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Monday, February 28, 2005
This is one of the most evil instuments of torture in the world.

Why the feck would anyone want to own one?

It takes all sorts i guess......


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..::catch up time::..
I know, i know you thought i was dead....maybe you even hoped I was!

I'm here now, things have been busy here in Lou Lou land as i prep for the impending state visit of my Mummy and Daddy! I can't wait i'm so excited i haven't seen them in almost 7 months now.

Things have been busy and this week are about to get even busier. Not helped by the fact my hands are once more in a shit state and typing has become difficult. Oh well I have new meds to start they've arrived now they had to be ordered in so i'll go and collect them and see what happens i guess.

I finally got that big piece of throbbing machinary going........ and strimmed the garden. THE garden not my lady garden! Once more i ponged with eau de burnt petrol a most alluring scent!
Thursday saw me having a spot of accupuncture again....is it working? I don't know yet. It was decidedly weird yet not as odd as it was and i did have a couple of killer painful spasms. Duncan also had trouble reading my accu points with his machine too......i'm there because my circulation is fecked......things that use my hands to read things tend not to work!

Friday saw me having a cracking session at the gym, I worked really hard having missed yesterday on the advice of Duncan. I also walked all the way to the pharmacy cos they told me my new meds were in lying gits...they weren't. 12.15am brought the arrival of Baby Benji. I was babysitting for the afternoon/evening. He's just 3 months old i've mentioned him before he's an absolute delight. I had a fab time, picked Alexander and Princess up from school, and for the rest of the time had 3 kids, a most weird experince when you're used to just one.

It's all still there you know. I'm amazed how much of that nuturing babee instinct is there. I confess i was worried about the nappy, having not changed a boy before for over 6 years, and not changed a girl for longer... it's all there the speed the dexterity. The feeding the burping. Hubby looked decidedly worried as i proudly announced i still got what it takes! It made me feel very nostalogic and broody again. Next week 8 years ago i had a baby. I'll leave that story for another time though!

I was disapointed when their mum and dad came to get them. But still it was nice to give them back! I was so disorganised! I forgot we had to have dinner!

Saturday saw us having a quiet day as Princess went off to Thinking Day for Brownies. Hubby and I headed off into the city for a look about and started with a massive Full English Breakfast....the likes of which you can find here if you know where to look! It was decidedly scrummy....and yes i know i shouldn't have been having it so i starved myself for the rest of the day so I could! It did have a concession to healthiness......lettuce garnish. wtf?

Sunday was a mega chill out day. I'm awfully tired a lot at the moment. SO it was nice to rest and i went to bed at 10 to 10 which is unheard of for me.

This morning i took myself food shoppoing to awful evils......thats what i call it anyway. Its a fecking nightmare. filled with foreigners! The carpark you've never seen anything like it, cars taking up 3 spaces, cars parked on diagonals over 2 spaces, cars abandoned in the middle of the road. They drive like twats here and park like something even worse! Shopping in there is a nightmare. Still it was nice to bimble about and not get nagged that i'm taking too long. I got some really yummy stuff for them and some nice little bits for me too, i might be desparately dieting but its nice to have a little something even if its just a handful of sunflower seeds. I'm amazed i even found them in there! They're not with the rest of the nuts!

The whole trip with driving there and back, having a pee stop and a drink in the cafe and the unpacking took me 4 hours pmsl hubby would have had a track if he was with me dawdling about! still it was nice. This afternoon i'm off to the local butchers to buy my meat.

Not like anything you'll eveer see in the uk. Its a little door in the wall, a small room with a massive chiller off it. one solitary huge butchers block and a counter with scales and a till. a very small glass fronted chill display cabinet with local chickens in it. (you can tell by their colour) The place is spotless. The meat is of a very high quality all locally produced and shit loads cheaper than awful evils. I'm gonna stock up for my royal visit!

The sun has been shining brightly and its been real t shirt weather bizzare for february but i'm getting used to it. I was gonna bbq yesterday but i couldn't get the new gas bottle on so tonight i'm bbqing! I love bbq. Its still nice enough to sit out in the garden and eat too. It's lovely to sit there with the sun upon me warming my bones.....dangerous cos i'm likely to fall asleep!

I've seen a fab new purcahse today...i couldn't get it today cos i couldn't get it in the car with all my bags its a really lush free standing hammock, wooden frame cream hammock. its so decadently lazy i have to have it!

So before i bore you all to death i'll go i'll try and get it and see what you've all been up to later i've popped in and out briefly shortage of time and all that


love ya

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..::Here's one from Dyna that she did earlier::..
Wednesday, February 23, 2005
1. What time is it: 19.38hrs

2. Name as it appears on birth certificate: Not crazy enough to tell you, well not quite!

3.Piercings: 3. One in each ear and my belly button.

4. Eye color: Green

5. Place of birth: In a galaxy far far away!

6. Been to Africa? nope, don't really plan to either.

7. Love someone so much it made you cry? Yep. Most memorably at my wedding during my vows! and my reception. I cry all the time....i'm a very sensitive emotional person.

8. Been in a car accident? Yes

9. Croutons or bacon bits: Ummm not sure really.

10.Favorite Day of the week: The weekend!

11. Favorite restaurant: Ummmm now thats difficult there are so many.

12. Favorite flower: Sweet peas, Yellow Roses oh and Red too!

13. Favorite Sport to watch: Sport? Do I have to? Ok.... Ice hockey, Rugby the Shetland grand national, and the normal one, Boxing.

14. Favorite drink: White wine, barcardi breezer orange, Smirnoff Ice, any of them, Southern Comfort, Gin and Tonic and good old Pepsi.

15. Favorite ice cream: Cookie Dough, toffee fudge and boring neopolitan.

16. Disney or Warner Bros: Both...i can't choose.

17. Favorite Fast Food: Pizza, but thats not that fast, KFC or Burger King.

18. What color is your bedroom: Cream and Lilac.

19. How many times did you fail your driver's license exam? I took my test a few times, the time i passed the examiner said i drove like Nigel Mansell, i took it as a compliment.

20. Before this one, from whom did you get your last e-mail? Well i didn't get this by email i swiped it from Dyna cos she told me to, but my last email is boring, the minutes from the pta. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

21. Which store would you choose to max out your credit card? Now this is hard. I can't choose just one.....but i'll make it a department store cos they'll have almost everything.

22.What you do most often when you are bored? Kick ass on the pc playing games, read, phone a friend.

23. Bed time: Just lately a lot earlier than it has been......normally about 12am but of late about 10.30am i'm just plain bolloxed.

24. Who will respond to this e-mail the quickest? No one cos i haven't mailed it to anyone.

25. Favorite TV shows: Csi any of them........Dark Angel. And far too many to mention.

26. Last person you went out to dinner with: Some fab friends.

Ford or Chevy? - Well i'll never buy a ford or a chevvy, Nissan Pathfinder all the way baby!

27. What are you listening to right now? Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

28. What is your favorite color? Purple and Black.

29. How many tattoos do you have? Right now none, but watch this space.......i've one planned for this year!

30. Time you finished this e-mail?20.01hrs.

Dong's ADDENDUM: (via Dyna)

32. LAST MOVIE? In the Cinema, Ella Enchanted. Home, Rocky Horror Picture Show. Oh and Like Mike ( princess had it on in the background)

33. Current CD you listen to in your car? Good Charlotte, Chronicles of Life and Death and my babies, Kean hopes and Fears.

34. Howard Stern - I know who he is, i think.

35. Favorite meal? Spaghetti Bolognaise. Since I've been a little girl.

36. Current animal friends? The lizards in the garden, the shagging chamelions.

37. Paris Hilton of Nicole Ritchie? Why? They're both skanky hoes.

38. Current favorite garment? Old trusty jeans cos my ass looks hot in them!

39. First thought upon waking on a wkday? Fuuuuuuuckkkkkkkk i'm late again!!!!!!!

40. Favorite meal to cook (if applicable): Spaghetti Bolognaise old family recipe.

41. MAC or PC? PC. Colray would kick my head in if i said mac......

42. Favorite beer? Puke.....i don't do beer ask Scarlet what happens to me when i do!

43. Current or future kids' names? Princess. Liking caleb, jared, Hermeione. star.

44. A car honks/cuts you off - Scream obscenities, they drive like right wankers here so it happens all the time.

45. Pick either: Michael Jackson "I Wanna Rock with You" OR Prince Kiss.

Prince all the way baby....i just want your extra time and your xxxxx kiss!

Last Words?

Yeah i'm bolloxed you've made me think too fecking hard.

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Tuesday 22nd February....that means..........
Tuesday, February 22, 2005
Happy Birthday

33 Today!

Love Ya
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..::me me me me meeeeeeeeeeeeeee::..

posted by Lou Lou @ 8:04:00 am  
..::It's Scarlet's Birthday!::..
Something tells me i'm gonna be in trouble!

Well babe you shouldn't have taken the piss. Rick Astley is and was very talented singer songwriter, yeah ok i'll give you his dancing ain't great but this is my childhood heartthrob you're slagging off.

So it's your birthday, and i'm not there. I wish I was. Did you get your card? Did you read what I wrote? I meant it.

I miss you.

We've been through some shit haven't we? Yet always constant through it all i had you and you had me. Best friends forever.

Have a wonderful day babe, even though i'm not there to share it, i'll be thinking of you.....i'll get pissed tonight in thought of you.

Happy Birthday Scarlet

My dearest friend. I would be lost without you.

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......It's Today!::..
Monday, February 21, 2005

Lots of loves


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..::The Quest Ends::..
Friday, February 18, 2005
Ahhhhhhmy beauties i've been awol, for a couple of reasons.

Firstly my symptoms have been horrendous the last few days and i've been in pain and finding typing difficult let alone anything else.

Secondly, although my typing has been shite i'm been trolling sites looking for deals on an mp3 player. A decent one. They are extortionate here to say the least. As in if you want a seriously decent one you will haev to pay mega bucks, a shite no brand 256mb here is in excess of £ 110 uk pounds!

Now i've wayed it all up and I decided to go for Creative rather than I pod, simply because Colray has brainwashed me into thinking they are spawn of satan, and also because after telling my hubby about a post on Colrays...you know the one where a girly bludgened her partner to death with an i pod he bacame firmly resolved not to let me have one!

So Creative it is. Muvo 2 or Zen i wasn't bothered.

I decided to try my luck at ebay.......well im told you can get some great bargins. I have been beaten to so many in the last few days, one in the last 13 seconds of the auction. I was gutted. But after monitoring i have noticed that auctions due to end during the day go for far less than auctions due to end at night.....prolly cos everyone is at work..... well I'M NOT!!!!!! So i watched and watched and made my move.........right at the last minute, put in a bid and refreshed like a twat waiting for it to end .............

Finally I have won! Creative Zen Xtra 30gb....brand new unwanted birthday pressie. YAY.
Now all i've got to do is wait for it to arrive and fill it with saddo music! Bargain at £119. Wooooo

I've spent ages driving my hubby up the wall comparing reviews and prices. Finally he will get some peace! And he'll be getting a lot more once i've got it and its full!

Also the last few days i've been feleing a bit low, due to my health, but yesterday afternoon i got a surpise.......Christmas Arrived at Villa Lou Lou!

Yeah i know its February.....and yes i know we're 3 weeks into it, but Christmas arrived in the form of a box......filled with crimbo pressies yay! It's taken forever to get here. I'm a very lucky girl.......even if i did call my mother a bitch for one of the pressies she sent me......a crystal mouse...... as regs here will no of my ongoing battle with the wildlife.......lizard in the shed this am....managed to strangle a screach! Hubby got a lovely set of cufflinks......a mouse and a trap...i mean what a piss take. MOTHER! I know you're reading this and i know you are having a good laugh at me! Thankyou, despite it being a mouse i love it mainly cos this one is pretty and NOT REAL!!!!

So i've cheered up shit loads.........

Plus i got to watch Rocky Horror this am ( one of my pressies)....and do my audience participation without being laughed at by hubby.........if it comes here on stage.....i'm going and i'm dressing up i make a fabulous Magenta.......... Its a special film i don't know anyone who doesnt like it...... i've been to see it on stage before an awesome night out wasn't it Mummy? SHe's a bit of a fan herself!

I'm such a good girl today i've done the ironing too.......all of it. I've baked a loaf done the house tidied the garden... i have nowt to do over the weekend now apart from ironing the little amount of washing there will be on the line!

Nothing much planned other than that......we've got dvd marathons planned, Hubby's Dark Angel season 2 has arrived, he's been having withdrawal syptoms so no doubt he'l lust over Max ( a girl for those of you not in the know) and I'll lust over the delicious Logan grrrrrrr. I've got another old favourite to watch too.... 5th Element. Ah Bruce........ my lust.... you've still got it...... and yes i know he's losing his hair..... i like bold men!

Anyway i'll stf up now.....

Love Ya


PS arent we all proud of scarlet?

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Wednesday, February 16, 2005
This has turned out to be a good couple of weeks for me.
I know, i know...... Its not very often those words fall from my lips.

The new job has turned out better than i expected, i am getting daily phone calls from
the managing director, and yes in a good way.
ususally when i get to talk to any manager is for him to graciously hand me my p45.
so, it turns out i am good at what i am doing, they have even asked if i would like to go full time.
not gonna but nice to be asked anyways.
first job in my life where the boss has said you do what hours you feel like if you are feeling tired just take the day off.
what the fuck, i am sure somebody is putting drugs in my morning coffee.
trying to be good though and not do that otherwise i will turn up once every six months.
waving cheers easy!!
And i really do have to thank lou for this , cause years and years she has been telling me to
get a decent job, saying i am worth so much more.
if she hadn't moaned and bitched at me to take the friggin' thing in the first place, i wouldn't be saying these words or making a decent wage.
thank you Lou.

sadly though that is the extent of my good news, nothing else really to report.
other than valentines day was a complete disaster.
the friggin' postman was obviously poorly sick on that day, hence he forgot to make alternative
arrangements for my massive delivery of cards and roses.
bastard wait till i see him.
on a serious note i would just like to take this oppuntunity
i do hate all the couples out there in love who managed to get wined, dined and popped on the
'ol lets get it on' CD and actually got it on.
next year just stop what you're doing and spare a thought for those of us out there, who wanted to get it on , only to find themselves stuck in a town full of men, who has to look at there tattoos
before they can spell there names correctly.
And yes a lot of the men now call themselves "mum" in our town.

'A i'm not bitter'
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..:::eau de burnt petrol::..
Tuesday, February 15, 2005
So how was it?

Did you spend the day blissed out in the amount of gifts and cards? Did you spend the day loved up in a hotel room in Paris? Did you find out who your secret admirer was?

I can answer no to all the above.

I spent the day, after 3 hours of sleep, cycling to school, and back, cycle to gym, 20kms at the gym, cycle home, housework, change lounge around and change it back cos i didnt like it, cycle to school, cycle home, make lunch, princess collected by w for brownies. spend 1 hour trying to start petrol strimmer, ring hire office for help. man starts in 20 seconds *feels stupid* petrol strim the back garden which is out of control. turn off reluctantly cos i am having so much fun to cycle to pick princess up. attempt to restart petrol strimmer. having none of it. hubby gets home from work, can't start it either. rake garden done so far. have shower cos i stink of petrol, *very sexily i might add* have chinese takeaway. spend evening on pc destraught after being continually fucked over on ebay. 13 seconds left and some bastard outbid me. i lost several auctions over the weekend too. gutted.

so as you can see my day wasn't particually romantic. of course the thundering petrol strimmer gave me its gift of eau de burnt petrol, which had an effect on hubby, say no more. Maybe it was the fact i was a woman with huge power tools gggrrrrrr , i don't know. maybe i looked rugged or something, well rough would be closer and covered in green bits, dressed in what were beige cargo pants, an england top (TSHIRT very toasty here yesterday) and my very attractive full face mask! or maybe i looked spirited and feminine and windswept....either way he liked it! lol

So what did i get? nothing. after 14 years of love i got nothing. but..... i will be just as soon as we find somewhere here that doesnt sell one for a fortune be getting a mp3 player (extortionate here) roses are a waste of time for me, whilst they may well get me into bed, i usually forget to add water and they die horrible mangled dead deaths. Hubby got a gps and a mini maglite. I'm such a wonderful wife.

i'm waiting now for the strimmer man to arrive to restart the fecking thing which wouldnt start again this am......the sun is shining its lovely outside i'm losing valuable washing drying time! I have got to get this garden finished.......its a jungle out there!

Oh and after all that cycling yesterday my arse is killing me.......note to bike seat inventors.....comfort comfort comfort.


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..::Happy Valentines :::..
Sunday, February 13, 2005
*cue soft muzak candles*

Happy Valentines Day

Feeling really loved up for you all.



L & Scarlet

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what a load of crap................
Thursday, February 10, 2005
yes i am talking about the brit awards my hard rockin' amigo's.

yeah yeah, i don't claim to be down with the kids and all that but ff's.
when they can 't even get the right bands in the right cateogory well............
what did we have this evening well...........
robbie is he gay is he not gay....................come on people wake up and smell the friggin expresso here.
then we have have joss stone , yeah yeah but she gets right on my tits now, now lets face it the only people who like her are
a) middle aged people trying to be cool
b) middle aged men who wanna do her

so i waited to see who won the international best rock band award and who won it
yeah you guessed it a pop act.
scissor sisters.
i think it was more of a shock to them than it was to anyone who has heard there c.d
they are not fucking rock. ff's
what a load of bollocks.
bring back the days where mr jarvis cocker jumps on stage and flicks the v's at micheal jackson
now that was entertaining.
it wasn't all flat.
there was an excellent performance from green day who in my opinion stole the show,
made me hate my neice even more cause she went to see them last wednesday live.
bitch. i did try and get me tickets but 250.oo quid was not in my price range. thank you ebay you bastards.
if anyone would like to throw me a ticket, i will travel anywhere!!!!!
i would be most grateful and will be willing to show gratitude.
billie joe hope you read blogs.
and ofcourse a very good performance from sir bob, goes without saying really.
right end of my rant.
don't you just love p.m.t

lou, i didn't say keane sang a load of middle aged crap now did i, i spared your babies.


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INFP - "Questor". High capacity for caring. Emotional face to the world. High sense of honor derived from internal values. 4.4% of total population.
Free Jung Personality Test (similar to Myers-Briggs)


creative, smart, idealist, loner, attracted to sad things, disorganized, avoidant, overwhelmed by unpleasant feelings, quitter, lonely, rule breaker, solitary, daydreams about people to maintain a sense of closeness, focus on fantasies, acts without planning, no self confidence, emotionally moody, feels defective, fails to complete work on time, likes esoteric things, wounded at the core, feels shame, frequently losing things, sad, dreams about a rescuer, disorderly, observer, easily distracted, does not like crowds, acts without thinking, private, uncomfortable around others, familiar with the darkside, hermit, pro-weed legalization, sabotages self, likes the rain, can't control fearful thoughts, cries easily, prone to regret, attracted to the counter culture, submissive, easily discouraged, frequently second guesses self, not punctual, not prepared, feels victimized, easily confused, irresponsible, pessimistic

That would be me then, apart from the pro weed legilisation, which i only support for medicinal use. I'm very anti drugs. There are a few other bits in there i don't quite agree with but its pretty accurate.

God i'm sad.

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..::the news::..
SO i just heard the news, how do i feel?

Is it really any of our business?

Does anyone care?

So the Queen and the Duke of Edinborough give their blessing. I don't actually consider that particularly of importance.

How do the boys feel?

How will they feel to have the woman that broke their mothers heart and destroyed her life become their wicked stepmother?

I don't think i'd be too pleased. But then the boys aren't little kids anymore are they.

Congratulations Charles and Camilla,


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..::half term half way through, so far so good::..
Wednesday, February 09, 2005
God only knows where Scarlet is....... I was so looking forward to all the dirty details from her weekend.

Half Term here.......still.

Been quiet mostly just chillin, hangin with my best gal. Watching dvds, making clay pots, researching her school homework project.

Today was slightly madder. I had a full house! E, princesses mate has come for the day and for a sleepover, her brother B came with her as their Dad is poorly and their mum was in Dubai for the shopping fastival, lucky cow. oh and D and baby B and A were here too!

Chill out time for me this afternoon as the gals did their own thing. Oh to be 8 again. Everything is so simple.

I've been chillin with Min, tonight, everyone is sleeping the girls went to bed early knackered, and hubby came home form work and looks like he is getting the flu, so he was immediatly put to bed after tea. So i've been on my ownsome. Scarlet has not turned up wtf are you biatch? So i've been having a gab to Min and playing games. Life is simple tonight.

Lets not forget pancake day. Yes, i know it was yesterday, well i'm a twat and i forgot. I attempted to cook pancakes all on my own this year. usually hubby watches or i manage to get gim to cook them, i just am crap at cooking pancakes, they dont flip they fall to pieces. I can't flip them. I am crap at pancakes.

I decided to try using that sprayon oil thought it might be easier as at times i tend to put a little toomuch oil in! BIG MISTAKE.

flame thrower
uhhhhhh ohhhhhhh

panic over flames subside

omg i did it

pancakes a plenty, for everyone and they were delicious! I surprised myself! Yeah so what if the smoke alrams went off a few times, i was cooking pancakes not making fecking toast in a toaster * scarlet sets her smoke alarm off cooking toast in a toaster*

shit, just seen the time, its beddy bies time

nighty night


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..::quiet, but clever::..
Tuesday, February 08, 2005
I was poorly last night, i won't share the details, no, it wasn't self inflicted. I maybe lost some weight though!

I had my exam this morning, passed, of course, 92% I rock!

Quiet day so far, cuppa with W, and housework.

Feeling muchos better.

Kind of quiet today all round not much to say i guess, just for a change.

I'll let Scarlet to the big post for today, she hd an amazing weekend.......

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..::lazy days ::..
Monday, February 07, 2005
Another lazy Sunday chalked up! There's nothing like it is there? Languishing in your pj's sipping a cuppa watching dvds en famille. Sunday afternoon was pretty much the same, except I got dressed! Sunday evening.......well yeah more of the same!

Ok, I admit it i was a lazy bitch I did feck all all day, oh I did hang some washing out, but that was about it bar loading the dishwasher and making food!

Monday morning brings the beginning of half term, deep joy. Well actually it is! Lazy mornings and quality time with my sweet princess. We've been wathcing dvds, she's watching Harry Potter as we speak for about the millionth time! We've popped out briefly had pasta for luncheon and other than that we have feck all planned.

The rest of the week much the same, a bike ride perhaps, some arts and crafts a dead cert, cuppas with friends. Swimming, cinema, bowling, we can do anything we want, and we will!

Short but sweet, *just like me, i know!* maybe more laters!

Laters all


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..::update time from L::..
Saturday, February 05, 2005
I've been feeling a bit low again but this health kick is whipping me into shape hopefully and the endorphins (or whatever they're called) are making me happier. at least working out for 2 hours a day gives me something to do and yeah its mindnumbingly boring but its gotta be done if i am gonna look wonderful when mother in law gets here

It's worked a bit anyway i weighed in yesterday and i've lost 2lb, i did over 150kms to do it but hey 2lb!

Thursday night I went out to bingo with W and D, good clean fun. D first time there, bitch won a spot prize on the raffle within 5 mins and won £20 later on W won £15 and i won? wtf did i win, a set of fecking bathmats with fucking applique bows on them complete with the obligitary bad taste fecking fluffy loo seat cover on...................... aaarrgggghhhh i might even post a pic! they're very thick though and expensive, i won them on the raffle.

I got home lots later than i would have liked, my bed wanted me before 10, i got home about 11.10 put hubby's bike away, and put the rubbish out cos the lazy git never bothered, although he had left the house quite tidy for a change whilst i was out.

I got some nice new adidas shorts for the gym this week, wearing them for acupuncture today! Duncan told me i needed shorts and a vest so i treated myself to a adidas vest too! in the sale so didnt cost much, however the only thing is the enormous bruises on my inner thighs from the fecking sledgy thing! Which of course was the first thing he mentioned!

Duncan is my physio, i see him every other week to try and ease my symptoms. However since i've been doing so well and trying so hard, hes very impressed with my gym work outs anyway he decided to try me with some acupunture.

It was odd. Boy was it odd. The first needle went in my right hand......not a thing, the next one in my left hand, omg it was a massive jolt, and serious electriacal charge type feeling, i had needles put in my shoulders, lower neck and higher neck up by my ears. For whtever reason, noting really bothered me on my right but the needles on the left OMG. The last needle going in was like a massive shock, i was talking at the time and all of a sudden i felt this really odd feeling in my head and i lost every thought. It really spooked me. I had to sit really still, which as any of you lknow me well is against my nature! I just don't sit still i'm a complete fidget! I was fine till i moved my right hand, it was an incredible feeling.

Later on session finished i had to rest in the waiting room in case of any adverse effects. I'm going back next week for another session. I hope it works. Clutching at straws really but if it helps its worth it. It was one of the weirdest things i have ever done.

Friday afternoon, i picked princess up from school and she excitedly presented me with her certificate for her maths, and another special one. STAR OF THE WEEK. My baby was star of the week of her class. i was so choked i almost cried i know just how much it meant to her to get it. It's half term now so when she goes back to school she is treated like a star for the week and they have tea parties and stuff. So proud of her. She worked really hard this week. So we went out to treat her, and pizza, her favourite ws on the menu. Not great for me to eat, but hey for her anything!

Friday night left me feeling drained, exhausted actually i went to bed early not that i could get on the pc to do anything, hubby was hogging. I woke this am suitably refreshed.

We've been having a lazy chill out day today. Hubby didn't want to go far, he's been working on a presentation for work anyway which is why i couldnt get on the pc last night arrghh. BUT, I have a nice afternoon and evening on here ahead cos the 6 NATIONS RUGBY has started and he's bloody glued to it. Now usually i would watch with him, but i couldn't give a shit about France v Scotland. the later game, well thats another story, the most important in the tournament. ENGLAND V WALES. Everything stops. You can't speak. I will, no doubt be shouted at for making too much noise typing. This game really is that important. Always has been to him.

8 years ago, i was pregnant and due to give birth on 15th March. Not good timing. How inconsiderate. England v Wales match. I guess i was lucky i had pre eclampsia and got taken into hospital early, having her on the 10th instead after a really rough time. We sat on Saturday 15th, and watched the match, Princess introduction to Rubgy. A game she loves still, we've even taken her to twickenham.

Right i'm off to surf and play crappy games, i'll bore you no longer



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It is i
Thursday, February 03, 2005
Bon jour people,
huge apologies to lou lou cause i can't remember the last time i posted.

you are all probaly aware that i have started my new job this week.
to be honest i just haven't had the time to do anything at all.
it has been awhile since i last worked in an office, and it has taken me this week really to find my feet, made some really big humdingers, but i guess you all probaly expected me too anyways.
but, hey almost a week in and i still haven't got the sack.
woohhhooooo celebration.
i might be posting a different story soon.. like
"gizz a job mister"
but so far so good, i guess.

my old boss, otherwise known as twatty mc twatishson has stiffed me out of a weeks pay.
which is jolly nice of him, saying i needed to give more notice than i did, but only decided to tell me this when i actually left.
The only amunition i have at the moment is my mother who's ready to go and give him a piece of her mind, and to be quite honest she really isn't that scary.
so, it'll have to be the flaming dog shit on his step for a couple of nights.
yeah i know which trailer you live at buddy!!!!! you have been warned.

calming thoughts now, on the up side my friend james is coming for the weekend.
so i'll be off causing havoc and mahem with him.
missed him loads, so for once i 'll be ending the week on a high note.
jesus, not like me at all.

oh lou, i know i was growing my hair long, and you was most pleased about that, but i have had it cut again.
just couldn't cope with looking like a refugee with a very bad mullet any longer.
sorry babe will try again when i am sacked and unemployed, and no longer able to afford hairdressers.

surprisingly up-beat

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..::i can feel it, i can feel it i can feel it::..
Wednesday, February 02, 2005
I'm on a get fit kick.....anyone notice?

I'm well proud of myself actually, i did a whopping 32.5kms today and I moved myself up a couple of levels too!

I can feel it, although it's not looking any different, my bum, that is.

I made a mistake.

I stripped naked in front of a full length mirror * oh god*

I used my dressing table mirror to get the rear reflection * oh god help me*

How long will i have to punish myself before i get results? I've worked out i've done over 130 kms in the last few days not including the day i worked out for 2 hours and forgot to make a note of my distances! I'm going 5 days a week to the gym, excluding the weekends of course, a girl has to recuperate.

I will get back to me again, preferably before my mother in law comes out to visit in May, so she can't snipe to another family member how fat i am again. *Ummmm pot, kettle, black dear* Actually i'm not that fat.

I'm 5ft4, i measured myself the other day, for years i thought i was 5ft 3 but no, i've growed an inch! And currently i weigh in at Umm i'd rather not say, but i'll be honest I'm currently 71kg. I've put on more weight than i care to imagine, i've gone from a uk size 8 to a uk size 14 in 2 years for no reason that the docs can find, and i'm eating less than ever. The only part of this gain i'm chuffed with is the old babaloolas, i've gone up 2 cup sizes, not to be sniffed at for a free boob job, but it's the ass and hips that came with it as part of the grow one get 2 free deal.

Don't get me wrong i've no desire to become a stick again, i like having some shape, a small 12 mid to big 10 will do me fine, and if i can keep the boobs, well i'll be even happier.

So be prepared for the forseeable weeks to join me on my quest to find myself again. I know i look good still, but i don't feel like me anymore, and i know i'm not massive, it's just mentally i'm finding it hard to cope with how my body has changed, maybe because i'm not in control i don't know i'm a bit of a control freek on the quiet.
I'd be thin still you know ....... if was a few inches taller!



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..::buns of steel::..
Tuesday, February 01, 2005
27 kms today

i rock

i will have buns of steel

feck i'm bolloxed



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