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.::bloody hell::..
Wednesday, June 29, 2005
I am never early for anything, well not much anyway, i always cut it fine!
not so this morning.

I went for some blood tests this am, was on time, went in pain in the arse cos i am awful to get blood from, and had to get a doctor in to do it, in the end they drew it from my wrist with a syringe. ouch! They are finally testing me for polycystic ovaries syndome, and i've been referred to gynae to have my coil removed. If the test come back positive, it means the last 2 1/2 years of weight gain finally have an answer. Not that i'm massive now, but for me i am since i was always a waife.

Anyways after this appointment i had a dental appointment for removal of my wisdom tooth, (my one and only) knowing my blooods was gonna drag on i contacted them, only to find my appointment is not for another month! so i was absurdly early! daft cow that i am

I've been pretty tired the last few days, prolly the head i guess, it's really turning up the gas here! This afternoon i have beach plans, my legs are finally getting a respectable colour they have taken forever! The rest of me is a deep golden brown. my back is a revolting shade of brown! Of course i do wear adequate spf protection.

The pool is beckoning me as i sit here, sweating my tits off. It's calling my name..... i shall be strong, i shall resist!

Right i'm off to catch up on the goss with Scarlet, skiving she is

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lazy days and puppet porn
Monday, June 27, 2005
The weekend has been quietish. For the most time on Saturday i was at the beach, and took Princess Kayaking out on the ocean wave! The late afternoon early evening i spent relaxing at home in the pool, which was lovely. Saturday night i read, sorry to be boring but thats what i did. I now it's kind of quiet compared to my shenanigans lately but sometimes i like a bit of quiet!

Hubby bought Team America World Police on dvd. OMG what shit was this? a lot. although i have to say there were a few funny moments, which were definately not pc in the slightest. My fave scene however had to be the sex scene. No hearts and flowers, no blurry arty camera shots, no writhing around under sheets for these puppets! Oh yeah it was puppet porn pmsl it had me giggling for the rest of the night.

Sunday was quiet. ironing, diy, an excursion to the diy shop, a light lunch, a yummy dinner, and chilling out in the pool. early night. absolutely bolloxed lately must be the heat.

Today i've been reading a patricia cornwell, thiller, have finished it already. twas lovely sitting in the garden. i was tempted to get in the pool and read but my balnce isn't great so most likely i'd have fallen off the lilo. i've tested princess for her computer brownie badge, which of course she is like me and fab at it. and now i'm about off to take princess to brownies and go down the beach for a couple of hours solitude.

i like lazy quiet days, shall have to make the most of them since i'm starting work soon.

Am excited too, i just spoke to scarlet, her bro, my monkey boy is coming out to visit. he's planning to pop in if only to wind her her that he's been to see me and she hasn't! i shall send him back with pressies for my darling friend. he's coming out with his girlfriend......scarlet is rather hoping that they'll have an almighty row and split so she can use the other ticket pmsl i hope so too,
now how exactly can we spark this rift?

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Friday, June 24, 2005
As i lay back relaxing in the pool, (just now i'm still dripping)

i looked up at the clear blue heavens, and watched the swooping swallows.

life don't get much better than this

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ta muchly
Thursday, June 23, 2005
Thankyou one and all.

I'm so happy i could burst right now!

I celebrated by going out for a windsurfing lesson, which as usually i fecked up on and was a pile of steaming shit at.

I will however make up for it at the weekend.

This morning i went shopping, and no i dind't get anything nice apart from some new hair bungee's, and this afternoon, after taking princess for her swimming lesson i came home and got in the pool.


Getting hotter and hotter here, no respite.

still can't grumble i have fabulous tomatoes and peppers that i have grown myself, and cucumbers thanks to the lovely sun!

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Wednesday, June 22, 2005
i just published was chatting to scarlet on msn and the mobile rang......

"hello this is {insert name of prospective employer} can i speak to Lou Lou please?"

me "yes this is she, hello"

propective employer "we've finished our short list, and you did very well.

(uh oh here goes you were shit we hated you)

prospective employer "and we'd like to off you the job!"

me " omg really?"

employer " i think we'll work fabulously together you were the pick of the bunch welcome to the team"

me " oh thankyou i could cry"

Employer " i'll be in touch with your contract and training days"

me " really looking forward to it, thankyou so much it's going to be such an amazing challenge and opertunity for me"

Employer "congratulations Lou Lou"


i am a working woman AGAIN!

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i'm back from the interview.
i don't know if or when i have ever been so nervous during an interview.
i made classic mistakes, i hestitated, said umm, (oh god) and waffled a bit.
shit bugger balls
but i think they liked me
the job will be very challenging and very involved if i manage to get it.
i really want this one even more than the last one. this one is term time too doesn't start until september apart from a few days training before term and before school ends for this term

i looked great despite my blessed ceramic straighteners having a hissy fit and one of the plates cracking. wtf

i wore 3/4 linen trousers natural colour and a sweet stripey top, my new shoes, which are not only sexy but comfortable, my special necklace i got for my 30th, which was a set but i managed to lose the earings when i moved her, earings my sis gave me for crimbo, and in each pocket my lucky stones.

The lucky stoneswere given to me by Scarlet during a very emotional gift giving ceremony we had, i cried a considerable amount of tears, which a beautiful card which i treasure. lets hope they brought me the luck i deserve

they'll let me know either this afternoon or tomorrow morning

cross everything for me!

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only me
Tuesday, June 21, 2005
my interview is tomorrow.
and i have prospects of another for monday too!

i got two lovely pairs of shoes today, some fabulous roman blinds for my bedroom yesterday and some quaint lined baskets, and a massive tub of some chemical to lower the ph in my pool, which has been a nightmare of trial and error as there were no instructions.
princess is not well, bugger shitty timing, but D has said she'll look after her whilst i am at my interview lest i need to keep her off school. i also have a windsurfing lesson tomorrow afternoon.

i'm rather nervous about the interview. i'll be fine, i'm wearing my lovely new shoes, well one pair of them! I'm a nightmare for shoes, i have really small narrow feet. in the uk when i was a kid my clarks shoes were special ordered! anyway out here shoes aren't so much of a problem and i'm revelling in it! i tried on 8 pairs today and they all fit perfectly! now that is a miracle!

do remember me saying i was bored several hundred times? and that i was addicted to sims urbz on princesses gameboy advance sp..... well i finished it. and i'm at a loss now. so i'm reading yet another book.

they mountain of ironing is increasing but so is the temperature, its too bloody hot to iron, it's over 30 deg now! and it's 11pm i'm sweating loads.

sorry i've nothing rivotting to say

wish me luck i'll let you know how i do as soon as i'm back!

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feeliong hot hot hot
Sunday, June 19, 2005
it's 30 degrees (84 farenheiht) and it's 23.14! It's too bloody hot and despite a dip in the pool to cool down a bit which worked for about 10 minutes! i'm bloody sweltering. me thinks it will be hard to sleep tonight!

Yesterday i spent the entire day at the beach club. It was our open day and as i am a very important committee member i was manning the membership desk all day with my sweet smile! It was i have to say very successful. I was so busy i didn't get to go play on the banana boat or the screamer! Gutted.

The very busy day was rounded off at home when we went striaght into the garden adn jumped into the pool! Bliss! It was like a bloody hot bath until we mixed it up a bit!

I was so bolloxed last night i only cooked for princess hubby and i were not hungry at all maybe due to the heat. i got quite a lot of sun and my back was a bit burnt, despite my liberal application of suncream. It's gone browner already!

Today i got up really early and headed down to go waterskiing, it wasn't to be the wind had come in and it was too choppy. So i helped tidy up a bit after yesterday and drunk tea and chatted. It was Fathers Day today here so i ha left hubby sleeping and gone down with princess. When we got home he was already up, princess gave him the hastily bought pressie (which we got on the way home) and he went straigh on the ps2 to have a go, i got bored and went upstairs to get my book, thought me bedroom was cooler so i lay down on the bed to read a little. I woke up at 12.15!

Took hubby out to the beach bistro for fathers day lunch and we spent the rest of the day layzing in the sun. Which meant he hung out with his mates, and princess played with her friends, and i lay trying to get more sun on my legs reading! But in the end i was chatting to a lady i was on my windsurfing course with, we're meeting up on wednesday afternoon to get together and practice.

This week brings an interview, and not a lot else apart from the daily chores and food shop, so very exciting. I think i'll spend tomorrow in the pool on the lilo reading..... perfect way to liven up my tan, and who knows i may even get my triangles out! Of course i will have to fashion something to protect my scar....which has flared up again.

Well i'm gonna go give my Daddy a ring, it's fathers day and i didn't send a card cos i forgot all about it till it was too late. I did ring earlier but he was having a kip... and so i had a lovely chat to my mum instead. Did tell hubby to ring his dad, but he hasn't. i'm not gonna dial the phone for him! And i never sent a card to him either.

Laters peeps

god i'm bloody hot

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2 out of 2 ain't bad... or so i'm told!
Friday, June 17, 2005
Ok so i was feeling sorry for myself, why shouldn't i?
Thankyou drlings for your support and positive wishes. mwaaaah
But I is feeling much more postitive now i got a phonecall about 20 mins ago inviting me for an interview for the other job I applied for yesterday.
I am quite pleased, as this one will be challenging and great working hours too.

Yesterday afternoon i started aquafit with a couple of girls i know. It was surprisingly fun, and lovely in the pool cos it was yet again another hot day! sorry for rubbing it in guys sat back in uk in the rain, but i'm sat here now in sorts and a halterneck top with my ceiling fan on 3! and it's not even 10am yet!

I digress, yeah i know i'm good at that! So aquafit. It was a lot of fun, much harder than i thought you really can't move as fast its all kind of delayed. It was a great laugh and getting fit to the bargain, what else can you ask for? I was knackered when i finished, went home did dinner and slumped in my chair for the rest of the evening, dropping off to sleep.

Hubby woke me up, and once in bed in seconds i was sleeping again, and this morning i didn't want to get up either! Still i'm up now! It's not like me to sleep so much but then again i did work out really hard.

Today brings a quiet morning, with some paperwork for the beach club and this afternoon i'm off down th beach to sort out stuff for our big open day tomorrow, which is looking to be a lot of fun, but hard work too. I will find myself sat at the membership desk no doubt all day... as long as i get to go play on the ringo and banana boat at sometime i don't care!

Well i'll leave you all to it,

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Thursday, June 16, 2005
well the exam was a piece of piss.
the interview went well. i even managed to look almost relaxed and didn't fidget with my hands.
i left on a positive high.

and then 30 minutes ago i got a call.

i didn't get it. i obviously should have got my white triangles out.

she said i did really well, that it was really close and there was a massive amount of competition.

don't they always say that? it was like she was reading from a script. she offered me the chance to go in and get feedback from her. i didn't take it. what would i gain from that? she's already told me i haven't got it so whats the bloody point?

anyway i've applied for another job, it doesn't start till september which suits me fine. no doubt there will be a lot of competition fot his one too. i've spoken to them and added the fact i've been criminal record checked already due to my pta capacity which should help. plus i have more than enough qualifications for this one. i find out tomorrow wheter i have got an interview or not. fingers crossed. well actually cross everything you can for me

i need a job. i want to work. i can cope right now but i don't want to spend another winter not working i'll go insane if i do. oh plus the fact that last winter i couldnt work cos of the op and everything. but now i'm fine and i'm bored. i'm reading constantly i've almost fnished urbz on princesses gameboy, which is quite addictive!

well i'm off to chat to scarlet and feel sorry for myself.
i looked really hot today too, and i don't mean cos of the weather.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2005
feeling much better now...
must have been the alternate laying in the sun and jumping into the pool to cool off that did it!
tan has deepened slightly... thinking of taking everything off to get rid of annoying tan lines.

last night in bed hubby told me the triangle patches covering my boobs were so white they glowed in the dark! must do something about it.

slightly shitting myself now for tomorrow, its a busy busy day ahead, the interview, hospital appointment for me, xray appointment for princess, dental one, swimming lessons for princess in the afternoon, aquafit for me in the early evening. looks like its gonn abe one of those days.

today is a complete contrast. i've done the little housework i needed to do, however there will be a pile of ironing to get through in an hour or so which quite frankly can bloody well wait. its too bloody hot. and i've chilled finished a book, i'm on here for a bit and then oh i don't know i'll chat to scarlet who's just signed on msn, and catch up on the ongoing saga of her life, which i feel very detached from right now.

it's not got any easier i miss her like hell.
i miss proper shops
nice clothes
donner kebabs, lambrini, a choice of choccie, icecreams that don't melt to a puddle in 10 seconds, i miss my family, my other friends, even the wankers who swore they'd stay in touch and havne't bothered their arses. cream cakes. iceland.asda. scarlets and mines bench.
i miss so much.

do you realise i've been here 10 months now?
almost a year.
it's flown by
s'alright i like the sun. i'm happy now. i wasn't. but i am now im settled. just every so often i get real pangs of missing all i left behind.

love you guys

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..::i thought only kids and old people fell over::..
Tuesday, June 14, 2005
i'm sat here feeling sorry for myself.

this morning started as any other, apart from the fact for a change i was not running late!
on getting princess to school she remembered it was sports day so i drove home to get her kit and dropped it in. drove home had first cup of tea for the day, always the best, and munched on my lovely lite flakes with sunflower seeds and sugar, yeah i know i just can't go without a sprinkle of sugar on my brekkie.
chilled with a book while i drunk my tea, did a little tidying up. and got the camera, realised i was out of batteries so decided to pop to the local shop on the way to the sports field.

my mistake

on parking up and crossing the road i met the floor with a massive thud. sprawled over the pavement. my knee took a bad knock, and was very painful, my hands cut and scraped, both knees bleeding, my forearms and elbows bleeding and covered in grazes, stones ticking into them, and my lovely pink jasper conran 3/4 length trousers are dead, the have no kneees left.
a bit shaken i hobbled into the shop got the battires and drove myself home.

located the plasters, *note to self must buy more* and cotton wool and cleaned myself up, chucked knackered pink trousers on the floor. put plasters on as a temporary measure, cos i am allergic to them, and drove myself to sports day.

i missed the first race princess was in. gutted she came 3rd in the skipping race. i did manage to watch her in the relay race, and depite a bad handover she came 2nd, well her team did.

it struck me as i watched her what a good runner she is, something i most definately am not. she seems to thrive and do well and sport, where as i was always picked last being a hopeless cause. I only ever won one race as a kid, and that was the wheelbarrow race in infants school, i was the wheelbarrow and i have speedy hands! the rest of my sporting career is non existant. it fills me with such pride to see she is able to do all i couldn't.

Anyway, here i am, home from sports day, aching and hurting my knees stiff and bruised and my palms of my hands stinging relentlessly still.
i thought only kids and old people fell over.
obviously not. i'm not even sure how i fell, i think i tripped on my flip flop. bugger.

i'm nervous as hell about this job interview probably because i really really want this job. i really really really want this job. its hours are right the pay is good, and it would suit me down to the ground. trouble is will they think that i am the right gal for the job? probably not. the competition is stiff i'm told.

so i'm all woe is me, i won't even get to go in the pool this afternoon now i'm too stingy, or maybe i'll be brave. i'll have seized up by this afternoon!

Laters people

scarlet come back ffs i'm boring everyone

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..:;a little boredom a little news, and a proud proud mummy::..
Monday, June 13, 2005
Its been a funny week.
Mostly inbetween doing the obligitary housework i've had my head stuffed well and truly firmly into a book. I've been reading one a day. I'm bored. Hense i haven't had anything to blog about. I doubt very much you want to know that in the morning i am 2lb lighter than in the afternoon, that i've yet again been the person the toilet roll has run out on * why is it always me?* or what colour underwear i have on, although maybe some of you might be interested in that!

Saturday brought the school fete, being pta, i had my part to play. The day wholely unexciting apart from princess.

Princess, a red belt in Karate, was performing in a demonstration at the school. I slipped away from my tasks to watch her. She was almost last on. She stood there, beautiful and immacualte for a change, in the middle of the mats. At each corner a boy. I was at this point a little nervous, she hadn't told me anything about this just she was doing a few moves. They all took it in turns to attack her, and in turn she defended herself and fought them all off. I was so very proud. I have to say a few tears came to my eyes. It was after she had been bullied you see that i persuaded her to start karate. She got a massive round of applause. I wish i had taken my camera, but its a no go these days to take photos at a school. My heart almost burst with pride.

We did win something on the raffle, well actually princess did. I could hardly believe it. She won an adults fare trip to Egypt. Bless her little 8 year old socks.

We finished the structure for the pool in the afternoon it finally is level. and filled it. It took hours we finished filling it on sunday in the end. Yesterday afternoon we went in for a bit, the water not yet heated it was a bit on the cold side but fun. Can't wait to go for a dip this afternoon. Hubby and I have plans for hot summer nights, garden torches and a bottle of wine.....

I do have a little news...............
Its quite big actually.
I got a phonecall this morning.
I've got an interview on Thursday morning! Its for that systems administrator job!
15 minutes exam.
15 minutes interview.

very very nervous. i've not worked for 10 months now. i really miss it. i have a lot of competition though.

i'm sorry i haven't been posting, as i said been very quiet here. Mum and Dad i haven't drunk any alcohol this week you'll be pleased to know......

Tonight i am attempting a new recipe. Stuffed vine leaves. i am so bored i'm playing at being nigella.

oh well shall bore you no longer


ps there is a rumour scarlet might well be back soon, she is missing blogland!
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..::misson for scarlet::..
Thursday, June 09, 2005
Do you have the time
to listen to me whine
About nothing and everything
all at once
I am one of those
Melodramatic fools
Neurotic to the bone
No doubt about it

Sometimes I give myself the creeps
Sometimes my mind plays tricks on me
It all keeps adding up
I think I'm cracking up
Am I just paranoid?
Or I'm just stoned

I went to a shrink
To analyze my dreams
She says it's lack of sex
that's bringing me down
I went to a whore
He said my life's a bore
So quit my whining cause
it's bringing her down

Sometimes I give myself the creeps
Sometimes my mind plays tricks on me
It all keeps adding up
I think I'm cracking up
Am I just paranoid?
Uh, yuh, yuh, ya

Grasping to control
So I better hold on

Sometimes I give myself the creeps
Sometimes my mind plays tricks on me
It all keeps adding up
I think I'm cracking up
Am I just paranoid?
Or I'm just stoned

basket case greenday.....thanks guys

I am on a mission of mercy

Scarlet desparately wants to see GREEN DAY

So far tickets have eluded her, and at each point she has been unlucky.

Does anyone have a spare or know where she can get one for Milton Keynes Bowl Preferably?

She's driving me nuts, and theres feck all i can do to help besides this

Any ideas peeps?


shocking shocking sight today turned my tum.......
laydees if you have an out of control laydee garden, that is so wild it's growing down your legs.......

It's obscene

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..::i know what i did on saturday night...now you will too::..
Monday, June 06, 2005
Saturday night i got into my foxy boho look with of course my trusty reef flippies, approved of hubby's sexy hawaian shirt and reeking like a hoes handbag we went out for the night.
A beach party, yeah another one, it's gettting so old pmsl
Some of our favourite people at this one promising to be a good night, caterers and everything. Speeches and copious amounts of alcohol for all, except me.
I was designated driver. So i spent all night drinking evil coke cola, which makes me really silly. all that caffiene. i'm really only trying to make excuses for myself by telling you that. Hubby's turn to get shitfaced seeing as i did last weekend.

The night heady, hot and fabulous, a lot of people buggerred off leaving the core group. And yes moi is part of it. So much a fixture down there these days! some really cool magic tricks involving coins, and ducky, not having any making up his own, you had to be there, but it was so funny i felt a trickle as i laughed and bolted off to the loos before i pissed myself laughing.

Loosey bless her pissed out of her head starts jumping round like a little kid, hey guys lets go skinny dipping...........
i have to say i did.
stone cold fucking sober.
we all ran down to the waters egde, stripped off butt naked, all you could see were glowing white bits, and ran headlong into the water.
it was a bit cold.
my nipples were like monster truck wheel nuts by the time we came out!
hubby was mighty impressed with me.
seeing as i was sober. in fact i am now known as that cool chick who got naked and jumped in the sea sober.

see. i do daft things without drinking, i don't need to get out of my head to do silly shit.

it was i have to say the most enormous fun i've had. so liberating. we all had a great time splashing about. until it was time to run out, i must have stood on every stone on the fecking beach ouch.
i also tried to put looseys knickers on, not clever, it was dark and we were both wearing white, i had headed for the white pile of clothes on the beach! Ducky put Peppers boxers on and stretched them so much pepper couldn't even wear them, shame.....lol hes fit with the most fabulous eyes. married to loosey who is the most petite lass just like a doll.

When we finally got home, hubby told me i looked great running naked up the beach in the moonlight...... i told him his dick is massive compared to duckys jack russel dick. pmsl

we slept in.

princess staying the night at a friends house decided to stay there for the day too playing in their pool, which proved to be great for her, as i had to go out to the beach.

I was supposed to be there at 8am.
i didn't make it. i was supposed to be learning how to wakeboard. obviously i didn't make it. so i am booked in for next weekend now.

Windsurfing too i was supposed to be comnpleteing my course. kev didn't turn up, obviously he couldn't get up either after a skinfull, so i chatted with mates and stalked around in my bikini for a bit, came home and vegged out after a bit.

But not before next weekends enterainment for all was arranged.

I not only am learning wakeboarding/waterskiing i am..........................
having kitesurfing lessons on saturday

I rock
however i suspect i'll spend more time in the water than i do windsurfing, though its meant to be easier. I'm really excited i can't wait. i've already chosen my kite.... for when hubby buys me one of my own cos i can't use his it's too big for me.

of course i will tell all next weekend, i'm hoping hubby will take pics, and i may even post some.

i'm currently deciding whether i should sunbathe naked in the garden, those triangle white marks i've got really do glow in the moonlight, need to even that up a bit for next time!

right better get my ass in gear and finish the housework. i've just been emailing my cv off for a job i'm after, systems administrator.......fingers crossed.

i also fell asleep on the sofa this morning after breakie reading my book.

lazy bitch


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behind the bikesheds ...not
Sunday, June 05, 2005
We didn't go to the back to school thingy, hubby was feeling really unwell, so we sacked going and had a cosy night in instead. Not particually romantic with him coughing his guts up. I was still wide awake at 4am not being able to sleep from the constant coughing. I did sleep in the end, and even managed to get a lay in.
bugger just seen the time, will say more later, gotta go make a twat of myslef windsurfing

love you
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..:to put the record straight::..
Friday, June 03, 2005
Contrary to the below post, i am not spending my days in an alcohol fuelled haze,
just the evenings,
well some of them.
Since i have not been out on the town for months ( january) , beside a little one last month, (my wedding anniversary), i think i'm entitled to let my hair down a little.
pissed for you is not neccessarily pissed for me. Iam a nice drunk, i'm a fun drunk, i always know what i'm doing and i always remember in the morning, i never have hangovers, (except if i drink beer, which i don't) i never drink myself to oblivian.

I have be known to do silly things, mainly in the company of Scarlet, and she usually starts it.....
and yes, i do have a penchant for purchasing tacky things when under the influence, i have a fine collection of rude badges and rude postcards.

I know my limits, and i don't exceed them. i'm usually the least drunk, the one that looks out for everyone else.
I'm always in control, i'm far too much of a control freek not to be.

If you look across a crowded room, and see a woman with long sunbleached hair, a honeyed tan jumping and dancing around to whatever music is playing be it adadoo (ok maybe not music) or aerosmith, singing along making a twat of herself, thats me.... in a nice way.
I'll wake up in the morning absolutely fine, no hangover.

Be happy for me
at last i am popular,
i've grown into myself.
i'm not that skinny kid who was bullied at school anymore,
i'm not the kid who always got picked last for pe anymore
i'm exuding confidence,
i'm having fun
and i'm loving life
i'm loving myself

I will never forget how much different my life would have been had my tumour been malignant,

this is life,
this is my life
i'm celebrating it,
living it to the full
just like i promised myself i would with my new years resolution

i may have a few drinks,
i may swear,
i don't smoke
i've NEVER done drugs

i'm a good Mum, a good wife, a good friend,

but i'm me too,
don't forget


oh and i expect things will quieten down for a bit now anyway, everything just seems to have come at once, out tonight and tomorrow, and i expect that will be it for a while,
besides i can't get too pissed tonight, i'll never find my way to behind the bikesheds!
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..::living in the social whirl of Lou Lou::..
Thursday, June 02, 2005
The social whirl of the summer season has at last begun! Last week brought me out more than in! Although 2 of those nights i was babysitting, which enables me to go out all this weekend!

We treated ourselves to a new swimming ppool for the back garden! Just one of those easy set up ones, it's massive and a whole lot of fun. I've had a great time clothes shopping too. It's nice to treat oneself.

Anyways, the drinkys night last week was a good night, i got home more than a little drunk, though not so drunk as i was on Saturday.

Saturday we had friends round for drinks.

Sunday brought a pool party round our house, in the afternoon, which good friends, good food and drink. I had bought a pool volleyball set, much fun was had as we all dived around. The water was fabulously warm, like being in a bath. We are gonna have so much fun in the pool this year!

Sunday evening brought a good mate of ours 40th birthday celebrations. Not to do things by halves, it was held on a beach, with everyone dressed up in beachwear, well almost. ONe fo the lads turned up with his face painted red a la sunburn, socks and sandles the biggest bumbag in the world, and his shirt done up wrong, ever the wag. I was wearing a bikini but had my much loved and suited new look for me on, boho chic. I have to say i really suit it! My voodoo dolls bikini didn't see much action, the water was a wee bit cold at night, so i stuffed my face drunk a few bottles of wine, Debs and I salsa danced a bit, outside by the loos, until we got caught by the staff.... who weren't exactly laughing. I was well into it by that point, ruffling my skirt about and kicking up my heels. Slightly embarressed by the whole thing! I wasn't as Drunk as Debs though who fell asleep in the car on the way home mid conversation. Hubby was designated driver, a good swap as i was being designated driver on Monday.

Monday a big group of us went to a waterpark. We were first in almost and the last to leave! This time i wore one of my many bikinis, but took a one piece with me just to be safe. Remember last time? * see oct 4th 2004*It was a riot. We all got thoroughly knackered acting like a bunch of kids, more than the kids who were very well behaved. My favourite water slide at this place being the one i came so throughly unstuck on last time. A 50ft sheer drop, travelling at speeds of up to 100kms, kicked up at the bottom, and flown through the air. Last time i lost everything i was wearing. So this time, prepared likt the ex brownie/guide that i am i slipped my one piece on over my bikini and got stuck in. Its a really exillerating experience, minus the cheesewire effect you get through the inertia. Finally bolloxed from it all, Pulling my bhottoms out my bum, i patted my boobs, confident my bikini was still in place i proceeded to slip out of my one piece.
the force of the water had undone the ties of my bikini and there was i, tits out,again, infront of hubbys mates and their partners. way to go lou. i took every precaution i couldn't have helped it could i?

The evening everyone came back to our house for a BBQ, the evening rounded of by many drinks, lots of food and a rowsing game of pictionary!

Tuesday we went out for the day with some friends, did touristy things, great day lots of fun. Quiet night apart fromt he housr of ironing i did and all the housework, i got to bed shortly before 2am!

So there you have it, yesterday i just chilled, caught my breath, tonight i'm babysitting, it's Debs birthday and her hubby is taking her out for a meal, she doesn't know about it yet.
Tomorrow it's the back to school night, i've been upstairs this afternoon trying it all on, tweaking it all. Looking pretty slutty.......must remember not to bend over, and to put some knickers on! Not sure re plaits or bunches yet..... any ideas? Have decided to wear the fmbs.....
Saturday night we're off to another party, another beach one, sunday i think i'll chill. I plan to get seriously ratarsed this weekend, not something i make a habit of it you understand, it just seems like it lately!

I've had bollockings for not posting. I consider myself bollocked and hope this makes up for it. For now. I've not gone into toooo much details, we'd be here all night! and my lasagne homemade of course is just about done the garlic is stinking the house out....

Laters peeps,

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