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things i hate to hear
Tuesday, May 30, 2006
i love to hear from home (UK)

yet sometimes i wish i didn't

yesterday's phonecall from mum and dad was bearing sad and sudden news

my stepnan G,

after a sudden illness was taken quickly from us yesterday

God Bless you G

you'll be missed



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Bank Holiday Weekend
Monday, May 29, 2006
Bank Holiday Weekend...well it's been quite nice actually and it's not over yet!

Saturday we went out en famille looked about the shops, and brought up our reward, a massive caramel gattox from the pattisserie. i could have had two pieces of it if i had cut myself a smaller piece to start with! yummy oh played in th pool for about 2 hours with princess. have developed great new trick, princess lays accross ring, stretches legs out, i take hold of her ankles and spin her fast, she whirls round and round and falls through the hole like being sucked down a plughole!!! ace

sunday - waterpark, all day baby practically got thrown out as they were closing. got a bollocking for tipping my mate out of a rubber ring, got very very brave and climbed the steps on the tallest slide......shitting myself the whole way, but loved coming down.

key point here for any waterpak designers....anyone want to build a waterpark for peeps like me who are scared of heights? no steps, just lifts, heaven, half the work too it's fecking knackering climbing 300 fucking stairs clutching a two person rubber ring. also if you must only build steps please do not build steps that you can see daylight through, even looking straight ahead i was confronted by a massive drop which did nowt to help me. being terrified of heights leaves me practicaly disabled you know at places like that with no consideration for the height challenged. still i did it, only the once and then walked to the other side of the park where the steps are more mental patient friendly.

finished off the day with a bunch of friends at my place drinking and playing in the pool, do you know if you run round and round and round and round and round and round and round you can create your own whirlpoool that sweeps you off your feet and renders you unable to do anything until the water stops lol

am home this am, supposed to have gone to the beach but princess wouldn't get up, awful night, she was taking pictures off the wall in her sleep again.

right supposed to be doing ou so best get my arse in gear and make a start, best start revising too, cma in 2 weeks or is it one now? bollocks

turning into a bit of a one woman blog now, sorry peeps, hopefulyl scarelt will snap out of it soon and come back......miss her shitloads

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sweet sweet nostalgia, i'm welling up
Thursday, May 25, 2006

Just for a minute, forget everything stressful and read this...............

Close your eyes and go back in time...

Before the Internet or the Apple Mac.
Before semi-automatics, joyriders and crack....
Before SEGA or Super Nintendo...

Way back........

I'm talking about Hide and Seek in the park.
The corner shop.
Football with an old can.
Beano, Dandy, Buster, Twinkle and Dennis the menace.
Roly Poly.
Hula Hoops, jumping the stream, building dams.
The smell of the sun and fresh cut grass.
Bazooka Joe bubble gum.
An ice cream cone on a warm summer night from the van that plays a tune
Chocolate or vanilla or strawberry or maybe Neapolitan or perhaps a screwball


Watching Saturday morning cartoons....short commercials,
The Double Deckers, Road Runner, He-Man, Zeebedee
Tiswas or Swapshop?, and 'Why Don't You'? - or staying up for Doctor Who.
When around the corner seemed far away and going into town seemed like going somewhere.
Earwigs, wasps, stinging nettles and bee stings.
Sticky fingers.
Cops and Robbers, Cowboys and Indians, and Zorro.
Climbing trees.
Building igloos out of snow banks.
Walking to school, no matter what the weather.
Running till you were out of breath, laughing so hard that your stomach hurt.
Jumping on the bed. Pillow fights.
Spinning around, getting dizzy and falling down was cause for giggles.
Being tired from playing....remember that?

The worst embarrassment was being picked last for a team.
Water balloons were the ultimate weapon
Football cards in the spokes transformed any bike into a motorcycle.
Choppers and Grifters
Eating raw jelly. Orange squash ice pops.

Remember when...

There were two types of trainers - girls and boys, and
Dunlop Green Flash - and the only time you wore them at school was for P.E.

You knew everyone in your street - and so did your parents. It wasn't odd to
have two or three "best" friends.
You didn't sleep a wink on Christmas eve.
When nobody owned a pure-bred dog.
When 25p was decent pocket money
When you'd reach into a muddy gutter for a penny.
When nearly everyone's mum was at home when the kids got there.
It was magic when dad would "remove" his thumb.
When it was considered a great privilege to be taken out to dinner at a
real restaurant with your parents.
When any parent could discipline any kid, or feed him or use him to
carry groceries and nobody, not even the kid, thought a thing of it.
When being sent to the head's office was nothing compared to the fate
that awaited a misbehaving student at home.
Basically, we were in fear for our lives but it wasn't because of
drive-by shootings, drugs, gangs etc. parents and grandparents were a much bigger
threat! - and some of us are still afraid of them!!

Didn't that feel good?

Just to go back and say, Yeah, I remember that!

Remember when....

Decisions were made by going " Ip Dip Dog Shit "
"Race issue" meant arguing about who ran the fastest.
Money issues were handled by whoever was the banker in "Monopoly".
The worst thing you could catch from the opposite sex was germs.
And the worst thing in your day was having to sit next to one.
It was unbelievable that 'British Bulldog 123' wasn't an Olympic event.
Having a weapon in school, meant being caught with a catapult.
Nobody was prettier than Mum.
Scrapes and bruises were kissed and made better.
Taking drugs meant orange-flavoured chewable aspirin.
Ice cream was considered a basic food group
Getting a foot of snow was a dream.
Older siblings were the worst tormentors, but also the fiercest protectors

If you can remember most or all of these, then you have LIVED.

Pass this on to anyone who may need a break from their "grown up"


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getting hot in here!
Tuesday, May 23, 2006
It's been a quietish few days i guess, but industrious!

I've done the garden!

I've filled the pool!

well ok not personally but the pool is filled and ready for fun!

i got really pissed at the weekend, managed to stagger home after sinking about 2 1/2 bottles of vino, i did want to blog believe me, but i don't think i could have managed it, besides my bed was calling me and i was worn out with hula hooping! it's been ages since i blogged last

the temp is finally getting hotter, think this summer is gonna end up hotter than last

well coursework to do!

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short on words
Friday, May 19, 2006
not much to say this week

managed to get a whole weeks coursework done

been to a surprise birthday party on the beach

managed to get trapped inside a pair of brand new shorts when the zip i thought was just stiff went and broke on me......

i had to unpick the zip to free myself after an hour of trying to ease the zip down!

i liked those shorts too......

no definate plans as yet for the weekend, will take it as it comes, prolly the beach

cheers mateys

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crispy bird anyone?
Monday, May 15, 2006
the temp has finally started to climb. slower this year than the last two. i completely misjudged it yesterday and burnt myself a bit painfully. i burnt my bikini line feck me is it sore.

i got hope and had to pull everything off, lots of alow later a but soothed but today ouch ouch ouch every step, not to mention the pink thighs. it was a lot hotter than i realised. bollocks. i'll never learn will i?

been a long day to say the least, long and hot hot hot, gonna have to fill the pool this week i think

oh well homework to do, on time on ou so far, not quite struggling

got a lot to do though last week was heavy reading wise



ps may i just point out i was wearing bikini bottoms at the time, its just i didn't put enough cream on
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Thursday, May 11, 2006
i started off the morning with chronic gut pain, and by lunch i'd lost the gut pain but gained a bloody awful headache. i'm fine now, but i's been an odd kind of a day.

in a stepford wives kind of way i've done washing hung it out and defrosted the freezer. it took about 2 hours, it hadn't been done for 18 months lol, but the freezer lives on the veranda, the top half of it is the beer fridge!

it's a bit warmer today, but still we are way down on last years temperature. ffs i was way browner last year, yeah alright i have white triangles now, but the rest of me is not as golden as it was. i didn't really sunbathe a whole lot last year either, but i guess walking around in a bikini on a beach could count as that.

i haven't even filled my pool yet. i'll have to get that sorted i love nothing better than to chill out in the afternoon on my lilo with a glass of wine or two

anyway i guess you can tell i'm at a loss for shit to say!!! i have to crack on with my coursework anyway, the parcel from ou got here so i have some installing and catchingup to do

laters peeps

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thats the way it is
Wednesday, May 10, 2006
i sauntered around today in a white broiderie anglais floaty summer dress with a pair of red mules. i cannot remember the last time i has so many compliments, sadly about the dress not myself! still it's nice to know people notice what you wear. it arrived yesterday in a parcel lovingly packed by my mum. it's lovely mum, really cool and floaty, will be really great when it hots up a bit more. it's a bit cooler than it was this time last year.

haven't been to the waterpark yet..... this time last year i think i'd been twice!! still theres time enough!

been pretty busy with the ou, material still not arrived crappy international shitty post. i've published my first webpage and if i do say so myself it is rather better than some others i've seen on the course, and a lot better written too ha ha there are a few really impressive ones though..... i have my work cut out. enjoying it though

thanks to mum also for the marzipan covered run truffles...really needed to fall off the diet wagon lol terribly sickly but oh my god.....

right that it's for now better get to work on this coursework

feel better soon scarlet baby -

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Saturday, May 06, 2006
Princess is studying world war 2 - and her homework is to think like an evacuee leaving their home and what she would take with her.

If you were an evacuee what would you take with you?

You have one small suitcase and have 10 minutes to pack. You are not allowed to take any electrical goods, not even hair straightners!

I would take:

A photograph of my family
My birth certificate / wedding certificate and passport
A few Clothes and some underwears of course
Toiletries / hairbrush
A favourite book

If i had room, i'd shove no name teds in. no name is my teddy i've had since birth and wears a dress, she has no name. Purely for comfort and sentimental reasons, ( i do still give her the odd squeeze!)

Your turn!


PS off to do some serious study - haveing a fecking nightmare networking my laptop to the desktop - any ideas?

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lou lou burnt boobs
Monday, May 01, 2006
i am one hot laydee

i know pink is my fave colour but shit, pink tits was not the colour i was going for!


it's been an interesting day...

beach from 8am, home for lunch and a shower, and then out for the afternoon bowling

got my clothes wrecked by a bowling ball covered in grease, had to trek to a cringey tourist shop to get a t shirt as nowt else open


i got the best i could find... a paul frank rip off....beats walking around with maps on my tits, oh and those oh so loverly fringy t shirts in grotesque colours

feeling really sexy now ( can't be arsed to change now)

wine will comfort me...god i was embarressed walking down the streets filled with shame, think my mates were pretty good about letting me walk 10 paces behind them....

off to get a look at my course and get some aftersun on the puppies

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