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you know you're watching too much csi when........
Saturday, October 28, 2006
as i bashed tonights steak fillets with a meat hammer and felt the spray up my arm i thought about the tredectuary of the spray, jees i need to stop watching so much csi!

princess started rehearsals this morning for the panto she's in... bang go my saturday mornings. bugger

still in a little pilates pain just when i struggle to get up out of my chair!

addicted once more to playing settlers.....

salsacise tomorrow at 9am! looking forward to it, then meeting my personal trainer at 5pm on monday to get started on my new fitness kick good and proper. seriously i am looking forward to it!

the carrot cake i spent 3 hours making on thursday afternoon ended up in the bin - apparently its disgusting and shouldn't have oranges in but hey buster the recipe said so and in the fecking went after i spent ages grating the rind off the bastards.

right off to chill some more

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death by pilates
Thursday, October 26, 2006
it is not a nice way to die
it is a very painful excrutiating death

aside from my pain

so i get interesting things in my garden.

for the last two days i have had visits from a parrot! glorious colours. i tried to entice it yesterday afternoon to stay long enough for a photo by chucking bread allover the garden but alas all i got were sparrows lol i'll keep an eye out for him today and see if i get lucky.

i'm on a bit of a fitness thing, although last time i tried to kill myself at the gym i didn't lose a pound i'm confident this time it will work. in conjunction with my meds that is and i'm still eating sensibly. sunday saw me at a salsacise class which was bags of fun since i can already salsa. last night i tried out pilates.

jesus christ

i almost wept during the class from the sheer agony when my hips locked up like an 80 year olds oh and my back went. but then i have no core stability muscles and haven't for years the physio had no clue why either but since i don't go to physio anymore i don't care either.

part way through the class as my eyes glassed over with pain i relaised i can't go on like this.

i had a chat to the woman who runs the class, she also does the salsacise one and found out she too does personal training. so from next week she is in my employ

me with a personal trainer don't fucking laugh

i need it i have to do it for me and noone else. i have to see if i can sort myself out. although i'm not completely unfit i'm not exactly superfit and i'm no longer stick thin. and yes there are reasons and it's medical but ffs i can't bear to carry on living like this. i have to try again i have to see if i can achieve what i want to.

i'm not wanting to go stick thin again i want to tone up what i have and maybe lose a stone, if i can to the bargain.

so next week my life changes again..... no doubt you'll be sick on my whingeing about how it all hurts!

this am i can walk, which is something it's painful to move, painful to sit and painful to laugh
i look to the future sometime in the next two months the pain might stop either that or i'll be in traction on morphine lol

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Monday, October 23, 2006
i was gonna blog about something in particular but i've forgotten what it was ! Maybe it will come to me if i keep typing.

blogrolling seems to have had some sort of a break down... everybody has updated at exactly the same time apparently!

it's still hot here but comfortable, i'm still in shorts but no longer desperate to take my clothes off and jump into cold showers.

i've had a lovely quality day with princess who is on half term - shes better now thank god

we've got this week together then she goes back to school and goes away for 3 days on a residential school trip i won't know what to do with myself, aside from run round the house naked lol

right scarlet is shouting me better go


happy birthday weena xxxx
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thin lizzie
Thursday, October 19, 2006
Whilst multi tasking ..... cooking tea, talking on the phone to scarlet, tidying lounge i met thin lizzie as she slithered accross the lounge

i then proceeded to demolish the sat tv box as i tried to catch the slippery little bugger thought i'd squashed her

they're pretty useful to have in the house actually they eat the ants.....

isn't she a cutie

so took some pics, put he outside on the wall and she jumped off it lmao thought she had carked it but a nudge helped her come too

so i get lizards in my house what do you get?

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poorly sick zone
the best thing about being poorly when you were a kid is that you got a day or two off school - nevermind the small fact you were puking your guts up or missing pe!

so princess is in the poorly sick zone, enter at your peril

started at 5am yesterday am with eggwhite puke very odd and a temp 3 degrees lower than it should be, she was dizzy, unable to even lift her head from the pillow it took me 20 minutes to get her downstairs to take her to the doctors who wanted to see her. bastards dont do housecalls here either.

poor mite couldn't stop puking this odd froth which changed to liquid as the day went on couldn't even keep water down by the end of the day as i discovered as it covered me, her and the sofa. she's weak and lethargic and couldnt move off the sofa.

put her to bed about 8pm as hubby and i watched the storm coming in.

fecking amazing lightning bouncing around in cirlces round the sky awesome to watch and then it got closer and closer and the thunder got louder until it was on top of us, we lost electricity unitl 6.30 this morning!

storms are amazing here love to watch them

princess had woken up earlier, gods wardrobe has fallen down mum - yeah love sounds like he has changing rooms in tonight! bless her she slept in the end

there was nowt else to do but go to bed ourselves

this am as i said before no electric but luckily when hubby was out for his run it came back on and i was able to put the hot water on so he could at least have a decent shower and shave.

been back to the doctors princess is still lifeless looking rough as a badgers arse at least not puking now for the moment anyway

poor baby

at least we get some quality time together

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lazy cow
Monday, October 16, 2006
yeah i am i've been around just couldnt be arsed to blog - not a massive amount to say went away for a long weekend last week, which was nice some great friends but the water was shit

this weekend i was a good girl and spent a day with the brownies this weekend i've found my true calling - making winnie the pooh characters out of fruit, veg and cocktail sticks

avoided recruitment as a brown owl again......

been very drained bloody knackered whats new

sunshine is finally fading we got a shit load of rain this weekend


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Wednesday, October 04, 2006
two years ago i was in a state of despair... not only were my in laws coming to stay but i was on the verge of going into hospital for a major operation.

the pea sized tumour i had foundin my breast in june was now the size of a golf ball was about to be removed and i was shitting it big time

although the op went well i was a bit poorly and as usual as is everything around me there were complications, in the first case my bp and the amount of blood i lost and the 2nd when i had my stitches removed the bastard split open.... full details in the archives but basically there was nothing left in my breast to support the wound

i read through the archives a couple of days ago in tears reliving the anxiety and uncertainty of how i felt back then

  • anger
  • fear
  • resentment
  • sorrowful
  • tearful
  • anxious
  • uncertain
  • guilt

it took me a really long time to recover and to some degree get over it


yes guilt, i feel guilt every day that i was lucky compared to the thousands of women who havent been so fortunate it never goes away but also i feel grateful, grateful that i was lucky grateful that the golf ball was benign

two years on..... i have a really large angry scar to remind me - and yes people it's still fresh and raw and whatever the treatments remains to be just as red and irritable i'm unfortunate i have keeloid scaring

i urge you to check your breasts ladies, finding my lump was sheer luck, being benign was another huge case of luck..... you might not be so lucky check it out and get it checked if you find anything.........being left with a scar is a world away from leaving a grieving family and a headstone

i live with a scar
its a symbol
i was lucky
a small price to pay for my life i think



this month is breast cancer awareness month now do as you're told and check em out!
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