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feeling sorry for myself
Thursday, August 31, 2006
i watched a documentary programme today and tears ran silently down my face.
i identified on many levels with the subject
i whisked them away lest it be noticed.

i got my first birthday card today- and a large box of chocs
i'm not sharing

i always feel lonely this time of year, i always miss those i left behind all the more, those i would share a few bottles with, those i would sit up until the wee hours singing tragic drunken songs, those i miss every day but all the more right now

i have friends here, i have some lovely lovely friends but they aren't and will never be scarlet,

right off to bed i feel like shite have done all evening

2 more days and i'll be another fecking year older bollocks

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long day
Monday, August 28, 2006
this am i got up at the ungodly hour of 6.45am in order to get my car to the garage for it's service. bastard dealership don't do courtesy cars - what is this the frickin 3rd world? well they don't do them and neither do any of the other garages. so we had to either sit and wait or go and find something else to do.

so we walked, and walked and walked. we walked around the lovely and very picturesque industry estate. then we got lucky at about 9.30 there was a cafe open- breakie it was. Then a shoe shop up on the main road opened so i got myself a sweet pair of heeled strappy black sandles for a bargain price - even cheaper than the price tag too.

2 1/2 hours later our car was finally ready for collection and we sped into the city on a mission. New glasses for princess. princess has worn glasses since she was 18 months old due to a squnit, which was fixed when she was 5, but has again worsened, we await now to see if they can do anything else. in the mean time she waers glasses to straighten it. she's gorgeous with or without them but when she gets tired the squint is obvious without them. after doging the rather gipping barbie and benetton frames the assistant brought out a lush GUESS pair of red solid frames, the latest design which princess pounced on they were perfect on her so cute.

she's atarting to get a little vain about wearing glasses lately, i wear them for the pc and reading since i've gotten older, and she's always worn them. a lot of the girls in her class at school though who are supposed to wear them don't i guess she just wants to fit in. She's thinking about contacts now. What do you guess think? she's 9 it's getting more common for kids to have them i'm gonna research it a bit.

anyways so we order her gigs and then go for a bit of shopping then home, home to the perfect cuppa, home to a good book, home to chill after a hot heady morning.

then the phone rang and we were invited out for tea.

dinner out was a nightmare. nowhere round here opens on a monday night aside from the tourist areas so we ended up after trying 2 places going into the city and all you can eat at the pizza shed place. service was shite. food was yummy and i'm stuffed.

quiet day tomorrow i think some serious reading, some housework all after a well deserved lay in lol

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Thursday, August 24, 2006
not been doing much

not felt like doing much

lethargy has me in its grasp

although i spent some time helping dynagal earlier

dinner was uninspiring like the scones i baked yesterday "they're nice love couldn't you have put sultanas in?" no i fecking couldnt

off to bed to try and not sleep again since that seems to be the norm i'm wide awake for ages. i'm not allowed to read in bed with the bedside light on it disturbs hubbys sleep so i laid there with a torch like when i was a kid after lights out and still i was awake - good book though

night all

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Tuesday, August 22, 2006
so i've not posted proper it's been too fecking hot to think to sleep to dress proper i'm diving in and out of the shower all the time to cool

theres nowt like having a warm shower and then drying off stood butt naked under the ceiling fan on full

hubby cooked a fabulous apple pie on friday not without help and off course it was left to me to clear up the bombsite he left still was nce not as good as my apple torte though ssshhhhh

i'm not sleeping due to the heat and princess waking up 9 to 10 times in the night having freeky dreams again still at least i haven't found her lost down stairs recently or taking pictures off her wall lining them up along the floor or trying to pull her blinds down screaming she can't get out. it tends to happen in cycles thankfully she has finally come to the end of one and i can try and get a little more sleep.

haven't done too much really read a great book. played on princesses gameboy i like urbz so what, managed to get a little housework done. it wipes me out in the heat so i try to do it in the evening not that its much cooler then. i've done my pool maintenance, dozed off in the afternoons been to bbqs been to the doctors to get results which were fine and watched a lot of dvds

we've never known it to be this humid it's unbearable.

thats it best get ready to do luncheon


still can't get over the D touring i hope they come my way but can't see it

oh and it's nearly my birthday!
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best news the very best
Monday, August 21, 2006
the very sexy jack black ....yeah the guy is fecking hot i would do him all night long baby

is back with kyle

hell yeah baby

pick of destiny............




which means a frickin tour......

the countdown begins......


rockin my world
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Saturday, August 12, 2006
up later than usual - about 9am but by 10 we were on our way into the city to do a little shopping. hubby needed a new rash vest, we needed a new charger for the portable dvd player cos the other one blew up cos we stupidly left it plugged in.

we start driving round the roundabout and omfecking lord there is a car coming the wrong way round the roundabout some old guy who could only just see above the steering wheel. luckily we swerved to avoid him and we had room to do so. i say lucky cos his tiny little car wouldn't have come off well with our suv.

so we get all we need, and then i manage to get a bonus pair of black linen 3/4 length trousers cheers hubby x

hubby actually made us lunch when we got home - shocking yeah ok he didn't wash up or even clean up his mess but he made lunch!

i boiled my beetroot . not enough it seems it peeled easily but they were rock hard lol i'll try again tomorrow

however my big success was my open apple torte. with fresh whipped cream of course wtg me outbloodystanding (although i confess i didn't actually make the cream myself like get it from the cow and churn it i got it in a supermarket like everyone else)

i restrained myself and we have half of it left for tomorrow

nigella eat your heart out

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Friday, August 11, 2006
so what have i been up to aside from the mountains of skanky stinky washing i brought back from our hols?

i had my hair done, very foxy loads of comliments already - didn't think it was that bad before but now i'm no longer blonde, i'm caramel
got princesses hair cut too - 4 inches cut off sounds drastic but her hair touched her arse anyway so it's still very long

played games on the pc
chatted to an old mate online and had webchat which was fun she looks no different than when i last said goodbye to her 2 years ago

oh i've just realised i've lived here for 2 years now!
eaten odd meals - when i say odd i mean whatever we have felt like and bits and pieces not proper grown up meals

it's bleeding hot here although not as hot as it was when we were away we are still mid 30's.
i hoovered out the pool
watched tv and dvds
not much really feck all productive apart from some housework and shrinking away from the piles of ironing in my hallway. i don't use the front door so we tend to pile the ironing in there along with our shoes

my new birkenstocks are finally bedded in yay they were so odd to start with i really have fecked my feet up living in flip flops. i got some for princess too and mother in law bought some while she was here too oddly we all got the same colour lol i was shocked when the girl in the chop told me you never have to chuck them awa as there is no part of them that can't be fixed or refurbed

oh well best go cook tea what delights do we have tonight? salad i think i'm going to attempt to make my own fresh beetroot in a moment after i've googled how to do it lol

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Tuesday, August 08, 2006
family lou is back from their hols! our suitcases are full on stinky washing and we're enjoying the fact it is a few degrees cooler here!

it took us ages to find our hotel, when in fact we were around the corner from it the whole bloody time! it was lovely and quiet, and in a lovely setting the staff fantastic. we were even upgraded to a suite!

things we did/saw/thought were funny

  • paid an extortionate amount for 2 pepsi and a milkshake at a trendy harbour cafe cos hubby needed a shit - what is it about men having to have a shit out in town?
  • our 3 bags of shopping later that day cost us the same amount need i say more. the shopping was basically bags of biscuits, crisps, bananas and bottles of water and pepsi to store in the fridge in our hotel room.
  • hubby chanted dirka dirka every chance he got (team america)
  • hubby got swamp ass lmao
  • the words to the local coke advert sound like "i've got syphilis, you've got syphilis" chanted over and over
  • we made up our own dialogue to the tv progs that weren't in english-amusing results which were not polite or in good taste
  • discovered a shop called arcelik which prompted laughter everytime we saw it
  • met a bloke who was in the salon on channel 4 - too gay to function him and his mate was fantastically funny performance in a shop
  • ate far too much
  • melted at the 42 degree heat
  • witnessed a local engagement party for 320 locals omg ended at 2am with a smashed window
  • bumped into 2 lots of people we actually know!
  • developed a dirka dirka dance to local tune- naked cos it was too hot for clothes lol
  • had a very odd non english girl fucking apologise for the fucking argument we fucking well had down the fucking pool she had been fucking drinking and was fucking depressed and was fucking sorry and sorrier when i told her she had the wrong woman lol and then proceeded to go into more fucking detail for my benefit in case i was interested
  • she also came to see me again the next day with an explanation on why she had been so fucking drunk lol - where the hell do i find them?
ace time
washing stinks to high heaven almost to the point of making us heave from the scent of sweat once we packed it in the suitcases

home now, house was nice and tidy getting a take out tonight as no food in the house oh and catching up with scarlet i believe we are kicking ass on yahoo games playing canasta tonight!

its nice to be home

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aur revoir for a few days anyway
Wednesday, August 02, 2006
the weeks flown y and m- i -l has been lovely. no seriously lovely. no i'm not drunk or on drugs of any kind it has been a lovely week.

i haven't had a single moment i wished she wasn't here aside from the fact i haven't been able to sit naked in my lounge watching tv of an evening. i was sad to say goodbye to her at the airport this evening.

but now it's all systems go we're going away for a few days or so the house is covered in ironing we've been doing ready to pack, i'm ticking off my list and looking forward to a fantastic break for the three of us.

speak soon

posted by Lou Lou @ 5:26:00 pm  
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