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..::where's lou lou been?::..
Wednesday, March 30, 2005
Well i thought i posted on saturday night, but it looks like blogger has gone and eaten it and i didn't check. ok silly twat i deserve that label.

So busy busy busy here in Lou Lou land.

Saturday morning i went to see who my hubby refers to as the tit doctor, but she's actually the dermatologist i see for the scar on my tit. The scar since i stopped treatment has got lots worse it's been very sore and inflamed, and there was a hole in it.

She say the hole is where a stitch originally was, which is now in the middle of my very ugly scar. Anyways she says although it has improved on what it was it still needed further treatment and we were going intensive this time. Put the ointment on like toothpaste along the length of the scar and then put this secong skin stuff over it to seal it and let the massive amount of steroid ointment soak in for 24 hours. Repeat daily for 4 weeks. Then monitor where the inflamation flares up again. Go back and see her 2 weeks later for review. If it flares up again we're looking at laser treatment. Bugger. Hopefully it won't come to that. It's almost bikini time too, well actually i will be in mine on Friday!

We went shopping a bit later in the city and hubby started to get thinking about a playstation2. he has got the gaming bug again after playing princesses gambeboy advance sp. She has been getting very ratty with him about it! So what did i do? I thought about it. We went home got bored and went back out to the chops and bought one. He got a driving game free with it. One word HYSTERICAL. I am a brilliant driver in real life. ok not so great at parking. but omg i cannot play driving games if my life depended on it. I wasn't prepared for the rumble bit of the gamepad for a start, that sent my into giggles, and then i took a leisurely drive about the track, mostly scrapiing along the barriers on in the gravel. Not compared to Princesses attempt. 1 lap 8 minutes. we were howling! She's just like me, she moves with the controller the way she wants it to go!

Sunday we went walking down the beach, bumped into friends down there and stayed for a bit. Ohgand ate easter eggs.

Monday we went and bought another game, Sonic the hedgehog spectacular. ah my youth. I loved playing sonic, those catchy tunes. I also found my green fingers and planted up some tomatoes, sweet green peppers and cuccumber plants in an effort of doing my "good life bit" minus the pigs in the bottom of the garden the chickens and the goats!

We also had a BBQ. yes another one, although i only had one glass of wine this time! Shame i know! I bought myself a book. I can't put it down hense my absence from here. I've had to tear myself away!

The last couple of days i've been stretched out in the garden soaking up the sun mp3 on reading chilling bigstyle. It's been bliss. But reality comes back with a bump when i notice the ironing pile has grown to 4 ft tall and theres two loads ouyt on the line! arrrggggghhhhhh so thats what i did this morning 3 1/2 hours of ironing i had to do it today before it multiplies again and i won't be able to face it then! But this afternoon we've been down the beach. It was lush. Had a blast.

I also made a phonecall this morning. To enquire about my new passtime. Dancing.

Yes i have gone mad. I have decided to enrol myself in dance classes. IN an effort to lose weight the fun way. OH and learn to do something i've always wanted to do. I'm pretty good on my feet, and have had dancing lessons at various times in my life, tap, ballet, as a little kid and later i did ssssssshhhhh disco dancing. But now i'm gonna learn a bit of ballroom, my ballroom is limited to waltzing with my grandad! And then Jive and Salsa. Salsa i've dreamt about learning for a long time. And now I am gonna do it. The other two are a happy coincidence it's cheaper to enrol for all 3! It'll be 3 1/2 hours away from home every wednesday night! Yeah a social event!

I know you'll all think i'm crazy. But i really really want this. I just love to dance. remember that bit in the natalie imbruglia video when she did torn? that was me i dance like no one is watching all the time. i don't care who sees me! i got rythmn baby. lol

Anyways i spect i've bored the shit out of you all now i'm off

take care, have fun

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..::what good friday means to me::..
Friday, March 25, 2005
So what does Good Friday mean to me? (Well obviously the Jesus thing.)

Time off work/school.

Only a few days till i can stuff my face on easter eggs.

Hot cross Buns. yummmmmmmmmmmmmmy

It's not so easy to get them here, but get them i did! We managed to find a supermarket that caters to the expats and there they were! We got a few packs. I haven't had any yet hubby and Princess have stuffed down a packet already, greedy buggers.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with the dermatologist about my scar cos it's been bothering me a lot lately with the redness and itchiness, and the hole in it that has appeared. i'll let you know what she says. We also play to go a long to the beach.

The weather is getting hotter here and the tourists are arriving in droves. The beaches are starting to fill up! Our beach club opens up on the 1st April, which also happens to be our blog anniversary! Hubby and his mate have already planned to meet up with their kitesurf kit. I'll recline on the beach on my sunbed with a drink, lots of sun oil and my mp3 player i think.

Scarlet sends her excuses shes gone for a break in Shakespeare country. Lucky cow i love it there.

Ouch i've been biten by a bastard mossie. Feckers. I'm going a bit nuts here right now cos i'm paranoid the ant invasion is gonna start any second......as soon as it hots up we're deluged and you'll remember from my posts last year they ain't exactly small!

Right i'm off

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just in
Thursday, March 24, 2005

Bless her the little darling. She is quite right of course scarlet is very scary!


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Wednesday, March 23, 2005
So my afternoon was taken over. My help was enlisted in a garden project, it's not like i was getting ym hands dirty i had to go to the builders yard to buy cement! I took the girls with me. Princess had a friend for a sleepover.
One word. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggggggggggggghhhhhh

Mcfly full blast there and back. Not so bad but when sung along to with two very out of tune voices. What had i done to deserve that?

The afternoon turned into evening as i sipped tea with my mate, the kids played turned to dvds as it got dark and we all had take out pizza. Yum. We got home, the kids went to bed and Grease was put on the vcr in her bedroom. Spoilt only child, with own tv, vcr and dvd and stereo.

Yee gads, i could hear them downstairs over the tv singing along. Bless the little darlings. It was 11.10pm and they came down seeking food. Then scooby went on. I finally crawled to bed about 12.45am once i was sure they were both asleep! The morning brought them getting up, earlyish and watching a dvd. I can handle that. A dvd and pretty much the rest of the day they have played.

We popped out, bought a Gameboy Advance sp game for princess in readiness for the arrival of the console, she didn't know she was getting from my mum and dad. With luck it arrived today! Along with a new Bratz some easter eggs and the new mcfly single...for comic relief and its actually really good Just after we got home from the shops. A lovely walk in the hot sun with icecream. Home to squeals at the post and a bbq. No wine. ha ha.

The gameboy hasn't been off since. I've had a go, or 2 or 3, we got the Urbz sims game. Its highly addictive! Oh and they've been playing Bratz and trolling the internet. She's sat now really quiet with it. Bless her. She's chuffed to bits.

Ah my life will be so quiet the rest of half term. Why didn't i think of getting her one before? It can go everywhere!

I've spoken to the dermatologist about my scar, it's irritation and the small hole in it. I've got to go and see her on saturday morning about it. I'll let you know. Just a bit concerned its really red and itchy and driving me mad, not to mention the looks i keep getting cos i'm scratching my tit lol

I've been on a bit of a downer again re the weight thing. I think the new meds are swelling me up too now as i tried to put on a pair of jeans i haven't worn for a week. gutted. As if i need any more hassle. I looked at some pics from 2003 when i looked like me. gutted. i am not what i used to be. But as some special people pointed out to me last night I have more in my life than a lot of people have and i need to be grateful for what i've got instead of bitching about myself. I agree peeps but its hard to do. Weight was never an issue for me before i find it really hard to deal with now.
I'm boring you now aren't i?

see ya

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Scarlet is alive (ish)
Tuesday, March 22, 2005
Sorry sorry and sorry.
Lou has been threatening to kick my head in if i don't post.
so blame her.
she has been keeping everyone more than entertained with her posts.
i bet you can guess my favorite one. lmao. you drunken slut you!!

Well, its been mental here to be honest my little part time job has turned into a full time job with loads of pressure, and little pleasure at the moment.
taking a week and a bit off over easter to relax and have along rest............or so i thought.

my friend who lives away has gotten wind of this and booked us to away for a culture week
which is very sweet, but then i have to cut that short to visit my brother, who is also threatening to kick my head in if i don't go visiting him soon.
Then there is a big weekend where we are all going to go to manchester land for a weekend.
and i can't remember for the friggin life off me which soddin' weekend that is...............shit.
i know its in april.
ohh and apparently a rugby player has fallen in love with me.
which is lovely but i can just briefly remember saying hello to the guy let alone remember if he was my type or not.
uhhh i doubt it cause i would' ve remembered.
One of those rugby players stood my friend up last night, she was soo geared up for a hot date with him and to be honest he was yummy, so she was on the phone really upset last night.
so i said oh well hon be round tomorrow to cheer you up only to knock on her door to find new bloke there ready to go out tonight for hot date.
ff's how does she do it less than 24 hours. i mean come on.
now i will have to wait another 24 hours to get the low down and tips.
I am resigned to the fact i am a gonna be a lonely ol' mad lady.
other that
hey hoo
life is ok busy but getting there, dunno where that is yet.
but as soon as i know..................
christ almighty what a load of ol' crap this post is.
happy now lou ( you better be, now you can stop bustin' my balls young lady)

yours ,
(in the hopes of becoming a harlet)
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..::the aftermath::..
what the hell was i thinking? i should never be let near a keyboard when drinking! I'm not entirely sure what i was trying to say and i wrote it! Oh and no sign of a hangover, i only tend to have them after dirnking beer, which i tend not to do cos i don't really like it.

Anyways i'm glad you all had a good laugh. I love it when i read your posts of drunken nature. I'm quite a nice drunk. I don't get arsey or snappy, I get giggly and silly and my dancing feet just don't stop if there's music! Scarlet can verify this.

We're planning her trip over and i really can't wait for her to get here. It's been too many months since we last got pissed together, you can be sure once she's here we'll be making up for lost time! The locally produced grog is rather nice and cheap and no doubt i'll be leaving hubby to look after princess and i'll take Scarlet on the local factory tour, which is free and involves copious amounts of testing!

I can't wait to show her my beach, the view from my bedroom window. I can't wait to show her my tanlines! I'm still a bit brown from last year, which i hadn't realised till the whiteness of mum and dad came over! Yes i still have the marks of that catostophic sunbathing session which left me in weeks of discomfort! I'm branded! I can't wait to show off my prowess on the kitesurf....which i haven't mastered yet but plan to of by the time she gets here!

The club i frequent and the bars in the city i go to, the ones i don't usually come home from till the late hours of the morning! ( or i don't come home at all i stay in a hotel, with hubby of course!) I even can't wait to introduce her to the delights of the locals trolling the bars for easy lays......they don't get anywhere with me, i am a local! pmsl

I just can't wait for her to get here.

In between I start playing hostess in 4 weeks to my mother and sister in law. That should be interesting. This time hubby is not taking any time off work and it will be left to me to entertain them.......beach and bbq in the order everyday till they go home i think! Then T my dear friend and her family will be coming out a little later on. I can't wait to see them! Mum and Dad are coming out later this year they enjoyed it so much. I'm really chuffed about that. And of course the people who haven't bothered their arses to keep in touch whilst we've been gone will be looking for their cheap holiday destination * us* and they can feck off.

All in all i plan to have a lot of fun this summer and do the stuff i couldn't do last year cos of the op and my recovery. as i said i'm living 2005 to the MAX!

Since my last *ahem* post i've been enjoying half term. The lay in yesterday and this morning the dvds the not getting dressed till lunchtime.....we had a bbq last night and i'm plannig one for tonight princess has a friend for a sleepover, no wine though..........thought i may have a glassful!

I've been out and done a littel grub shopping too. Thought i'd try some local pastries for lunch. I didn't know what was in them so i've broken them open......olives. ick. thank god i broke them open before i bit into them! So tuna on toast it was!

I caught sight of myself earlier.....in a full length mirror. gonna have to lose a few more pounds before that bikini goes on and mother in law comes out. I have 4 weeks. shit. i can lose it i can hopefully. not like i've managed to lose a single bit so far in fact i'm heavier but i think its hormonal now i can't shift it and i'm waiting for some tests. i've done all george has told me to....to the point i hate eating everythig is so plain and uninteresting. so i think feck it i'll enjoy it its not like i was losing anything at all i wait for the test results.

I've been waiting for the phone to ring. My sister is due to give birth in the next couple of weeks. She's not having agreat time of it now. Praying she and the little one are ok. I think she's gonna have it early.

Oh well enough twaddle from me. I've got nothing to do so i'm gonna go play some games online.... princess her mate are happy playnig upstairs.



PS sarlet where the feck is this post? you said you were posting last night...................x
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Sunday, March 20, 2005
nice hot here

as i sit and wait for pc i watch tv when i puits head on shoulder room spinbs
i not frinks so much a few bottles wine with friened

we have bbq abd sit poutside and drink snd laugh

i get very wet when wine goes down rong way and chok i look siloly

me debs make merry hubbys say winos i ishn't wino i s bit pised only bit

i spek minnow. be trus to self babe feck all else

scelet where is you bab? come post ffs

i likes vin is my fend like gin nobgin tonight here

dyne is you thee no noit hopes you k
speaks mino off beds need lays down room moving gainn hungry bit no fod mudt diet need not be fa when mo law com stay mud loo fat befor she come

go bed now

halv termn la in yes hangover not

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..::Egg Bashing::..
Saturday, March 19, 2005
There's nowt like a good bit of egg bashing, so they tell me.......
Friday brought the exciting event of the bashing of the eggs at Princess's school, the annual easter event looked forward to by all. Except I had no idea wtf it was.

So i did a few online searches....which heralded rather a lot of information on dubious subjects....none of which were what I was looking for, no honestly it wasn't!

What I was looking for were tips on boiling the egg, yeah i know add egg to water and boil, but what I wanted was tips to make it super strong, without treating it with anything. I found sweet feck all.

Egg bashing is a little known sport of bashing hard boiled eggs point to point. If you crack, you're out, a bit like conkers really.

So i took a chance put 4 eggs in a pan and slow boiled them. All but one cracked. Bollocks. Friday morning came and we wrapped the remaining egg delicately in napkins and put it in it's box and went to school. I said my goodbyes and good lucks and left her to it.

Last day of term, means mufty day * for those of you not knowing its a non uniform day* and early finish. 12pm. I almost forgot! I was so busy doing my course! I got there just as she was let out to big smiles.

Not only did my baby's egg beat all the eggs in her class, but she made the semi finals and came 3rd overall of the school! My baby the egg basher! Yay. The egg barely has cracked after all that competition!

Last night once more i was completely bolloxed and another early night called for. I don't understand why i am bloody tired all the damn time. Today we popped out to get new trainers for Princess she's had yet another growth spurt! We popped to the local large toy place, a bit like toys r us but not as good. Princess saw a Gameboy advance sp. She is absolutely desparate for one.

She wants to save for one herself. Even asked if i had any jobs for her to do to earn to save for one bless her. I offered to get her one nad she said no she wanted to pay for it herself! Anyway she has a bit of money in her purse and is pleading with me to lend her the rest to buy one. Big puppy eyes, so pleading pitifully i was almost in tears and still i had to say NO.I had to turn away to stop the tears. You see my Mum and Dad have already got her one and it's being sent out as i type. I can't wait to see her face when she opens the parcel! It was breaking my heart to say no.

This afternoon until about an hour ago i've had a massive headache that wouldn't bloody go. Rugby has been on all bloody afternoon and evening here too. I've had enough now. I'm already in my pjs.... i feel a lot better now though.

Tomorrow brings a quiet chill day with a little ironing and the rest of the week well the next two weeks it's half term so i'll be out and about with princess. She's having a sleepover on tuesday which should be fun. At some time i need to go into the city and do some shopping, I have to go get some bits for my new niece/nephew too, due in 3 weeks. very excited. I also need a new interview outfit.

oh well i'll shiut up now. Scarlet is still alive contrary to popular belief, she is going to post, aren't you babe. she's been completely caught up with this new job and has had little time to herself. anyway she's done something relly exciting this week and i know she's going to share it......


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Thursday, March 17, 2005
It's our blog birthday soon........one year on april 1st, who would have thought it?

so any ideas how we should celebrate?


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..::just another day::..
Wednesday, March 16, 2005
I spent the day keeping busy. It's best to, Princess is back at school, Hubby is back at work and me, well me has not much of a life i guess. So i spent it trying to keep busy.

Busy included me walking to Hubby's work to collect the car, which is quite a long walk, and all uphill, it's a walk i take a couple of times a week. tiday no different apart from me triping over my fecking flip flops and landing in a heap on the floor falling off a kerb. I'm a bit bruisedand scraped but ok.

A trip to hospital, no not for the fall, for my weekly acupuncture, which when i got there Duncan decided to cancel for the following 3 weeks to give my new meds a chance to see whether they are working or not. Hopefully they are so far so good. So i went shopping, just for general stuff and back home to housework. I've done heaps of washing and ironing again, all caught up now. I managed to get round everyones blogs too which was nice as its been a while.

I treated myself to my favourite colour nail polish yesterday, its electric blue metalis, a hard colour to get and i was gutted when my old one ran out, but i actually managed to get some here! So i have purty feet again!

Dyna has had a very very lucky escape. I am so thankful that she's ok. Even if her shiney truck is all knackered she's ok and so's Tulah and thats whats important. Someone up there was looking out for you babe.

Thats it for now


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..::and it's over ::..
Monday, March 14, 2005
It's gone so fast, so very fast.

As we walked through the door, the suitcases already in the car i looked at my Mum and stifled a sob. It was all i could do for the tears not to flow and yet I was strong and managed not to, which makes a change for me!

Sitting in the car with two of the dearest people in the world to me, wishing for traffic jams so I could spend just a little more time with them. The drive to the airport went really fast despite the customary traffic build up you always get around these places.

Putting Dads wheelchair together for the last time, loading their luggage, walking towards the departures building all so easy yet so hard to do. Stealing glances and hoping I don't fall to pieces.

Checked in we went for lunch, their flight was delayed so at least we got a little more time together. And then it was time. The Airline rep was there to wheel Dad through to the departure lounge and it was time.

Hugging Dad tight telling him i loved him i said my goodbye. Holding Mum clinging and crying it was killing me to so those words Good bye. They walked away as I stood at the glass divide watching and waving till i could see them no more tears falling fast, not caring the onlookers could see the massy running down my face. Princess holding my hand, " Don't cry Mummy" she took me by the hand and we walked out the building, Hubby trying to make jokes to cheer me up we all held hands and walked back to the car.

I cried all the way and sobbed in the car for a while as Hubby drove us home.

The house is so quiet and so empty now. I've kept myself busy this afternoon and evening catching up on the housework I have neglected so much while they were here, the neccessities only were done. hubby even did the ironing for me. And now i sit with tears in my eyes typing this to you.

I feel a bit numb. I want to sit and cry and cry. I don't know when I'll see them again. Its been a wonderful week, over far too fast. We've done so much.

Mummy and Daddy, I know you'll be reading this once you get home.

I miss you.
I love you.

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Saturday, March 12, 2005
Finally, I actually get on the pc and am able to post! I've not made it on for a week i'm so sorry things have been rather busy here.

Sunday was Mothers Day, my plan to chill in my Pj's and stuff my face on yummy things were thwarted...but in a nice way i was herded to the bathroom to get showered and dressed and herded to the car, and then taken out for dinner on the beach. A really nice nosh up and lovely candles for pressies too!

Monday was manic, positively manic with the impending visit of my ma and pa, i had the house to gut! I started my new tablets today and the side effects are me needing to pee every 5 minutes in the end i just ran round the house in my knickers it was too much hassle to take my jeans off! I finally finished it with about 20 minutes to spare of their arrival! In between Princess took her Brownie Promise, I am a very proud mummy. I loved being a Brownie.


Mum and Dad arrived, it was hard but i kept my composure and didn't disolve into tears tightly hugging my Dad first, realising how much he had aged in the 7 months since I had seen him, and my Mum. Helping Dad down the slope and steps into what is now my home I welcomed them of course with a good cuppa.

Pressies first and then we took them out to a local restaurant for dinner. It was so good to see them. Yet despite the months it felt like only yesterday since I had seen them and said painful goodbyes.

Tuesday Morning i was shocked my mum got up early and came to school with us. Here is a very early start as you know! The rest of the morning we popped out. We visited an archealogical site. Mum and Dad stunned by its beauty. I have to say i've not neded a work out at the gym this week! pushing Dad in his wheelchair is one hell of a workout! ( My dad is an amputee) till pick up time from school and spent the rest of the day out and about. My Mum buys me a beautiful solitaire ring in 18ct white gold in a very unusual setting. I am so moved. it is to replace her engagment ring she was leaving to me that got stolen. I haven't taken it off.

Wednesday We left Dad behind and went out to do some shopping I needed material for a costume for Princesses school pagent day oh and a few extra pressies because a tosser company in the uk decided not to send them abroad and not to let me know they werent sending them. The afternoon we went out and the evening was spent making said costume for the following day, also Princesses 8th Birthday.

Thursday brought an excited Princess waking me up at 5am to open her pressies, after being told to go back to bed 10 times I relented and let her open a few cards and one pressie, her pressie from Scarlet. Then the preparation of getting her into costume for her Ancient Greeek Day, she looked Beautiful. *Some of you may recall we had a Viking day last term!*

I had to go take an exam in the morning for a job I was applying for. I completely fecked up the maths part, but i got a phonecall later on saying the rest of what i did was top notch and I would have no problems. Yay for me! I took Mum for coffee and we went to look at another archealogical site. (quite into this we are!) Mum had a fall, but is ok. Took some fab photos. Got mum booked into hairdressers and went home via surf shop to get extra pressie.

Princess is fabulous birthday girl, and heads straight for her swimming lesson straight from school, she does great i'm told we have to practise some foot movements for her exam next week. And then we go into the city for a bit to the old part which is a bit touristy but you can get some lovely stuff. Mum and Princess taking photos every 2 seconds behaing like paparazzie leaning out the car windows! And then on to her dinner of choice Pizza Hut all you can eat! So we go and get stuffed! The diet has gone well and truly out of the window this week! when we get home she opens her pressies she is really chuffed.

Friday I took her out of school with school permission of course (and monday too!) to spend some quality time with mum and dad who knows when we wwill see them again. We firstly went and get Mums hair done and princesses and then we headed to another part of the island for a day of shopping and looking about.

We visited a fabulous archaelogical site, although their disabled access is crap i almost kill myself pushing dads wheelchair up the fucking hill they called their disabled access. The paths are stoney as feck yet i manage not to throw him out the chair. I have seriously worked my ass off this week! We stop every now and again for coffee in trendy coffee shops i'm getting really into this culture thing! I cook fabulous dinner. yet again. I'm bloody worn out.

Today started with a bit of a lay in which was nice..... we've been into the old town again Mum had bought some lovely things to take home. Yet again I have been pushing Dad around. It's saved me going to the gym i spose! I feel it everwhere!

Take out tonight yay and tomorrow i cook just as well cos i am knackered again. Hubby and Dad are watching England play a bit decently for a change and Princess and Mum are playing Bratz....

which leaves me finally with a little me time to get on here and say hi to you guys tell you i've missed you and i'll be back to normal in the next couple of days.

I'm sorry i've been lax
I'm just loving having my mum and dad here, making the most of them. i don't know when i'll see them again.........


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..::Here bunny bunny!::..
Saturday, March 05, 2005
After a late night talking to Minnow and My Mate T and Mummy, i got up reasonably early this morning!
It was a case of having to.... Princess had Brownies! Princess did her bit as a bunny girl for the Brownies Mad March Hare Day shaking her collecting bucket to raise money for them. Brown Owl tried to rope me in as a bunny girl! Which entailed dressing up in a dinner jacket, bow tie, fishnets and high heels oh and the ears and tail!

I told Brown Owl where to go! Well no, actually i didn't! I politely declined, I don't need to inflect my thighs on anyone clad in fishnets or not! (They don't look half bad in them but i ddraw the line at flashing my arse with a fluffy tail!!!)

The rest of the day i've been getting stuff ready for Mum and Dads arrival. So close now Can't wait!

Better go now hubby wants on.....




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..::terrible terrible experience::..
Friday, March 04, 2005
I had an awful experience yesterday. I'll get to it in a bit, but first.....

First off a busy busy day seeing me packing Princess of to school dressed as Saucepan Man from The Faraway Tree (By Enid Blyton) for World Book Day at school. A costume I had lovingly created the night before using cardboard and a lot of silver paint! She was original. The only Saucepan Man there the majority of kids had gone dressed as Disney characters not quite the point but at least they tried!

The big clean up....cardboard foil and bits covered the lounge and the dining room....there was barely a pace I hadn't used to create! Oh and the usual housework. And then I packed myself off for my weekly visit to hospital.

George, dear George. Told me I had managed to lose a whole 1lb over the past 2 weeks! (I didn't tell him about half a box of roses I consumed and my new passion for Smarties Eggs.....omg they are so lush, a milk chocolate egg outside a firm milky way like mix inside mixed up wiht smarties.....taste explosion! ) We're going to try and be good now till my next appointment and then see what happens regarding my tests. Now pretty sure this whole issue is down to hormones.

And then upstairs to Physio, where I meet Duncan my physio, get shanged into shorts and a strappy top and sit on his electrical movable couch thing. Then the fun begins........the needles come out and the acupuncture starts. It was my 3rd session. I had had some reactions before but OMG.

This is it the terrible occurance.
The first needle goes into my right had (as always) and I experience such a jolt of pain that i jump and the needle flies out. Un deterred a new needle is put back in one put in my foot, two in my lower right leg, one in my shoulder, one on my collor bone area, one in my elbow. Then he touched my hand. Omg the pain. So he decided to add some more needles. I get another 3 put in my hand, each time he presses to find the area giving me pain. So all done, he's not put a single needle in my left side, he leaves me for a bit.

My left arm is free and my hair is annoying me so i move it off my neck......and then..... OMG in my right side, the most intense incredible pain it wouldn't go like a huge electrical current from my fingers to my shoulder like i had stuck my fingers in the socket. Huge waves of intense pain, it was all i could do not to pull the needles out. The pain was so bad i was quietly screaming and crying. Duncan came back and found me sat terrified crying, mascara down my face. He asked what happened. I told him. He can't understand it. Nor can I. I have to go back again in a week. He said i was very tense. Oh course i was fecking tense......i was in incredible amounts of pain. TWAT.

I had a little while to recover and then checked my watch...omg i was gonna be late for picking princess up from school. (rung school to tell them) Got stuck in roadworks on the way they were resurfacing, they dont do thinks here quite like they do in UK. As i drove past the guy was spraying liquid tar onto the road, now my fecking car is covered in liquid fecking tar that i can't get off. hubby is gonna sort it today not impressed. It's all over the windscreen, the side and front end of the car.

Once i got princess it was a mad dash to her swimming lesson. Woe betide her if she is late. her coach is ex olympic coach and she is one scarey lady. We made it, just. She did pretty well, she has exams in two weeks.

I did some practice tests while i was waiting. I have to take an exam next week to prove my intelligence for a job I'm interested in. Nightmare. I hate exams. I also might have another interview next week for a job... which will see me doing a bit of travelling about.

I was so knackered i had an early night. I am always tired lately. It's not like me at all.

I forgot to say. On wednesday afternoon I watched Finding Neverland. With the dahling Jonny Depp and fabulous Kate Winslet. I knew i would like it. I wasn't prepared for the effect it had on me. I am, as you know an emotional person. This film touched me. It really moved me. I sat for the most part sobbing with pure emotion. I cried so much my eyes hurt till i went to bed that night. If you haven't sen if wtf are you waiting for. The film should have landed ever oscar going. It was truly one of the best films i have seen in a long time.

Today i've not got a whole lot on, Princess has gone on a school trip to look at some ruins, armed with my digital camera, which i'm going to give to her as she takes fabulous photos for a kid. I'm upgrading to a better model. I've the usual tidying cleaning, ironing houewifey duties. I've got to take the dvds back, go to my favourite butchers to get the meat for next week. I expect we'll be eating out a fair bit.

I am so bloody excited. I can't believe my darling mummy and daddy will be here in 3 days. I have missed them so much. I've lived far away from home before, I've lived in a number of countries. I've never lived particually close to them, always at least a few hours. But this time it's different. I don't know why. I'm very close to my parents. I adore them. They are fabulous people who've been through hell and back in the last few years.

I am truly truly proud of them. I love them so much it hurts.

Right i'd better get on i spose. I want to try and finsh the next section of my course today. I won't be going next week cos the folks are here. What a week it's gonna be. Princess turns 8 too. A really really special week. I'm so excited.


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.::So Min and I were talking....::..
Tuesday, March 01, 2005
So Min and I were talking and she asked me what i thought.......So i thought i'd ask you what you thought!

Did he do it? The trial that just won't feck off the newstands.... Have your Say!


Did Jacko Do it?
Yes, i think so
No, he didn't i'm his greatest fan.
I'm not sure, i wanna hear the evidence first........
I don't give a feck

Free polls from Pollhost.com

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I haven't stopped today, well this morning. I cycled to school with Princess, I walked back though chatting to a mate. Had breakie, did a bit of paperwork, updated my cv and walked the long walk to Hubby's work to pick up the car, (sacked the gym cos of the walk) I then went and did something i've been thinking about a while.

I applied for work. I'm bored with being a laydee of leisure now. Nightmare. I've filled in a stack of forms...... it was hard work. but still maybe i'll find something to suit me. Its hard to get work here as a foreginer.

I've been and done my course, found out my last session didn't bloody log so i had to redo the fecking thing.

I've been to a parents open afternoon, to ooooh and aaaaahh at my little darlings work. I was very impressed actually.

This afternoon i've finished cleaning the oven....how it sparkles! [insert advert for fab cleaner which is non toxic with no fumes] And then a chill out with some dvds.

I've watched Ella Enchanted again......it's brilliant, kind of shrek like but a great flick. And Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. one word WEIRD. But so deep. I really "got it" hubby was hopelessly lost i think. It wasn't at all what i expected. I love Kate Winselt shes a dahling, but i'm not sure i would have nominated her for an oscar for that performance unless it was the fact she can do an american accent!

Tomorrow we have the hospital, princess and her eyes we have a few appointments. Its a really early start our first one is at 8am! Thursday i've got hospital and then i'm on major countdown on my folks arriving.

Right i'll get on with waiting for Scarlet and chatting to Min.

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