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Tuesday, September 27, 2005
It's a miracle.

I'm awake, and online and it's gone 9pm!

Work has been seriously busy and i'm loving it, but i'm just so tired. Of course all the socialising when i should be resting on weekends isn't helping. The visits to the inlaws etc, ok the wine several bottles, another visit to the waterpark.......

Yes ladies and gents, another miracle has occured. i went to the waterpark on sunday, and i managed not to lose my top! I did however swallow my bottoms on a few occaisions. I topped up the tan that has been fading since i've been working full time and had some quality time with princess and hubby and the inlaws

The days just seem to blend into each other, I got my first proper wageslip yesterday, which is class, i am planning to treat myself to a new handbag and a few other bits i've seen pressie of course for princess and hubby.

I also had the delightful task of scrubbing out the swimming pool after we emptied it this afternoon, ending in a bit of a one sided water fight, i was the loser judging by my knickers, i was soaked right through, but then its still hot here so its not really a problem! I've been writing my packing list for the weekend too. I know theres not much on it, wakeboard, bikini, sun cream, but it wouldn't be a weekend away without doing it would it?

We're going away on friday afternoon for a weekend of frollicks and fun with a big group of mates, there's 42 of us, we're going wakeboarding and waterskiing up the coast and staying in a hotel, I'm especially looking forward to the sauna and the jacuzzi to recharge my batteries. Oh and the wine.

Did i mention the wine?

I will be drinking plentiful amounts avec mon amies but missing scarlet wishing she was there with us.

Good news on the tit front for a change, the new lump has gone. wooo some luck at last i was not looking forward to a matching ugly red scar on my other tit and all the problems that have gone with it.

anyway i must be boring you all by now cos i'm boring myself

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its me
Tuesday, September 20, 2005
lou has been a bad girl.

i know i should have posted and i have no, well little excuse.

I'm fecking knackered. i'm working my ass off at work coming home and doing the house etc. and then come 9.30 i'm falling asleep infront of the telly. i'm pathetic

I did go out wednesday though as i mentioned and got me lashes dyed and eyebrows done. lookin good. plus it means i can get away without massy if i'm in a rush in the mornings which is most days!

Friday night i went out on the piss, well actually it was out for a meal with a group of friends, it was ok. After we left the restaurant it got better. We walked down into the town, nestled up on a big hill, real winding streets wide enought for donkey carts! Anyways we found a bar. Suprisingly trendy. Decked out in creams and chocolate, very comfy sofas. And sold a very cheap gin and tonic. Which i drunk copious amounts of. The music was pretty good, i thought and then it got better. Half the Grease Soundtrack. We girls needed no encouragement as the lads looked on in disgust. So what if i know all the words? So what if we were acting it out just a little.........
I wasn't allowed anything else to drink after that.............

We got some great pics, esp the one i attempted to do on the timer so we were all in it! The first one i forgot to set the fecking thing, the 2nd the lads got in the fountain! It was empty i have to say, but it was that hot they would have dried within 15 minuttes! It was a great night.

Saturday morning we were up early and down the beach, no sign on a hangover for moi, as ever. Hubby got some serious wakeboarding done and princess really did great esp whent he swell got worse and she was going pretty fast, she never came off, just screamed a little!

I spent saturday afternoon catching up with housework, boring i know but it had to be done.

Up early sunday, beach again, home by mid morning and finished the housework i couldnt do yesterday cos hubby was sleeping (lazy shit) and tyhe shower and change and off to meet the inlaws.

They arrived early hours sun morning but aren't staying with us. They are staying about an hour away in traffic. Its a nice place. went out for lunch with them and a bimble about, treated myself to some new clothes. a cute pair of daisy duke shorts with pink bows and a couple of rather short skirts.

So not much really. its all pretty boring. my life is sleep work clean eat sleep. its a bitch.

i long for a day to kick back immerse myself in a book and a bottle or two of wine. i long to kick back and chat with scarlet for hours sharing 3 or 4 bottles. its all go. maybe it'll slow down maybe it wont maybe i'll find my routine i fecking hope so cos i'm hanging out my arse. even decided what to wear in the morning is an effort. i'm fine once i get to work its just the rest.

forgot i went out on saturday night too to the theatre, was ok not bad, good company, had a laugh anyway

i'm gonna go speak to scarlet

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Lazy days...............
Monday, September 19, 2005
Its over my days of living like a lazy slut of slutsville is over. Its official.

I have been dieting now for a couple of weeks and yeah I have lost a bit of weight but not enough to make a dent in my fat arse which I have affectionately called Europe.
So drastic action had to be taken............... The GYM.
I must admit I really enjoyed it, the instructor was really nice and encouraging and it did help going with my friend, who did make me laugh lots when asked if she had any medical conditions she said " I am a amnesiac bullimic "
I am already stiffening up it even hurts typing, I really didn't realise how unfit I was.
Three times a week I am booked in for a 2 hour sessions it better work miracles.

Oh also I have a job interview tomorrow, for a company that provides a overseas courier service
( I think, couldn't quite hear what she was saying )
I really hope I get it, but I am not holding out much hope for this one.
Just think if I do get it I will be able to fuck up on a more global basis, create more damage that way.
cross everything for me.

achey breaky Scarlet
posted by scarlet @ 10:30:00 pm  
it's a new dawn it's a new day
Wednesday, September 14, 2005

This time last year i was 2 1/2 weeks away from going under the knife. It all seems so long ago, and yet the scar, angry as ever is a constant itchy reminder of just how lucky I am.

I typed loads of shit, which i have just deleted, all self indulgent wank. So My loveys i've saved you from it!

Things are busy as hell, although i finally don't think i'm drowning at work! I've treading water now and even swimming the odd length! The boss, i think is pleased with me, well i hope so anyway. I've learnt a lot already and yes i still love it.

Yesterday we went "out" shopping, when i say shopping there was nothing involved for moi. We came home a few hundred lighter, bollocks and not one penny was on me. Treated princess to a new pair of ski gloves and a lush o'brien neoprene buoyancy aid, and hubby well lets say his birthday and christmas came early, in the shape of a lush wakeboard, which is too awkward to wrap i'm told so he'll be using it on saturday morning!

I have been promised though that if i really click with kneeboarding i can have one. very generous i'm sure. i've chosen it already just in cases!

We've told princess she can have either ski's or a wakeboard for christmas if she wants, which she does, which makes things easy.

Although hubby is checking out snowboard packages......................... looks like winter is gonna be as sporting as the summer!

Oh well life is for living.

I'm off to get pished tonight, and pampered, facial, eyebrows, eyelash dye and wine. fab combo or what laydees?

So yeah,
it's a new dawn, it's a new day and i'm feeeling fecking good.

oh the inlaws arrive on sunday too.

wish me luck

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it is i, lou, with a better quality post than i've done lately perhaps?
Saturday, September 10, 2005
The last few days have been a blur.

I have worked my ass into the groud, been a hostess to my parents and still look fabulous.
Yeah ok maybe not so fableeous but hey i'm tryin, at least a smattering of massy and lippy thrown on at my desk is an attempt.

It was wonderful having ma and pa here. It was far too hot for them, and they suffered, but still selfishy it was wonderful to have them here and spend just a little time with them. I felt utterly guilty i was at work all day and then fell asleep so early in the evening. brain strain you know.

Thursday night we took them back to the airport. You know that lump that rises in the back of your throat? It was there, standing proud, it almost choked me. As i said goodbye the tears came and never stopped as i watched them progress through to the gate. Michale Buble singing Home loudly in my head was not helping. (I am addicted to that bloody cd) A few more sobs and we left to go home. There is only so much pain a person can take.

Lucky enough they rang me just as i was leaving for work in the morning, they were safe and sound, finally at home. The house is rather quiet without them. Still it was rather nice to sleep in my own bed!

The job is going well, i love it i L O V E it! I am busy as hell i am becoming dehydrated and my bladder swelling hugely cos i just don't have time to drink or piss. But i love it.

Last night we went over to D and A's house for the evening, the plan was for D and i to get obscenly drunk, sadly i was too knackered to do any more than a bottle of wine justice. I slept soundly. This morning however i was up bright and early way before everyone else i was in the garden taking in the already dry load i had hastily shoved out the night before and putting out another. Got my brekkie, got showered sorted out the bag and then we all went out for the day to the waterpark.

Yes my sweets it happened. How could it not? How could a trip to the waterpark not result in my puppies breaking free? I did make it right until the end of the day though, and i did swallow my bottoms rather more frequently than i would have liked! But i am a bit browner than i was having spent a little time sunbathing inbetween cooling off.

*Must make massive attempt to enhance the tan further before the inlaws arrive next week!

Tomorrow we are off nice and early to the beach, princess to ski, hubby to wakeboard and if the water is flat enough i am finally gonna have a go at kneeboarding.

We have booked to go away for a weekend of waterskiing and snorkelling with a group of friends too which should be a whole lot of drunken fun. Only 2 weeks to go!

I've noticed something about myself lately. I'm not the little mouse i was. I've found i've got a pair of balls! I'm sassy, and sure of myself for the first time in my life i don't give a feck what anyone thinks about me. I'm comfortable with who i am.

Does this mean i've finally grown up?

I fecking hope not.

Anyways dahlings must dash i have to go rub baby oil into my browness so i donb't peel.

Love ya



looking into blogging from work but think this might be a prob, and besides i don't have feckin time anyway
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It goes something like this...........
Wednesday, September 07, 2005
Here I am again, to piss Lou off with my erratic blogging.
Erratic..........mmm... Sums up really how I feel lately.

So far.......Well I left my job which to be honest was getting on my tits and sucking my will to live.
but money is running out and I am so bored I could cry.
I am currently a lady of leisure and strangely enough my life is busier than ever, everyone I know is currently confusing my house with starbucks.
Patience is running out pretty fast.

Today I have been mainly making a tit off myself.
Have you ever watched skateboarders and thought "yeah anybody can do that, its easy"
And then tried to prove it.
To my son and his friends delight I did!!!!
I swear to god 1 minute I was standing on the bloody thing next minute I was gasping for air on the floor winded.
I did impress them with naming the tricks they were doing.
But then it hit me when I got inside with my grazed knees, that I actually know far too much about skateboarding than I should at my age.
Must try and remember I am a grown up and to act accordingly.

Right I am off to scream into my pillow because I have to go shopping with my parents tomorrow.
right catch you cats on the flip flop
(I have got to stop trying to be down with the kids)

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i am older than i was
Monday, September 05, 2005
Wonderful Birthday, and having Mum and Dad here made it all the more special. The phonecall from Scarlet though gutted me. I miss her and wish she was here with me to get ratarsed.

Sunday we went to the beach, which was lovely, Princess waterskiing and hubby wakeboarding. Mum and Dad were well impressed. The rest of the day went by fast and was very pleasant.

Today I went back to work, but today the kids were back. Bloody hell it was noisy. But i got all my work done, and managed to finish early cos my boss is lovely.

My hoover is dead.

I am half way through a lovely bottle of wine.

I'm off to bed now, up early start work at 7.15am!

Sorry it isn't more exciting

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It's my birthday and i'll cry if i want to!
Saturday, September 03, 2005
It's been a really hectic week, which has left me hanging out of my arse, but a nice lay in the morning solved that for me!

I've been back at work, and I love it! It's busy as mental i don't have time to piss but i love it!

My Mum and Dad arrived on thursday night, not without drama, which will all be sent in great detail to British Airways complaints depatment.

It's wonderful to have them here, i know they're finding the heat a bit much, its quite a shock i guess. But still it's wonderful to have them here, and the pressies they came with too! I don't the kettle being on 24/7 at all!

We went out yesterday afternoon into the city for a quiet bimble in the old quarter, sitting in a street cafe watching the world go by. I am yet to introduce my mum to the delights that is Chino. Like a slush puppy but milky coffee.

I woke this morning to a phonecall from my sister, singing happy birthday. And then it hit me. 31 no more. Bugger. The years they keep going by faster and faster. Michael Buble is consolling me as i type. Ta sis! (melting in the dreaminess that is his voice)

Pressie wise i've done rather well, and something of a miracle hubby managed to get me a card and a pressie this side of lunchtime!!!! And it's one i knew nothing about! In fact he bought it early!!

I feel quite spoilt. I have another pressie to pick up on tuesday, which is being specially made for me. I am very lucky.

Been a quiet lazy day, late lunch, a dip in the pool, an now i'm on here whilst Mum and Dad have a lay down, the heat you know!

Tonight it's out for din dins, not sure where yet but it will be somewhere nice. I have pressies to wear!

So another year has gone by and i think maybe i'll pretend i'm 30 still, afterall the girl in the hairdressers did think i was 24! Maybe i can get away with it!

A few things have made me close to tears today. One was the pressie from my princess, something i really wanted, the card from my mum and dad, and michael buble. I won't mention or maybe i will the fact that i read the words to the new mcfly cd yesterday it's absolute teenage angst, all you don't love me but i love you, despair and sadness, but all sung to such a happy tune! Actually its a pretty good album boys and one song tipped me over the edge!

My Mum and Dads card was what really choked me up.

To our Darling Daughter,
Have a wonderful Day
You are always very special to us
Always Holding our love in both your hands

I love my Mum and Dad

From a very loved Lou, have a lovely weekend i'm gonna! I'm gonna get drunk

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