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wheres the su bar?
Friday, April 28, 2006
i've done it, finally

i am about to embark on studentdom once more, it's been a while, at least i can legally buy booze now, and i can hold it too, and not just in my hand!

i'm an OU student, how impressed are you now? i worked so hard to get in too.

my course starts shortly, my coursework still hasn't arrives, thats wanky international post for you - shitting it, the rest of the peeps in my tutorgroup are already finishing their pre course shit and i ain't even started.

on the plus side, je suis tres foxy. i've been to a fab hairdressers, finally found one, he's worked miracles, although i lost a lot of length, i'm told the sun is evil. still it's still to my mid shoulder blades. one big difference, i'm no longer blonde

i'm a lush reddy brown, it's really rich, so i'm looking and feeling good with nowhere to go, actually i'm looking good and feeling like shite cos i've got bad period cramps, but you can't have it all can you

mate k just rang, invited me out to the theatre next week, a chance to get dolled up i spose

oh well, bank holiday weekend plans......
oh and beach
i've gotta get these legs of mine up to scrath, the cellulite doesn't notice as much when they're brown lol

oh nice thing happened today
i was told i don't look anywhhere near 32..... and that was before i had my hair done!!

happy bank hols everyoone

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Tuesday, April 25, 2006
next door have got mice lmfao

ah yeah i know my initial reaction (see archives if you can be arsed for agust/sept o4) and yeah i know, i'm so blase now pmsl

they are ignorant arseholes actually so it's bitchy of me but i'm glad lol


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i blinked
Wednesday, April 19, 2006
i blinked and now they're gone.

one week ago i was excitedly finishing my ironing, checking dinner and awaiting the arrival of my parents from the airport.

i blinked.

i delivered them back to the airport earlier this evening.

where the hell did the week go?

it's odd how you can slip into things like you've never been apart, it's been a lovely week spent in their company. It was nice to do a bit of looking after of mum, cooking for her, just to prove she did teach me something!

a week has flashed by, but then time out here seems to do that.

we left the airport quickly saying brief goodbyes at the gate. it was easier this time... the usual is to cling on and break my heart and watch them until they are out of sight. i couldn't bring myself to do it this time, it's too painful.

instead we hugged tightly said i loves yous miss yous and goodbyes, they walked through the gate and i walked briskly to the car with hubby i clutched princesses hand tightly and hiding my pain behind my sunglasses let the tears fall as i walked away

my eyes are welling again as i think about them, my wonderful parents

i thank you for your love

i thank you for your support

i thank you for everything

i love you

i miss you already

i blinked

and now you're gone

love you

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Friday, April 14, 2006
it's been a few days, well ok, a week, apologies

reasons for my absense:

hubby has been playing chicken invaders fighting the good fight

i have been getting my house ready for my parents arrival- nothing major apart from the massive undertaking to make my daughters room resemble a room instead of a shitehole

they finally arrived, and yet again not without drama!- this time Dad left his insulin in the uk daft bugger, not like he can live without it!

my parents arrived and therefore have taken up my free time! they have been here two days and it's like we've never been apart, forgetting the fact i haven't seen them since september

i got a really lovely pressie...... apart from them being here that is!

Princess and hubby both got spoilt to. I wish they wouldn't but they say it makes them happy, so who am i to get in the way of their happiness?

has a pc virus which wouldn't go away, a trogan, it's finally gone i think now, the virus scan was kicking in on overdrive, couldn't do a thing without the box jumping on the screen and shouting virus virus virus

right, i've almost done my housework, mum and dad are sleeping in, princess is playing polly pocket, and i'm starving, have to get a shower, cook breakfast for everyone, hubby has gone to the beach wakeboarding, and i have to go into the city again, which i did yesterday afternoon, but i have to go back, bugger, as this time i'm driving - and they drive like retards here

sorry again for my absense - it's not that i hadn't thought about you, i had, but it's been very hard to muscle in against the chicken slayer

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easter holidays kick off today
Friday, April 07, 2006
it has been a week that deserves to take 2 off - which luckily as i work term time only i can do!

Wednesday was the most mental day, i could barely walk by the time i finished. we had an "industry" day at school. I was filming the days events....

well i was, until the camera fell off the fecking tripod! and yes, it was me who attached it to it.

feck did i feel bad.

the day went pretty well actually, organised chaos kids everywhere but they got a lot out of it, so all the work behind the scenes was worth it i guess.

thursday brought another crazy day as it was the bosses last day, and there was so much we had to do, whilst she looked for houses on the tinternet lazy cow

friday, well thats today isn't it, i gutted her office, sorted it all out, decided i wanted her keyboard as the spacing on it is better than mine, which was a no go cos i don't have a ps/2 slot on my tower.

got offered the chance of some training overseas, weyhey, and had an enlightening chat with the team leader which was interesting.....

lets just say i don't think my boss was on my side


we've said our goodbyes and now i'm off for Easter, two weeks chillin and having a great time with my mum and dad who fly in next week, just a few days now and i can't wait to see them.

tomorrow i'm off down the beach and sunday too i think, oh and we're off to a bbq at the pub on sunday afternoon too i think with a few friends.

not hot enough yet to get the puppys out, although i am tempted, it's hot enough for the tourists, but then i'm well aclimatised i guess to the temps here, it's warm, but not boiling, still a way to go afore we hit 40 degs!

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i is ok
Tuesday, April 04, 2006
i is ok now
i'm taking clarytin and all seems to be calming down.

i spent the weekend down the beach - it was ok i spose wether great.

had to attend an agm which was wank

sat night went out and got pissed - bosses leaving do at fabulous restaurant food excellent, company ditto and the chef owes invitted me and hubby for a free meal. cool as feck or what. he is one of the top chefs on the island!

the meal was mental, as the boss drunk more, the more we had to get up and move around the fecking table!!!!! twas mental but fun, although i would rather have sat with hubby and flirted shamelessly all night in a drunken manner as he was driving! he did tell me if i stunk of booze i'd have to walk lmao - i had other offers to get me home... none of which i'd have taken lmao

sunday brought me down to the beach, twas ok, i guess not stunning but then when i was sat on the beach board stupid, hubby was motoring round the bay driving the speedboat towing his mates wakeboarding

sunday afternoon brought me babysitting, which was ok, and a small birthday thingy

yesterday i had the day off work - went into the city for a girlie shopping day treated myself to a few new tops, slinky silk halterneck one, some 3/4 jeans, some wacky t shirts, which i look hot in, a lush new purse, a few items of clothing for princess and hubby. breakfast out and a new hairbrush!

had a hospital appt with princess for a check up for her eyes- twats didn't make her a consultants apt so that was a waste of time

got hoome, got dolled up and went on the piss to send my boss off again with a group of girls, raucous night, and managed to get up for work no probs, was a bit late though....

mental day at work, gonna be even worse tomorrow

i will need vallium

that is certain, it's gonna ll go pete tong, i know it,

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wooooooofecking hooooooooooooo
Saturday, April 01, 2006
1st april
and non of that april fools wanky shit here
it's the 1st of april
that means beach season is back
time to get my pins out, which ar still actually not a bad colour
time to get me chubs out, which still have tan lines from last year 9 but then i was down the beach till end november)
waterpark season starts 1 month today woooooooooooo

oh i think it's hayfever...... a bad case
i'm not too bad now still i don't look like the ele woman now
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