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..::long time no blog::..
Friday, April 29, 2005
I am so so very sorry. I know you understand.
I've been under siege here with the visit from the mother in law and sister in law. It's been hell on earth to even check my mail let alone get online and post. Still, they've gone now
[big big sigh of relief]

In fact, it hasn't been all bad. Mother in law has actually been really nice to me, like her last visit. i was rather worried about this inc ase it was just because of my cancer scare last time, but she has been nice as pie, or maybe its the fact i can throw her out and she would have to go pay for a hotel.

My sister in law. oh god where do i start. she's incredibly pretty, thin, tall. (BITCH) oh and 9 years younger that me, as i was reminded constantly. She's got adhd i am sure. she's off her bloody head. leaping around like a twat constantly the only time she is quiet and not jumping about is when she is asleep. She was exhausting. true to her word though she did get up every morning and take princess to school which is a miricle. add to that the texts from some poor mental bloke in uk, who shes been shagging for a week declaring his undying love to her all night. oh and the inability for her to shut the hell up, wear any clothing bigger than a handkerchief. she has eaten us out of house and home this week. we have gone through 1kg of cheese, 1kg of smoked ham and turkey, 2 toilet rolls a day, bags and bags of crisps, cans of pop, bottles of wine, and thats just for snacks. (is 6 slices of ham on bread really necessary?) oh and i'm lucky i have any mugs left the amount of times she has bounced them off my patio. i am down an ashtray (hubby's) oh and some bizarre incident with a broken wine glass in which she was jumping around trying to duck a moth.

Hubby has been very odd and quiet this week. i couldnt work out what i had done. it wasn't me. she was driving him mad and was going to bead early to escape! she was incredibly embarressing in front of his boss too. thank god hes a decent bloke and hasn't blamed him for his sister. i did take her dancing with me though to give him a break!

Dancing this week was as usual a great night out. The usual faces, a few new ones. I danced quite a lot with Wayne this week, he of the nice smelling aftershave, which i now know what it is, (Tomnmy Hillfiger) we had a few difficult moves thrown in this week in Jive and practiced them a lot till we got it right. had a good laugh trying.

SAlsa though was hysterical. Salsa senile Sam with his usual expressions and hand gestures. Simon told me i have lovely hips to hold...pmsl and wayne and i danced a fair bit of salsa together too. how i didn't piss myself i do not know. he was adding all these funny gyrating bits in and at the bits where he throws me, he was so exuberant he nearly put my back out my legs went flying up in the air! Even so we got all the moves in and the new moves. i'm looking forward to next week. i have another 8 weeks left to do!

I took an exam the day mother in law and sis in lawa arrived, which i aced! other than that i've been down the beach every day apart from a girly shopping day. we've been out for meals too. I'm a lot browner than i was, and have suceeded in burning my butt cheeks. I've been kayaking out in the sea which was great, caught some great waves. funny how i wasn't seasick yet the moment i get on a ferry i feel it.

I'm a lovely honey colour now, my legs a bit lighter they're always a bitch to get colour. even so by the time scarlet gets out here i'll be looking fabulous! i've treated myself to some new clothes on the grily shopping trip, got myself a little red dress with ra ra frills that spins out when i dance... and some tops. i was going for shorts but didn't get any. depeite the weather they are'nt in the shops here yet!

I'm sat here at the pc with white 3/4 helly hansen trousers on and a little white top and bikini....i'ts bloody hot even inside! i'm off down the beach this afternoon, and then the weekend too.

I had a little mission of mercy this week for a friend of ours who came a cropper in a big way kitesurfing this week, to get him urgent medical attention.....he's luckily ok but it could have been a lot worse.

Next week it's my wedding anniversary....11 years! we have a night out with friends planned already! oh and of course it's bank holiday weekend!

So enjoy yourselves all....promise i won't be away so long this time!

Big Big loves and congrats to the finally single Scarlet.....enjoy yourself babe your time is now! will ring you tomorrow

Have a great bank holiday weekend all

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offically a miss scarlet
Sunday, April 24, 2005
Hold on to yer pants everyone.
i am now divorced, after possibly the longest most painful and expensive affair known to man.
how do i feel?
wierd if truth be known, my emotions are all over the place.
one minute i feel relief, the next sad, alone, estatic and free
But the truth is i am offically and phychologically FREE.

Its been a bit of a rollercoaster ride for me these last couple of years, and i would just like to thank a really special friend of mine who throughout that ordeal helped me more than i could ever thank her.
when my confidence was on the floor she was the only one who believed in me,
constantly told me what i was worth, and what i could be.
when i was mentally and phyically broken (again) she would be there anytime of the night and day.
and for that my love, i will not ever forget.
Not many of us can phone a friend anytime of night and day and tell them anything at all, and know you won't get judged or put on trial, because they know you better than anyone in the world.
so i thank god the day they brought lou in to my life.
Thank you babe you'll never ever
know how much you are worth.
right now i am gonna get drunk and celebrate the fact i have now got rid off shitkicker forever.
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..::IT'S A BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!::..
Friday, April 22, 2005
Welcome darling baby.
Finlay Robert
8lb 8 oz
April 22nd at 5.50am gmt
Very short labour, 2.30am waters break, Water birth delivery.
Finn presented still in his featal sack! (supposed to be lucky)

I'm a proud Auntie. Well done Sis.
If only i could hold him in my arms, and give you a hug.
Love you

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..::hey mambo::..
Wednesday, April 20, 2005
Wednesday night is fast becoming my favourite night of the week.
It certainly is the night i have the most fun and the night i laugh myself to the point of crying.

Tonights extraviganza. The usual suspects, apart from no Mark, he has gone back to UK and thank god Tim the fecker didn't I was dreading his breath.

Salsa Sam was in good form, i'll tell you about that bugger in a bit. Simon, his usual self, hypo, jumping about, and not listening to the same music as always, whirleed me around like a madman during Jive. I was pushed and shoved this way and that. I survived, and we had a ball. Sam in jive was well behaved we got all the steps right and had a good laugh. Wayne. The laydees like Wayne. In fact Pat and Mo were discussing exactly what they would like to do to him! Deb and I were pissing ourselves laughing, wiping away the tears, luckily it was during a ddemo part for the men. Wayne and I dance pretty well together, we tend to chat cos we have it down now. He's a nice guy.
During the social bit inbetween dancing, Deb and I praciced our steps to the now a lot faster jive music, we got it down. In fact we were complimented. Les danced with me, and yet again made me feel really gracefull, he added a load of other stuff in, well he is the teacher, and i surprised myself i coped with whatever he threw at me.

Salsa brought a whole lot of changes. New steps to learn. As Les and Pat did a demo Deb and I tried to catch our breath and drink some water ( I got through almost a litre tonight!) Les and Pat are hotting things up, adding moves in the new ones we had to learn tonight, close moves. Sam shares with me and Deb that the hips close steeping thing is his favourite, only to decide that the gyrating bit is his favourite 30 seconds later. Oh God help me. Sam... my partner at this time, decided my bum was my back....to much raucous laughter from our little "in group" And then the holding me on the hips bit, well...... he is a bugger. But once i'd sorted him out, we danced a fair salsa, with all the new moves.

Simon and I danced a fair bit. He told me he thinks Salsa is "my" dance. He says it comes so naturally to me. I have to say I love it, i don't really have to think about it like i do the jive, its all there. Maybe i was a latin dance godess in an earlier life. Who knows. I am getting good at this all in the hips thing, accentuating my movements.

Practicing in our lines the new moves, Deb and I were giggling like schoolgirls at Sam wiggling and Wayne and his gyrating moves. He's a pretty good dancer. He asked me earlier of who i danced with did i think the best. I told him Sam! pmsl. Actually i prefer to dance with Wayne. He's a better height for me, doesn't touch my ass on purpose ( i don't think) he has double jointed super bendy fingers as i discovered during a triple twirl move as i cracked all his fingers! I was mortified. He's really fun, oh and he smells nice. Must ask him what aftershave he was wearing. Deb asked him if his mates new he came dancing, apparently they do, but none of them will come with him. SHAME! I know Mo would have given them something to handle!

Making the decision to start these calsses was a great one, i don't regret it one bit. I only wish i could go to the other nights. I have to get some more salsa music to practice at home get those hip movements down, the sexy pout, the latin stance. I wish Hubby would come and learn it with me. But he won't.

Well things are afoot here. Tomorrow i have an exam. Tomorrow i have to strim the gardem eau de petrol again....sexy! Oh and gut the house, cos in the middle of the night i have to go to the airport to collect mother in law......(arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhh) and hubby's sister. they're popping out to see us. ( cheap holiday)

Today this monring anyway was a wierd one i went shopping at awful evils, my mp3 surgically attached, i spent 3 hours! Yeah i know 3 hours bimbling around! I got a huge trolley full of shopping though. Just gotta go and buy wine tomorrow and tonic for my gin and lemons. ( I will need to drink this week) oh adn this am i saw 1 dead cat, no 2, nothing unusal there. and then i was sat in traffic and to my right on the line down the mmiddle of the road there it was. tiny little paws. tiny body. a puppy. some wanker had run it over. the tears started, as i drove past.

they really love kids here. but for some reason they treat animals like shit. so many times now i have driven down the motorway and seen a dead dog. the bastards throw them out of their cars if they are not hunting well and leave them dazed and confused to die a horrible death hit by cars. it breaks my heart.

right desperate for a pee, and it's bedtime, nighty nights all

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..::it me::..
Monday, April 18, 2005
dyslexic fingers i'm having a hard time typing a t the mo, ask scarlet i type shite into msn

basically my medds havent kicked in yet and my hads are shit i have bad cramps and they don't want to worok proper so it's looking lie i'mn pissed but i'm not

anyways been really busy what with going to the beach and enjoying myself....justr for a change
spendingf my days surgically attached to my mp3 i don't care as i told you before if you can hear me singing i'm having a party in my head and oyu are not invited so feck off

busy busy busy here actually
bastard snails have been eating mytomato plants wankers so they die when i launch them downt he gardent o their deaths,
got a swallow nesting too beautiful birdies

taking exams...ib rock 100% assessm,ents again i am brill i am

scxarelt baby i miss you and your lesbain self

love you
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another week another dollar.......yay!!!
Sunday, April 17, 2005
yes still employed....
i have had a really quiet weekend here, which has been lovely.
feel really optimistic about work and life.
quite upbeat spoke to lou yesterday had a really good chat which always makes me happier.
my friend 'm' came over and sat me down for a bizarre conversation.
time for a serious chat she said
'oh! (fuck)
Are you a lesbian????? she said straight faced
omg... i mean i fell about laughing for ten minutes.
then i thought, oh shit where is this conversation heading.
shit does she fancy me?
or wtf, do people think i am. ??
or even worse do i look like a butch woman.???
until she said thank fuck cause i wondering why you haven't gone out with any of the men i have set you up with.
no offence my sweet but they all seem to have that loser quality about them.
i mean the last one didn't take his eyes of my assets the entire time, now its really difficult to hold a conversation when he seems to be holding it with my chest.

After she went it did kinda get me thinking,
shit i have met some really nice guys and just haven't gone for it.
not all of them were losers.
i mean i been on my own now 4 years, yeah got really hurt left with lots of crap to deal with, but then loads of women do.
then had a brief stalker for a bit, which did scare the shit out of me.
but thankfully it did not last very long, being an accountant and stalking just proved to be
far too much like hard work.
but shit what am i waiting for exactly?
its so easy to sit here moaning about it it all.
instead of getting my shit together.
so after a long and painful pop psychology session,
i have agreed to go out with an seriousy consider the next date she puts forth.
here goes nothing

An apparently desperate Scarlet
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..::come dancing::..
Wednesday, April 13, 2005
They put a parking lot on a piece of land
When the supermarket used to stand.
Before that they put up a bowling alley
On the site that used to be the local palais.
That's where the big bands used to come and play.
My sister went there on a Saturday.

Come dancing,
All her boyfriends used to come and call.
Why not come dancing, it's only natural?

Another Saturday, another date.
She would be ready but she's always make them wait.
In the hallway, in anticipation,
He didn't know the night would end up in frustration.
He'd end up blowing all his wages for the week
All for a cuddle and a peck on the cheek.

Come dancing,
That's how they did it when I was just a kid,
And when they said come dancing,
My sister always did.

My sister should have come in a midnight,
And my mum would always sit up and wait.
It always ended up in a big row
When my sister used to get home late.

Out of my window I can see them in the moonlight,
Two silhouettes saying goodnight by the garden gate.

The day they knocked down the palais
My sister stood and cried.
The day they knocked down the palais
Part of my childhood died, just died.

Now I'm grown up and playing in a band,
And there's a car park where the palais used to stand.
My sister's married and she lives on an estate.
Her daughters go out, now it's her turn to wait.
She knows they get away with things she never could,
But if I asked her I wonder if she would,

Come dancing,
Come on sister, have yourself a ball.
Don't be afraid to come dancing,
It's only natural.

Come dancing,
Just like the palais on a Saturday.
And all her friends will come dancing
Where the big bands used to play.

The kinks.

i really loved that song when i was kid. especially the do do do do do do bits.

and so I did.
go dancing. It's wednesday and i've not long got back. I've been whirling and twirling and sweating my tits off.

The last few days here the temperatures have rocketed, the locals reckon it will be the hottest summer here for 100 years, there's also talk of eathquakes! Needless to say i've been making the most of it in my bikini!

Anyways i digress, yeah i know that's not unusual, but here's the lowdown on the night!

Arrived a little late, but the ballroom social bit was still going, we were welcomed D and me, like old friends and hurried to get our dancing shoes on. This week there was an excess of men! and what an assortment they were!

Mr tall goofy twat, was only dancing with his wife this week so we won't talk about him! Senile Sam was there, moving and groovin bless him, he was having a good day, shockingly good, he was loads better than last week, it's all the practice he's getting, he's going to the other nights in other towns the course is running! Simon, now he's the one who was in the dark blue shirt that scrubs up well, he was his usual speedy gonzalas self, i don't know what he's listening to, but it ain't on this planet! We had a few newbies. Mark, he's actually simon's son, he looks feck all like him, and he's gormless as feck too. * more on that later* Tim nice but fecking dim, and wayne who we'll just call wayne.

So the single men have to rotate and the Jive begins.
The practice i've been putting in at home pays off as i whirl and twirl and bark orders at Tim the fecking Dim. I mean ffs man you've just gone through the steps, and now you're putting them together, i'll help you, i'll count you in. Fecking arse, two left feet, can't count, and has the cheek to have a go at me cos i'm leading too much. ffs man you're supposed to lead me, move me to where you want me. aarrrgggggghhhhhh
Mark. ye gads, gormless, looks like william hague. poor love. now dancing with mark is easy. count him, he moves his arms, his feet go nowhere. absolutely nowhere apart form moving from side to side. pmsl.
Simon. Speedy as usual listening to much faster music than i am, we get the steps right, the moves right and have a blast. I go where he leads, faster than everyone else but still he's in charge!
Wayne. surprised me. he's actually not bad at all. he's lighter on his feet by miles than mark and dim tim, we dance together so well, we chat. don't get me wrong i'm not attracted to him, he was nice to dance with
and that leaves Sam. Bless him senile sam. Only he was on a good day. No sign of senility today! and there he was bless him all the moves. we danced together quite a lot. only he kept saying to me "listen to the music listen to the music" i was in absolute hysterics when les (teacher) put Tom Jones Sex Bomb on and we were jiving to that, singing away, he is the least likely of sex bombs, but i bet he was an absolute devil in his day. He has a twinkle! Oh and Sam has new moves........ he's obviously gotten hold of some old episodes of come dancing, he's doing the facial expressions now pmsl


a re run through last weeks moves, joining them together, adding partners, new steps more complicated moves. I had a bit of a dance with Dim tim, oh god. he danced then with D and then gave up the salsa!
Mark bless him was more pissed by then, and was actually moving a lot better. D danced a lot with him. Simon and i got all the moves and changed partners. Sam, salsa sam as i'll call him for now, omg. There we were doing our wax on wax off hands, our throw her moves, the single and triple turns, all rolled into the rountine, and bless him the facial expressions start, and then the hands, omg, jazz hands to salsa. i was peeing myself inside. But i went along with it, and did my own.

he wore me out. i had to go have a drink sit down for 2 minutes, and then he came towards me, salsaring away and got me again. we danced until the music stopped! I have to say, sam is a sweetie. geriatric but a sweetie. a gent. although when his hands were supposed to be on my hips doing this stepping forward to each other thing and back thing his hands were closer to my tits than hips.

Yet again a success. I love it. I can't wait till next week.
when i hear music i can't keep my feet still!

oh was at pta meeting last night.....guess what twatty thing i did, i'm only gonna be the new secretary arrrgggghhhhh ( mental moment obviously) and i was at a meeting today for the beach club we belong to, on the commitee for that too now! hubby has taken over membership secretary! have spent the day doing my course, gotta do as much as i can before mother in law gets here next week. *insert silent scream* tomorrow brings a bit of shopping, boring stuff food. princess has swimming, i have paperwork to do.

oh well it's fecking late here, i'm up in a few hours

Love ya


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it is i, the flakey one
yes i know flakey as usual.
but i am under alot of pressure at work in my defence.
bad news on that front.
it seems since i joined the company i have put the dreaded scarlet curse of bad luck onto it, and we are stuggling to keep the office open.
i think as it stands we have a month left to really pull miracles out of our asses.
i have even been taking all my admin home to do in the evenings, and yes not getting paid for it.
couple of the girls got sacked this week, unfortunately the dreaded mr burns ( not his real name he is just a look-a-likey) is still with us.

to top things off i have just had bad news all week.
my son is going off his nut cause his playstation 2 has gone tits up.
phoned them and has it turns out they will replace it
but talk about cloak and dagger,
the parcel with arrive you will have to produce i.d to prove i am who i say i am
then i will hand him the playstation then he will produce the new one of which it will be sealed,
do not except this if the seals are broken, you will both sign proof of delivery and we will be checking this against our records.
ff's its only a playstation.
but hey i have to to take a day off work to do this. grrrrrrrrrrrr
thats gonna go down well.
wish me luck folks
i guess i am not gonna be around for a bit, that is ofcourse we don't all lose our jobs.
then i will be here constantly( and you thought your day couldn't get any worse)

a very stressed out scarlet.
p.s lou will try and phone you later hon. i is sorry babe.
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..::so this is the lou news::..
Tuesday, April 12, 2005

So i didn't back on, apologies, but i have a husband who is a pyramids addict.

Anyways what have I been up to?

Friday a normal day, spent the evening pissed sat outside in the balmy night with good friends, was gonna post but couldn't find the button to turn on! Got bitten to death by mossies.

Saturday. Um I have to think! Saturday I had a scrumptious lay in, for hours! I woke at 10.30 and then read my book. The doorbell rang twice and i did not stir! Princess went to the beach with her friend's family for the day ao once i was up, showered and dressed hubby and I decided to go down the coast a bit to one of our favourite beach bistros. A lovely lunch sat alongside the ebach, basking in the sun. Swallows were nesting a few metres from us, a wonderful sight. Was quite romantic actually, since princess wasn't with us for a change!

The afternoon brought us chillin out with a dvd, and then the beer/wine fridge was emptied and we went to a BBQ. Invited by some surfer people we don't know very well but now know a lot better! The evening was a blast, well for me it was! Hubby went home early cos he had a 10km race to run in the morning with his mate A. So me and D stayed and drunk more and more. The food was scrummy and the wine lush. We were a couple of lushes by the time we finished!

The drinking games started, all videoed for prsterity! I have never laughed so much at someone trying to drink a glass of beer.....with a abtoner on their arm. Or put lippy on. We were not exactly quiet!
Eventually i thought i'd better go home and tripped and giggled my way home. Hubby obviously amused at my state, i went upstairs and put myself to bed!

Sunday morning brought a bastard early morning so me and princess could go and cheer hubby on at his race. He's not really built to be a runner, he's a rugby man, and so is his built. Built like a brick shit house, alabeit a small one! But then i'm short so i don't get a crick in my neck snogging him!

The day was a scorcher, 34 degrees. He ran well, no prizes though. Very proud of my man. He has a lovely medal. I got pretty brown. Got home, took my top of and realised my mistake. Racer back top with bra straps showing (classy i know but i got dressed in a hurry) and i had white strips. So i peeled off it all, got into my bikini and went out into the garden stretched out a la terrace with mp3 a litre of water and a good book to try and even out a bit.

I was so chilled. I jumped a mile when princess came in from playing to ask for a drink! The lines haven't gone completely yet but i've made a good start. * note to self, do not wear racer back tops till tanned allover*

The evening spent quietly, ( too much alcahol drunk the past two days) early night.

Monday, well that was yesterday went to the doctors for my swollen foot, from being bitten on friday night, on antihistimine. Picked up 3 months supply of my meds, (which they had to order in for me) went shopping with D. Didn't buy much for a change just a pair of thongs ( flip flop type not knickers) did some housework, took Princess to Brownies and was brownie helper for the afternoon fab *cough*

Went a bit mad and attaked the huge bush in front of my lounge front window that was blocking my light......it's seriously smaller..... and wow my lounge is light!

Had a nice evening, hubby and i made dinner together, spent some quality time together, watched pirates of the carribean which for some reason i have never seen. gggrrrrrrrrrrr johnny depp. omg he was so sexy i that, i've been a fan of his forever, since his 21 jump street days. It was a lot better than i expected it to be.

Early night then jumped out of bed cos it was my Daddy's birthday and i had to ring him. Lucky for the time difference i hadn't missed it. I had meant to ring earlier but i knew he was picking up my auntie from the airport and then i got immersed in the film. * note to self dream about pirates*


Today i have to finish gutting my house, it's not to bad but i didn't do any houseowrk at the weekend bar washing i have a mountain of ironing to do *anyone wanna come help me do it* I have to go do some of my course, and practice my dancing again. I've been sorting suitable music. I have to get some more salsa. I am feeling more confident, hopefully it will show tomorrow night. I haven't managed to get any dancing shoes yet thats what i actually went shopping for yesterday but i do have a pair upstairs that will do for now. 2 inch heels, ankle strapped very sexy shoes actually.

Right i'd better get my arse in gear. I have shit loads to do if i wanna go to the beach this afternoon. I've got a meeting tonight for the school and a meeting tomorrow at the beach club. (Going on the committee)

Right i'm off now......gotta get changed have decided my skirt is too short for decency......



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here it is finally!
Sunday, April 10, 2005
Blogger went down.
Don't blame me i tried really i did!
I've spent the last two evenings pissed, too pissed to turn on the pc!

anyway here's this post for now and i'll do another later

uno doss tres quatro
She's into superstitions black cats and voodoo dolls.
I feel a premonition that girl's gonna make me fall.
She's into new sensations new kicks in the candle light.
She's got a new addiction for every day and night.

She'll make you take your clothes off and go dancing in the rain.
She'll make you live her crazy life but she'll take away your pain
like a bullet to your brain. Come On!

Upside, inside out she's livin la vida loca
She'll push and pull you down, livin la vida loca
Her lips are devil red and her skin's the color mocha
She will wear you out livin la vida loca Come On!
Livin la vida loca, Come on!
She's livin la vida loca.


That is sooooooooooo me!
and so i was. livin la vida loca, with the best of them twirling my little ass off. But i had no idea it woould turn out like that.

How many times have I said i'd start dancing again and then chickened out? Well for once i felt ultra brave and me and D went off on our way to the next village. We arrived at the "working mensclub" typy place and walked in, all eyes on us, cos we're stunning laydeeez and walk to the back and into the theatre.

We push the doors open and omg there they were it was a fecking tea dance! Walzing away. D and I looked at each other and through esp decided to stay. We enrolled and joined the others.
By others, i mean the rest of the class, all a bit older than us to say the least. All expats.
Senile Sam. Bless him.
A bloke in navy shirt who scrubs up well for an older bloke
A tall goofy looking old geezer ( who is shit at dancing)
Mr i'm wearing a shirt thats meant for someone much younger since i'm 70 odd.
a few other non descript blokes.
The ladies. Mostly older, all in little strappy sandles and nice dresses ( me and D turn up in hipster jeans and t shirts and trainers!) one looks like her hubby tok as dislike to her face and hit her with a shovel, unkind i know bout would it have fecking killed her to smile? A larger lady i forget her name, she was the most fun, and a few others some younger some ancient.

The "social" ballroom bit finished and Jive class began. Our very tall male teacher, L lines us up and teaches us basic first steps, we practice to counting and then to music, and then add a bit more and a bit more. By the end of the hour to my shock i was twirling with the best of them, jiving my ass off, (hopefully literally) the oartners varied. Omg can you tell the difference. Senile sam god bless him is allover the place a nightmare of a partner. The bloke that scrubs up well speeds up and likes to do his own thing, Mr young shirt, bless him isn't quite as bad as sam. Tall goofy feezer, if his hand touches my ass i'm gonna hit him. he's away with the pixies, is he actually hearing the same music i am? And L. WOW. he can move. Light on his feet and fabulous partner even made me feel graceful!

Cos there were more ladies than men the men had to rotate and whilst we had no partners we practiced out moves. D and I are bolloxed and sweating are tits off having a blast, laughing constantly and having a great time.

Getting drinks was interesting as we ventured into slimey local territory......we did get served, we were also majorly letched at. *shiver* We went back and then there was a social dance bit, me and D grinning to each other as we get picked to jive, not sit on the chairs waiting for a partner! Although i wold have been grateful of a break!

And then a moment to get our breath back and Salsa started.

Hey mambo!

The basic moves simple another but put together a lot more complicated. I couldn't see it i really couldn't till L and his wife gave us a demo....and then it all made sence. ( they dance fabulously together) I got it. so much sooner than i expected to. L used me to partner him the first few times. Omg i felt fabulous. Fabulously gracefull and like i really really was dancing. Not just a clumsy beginner. Thats the difference between a great partner i guess. As i learnt to single twirl and triple twirl, i whizzed about, my feet whirling, my head counting, and i forgot to count and realised i can do it. i can fecking do it! And looking at my reflection i looked pretty good doing it too!

Every piece of music i hear now i'm counting. I've spent the morning practicing moves with D. Our basic jive and Salsa getting really fluid and doing it without counting. really great laugh.

So will i be going back? Try and stop me.

yeah i know they are all old, it was the first session, word will get out and hopefully a few more non senile men! Theres sadly no way on earth i can get my hubby to go. Oh god i wish he would. He'd have such a laugh...maybe i'll give him private lessons!

I have had the most fun i've had in ages without being drunk! I can't wait till next week. Gonna have to get some shoes. trainers are just a bit comersome for intricate moves..... i feel like jill half penny!

so yeah it was wonderful and i'm sorry i kept you all waiting. i did mean to get online yesterday afternon after the docs...... i'm on the meds full time now cos they have worked, the few days i've not been on them i have really noticed a difference in my dexterity and i started getting terrrble cramps in my hands again. We have found something that actually works!

I also went to hospital and saw George. i lost 2 lb! the first significant weight loss since november. I was so pleased i was almost i tears. i hope finally all the hard work will pay off and the extra weight i'm carrying will feck off. i'm not massive or anything just big for me. I can't cope mentally with being so much bigger than a 6/8. I'm a 14 and its a big difference to me.

Princess passed her swimming exams too. So it was a great day. I was so bolloxed i fell asleep on the sofa, and hubby cooked dinner ( unheard of almost)

Today i've been and taken an exam, which i have passed, been rpacticing moves with D which was a great laugh. I've been invited out tonight for a meal, we've got a bbq to go to tomorrow with some people hubby surfs with, and sunday brings hubby taking part in a 10km race, and a bbq here at our place for a few peeps. sometime in that spectrum i've got to practice some more.

I'm in the mooooooooooooood for dancing!


PS I'm glad i waited a day to post it i could have been soo bitchy about some people at the dancing thing. It's not nice of me to have done that so i haven't, well not really. I might post as soon as i get home next time. I was just too knakckerred to do it this time!

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..::stay tuned::..
Thursday, April 07, 2005
stay tuned i have sooooooooooooooooo much to tell you about last night.

but i can't stop now i've gotta get showered and go to the doctors.

back soon

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..::lou lou land and you're not invited::..
Tuesday, April 05, 2005
I thought i'd leave Scarlets post there a few days...... she's a classy chick. God I miss her so much.

Things here are quiet. Princess back at school now so i'm filling my days with punishing my body at the gym (oh god can i feel it tonight) and completing my course. Took the mock exam today and did fantastically so looking good for the exam on friday morning.

I've spent time inbetween chillin in the garden sat out on my veranda avec cuppa and mp3.

In fact everytime i leave the house (on my own) i've got it on. I've had some strange looks. What? You've never seen a stunningly attractive 31 year old (who is said to look like tina hobley you know that girl off holby that gets her tits out for the lads mags) with headphones on? Ahhhhhhhh maybe it's the fact i'm singing along? Well if you don't like it shut the feck up. I'm in my own little world and i don't want any company. I don't care if i'm a little out of tune, i don't care if you can hear club tropicana ( proudly have wham the final on it) for the first time since wham split. OK? i'm in my world. lou lou land and you're not fecking invited.

right so where was i?

of course i have been knocking out stunning culinary creations in the kitchen, tonights masterpiece sweet chilli chicken pitas.... very muchable. I am trying to create fun and interesting grub whilst i am starving myself for the benefit of the mother in laws visit in 2 weeks.
i still have not lost any weight to my knowledge. i am seeing george on thursday so we'll see.

On a plus side after a week and a half worth of intensive treatment the scar is looking much imporved on what it was and less irritable. oh and the meds i have been trialing seem to make a difference too, which is nothing short of amazing.

right i'm on a mercy misson now, gotta remote access scarlets pc, she's in a it quandry.

laters babes

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well hello there............bon bloody jour
Monday, April 04, 2005
hello it is i.
back from my travels.
i do go away alot don't i really. isuppose
ok had a lovely time, spoken to lou tonight ahhhhhhhhhhhhh i love lou
i have come back with a stinker of a cold, and i have washed down some sudafed with a very nice bottle of hang on
ernest and gallo chardonnay.
friggin lush........
happy birthday to us yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy
well i ate 2 giant easter eggs , that is bad cause i don't even like choclater
fat pig
well the pope is dead what a pisser eh? i liked him too
i can remember when he became pope. ithink id unno actually yeah i do. dunno i 'l l ask my mum she#ll know
everybody love up lou lou cause she is an a bit do
well i hope evetryone had a liovely easter
i ate loads and loads and drank some lots of wine.
everythiong has gone wrong sinvce i came home mums birthday had to go to doa big bun fight at mothers hence the bottle and ahldf of wine
it was o kreally but mayb to much on my first day back.
i love wone, it makes me think of lou...........
ah she is funnny
i got pictures of me today when i went to most haunted live the other week or so ago
i was on the telly
its gone midnight fuck it and i have got to wax my eyebrows and legs ready for work yett
and get clother ready ohhhhhhhhhhhhhm7mmygoodddddddddd
you see why idrink everytime i go away my moyher comes ninto my house and changes stuffffffff
why why does she taunt me like
went into the kitchen and she has put in a hundred watt lightbulb it is like switching onthe froggin' sun everytime ,
andshec has put up the most twattish curtainds in the wotrld uop
why mium you crazy lady
shhhhhhhhhhs i si having a frafty cigaretete
right i thinki might surf the net i kbow i havenbt bee ncheecking paopels blogfs of late but i s on it right now.
minnow is off and away i here, bless
ron you makes me laugh lots and lotayus
and garrison ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
proballaly gonna get done now
i don;t think iupsrt anyone
anyways lmaoc i am a missing lou
biatchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh comeeeeeeeeee hommmmmmmmmmmmmmmme
oh ian d i am growing my hair long aftervall
got lots to do and not much timee
whats the friig-=0n point of friggins waxing shuit ugggggggg, i hate it plucking with make me sick .may thecforce be with me
ok paople lou is happy nowuse posted sorryu babe love you you
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..::the sun has gone to bed::..
Sunday, April 03, 2005
Well peeps, thankyou one and all for your lovely wishes and thoughts for our blog birthday. I dind't expect it! Sometimes I don't think anyone reads us at all, i know the site meter says otherwise but i'm alwasys thinking people have come accross us by accident!

It's been a cold few days here, and wet. I thought the summer was here, but i was wrong. Definately wrong after being caught in a horrendous downpour on friday afternoon when we went out to look at surfing gear. Right through to the skin it was!

Yesterday was no exception a few dry spells, but very disapointing since the beach club was reopening. We went down there yesterday anyway. I've never seen the waves so big there. There was plenty of wind, averaging 35 knots, so a little on the high side for kitesurfing unless of course hubby felt like flying! We had a few drinks there and bimbled off home. Dissapointed. Today has been absolutely dire too. We're so cold. Gotten used to the higher temperatures again see. Bugger. Good job we have an extra duvet on our bed i can tell you!

So summer has not quite arrived. I'm a bit browner than i was anyway thanks to the last weeks sun. Looking forward to soaking up a bit more this week.

I had some fab news last night. Mum and Dad have booked their flights! They're coming out for my birthday! Ok it's a few months away but yay! (5 months)

On top of this we're on tenterhooks now cos my sister's baby is due in the next few days. I'm very excited. But sadly i'll not see the baby except on the cam while it's small. Gutted.

Sad sad news today.
Pope John Paul.
May you rest in peace.

I'm catholic. Not one of those devout ones, i don't actually agree with a lot the church say, but still at my core it's my religion if anyone asks i'm RC. Sad sad news. A great man.

Right i'm off fancy playing a few games, hubby's got Formula one on so i've not a lot else to do!



Scarlet is back finally from her travels!
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..::Happy Birthday::..
Friday, April 01, 2005
Short and sweet. Today is our Blog Birthday!
On this day 1 year ago we finally gave in to our itch to blog and joined you.

If you had told me a year ago this would still be going and we'd be coming up to 15,000 hits i would have told you to feck off! I had no idea this would consume me the way it has. I had no idea the journey it would take me on and the dear wonderful friends i would make through it. I like to call them my blog family and you guys know who you are. Big Big hugs to you all.

At this point I also want to wish Minnow a very safe journey on her exciting trip to the jungle and to have the most wonderful time. Take care babe you will be missed.

So Happy Birthday Blog. Will we be here next year? I don't know. I can't honestly say I hope we are. You might all be bored stupid by us by then! I'll try to throw the odd drunken post in from time to time thought i really shouldn't be let near a keyboard in that state! I always cower in the morning with dread and embarressment and laughter.

The last year for me personally has seen some serious issues, some big changes, a lot of tears and a lot of laughter. I hope the next year isn't quite as dramatic!

This is my life, This is our blog come on in, put your feet up have a cuppa and stay a while why don't ya.


Thankyou for welcoming us.
Thankyou for reading,
Thankyou for supporting us
Thankyou for loving us
Thankyou for being there.
posted by Lou Lou @ 8:01:00 am  
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