before she goes away on business for the
week. lucky sod. i could have gone but my passport is being renewed and
still hasn't been sent back by the high commission or whatever it is so i
couldn't leave the country gutted was looking forward to some serious

big loves and hugs go out to scarlets son who was taken away in an ambulance
after ripping his leg tendons poor blighter

so i'm off to the snow... looking forward to it oh so much quite a few of my
mates are going too so it promises to be a party! must remember to pack the
wine, haven't done that yet!

maybe i'll even post some pics, prolly of me on my arse mainly!!!


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sssshhhhhhhh i'm not really blogging.....i'm writing a serious report
Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Still not quite with it this am.....i've not yet finished my first cuppa,
which is going rapidly cold due to interruptions from students! I have a
very busy day ahead. I've already attended a staff meeting, i have to go to
another later and a groupwork to do too. Not to mention all the usual
admin. oh and i solved my feck up appointment blunder i made......

So i've solved blogging from work.....the only prob is i can't read your
blogs from here....... gutted i really do miss checking in with everybody
everyday. I'll just have to squeeze more time in on the pc at home, which
will be a battle but i'll just have to win it.

I've had to get some more specs ordered so i can see, only wear them for
reading and pc, but i'm getting really burning eyes from the pc ow so time
to get some new ones chose a lush pair of dolce and gabana ones that
hopefully i will pick up tomorrow after i've taken princess swimming. Then
i have to get home and get packed for our weekend away up the mountains

I've been watching the webcam there's a serious amount of snow, i'm packing
the sledges too had a blast on them last year, even though most of the time
i was flying down upside down head first.

I've never actually skied on snow.....should be fun i'm told it's a lot
easier....if only you could see me on the dry you'd know how much i'm
relying on it to be easier! I'm pretty good at falling and crashing through

Well best sod off since i have so much to do today

laters peeps


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crazy days
Monday, January 16, 2006

so i think i've finally worked out how to do this. not hard i know but i am
a bit challenged being blonde and large breasted.....well ok maybe not
large, just nice thank you!

so i'm at work, and the boss has slipped out to a meeting and this is the
first chance i've had..... its been a bloody crazy day with loads going on
yet not a lot done, do you know what i mean? crazy....

i am ready to go home.... but not on my way yet, maybe soon. i'm desparate
to get home, have a cuppa put my feet up raid whats left of the christmas
choccies and chill. still its monday and thats not to be since i work late,
princess has brownies, i have dinner to cook and ironing to complete, as i
generously let hubby off doing some of it yesterday (i'm so nice!)

looking forward to skiing at the weekend bumped into a friend earlier who
confided she might pop along too, this thing is starting to snowball!!!!

anyway hope this works if it does i'll be back in business baby


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Sunday, January 15, 2006
It's been so hard to blog lately, as i hardly ever get online at home these days and i can't blog from work..... far too dangerous.......since i work in a schoo and the last thing i need is for the students to find out or the staff......... then i remembered...... i can access email from work, so i'll add that blog by email addy thingy to my addy book and hopefully stop will become alive once more instead of an after thought which sadly it's becoming as i never seem to have any fecking time for anything anymore.

The weather has taken a turn for the worst this last week, it's been cold, horrible and wet.

I've been away on business, just for a day but is was mental and knackering, been busy as hell at work on my return.

our trip to Dubai was cancelled due to the unfortunate passing of it's president or something and everyone's in mourning which means the shopping festival basically is off. ( bloody inconvenient)

I've hit the sales.

Hubby's still wakeboarding even though pneumonia is threatening. We're going away next weekend snow skiing wooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhooooooooooooo

I've been frantically trying to get hold of Scarlet, who dropped off the face of the earth. found her today and all is well, panic off.

Are you tight n lean? well seriously. if you are tightnlean2 and invited me to join messenger who the feck are you cos i have no idea and since your id is somewhat tacky and suggestive i'm hardly going to add someone i've marked as a nutter!

I so need this blog to get back to normal. i've missed you all and i hate the way the blog is becoming an afterthought thats rarely updated. Apols to you all

right i'm gonna try and get round some of your blogs now... while i'm actually online!

I can't comment on your blog babe..... it's been going on for ages and i try all the time to no avail god only knows why but i am reading ok!!!! x
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isn't the 1st cuppa of the day always the best?
Saturday, January 07, 2006
Isn't the 1st cuppa of the day always the best?
You bet!

Well i'm knackered. Been back at work 3 days and boy have they been full.
The shit has hit the fan.....my boss resigned and i'm gonna be left holding the fort from Easter!

SHIT It is a nightmare time until they appoint someone new in her place, and it can't be me because i don't have a degree. (maybe i should buy one online!!! I'm offered them enough in my inbox!)

Other than that i'm just tired, i'm not sleeping so good although my skin is wondderful due to my wonderful Liz Earle Christmas pressie from Mummy xxxx

I'm of on a business trip on monday! out of the office yay

thats me for now

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omg i did it
Monday, January 02, 2006
Happy New Year!

For the first time ever in my life i managed to keep a New Years Resolution for a full year!!!!
Yep, one of my resolutions from last year was to live life to the full and enjoy all it throws at me, and I have! Yay me!

I have more confidence and i'm more comfortable with myself.
I finally have gotten over the tumour, yet the scar, a constant reminder is just as large and angry and irritating as ever ( it's not showing signs of calming so maybe a trip to the dermatologist is in order again); my other health issues were also confirmed this year and i feel i can at last deal with my situation. I am once again a working woman istead of being obsessed with cleaning the house and screaming at anyone who puts things out of place! I have enjoyed visits of family, and friends and finally have gotten over the "I feel so alone thing" here. well i do sometimes feel it but it no longer knaws away at me.

there is so much more i could say, but i won't bore you with it.
basically i'm gonna keep this resolution going for 2006.
i'm livin life to the full in the sun baby!

Happy New Year Darlings

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