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Busy Busy Busy
Wednesday, November 30, 2005
busy week
got pissed saturday
been shopping, foxy outfit for fri nights shindig
hubby loved all his pressies and gave me one to say ta
off skiing tonight
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progress report
Thursday, November 24, 2005
I'm knackered, completely knackered.
I never wanted to do something so much in all my life, apart from to shag robbie williams, and the bloke that plays alex in dark angel!
i am not a portswoman in any way shape or form. sporting prowess doesn't come naturally to me, in fact it doesn't come at all. school pe lessons were the most hated experiences of school, and taught me to loath sport rather than love it so i have always shirked away from sport, well taking part in it.
then i moved here, and my life changed i've learnt so much about myself and learnt just how much i can do. i have tried so many sports here, all water based and have been not much good at any of them, but i've given them all a bloody good go. As i said i am not a sportswoman i have no balance and i guess i'm pretty negative.

and then monday happened.

i was scared i admit it, i was, i was shitting myself and yeah i was fecking awful and hopeless. and then tuesday came and went and as i said i improved. then last night and again i made a little progress.


i am so fecking proud of myself.

i have worked so hard. and for once in my life i am starting to really enjoy sport. skiing. for me, tonight things really started to click into place. i got brave, went up a little higher, managed to execute a controlled turn, and stop! i got braver went a little higher, and whilst everyone else was off the slope for a break i climbed a bit higher and whilst everyone else was enjoying hot chocolate i had the slope to myself. slowly i managed not one turn, but two! so i climbed a little higher and tried once more, and feeling a little braver went for it again managing a couple of turns and a half all in control. by the end of the break i was skiing slowly, but i was skiing and i was turning 4 times! letting out shouts of yes as i nailed them.

by the end of my lesson i had ventured right to the top of the slope and was negotiating my way down slowly, but in perfect control, executing my turns and smiling.

i am so proud of myself. i have never wanted to succeed at anything so badly. when i look back at monday i have improved so much in fact looking back at monday i could never have dreamed that i am where i am today, and hopefully a lot better tomorrow too! i even started getting frustrated with myself for not getting enough speed up, well a bit faster anyway. i am so so chuffed.

who would have thought? i wouldn't

aching a bit, but hey i've even lost weight since monday! will post tomorrows progress and whether i manage to earn a certificate!

the only new years resolution i've ever kept,

living life to the full


ps get well soon scarlet baby xx
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watch out! here she comes!
Wednesday, November 23, 2005
The sentiments of my ski instructor.
Well actually i don't think they're that tame! But there were kids present. I'm sure he was black and blue at the end of mondays lesson from me colliding with him! I'm learning how to ski, snow ski this time, we all are, as a family, it's great fun ha ha
No, seriously i'm loving it, but i really am a pile of steaming shit at it!

Monday i was first to fall, and i just carried on losing control, ploughing into people and fences! I couldn't stop i was going far too fast and paniced constantly. i arrived home cold tired and wet and had to cook tea. needless to say i went straight to bed. Princess took to it like a duck to water she was amazing, and hubby, well he's skied before, a long time ago though. I was hopeless, absolutely fecking hopeless.

Last night though things were looking up as the instructor did some intensive remiedial work with me, yeah i'm in the spazzo class. but i made a massive improement and actually manged to negotiate the slope without falling and just about stopping myself. I was well chuffed when i got home, but everything was hurting! This morning i ached all over, maninly my arms though and i have no idea why! Princess was ploughing down the slope gaining in confidence with every run, i pottered, not daring to go any higher than my comfort zone. P a bloke in my class is as challenged as i am, he takes the record for smashing into the fence (safety fence) and went right through it on several occaisions onto matting! a spectacular head first superman dive too!

Tonight however, i was a bit more daring, went a bit higher, started traversing the slope, which means going accross it, i managed to take a fence out, but not bad, oh and almost left the slope completely when i was trying to turn, which i did but then couldn't stop!

I am very much improved, still not as good as the rest of my class, i'm way behind, i managed to do a couple of turns, i even managed to ski and jump which was fun and i managed to stay on my feet and stop! I even had a go at the skilift! Princess is gonna go pro i think shes amazing, she really has got it right, hubby too.

i hate the fact that i have to work so bloody hard at it when it seems to come so effortlessly to everyone else. but still a smile on my face and once more i have improved. hubby is very proud of me.

thats something i don't hear every day. you're trying real hard babe, you're doing so well, really good improvement. you're doing great.

he's been so supportive. i've been so frustrated and he has been wonderful. although he has joked my my instructor if i don't get it he'll buy me a sledge!!!!!!! i really do love him

its an adventure, it's hard work, i'm loving it, i've lost 2lb since monday!!!!!!

life in general other that that is quiet so i'm so bloody knackered after work, dashing round to get everything done and being out the house for the course. i've had a shite load on at work, i'm also "going away on business" next month!!!! get me! only for a day! but still. Still loving the job and the friends i've made there.

plans for the rest of the week are more skiing lessons, and on the piss all weekend cos my bessie mate here D is back from visiting uk, she's been shopping for 2 weeks! oh and on friday i have a day off work and princess is off school so we are going to see some old friends who are over on holiday, a bit of a drive away but it will be great to see them. i have got to go shopping to buy a dress too, cos i have my work xmas do next week, and hubby's and they're on the same night in the same place, but different function rooms!!!!! princess is going for a sleepover so i'll no doubt be crawling in some time in the morning if i come home at all, cos we can stay at the hotel the do is in very cheaply.

oh and it's hubby's birthday on this saturday so even more reason to get pissed, something i haven't done for a while (you will be pleased to hear mum)

right i'm off to ease my aching bones into bed,

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shock...... horror...... i'm on twice in a week!
Tuesday, November 15, 2005
Blimey, 2 posts in less than a week! I've actually managed to get on the pc, which is not being hogged by hubby who is addicted to pyramids on yahoo games! I really must find him some help for that...... if he's not doing that he's on a mission on his ps2. shit my fault. i did buy him it in a fit of madness, but only cos he kept taking princesses gameboy advance sp!

Anyways i'm here! Scarlet, yes babe i know i should be knitting your scarf, and i would be just i finished it about an hour ago! And yes its lovely and soft and cosy and a lush pink!

This afternoon took me shoe shopping with princess. As we waited for the shop to open for the afternoon, i took her to a nearby bakery, only to find i'd lost my bloody purse, to say lost, well not lost, just i'm a twat and i left it in my knitting bag from my break at work! luckily i had some cash in my bag. it just meant i couldn't go nuts and buy lots of nice shoes. i got 2 pairs for me (in the sale) and one for princess. 1 pair pink and 1 pair red! for me and a black pair for school for princess.

she is currently driving me nuts singing christmassy songs in prep for her school play........oh dear god. and what the hell is with this shepherds on the hill cha cha cha business? what the hell happened to whilst shepherds washed their socks? she is taking it all very seriously. quite the loveee oh well its in her blood!

its still pretty warm here, she says in a cardi, socks and a blanket! seriously through the day its lush but nights its cold. i'll be in a short sleaved top and short skirt tomorrow!

seriously must get on this xmas shopping last gonna miss the posting dates, thank feck for amazon! princess has written her santa letter, which santa is collecting this evening. so far so good, its all attainable and affordable, and i already have it on relaible authority that santa already has some of it!

i'm already getting excited at the build up to crimbo, making plans, i've bought lots of choccies! oh and brandy snaps and stuff as its well hard to get stuff like that here, not exactly traditional. the highlight for me of course is the arrival of the mini rum truffle on the shelves! they import them from the uk! i plan to stock up a box this time i think, thats about 12 boxes inside it, that should last me oh about 2 weeks! or 12 hours! my mate at work does chrsitmas in a big way apparentlytoo legend has it she turns into mrs christmas on december 1st..... her office turns into a grotto! she decorates every available space in her home including the toilet!

i like crimbo but i draw the line at deccies in the bog!

oh well boring myself now i'm going on for the sake of it

see ya who knows maybe i'll manage to post again this week!

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up and down
Sunday, November 13, 2005
November, and still going to the beach, still able to wear shorts and still in t shirts the teperature is still reaching 25 degrees! Yeah! logs got delivered this week, cabin up the mountain is booked, and we all start skiing lessons, snow that is this week!

After a quiet week at work, cos the boss was away, she came back on friday and you would not beleive the pile of paperwork i was stuck under! Still it's nice to have her back, i missed her! Because i am so efficient i had already finished all my work she had left behind for me to do. I had to go on a course on friday too, which is quite exciting in a sad kind of way!

It's been an up and down couple of weeks.

I was very low 2 weeks ago after a phonecall from "back home" actually i had missed the call, because i was out, and hubby, alseep when i got home, and i was asleep in the morning when he went to work didn't leave a note. It wasn't the sort of thing he should have, although i know the thought will have crossed his mind. Anyway he came home from work and said "you know your Auntie M", yes i said of course i do, "Well shes dead."
Tactful as ever, all heart, he broke it to me, and i went to pieces.

Now i don't blame him for how he told me, he's very matter of fact about death, he sees no need to dress it all up and make it pretty, because lets face it, death isn't.

Heartbroken i rung home to share my condolances with my dad. Auntie M was a very special woman. She will be missed greatly. Her passing was a blessing, she was no longer fit and had had a stroke some time ago, her letters painstakingly written, almost childlike always brought such emotion in me and i would cry upon reading them. God Bless you Auntie M. xx

On the up side of things i've been positive in my work and home life, i've taken up knitting again, as i mentioned before and i've finished two beautiful scarves and started another. The one i'm on now is fableeous and for Scarlet. S popped by this morning and asked me to make her one, i've got to make one for D too, so I will be busy. To tell the truth it's really helping my hands. I'm surprised how much i am able to do before my cramps start, its encouraging the circulation i guess, and i'm getting someting out of it too!

I've started christmas shopping, Princess is writing her letter for Santa today, she's left it a bit late but hopefully santa wil have time to amass it all.

I have yet to get cards though....... posting time to UK is almost up so i best get my arse i gear!

Well i'm just about out of things to say! I've been not particually well just all snotted up, nothing major but still makes you feel like crap, so i've been off to bed by 8.30pm! Shocking. But then my day starts so early here its not surprising i guess.

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ding dong the bastard is dead
Sunday, November 06, 2005
on friday night, scenes in lou lou hq resembled something out of a horror movie. well my own personal one. for those of you who've known me a while, you probably know what i'm scared of most in this world.
yeah, that's right, mice.
and yes you guessed it the little bastard scared the fecking shit out of me when it ran out from under the cooker as i attempted to cook dinner. screams could be heard far and wide as i hyperventilated and hubby pissed himself laughing at the state i was in over something so small. he had never actually witnessed a confrontation with one!
hubby's best buddy came to assist as they chased the little bastard round the kitchen till they lost it. traps were laid and we hoped it would surface when all went quiet. it didn't.

that is until this evening when i went to cook the evening meal and it's tail sneaked out on the hob.
hubby came running, and the mouse is history!

god i love him.

my husband that it is.
my own personal knight in shining armour, at last i can sleep once more and not be shitting myself every time i walk into the kitchen.

due to my psychopathic checking i know the mouse must only have been with us since fri night/afternoon, as there is no evidence to suggest he was here before, beside my audible distree plug ins keep them at bay.

i love living here, in this lovely country, but feck me i hate the creepy crawlies and shit that goes with it!

things here now can relax, and i'll crack on with my knitting, yeah you read right knitting, i've decided to knit meself some trendy scarfs to save some pennies, and exercise my shitty hands now the winter is drawing in here, it's getting bloody cold, i'm back on the meds, which haven't kicked in yet but shit happens

right i'm off, to finish cooking tea

love ya
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it's official......
Saturday, November 05, 2005
The below is a public statement,which was posted on the comments, but i felt should be more of a celebration

after all the sleepless nights you've all been having i guess you all deserve to know



things here have been hectic and i've not been well, still been at work but going to bed at 8.30 hense my absence from the blog.
sorry promise to blog proper in the next couple of days

yes after two years i have been a naughty girl. wohhhhhhhhhhhoooooooooooooooooooo
and am still currently being a slut with said person.
its great
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