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..::just a quickie::..
Tuesday, May 31, 2005
just a quick one until later,

i'm still here just been caught up in an endless social whirl which means i've spent more than a few days pissed, and i haven't ventured near the pc..... i haven't had time ridiculous i know...

i have so much to tell

but for now

i'll say i'm sober, i'm fantastically tanned, i no longer smell like a cheap winery and i got my tits out yesterday, quite by accident of course


more later, i promise once i've caught up with all the housework!
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hello peepa
Tuesday, May 24, 2005
hello muy peeps

i thoughts i should post you someting. life is well hectic whirl of social engagments pmsl
i just got back from drinkys partyy very nice wine my fave nice people good people i like the people

hopeful i have special arrival from Uk this weeksnd all things crosssed
have 40th birthday party sunday on beach next week have slutty schoolgirl nightn my costume rocks and on the sunday a beach party. it never stops

bin to beach this afternon very sexy in new chiffohny trouser thingys no tan topups today tomorow i will work on it need o losse line from bikin strap

scrlets baby miss you wish you is here to share bottle

love you

oh it's l
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..::a letter to Scarlet::..
Monday, May 23, 2005
Dearest Scarlet,

I know how down you are right now, i know all i can do about it is sit on the end of a phone, and post you silly things to make you laugh, cards addressed to bizarre people at your address, i'm sure the posties have a fit when they see my cards, probably all gather round to see what i've called you next, or what illustration i've drawn on the reverse!

I'm gutted things are so hard foryou right now, mainly because i'm not there to support you properly, i'm 2500 miles away at the end of a phone. I think about you and miss you every day.

So the shitkicker has remarried. Wanker. FFS the ink waas not even dry. I like to look at this though as a good thing. Freedom with a capital F. It's over, finally after all of the shit you are your own person once more, your own life beholden to no one but yourself.

It's been a while since shitkicker walked out, sleezy scumbag was up to no good. But still you could not move on, couldn't, not wouldn't. You haven't, and i understand exactly where you're at, i know you like i know myself. Your self esteem so lowfeeling worthless, the message inside your head on repeat "if such a wanker of a bloke wouldn't want me who would?"

If you could only see yourself the way others see you. You could have your pick, and nowyou can move on and take it. Scarlet baby you're a strong independant woman. You're stunning looks, deep dark bottomless eyes, raven black hair, amazing smile, infectious personality and your fabulous tits, who the hell wouldn't want you? Shitkicker was and always had been intimidated by your intelligence, and the way you looked. And thats why he was the way he was, he was inferior and the only way he could feel better about himself was to put you down.

So as i said to you in my text babe, I raise a glass to shitkicker and that bint he's fooled into thinking he's a nice bloke. I wish them luck, they'll need it, a lot of it considering what he is, and the hell he will take her to. Silly cow. She can't say you didn't try to warn her. Which incidently you did out of kindness not spite.

I wish i was there, well actually i wish you were here it's bloody cold back in uk and it's fabulous here! I'd like to make it all ok again and get pissed find you some yummy beach bum (single of course) to shag you senseless, and to make you remember life is for living, not sitting thinking of the past cos yeah there would good times, but there were some fucking awful ones too.

You've got a chance to start over, to fall in love again, So freedom babe, that's what it's all about grab it with both hands and don't let go,

should you falter stumble or fall i'll be right there

Love you
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A break for me
Wednesday, May 18, 2005
I think I have caught the dreaded bloggers disease that is going around at the moment.
hence I am well and truly bunged up.
so instead of posting about ex hubby getting married, and all woe is me, I think its best just to have a short break away from blogging.

things aren't great at the moment.
hopefully won't last too long.

on the up side though, you have the delicious Lou to entertain you all.

be back soon.

posted by scarlet @ 10:50:00 pm  
..::it's not much but it's a post at least!::..
Tuesday, May 17, 2005
I've been told off for not posting, so now i am. Satisfied?

Sunday was an incredibly lazy day, considering by Saturday night i could barely walk my hips had locked up, and by Sunday i could barely move! My legs, hips, knees grazed from hitting the board, my elbow bruised from more of the same, the arms aching it was a terrible effort to slice my freshly homemade loaf of bread for lunch. So i sat and vegitated all day. I did as little as possible plus i was coughing and spluttering my guts up feeling generally rough.

Monday brought the inevitable housework, well i mean if you will be a lazy cow and not do any all weekend bar stack the dishwasher and turn it on what the feck do you expect? The mountain of washing got done, which has now turned into mountain of ironing! Oh and i gutted the house did some of my course, i have an exam this week!

Today i've been shopping. Fun shopping. I got a lush pair of Ralph Lauren Flip Flops for Princess, in the sale, and i tried on numerous bikinis and got a fantastic bargain, 75% off! Very sweet, blue and navy, flattering cut, makes my tits look fab, and covers the unsightly scar. I got hubby a new sports bottle cos he keeps taking mine, he has one but left it somewhere! And these cool headband bandana things, one for me and one for princess, a can of pepsi, i was thirsty, i stocked up massively on toiletries after finding a fantastic new shop that imports stuff from UK.

I spent this morning for a bit peeing about with my Zen, downloading new drivers upgrades etc. Haven't installed them yet, took a break to go shopping. I was going out to price up these swimming pools for the garden, the ones you inflate a ring and then fill them with water for 12 hours and they do the rest themselves.

This afternoon, i donned my new bikini and grabbed the beachbag and we all went to the beach. Met up with some mates down there. Hubby went out for a bit on the speedboat, jammy bastard, i wanted to go get splashed. I covered my bod in factor 2 spray oil and laid back, ocean colour scene blasting my eardrums and watched the horizon, princess playing next to me. hubby took her swimming for a bit later and then they played with the new kite we got last weekend at the festival. She was tricking with it. My girl rocks! Might have to look into getting her a buggy board for it.

Well thats me, boring, mundane, felt guilty for not posting i'm only sorry i dind't have anything more exciting to write. I do have some exciting stuff on the horizon, hopefully "T from Home" will be coming out to visit in a few weeks time.....can't wait have so missed her. Have got a night out planned aready! It'd be on her last night here!

70's 80's back to skool night, uniform mandatory! My uniform already planned..... teenie black skirt, white shirt knotted a la britney, black micro fishnet stockings, tie, black basque/bra, hair in either bunches or plaits, and a straw hat if i can get one....... it's going to be sooooooooooo much fun! T don't forget to pack it! Hubby i think will be dressed a la shorts, shirt, blazer, cute cap, lets hope they don't forget to build the bikesheds!

Right i'm off i've bored you enough

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..::oh my::..
Saturday, May 14, 2005
Thursday night i got a phonecall.... (Hi Daddy, Thankx for the tip!) My Dad was on the phone, having read the post on my lady garden, *ahem* and had seen a marvellous new product that might solve my woes. I cannot begin to tell you how funny i found this. Most fathers would have got Mum to ring, but my Dad and I have such a great relationship he feels able to talk with me about well, anything lol I am looking into it anyway. It's for this product you spray on and it removes the hair leaving you silky smooth. He told me about the demonstration they did on some blokes monkey hairy back, apparently it's amazing. It's not cheap though!

Talking of ladygardens, looking through my site meter, as you do i noticed this. I find this highly amusing that we are ranked 6th out of 252 pages pmsl. I am also amazed at the amount of searches we come out of for 101 embarressing sexual accidents. FFS this is not that kind of blog, and to my knowledge i have neither has scarlet ever discussed mishaps on here lol

Anyway Windsurfing. Oh god.

I had yesterday afternoon full of safety briefs and talking about equipment. All very exciting, and trying out the windsurfing simulator.
I was one for 4 people being taught. I'm pointing out at this point they had all tried windsurfing at one point in their lives apart from me. I am clumsy as hell, not exactly bendy any longer, i'm getting old ffs. Getting on the board i was the only twat that managed to fall off on dry land.
I got it second time. How fecking stupid did i feel? On dry land how the hell was i gonna manage it in the bloody sea in the morning?

Went to BBQ last night.....and off to a concert. Good night. Felt like shit though my feet are fecked my best favourite shoes wrecked and i have a cold/cough.

This am i woke up coughing. Bugger. I'm all congested, not a great start.

Got down to the beach, met up with the others and we ran through what we had learned yesterday. Because i had had to leave early i had to run through some extra stuff. I got on the board first time on the simulator with ease. (I practised a bit earlier while i was waiting for them all to turn up! Without the sail though!) I also managed to turn myself round and change direction on the simulator first time. Wooo me.

Then it was time to get the proper kit out, the training boards that weigh a ton, the sails which are massive and walk down the beach to a launch area. I was knackered already and we hadn't even started proper! Managed to get the board into the water, actually i didn't, Kev the instructor used mine to show everyone else. The downside being i was in the water for ages while waiting for everyone else holding my board! I wade out with it, swam a bit with it into deep water, and gingerly managed to scramble on top. Knees across the "centre line" I gradually moved my legs, one foot up and flat, second foot, crouch, hold onto uphold rope of sail, use rope, try to stand. I did it! bring sail up to "secure position" yay me! I did it..................

uh oh.........arrrrgggghhhhh.... big splash. I'm in it's cold, and i'm overboard. Shit.

i persevered, yet everytime i got up, got to that secure position i was off. FFS i was even starting to get fecking seasick!

In the end kev came down and took my sail off. To practice balance skills without it to improve my confidence. and there walking down the beach is hubby and princess. shit. they're coming to laugh at me looking a twat. So i try to pretend they aren't there. I clamber on, get into position, get to my feet, i'm bent over, steadying myself. no dice. i am wobbling too much. So i try again. Hubby is telling princess off for shouting to me! I get onto the board, knees in position, one foot, two foot, take it easy straighten, easy...easy nearly there, omg i'm up i'm standing up i did it all on my own.

"well done Lou" Kev shouts to me and shit. there i am,head first back in the fecking sea.

I have decided i'm crap at this i'm knackered. absolutely worn out. as i get my board back onto the beach we decide to sack it for the day, there isn't enough wind to proceed, maybe one of the reasons it was hard, no resistance. yeah ok we know the real reason is i'm crap.

I'll finish the course i don't think it's for me it's so physical. I'm gonna start kiting instead. It's easier, and cooler. and we already have the stuff......i plan to learn all the tricks. the guys on the beach are awesome. yesterday they were getting serious air.

Feck windsurfing i just wanna fly......

you can stop laughing now

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For Christ sake.......
Thursday, May 12, 2005
Ok so running the office has been so far... BORING...
Its lonely, just poor me in the office and I have another week to go.
its weird being on my own, can't really seem to get motivated at all.
until Wednesday a little bug came in the window.
a strange little thing, like an earwig but with wings, he is now my friend.
I have called him Norman as he reminds me of Norman tebbit.

well, today wait for it.........
Lou phoned me which was a welcome distraction from making shapes out of cloud formations,
oh yes I have so far seen
two kangaroos doing it.
a hand, and what I think looks like a Linda from gimme gimme.

Then all hell broke loose, my sister came in for lunch and as we walked down to the loo's we heard a rustling in the roof.
so we stood quietly and in one of the loose ceiling panels was a friggin' great rat peering down at us.
so my sister screamed her tits off, then I screamed cause she was screaming.
But there was noone to hear us scream.
Oh shit.
he looked quite sweet really, and I don't think there is anymore, but now I gotta get the dreaded exterminators in.
And now I feel bad.
I don't wanna be responsible for killing him/her.( I think its a her) I have also called her (Doris)
gotta stop naming bugs and vermin I think that's where I am going wrong.
so my Friday is to see if I can get an exterminator that will do humane traps or am I being mental.
Jesus I am talking shite
even more than normal I think .
but I am going stir crazy.
1 more week to go
by the end of these two weeks I think I have one of those lovely white jackets that do up at the back, in a small white padded cell, with someone gently calling
" medication time "
sounds like a welcome break at the moment.

going slightly mental
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..::How is it that?::..
How is it that a small post about my ladygardens landscaping can effect the comments so much? pmsl

Seriously peeps, it's not in a bad way it's just i am so fed up wth the maintainence, especially with me spending so much time on the beach in my bikini.

Tomorrow brings my first lesson in Windsurfing, i'm booked on a weekend course! I'm shitting it. Especially when on Sunday i took princess swimming and decided to do a few lengths! Shock. Big shock. FFS i can only manage 2 lengths! 50 fecking metres! Lets hope my board doesn't get washed away or i'll be fooked! I've never been a good swimmer, i have a tendancy to sink as i swiim, but i used to be able to swim a bit further than that! I'm gonna have to practice somewhat!

Bad Bad News this end last night. I am beside myself. My dance class has been cancelled. It is getting far too hot here and the place it is held does not have air con. FFS my one night out a week. I am gutted. We added a few new moves in last night and Simon and i jived about for ages doing our own thing. Bless him he's a sweetiepie. I am sad. I will miss these lovely people i have made friends with. We plan to keep in touch though and if a venue can be found with aircon well it'll all be back on. fingers crossed.

Right i'd better get my ass in gear, got shit loads to do.


Scarlet is doing a wonderful job running the office. I never doubted her for a second did you?
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..::bastard bikini line::..
Tuesday, May 10, 2005
It's that time of year again..... the sun is out it's well into bikini season, well it is here anyway. Anyway the sun means only one thing. The lady garden growth rate spirals out of control.

I did just for a millisecond consider waxing or sugaring. I am far too faint hearted, and besides only one person (hubby) beside my gynae gets to see my lady garden in its full splendour! I am sick to death of trimming and shaving already indeed that awful bloody shaving rash is coming out again as it needs to be done daily to keep ontop of it. So whilst out shopping this am i decided upon a depilitary for this season.

It is shit.

I firstly managed to find one with english instructions on the packet. Lovely, rose scented. Well i wouldn't want my lady garden to smell like a kipper would i? ( not that it EVER does) I had half an hour to myself, princess out playing and hubby still at work, so i thought i'll do it now, get it out of the way.

Pink and stinky roses? more like dandelion wee smell i applied said cream. No i didn't do a test thingy, i'm far to lazy for that. I left it for the recommended 3 mins. The attempted to scrape away with the scrapey thing that came with it. Nothing. 6minutes nothing. 10 minutes. Yeah i know i went well over the guidlines but i wan't starting to burn yet.

I sacked it at 12 minutes thought i'd better get the stuff off. A miserly amount, hasn't attacked the stubble at all, however the bit where i went over my "line" i'm losing hair like a bald guy with alopecia! I guess it only works on amazonion "european type" women, not people who keep landscaped.

There is another option. I can always get hubby to do it for me....but then that brings a whole set of other problems! And the major itching that is part of it and i ain't going down that route!

Bugger bollocks

any suggestions?

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..:;aboiut last night.... i was a little drunk::..
Sunday, May 08, 2005
I spent last night at a "Do". Princess at a sleepover for a second night!
The watersports beach club we belong to was holding a "Do" for my anniversary. Yeah ok so it was just a conincidence, but very nice of them all the same!

We headed out at 6pm met up with friends and drove down to the beach. The entertainment had already started, a soloist bloke multi talented with instruments, Ooooh errrrrrr We said our Hellos Kiss kiss dahhlings and all that shite and settled down at our table to get shitfaced

The food was good, yummy chilli which although a little hot for me was bearable. The bottle of wine i consumed whilst eating it helped take the edge off! The second lot of entertainments was a rock and roll band. Theywere awesome. Too bgusy drinking to dance though and eating several helpings of triffffle. (T it was loverly and i thought of you triffffle)

We sang along danced at our tables though and i even got my tits out at one point to show my scar! It was a really fun night. The only time i got up from the table at that point was to buy more drinks. It came as a little shock when i stood up to go to the loo! I was a little unstable on my feet. There was a little laughter as i staggered over the sand to the toilets. I made it i didn't fall over. but i'm told this morning it took me a while as i ricocheted my way there! Sitting down on the loo was a shock, everything spun! I sat there for a while before i attempted to take myself back, chatting to jukes bless her as drunken as i was.

By the time i had made it back we were of the last few people there! A taxi had been rung for us and we were on our way home. We shared a taxi with Paul and Chris sweet guys. We got out at their place and walked the rest of the way home enjoying the walk and the warm early morning air!

Hubby and I got home locked up, i walked into the dining room, removed my earlings and watch and wandered upstairs. I am not gonna go into detail about what happened next. I'll leave that to your filthy imaginations i will say though it was a superb end to an evening! I slept pretty well afterwards!

this morning i woke at 7am, and went back to sleep. I was up and dressed at 9am! No hangover, a little dehydrated but feeling great. We've picked princess up been down the beach and played with the new kite we got yesterday....a 1.40 metre one just to play with but can use a buggy with if i want. I've been swimming this afternoon with princess and discovered i can only swim 2 lengths without feeling like i am dying. I seriously need to work on my swimming especailly with my windsurfing course starting on friday! yes i know i'm mental i'll have a life jacket on though!

Right i'm off i've bored you all enough

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..::on this day 11 years ago.::..
Saturday, May 07, 2005
On this day 11 years ago, a very shy, very young pretty 2o year old girl said goodbye to all she knew and embarked on a journey that would change her life and turn it upside down.

A white dress, a long veil, a bouquet of sweatpeas and white roses, and a short car ride to a church beside her beloved father.

The morning hadn't gone all that smoothly, a nightmare of a time having my hair done, had resulted in my cheeks being burnt by the overhead dryer. The cascade of curls running down my back was worth it (even if weeks of applying e45 fixed it) i recall screaming at my dad because he had decided to wear a gipping tie instead of the bowtie he had promised me. He changed his mind. I was a banshee from hell. I guess i was nervous and everyone forgave me of course. Our house was packed with people. As i left the house that morning and posed for pictures, excited and nervous the rest of my life began.

Outside the church we stood, more pictures, my bridemaids and page boys immaculate for possibly the first time ever. And the music started..... i gripped my daddy's arm as we glided down the aisle. Smiling looking at friends and loved ones. I gazed ahead to the man i was about to marry. He had his back to me. His legs wobbling he reached out to me as i joined his side, and winked with a broad grin.

The service went smoothly, god knows why but i did shit myself at that anyone know any reason why not bit there had been noone esle for me since the day i had met him, an innocent 17 years old pissed at a party.
The tears fell as we exchanged our vows, mine not his, exchanged rings, and went to sign the register. Omg had this really happened? This day we'd planned for 3 years?

Grinning from ear to ear we walked back down the aisle.

It wasn't a fantastic weather day......it had rained the church garden lawn was soggy my heals sunk! My face ached so bad by the time the photographer had finished. Onlookers stood by the church wall, clapping and cheering.

And there i stood. So proud. So very proud. My friends and family around me and the man i love. My husband.

11 years married (14 years in all) we've had our ups we've had our downs hasn't everyone? We've grown up together, we've made our own family, found our own path and built a wonderful life together. I still love him just as much, even more. I still look at him with pride, ok sometimes i think hes a bastard but then i'm a bitch so we're well matched! Ok i'm a bit fatter, he's a bit heavier, he has less hair, i have bigger tits, and we have way more responsibilities. We still know how to enjoy ourselves though!

But deep inside we're still that sweet 17 year old girl and 21 year old guy that met at a party got drunk and fell in love.

Happy Anniversary my love.

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how to bring down an empire in 14 days!
Friday, May 06, 2005
oh my god,
just when things are fucked up enough for the time being, sombody tends to drop one great big steaming poo on your head.

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh that would be my fucking boss.
who has left me alone in the office for two weeks and expects ME to run the day to day running of the busness and do 4 peoples work at the same time.

christ on a bike i have only been there 4 months.
And i have to go into work early tomorrow because the computer guy is coming in to ask me what new computers i want for the office and what system.
shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhiitttt, i dunno i just ask lou usually.
this will go tits up i tells ye!

I am really worried about it.
so far i have covered the office in post-it notes, which or though has its practical purpose does make the place look kinda pretty.
god its 1.30am and i am still up talking crap and worring.
and now i have forgotton the alarm code.
nope its gone alright!
just hope people, that i have left a post-it note somewhere. .
there're be tears before cocoa
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..:: da da da da da da da da da da daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa::..
Wednesday, May 04, 2005
i am full of woe.

my favourite jeans just died.

i split the ass of them,

no its not cos i is fat

its cos they have been loved and worn to death and they were so painfully thin i bent over and it split at the pocket on my ass.

i is all exposed now. thank god it happened at home and not whilst i was at dancing tonight. that could have been embarressing!

where will i ever find such a comfy pair?

they were just THE right colour and a perfect fit.

woe woe woe is me

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..::All i can say is........::..
Tuesday, May 03, 2005
I love you babe.

No matter what you did, or who for that matter.

Nothing you do could make me ashamed of you.

Nothing you can tell me will ever make me judge you.

I only wish i was there................................

instead of thousands of fucking miles away

I love you

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very bad miss scarlet
Monday, May 02, 2005
well, this emotional crap hit me harder than i anticapated.
soo the weekend that started off gently ended up very very out of character for me.
i was very bad,
i was wild,
i was drunk,
i was stoned,
in a strange place, with my poor mate desperatly trying for me to sober up, and stop being so fucking reckless.
which ofcourse failed miserably.
i feel like crap.
would have felt a whole lot worse it wasn't for lou kindly lending her ear in true confessional style.
lets just say i really really can't do one night stands,
i am happy to say i failed miserably.
although he does want to see me again, which i can't see happening.
he was gorgeous, tattoed and i mean really tattoed( although i did find that quite hot)
muscles and yes he is a fucking racist.
you cannot even begin to know how bad i feel about myself today.
that was a nightmare weekend when i should have been quietly celebrating my freedom.
no instead of that, i fuck myself up more in the head.
what really worries me how fucking old am i ?
shouldn't be behaving like a kid with teenage angst.
bowing my head in shame.
a miss scarlet.
posted by scarlet @ 1:36:00 pm  
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