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Tuesday, June 27, 2006
stress seems to be the order of the day

i caught sight of my horoscope earlier - which i usually shrink away from, it said something about a tough day you're not fecking kidding

i got home this afternoon stuffed my face on 3/4 box of jaffa cakes and a cuppa and flaked out ouch my neck was sore it's not great idea to fall asleep sitting up

bloody hot humid too which is unusual for here.

still a bar of dairy milk will make me feel better i'm sure

late night last night due to working on the site for my ou getting there slowly a little behind (thats not what you'd usually say about me, i have a nice j lo esq butt lol)

oh well best crack on choccie to eat, kettle nearly boiled, and i need an early night 1am last night and up at 6am!

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naked blogging- well it's bloody hot here you know!!
Sunday, June 25, 2006
i have spent the last two days doing pretty much feck all - well nowt of importance anyway!

i hoovered out my pool - yes mum i can hoover anywhere!!!! have hoover will suck!

I have lounged on my lilo in my pool

i have run round and round and round and round and round in said pool

i have then collapsed in said pool and let it whirlpool me round

i made a scrumptious dinner which we ate on the veranda

i then pulled princesses bedroom apart looking for her mobile phone

fecking hell - finally found it at the bottom of her toy cupboard


today i was down the beach by 7am

i lounged around on a lounger like you do

i read a meaningful book (ok trashy fiction)

i lounged some more

my triangles are now enhanced

came home

showered off excess sand

got in pool

lounged on pool

i have run round and round and round and round and round in said pool

i have then collapsed in said pool and let it whirlpool me round

top fun that is

princess then pulled me round by one leg - ouch my back hurts now oh and we had it's my lilo jumping competitions fighting over the lilo and the blow up shark

hubby did the ironing! ( he does it better than me)

see productive stuff.... i told you!

oh and found a fuck off big cockroach (3 inches long not including antenae thingys) in my bathroom ( came up the pipes from under the bath there is a gap in the bath panel which i will be filling tomorrow!) pretty normal here except not in my house - next doors but not mine!

screached - hubby came running

fired bathroom cleaner at it

oh and then some handy evil spray -

it is deaded

in my bathroom

it shit itself as it tried to escape my death rays

it didn't make it

team effort

hubby and me sprayed it to death

now i have to go get it out have had to wait for the fumes to subside

then private benjamin on dvd

see productive i am

fableeous news today too

me old buddy dyna is back! yay - i want the low down right this minute missy there better have been some serious bedroom action to keep you away so long

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tis i
Wednesday, June 21, 2006
It's been a few days i thought i'd let scarlet revel in her new found well deserved happiness!

Fathers day at the weekend - we were original this year and decided to buy hubby a paintball gun from play.com! proved to be especially fun as he practised shooting it at the shed and the splatters ricocheted onto next doors washing pmsl

had a really lazy day didn't even get dressed! decided to stay at home in the evening instead of accompanying my good friend on a spying/stalking mission to find out how much her ex husband is lying to her about the slag he fucked off with. (the arsehole is moving her over here)

i've done a fair bit of work on my ou - but then slacked off for a few days as been well and truly fecked and found myself falling asleep most afternoons but then i'm sleeping at night lately - our neighbours keep having major domestics in the middle of the night luckily thats all calmed now but my sleep pattern has been disturbed.

been out to supper tonight with a good friend who is shortly returning to the uk for good. her contract has ended and had a god job offer back in the uk. will be so sad to see her go but will give her a good send off it's been ages since i've been on the raz all night.

right thats me for now more ou shit to do

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Updates from scarletland
Thursday, June 15, 2006
Well hello peeps,
I'd just thought I would pop in and say hi and let you all know what's going on in my life.
And ofcourse Lou is just bursting and being a big bully to tell you all.
I have in fact met and have fallen in love with someone who is just wonderful.!
I really had given up on meeting anyone again and had been soo used to putting the barriers up I didn't even know I was doing it.
But hey, this man makes my knees go weak, he makes me cry( in a good way, which is a novelty) and he is intelligent and most of all he makes me laugh.
I am happy folks and I mean really happy for the first time in a very long time.
I will let you know when the wedding is and ofcourse you are all cordially invited.
shite I have jinxed us, I take it back.
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the wonder of portable computing
Tuesday, June 13, 2006
i'm sat on my bed, laptop balanced on my lap locked in my bedroom fans keeping me cool on a balmy night - looks like i won't be sleeping well again.... it's a kissball free zone up here!

hubby, rugby man that he is is sat watching the fecking world cup - apparently brazil is an important match? hell what do i know?

i love that i have a laptop now, i can sit in the garden or wherever around the house i want. i love i can lock myself in here, have some tunz on and really relax

managed to do 3 days of work last night sat up here undisturbed until hubby burst in wanting to play on his bloody playstation - i was here first bickering ensued in the end i gave in for a quiet life which resulted in my music being turned off and my relaxing background ambience shattered by grunts ooh and aahs and shouts of die you fucker, fuck fuck fuck fuck die you see u next tuesday wanker need i go on? .........calm down babe its a fucking game!

apparently the lads are coming over on thursday night for the england game.....i will be on hand to serve snacks open bottles of beer and mop their tears i guess or i might just be an ignorant cow and lock myslef back up in here again!!!

oh well i'm gonna go chat some mates online

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thank god for that
Saturday, June 10, 2006
cma- computer marked assessment

it's done i can get on with my crazy panic over my final profect now - a website based on an organisation or club can be fictional!

things here have been bloody hot we had a day last week that reached 46 feecking degrees i was wilting i tell ye on top of that a few at 40 i couldnt sleep either the bedroom was like an oven and judging by the sweat pouring off me i was a bit like a chicken in a roasting tin!

i had a hard day earlier in the week, phoned grandad

felt so alone and isolated

he sounded so frail and confused

i came off the phone and sobbed. the funeral was on wednesday, apparently it went well, well as well as a funeral can. i felt bad i couldnt be there but then me and step nan g weren't really close and it was an awful long way to travel for one day of misery not to mention bloody expensive at peak air travel. mum said i wasn't expected to be there due to the logistics of it all i only hope it was understood that i would have gone had i not been half way across the world

other than that the week has one ok off out on the piss this afternoon to a world cup bbq one of many i'll watch it through a drunken haze...that will make it bearable

have a great one

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blaa blaa bleee
Saturday, June 03, 2006
i'm hot
it's making me sleepy
i'm not sleeping cos it's hot
i'm not sleeping cos hubby is hot and princess is waking up through the night
i'm not getting a lay in either cos the bastard builders are starting at dawn across the road inconsiderate wankers

i've been fecking invaded by ants that crawl out of my walls......yes walls, even upstairs. i hate bastard ants

i hurt my back a bit whilst on a mission to anililate the crawly bastards and had to spend a whole day on my bed reading...pity that

i've been into the city with princess for lunch

i've shed tears for stepnan g and the fact grandad is all alone once more

the heat has arrived with a vengance

naked bloggin will shortly be standard at lou hq

in fact everything will be naked shortly, but ironing is a bit dodgy as is cooking.....

oh and did i tell you i'm bored as well?

oh and i guess i forgot to say at resent outing to the waterpark i lost my top....again no surprises there i was so carefull too!!!! can't seam to go there without baring my boobs

not a lot planned now for the rest of the weekend been out to my favourite restaurant for luncheon, and still stuffed hubby is catching up on his sleep. princess playing little mermaid on the pc, and i'm still digesting the exciting installments in scarlets life she rang me twice about this afternoon.

i live vicariously through her these days!!!! did i tell you i'm bored i guess you are now too!

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