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Friday, March 31, 2006
i look like the fecking elephant woman

i woke up this morning to a frightful reflection

something has happened to the right hand side of my face and eye

it is all swollen i look like i've been in a fight but i haven't

about 6pm yesterday my mate told me my right eye was a bit puffy - when i went to bed it was worse, i got up this am and the right side of my face and eye is in a lot of pain. i've been to the doctors.

have i been bitten by a mossie? not that i'm aware of, is it itchy - no it just hurts - it is essentially not a problem with my eye cos my vision is not affect it is they say some sort of an allergic reaction or a bad case of hayfecer, which i don't get.

so clarytin it is and i'm staying home as the looks i've been getting are pitying, and i am sick of explaining that my hubby hasn't hit me!

I still feel like crap
now i look it too


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Thursday, March 30, 2006

I was in bed by 9.30 last night


i feel absolutely bloody awful - after not being able to get warm last night i was freezing i put on pjs - which is unheard of for me, unless i am sleeping alone.  I woke up this am after a bloody awful night far too hot.


i made a deal with myself.  If i had a temperature i'd stay home.  I didn't so here i am coughing and spluttering, a mask of foundation on my face with a bit of blusher trying to give myself a little colour.  I'm sat choking away bunged up taking tissues out of the box like they were orange smarties


The boss just rang from abroad - she told me to go home, but i can't i have too much to do and if i am off tomorrow and monday there is no way i can bugger off home now is there




maybe i should curl up under my desk for a bit?





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posted by Lou Lou @ 7:22:00 am  
urrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggh splutter
Tuesday, March 28, 2006
i am infected
i have caught mancold
blasted hubby

my throat is like razor blades and i feel like crap
he's on the piss - funny he is well enough for that

i've spent my time cleaning my house- bliss it's almost completely done, i even did my wardrobe!!! I also found my zen install disk! Yay which means i can upload my stuff to the pc again after i lost it all in the reformatt woohoo but there is a slight problem

my zen won't charge think the battery is fecked it will work off the mains, but won't charge shite.

boss is buggering off for a few days to a conference so i am on my own. i have booked a long weekend! Friday is an inset day anyway and i'm taking monday off.

i have plans...
friday i go get lush hairdo
saturday beach
saturday night on the piss - for my boss leaving do- swanky restaurant they have given us the whole top floor and our own bar!!
sunday chill
monday girly shopping day- breakfast out

oooh i'm looking forward to it. plus i only have a 4 day week next week cos of the monday off and we finish at 12pm for easter! 2 weeks at home bliss

and then in 2 weeks today my mummsy and daddy arrive!

so excited

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Monday, March 27, 2006
just home from work - boss let me go early, nice of her considereing she didn't even walk through the door until 12.30!, she was delivering her car to the port as she is leaving and moving back to the UK she says she want's to go and walk barefoot through india or some such bollocks

anyway just got home

some wanker has parked accross my driveway - right across arsehole - no matter that there is a full fucking empty road either side or it as designated parking for visitors

ignorant fucking wanker

i don't care if you're visiting my next door neighbour, fucking be observant- tosser


deep breathe

ah thats better
well actually it's not i still feel fecking ranty and arsey and feel like smacking on next doors door to confront the arsehole whose blocked my drive and give them a piece of my mind- a profanity filled one at this moment in time (does fucker mean fucker in all languages?)

posted by Lou Lou @ 1:34:00 pm  
mothers day
Sunday, March 26, 2006
after a great might and a lot of wine i woke this am to my 9 yr old climbing into my bed. i tried to go back to sleep and 8 times as she tried to wake me up ( her dad was already up and downstairs)

eventually i gave in, well it was gone 9am! she presented me with a flower she had made and a card, and then produced another card picture frame she had brought for me with her own money ( i think it was mine in the first place i recall her asking me for some and being secretive!)

i also was presented with breakfast in bed, after she threw a dickie fit after saying i would get up to eat i gave in and agreed to a cuppa and some cornflakes with banana on top

the goonies on dvd and a lay in till 12.30 -bliss

i've had steak sandwich in a french stick for lunch and this afternoon i've finished the ironing hubby started before i packed him off to bed as he has man cold!

best do tea now as i didn't realise it was so late! hubby has just woken up


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i quit
Saturday, March 25, 2006
for the last year or so i have sat on a commitee
i have worked tirelessly and now run myself into the ground and for what?

today was the last straw i've resigned - i can't do it anymore - i have no time for a personal life, i am irritable and agitated and stressed more than i have been in 18 months since i left the shores of the UK.

it's time, i've done my bit, it was a hard call to make, but i did it.

i'll enjoy the facilities still, but i just can't feck my life up for a bunch of wankers who don't appreciate me - chairman not included in this contigent as he is a star and been a tower of support

i feel like a big weight has lifted

i'm gonna go round debs hous tonight and get shitfaced

i was out last night but ended up being desi driver after hubby changed his mind bugger

i've mad e the right decision

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Friday, March 24, 2006

god i feel fuzzy i feel hung over yet not a drop of nectar has passed my lips


i overslept- turned the alarm off instead of snooze - had an odd dream that i was late for a dinner party (which i'm going to tonight) and woke up at 7.05am i start work at 7.15am shit


so i have no routine, no cornflakes, hastily dressed, forgot to put on mascara (rectified now) had a couple of bananas once i got to work


but still i feel like crap


so much on yet i can't seem to get started i've been here 3 hours and have achieved sod all really


i have purchased a can of cola from the tuckshop - the little man there keeps fizzy for the staff and choccie too the kids aren't allowed it ha ha hopefully it will kick me up the butt


i want to go home





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posted by Lou Lou @ 8:09:00 am  
Thursday, March 23, 2006

working late

crazy day

crazy people

not unlike me i guess, crazy is as crazy is


chilling now, just finished major job, toonz on and kicking back for 5




damien rice just what i need calm, calm, deep breaths


oh hell, how can easter holidays be so far away, still on a plus side the sun is getting hotter






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posted by Lou Lou @ 1:09:00 pm  
Wednesday, March 22, 2006

15 year olds are horrible

i've just spent an hour in a classroom with them



i hope i wasn't like that

something tells me i prolly was

just as well i'm so sweet and nice now eh





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posted by Lou Lou @ 10:56:00 am  
Tuesday, March 21, 2006
at last i have broadband at home i'm so excited! finally things load - finally i can have a decent webcam convo with my mum


posted by Lou Lou @ 1:59:00 pm  
uneven keel

yesterday i started and kept getting interrupted, i thought i'd saved the draft but lost it


i've just come into work and my office floor is moving- literally


it's covered in loads of bloody ants, which i stepped on before i stuck the light on so they scattered


i've called the bursar - who will get a caretaker to come and sort it- the bloody cleaners haven't been up here fore weeks, despite the nagging


other than that i'm fit to drop- i've had a lot on my plate to say the least


i'm looking forward to the easter break, and my mum and dad coming out


i have 2 parties to go to over the next two weeks and another unconfirmed


all i want to do is curl up with a bottle of wine and a good book


sorry i've not been about, i've thought of you all - honest i have but i just haven't had the time or the energy should get things back on an even keel now





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posted by Lou Lou @ 5:34:00 am  
happy birthday princess
Saturday, March 11, 2006
i've had a mental week, a course, a boss that is consistantly doing me head in and a birthday for my best girl princess.

yesterday my baby girl turned 9 yrs old! imagine. aside from making me feel old, i realised it's just another year closer to turning teenager and another year she has grown up and will eventually grow away from me.

she's tall, and slender, cascades of dark blonde hair (which sits at her waist) deep brown eyes and a killer smile. she's 9 years old. she's also a moody little sod, but then i know who she takes after and it's not me lol she is very like her father!

she is seriously chuffed with her pressies especially with her new gul wetsuit, which has lilac panels and is the most girly wetsuit on the market i think. odd pressie i know but when your kid spends as much time on the beach in the water and skiing on the water it's worth it's money and not a pressie that will gradully move to the back of the cupboard and be forgotten about! we had a bit of a karaoke night with ben and jerry's cookie dough ice cream and today we've been ten pin bowling, playing in an arcade and a seriously yummy lunnch in a restaurant. her best friend is here, a delightful child who is a year older and is a local. she speaks fantastic english, because her mum is english. they are completely compatiable. they speak without speaking and spend a lot of time communicating in silence. seriouly odd but then a friendship such as theirs does not come along too often. i had to wait 22 years to meet my best friend!

they're upstairs now having a girly time, the little lass will stay over and no doubt as the evening goes on they will be shouting down the karaoke mic and jumping through the ceiling!

we got serious birthday cakes from a pattisserie too - i have never seen cakes like it, we chose individual ones so we all got what we wanted, oh and 12 cream eggs are waiting to be scoffed too!

right off to chill before the madness begins

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Wednesday, March 08, 2006
still feeling shite - work was mental and i left knowing i hadn't finished everything despite the fact i'm not in tomorrow because i'm on a course - which i better finsh the coursework for in a mo!

i left the work the boss set me before she left yesterday ( she wasn't in today) the work was stuff she was supposed to have done herself last week when i was off. i'm not sure what she actually did all last week really apart from a few bits and pieces. anyway i didn't do it either ha ha

she is doing my head in now- she's got just less than a month left now of her notice- don't we fecking know it.

i did actually mange to accomplish a fair bit i even managed to take a proper break away from my desk- and i slunk away to a media presentaion too for an hour!

that woman is so bone idle she rang me twice today for the same phonenumber a number that would be sat on her desktop at the office she was in today. but then why does that surprise me?

at work usually she will call me from her office for a ohonenumber that is displayed by her desk, and also on her contacts book lazy fecking cow

enough shite

i have shit loads on my plate right now thats non work work too for the commitee i sit on which is a really mental time right now and there aren't enough bloody hours blaa blaa blaa

whinge over

love ya
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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

don't feel good- guess the single slice of toast and half a cuppa this am
haven't done much to help that feeling, nor the half a twix the boss shared
with me!

i staggered down to the tuck shop and now have scoffed a roll- hopefully
i'll feel better shortly oh and a nice can of cooke to wash it down and
boost my blood sugar levels

been hectic have lots to do will be on later so much to say not all of it

or any of it for that matter?


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grown up
Wednesday, March 01, 2006
i know i'm all growed up because....... i like the taste of baileys now

i know i'm all growed up because........ i like my bedroom to be tidy and take dirty glasses/plates down to be washed

i know i'm all growed up because........ i can actually fill my bra

i know i'm all growed up because....... i am interested in the news *shudder*

i know i'm all growed up because....... this morning i said something to my daughter and sounded like my mum

i know i'm all growed up because.......

feck this who the hell am i trying to kid? i no more grown up now than i was apart from the fact all of the above is true!

My day has been ok

rudely awakened, and not in a *nice* grown up kind of way, i did all i said earlier and then did my david bellamy bit in the garden with hubby armed with a rake, strimmer and bin bags etc etc it was hot hard work, and more than once i wished i could take my top off and remembered that it wasn't a good idea due to the throny bush we were removing

its the 1st of march and already i'm contemplating getting the pool out and choosing my summer wardrobe which apart from work will of course be board shorts and bikini and the odd pair of linens thrown in with a cas top with flip flops in varying styles and colours

right off to tinternet shop some pressies for princess- she's 9 next week *shudder* shes 4ft 4 1/2 already!
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i'm sat here sans ugly dressing gown with an elephant on it- which quite frankly darlings is how i'm feeling today. i'm ure i'll feel a lot better after a shower, which i'm not gonna bother having for a while because shortly i'm going to be gardening to the extreme and it makes no sense whatsoever to go get clean before i go and get dirty. (minger)

Today, already i've put bread on, and iced little cakes i made with princess yesterday with chocolate and lots of sprinkles, already i have succumbed to scoffing 2 of them. i've had to wash up by hand once more- not having a working dishwasher is killing me.

last night we scoffed pancakes, seeing as it was shrove tuesday covered in squirty cream and melted chocolate since i had unknowingly run out of syrup and lemon juice, bollocks i say how shitly prepared was i? ( and the obsession with twirl bars is growing i find myself scoffing one a day which is not good seeing as in a months time my bikini will be back on!)

they were rather nice though although i'm sure not as nice as scarlets evening which i'm not at liberty to divulge except i'm sure in many ways it was a night that dreams of made of you lucky lucky lucky bitch i am desparately waiting by the phone for gossip and a blow by blow (maybe an unfortunate choice of words there!) account of the night of dreams again jammy fecking bitch

i'm a bit down right now. my boss has rung me twice whilst i've been off- "how do i send a fax" and " how do i use that big printer" arrrggghhhhh i dred going in and seeing what she's been up to in there on her own, still a month and she'll be done

i've imersed myself in a lovely book by anna maxted, my sweet mate t sent me one for my birthday and i've found another by her, it was very hard to put down. i have a fiona walker to read too, which i'm saving till last.

boring myself right now i'm blog about my david bellamy moments later

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