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splish splash
Saturday, July 30, 2005
I've been to the waterpark, all day long, and i've just been out for a slap up meal in my bikini and sarrong!!!!! at a beach bistro.

The day has been fab, my tan is more golden and i've had loads of fun!

Yes i did the usual, i lost my bikini top, and yes my hubbys mates saw (cringe)

i also lost my bottoms a bit


oh well

was bloody good fun anyway

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happy days
Friday, July 29, 2005
Praise be!!!!!!

the mangina is back

now all i need is a sequel to zoolander and my life will be complete



feeling better now not wobbly, feeling is back i'm minus the tooth minus a braincell and hopefully the tooth fairy is coming to see me tonight!!!!
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tomorrow, have mercy mr dentist
Thursday, July 28, 2005
Today i've had a mental fit and attacked the house with gusto, i've been a bit remiss in my house duties of late with all the excitment of working and having a social life. It's all done and with good reason. Tomorrow....... but i'll get to that in a mo.

Despite running round my house scantily clad i have actually spent some time dressed and been out and about....... i got my eyes tested yesterday (the quickest eye test i have ever had in my life) and i have to have new glasses just a little stronger, which i only wear for pc and reading work. Princess also had hers done and we chose a fancy pair of new gigs for her too, she has worn glassses since she was 18 months old and i am very fussy about what she wears. Her new ones, which we collect tomorrow are half rimmed, and very grown up! We got her some new sunglasses today the cutest ray bans!
I have yet to choose mine, hubby who was with us was looking decidely figetty and pissed off with waiting so i decided i would choose mine another day when he's not with me and then i'll treat myself to some new sunglasses too!

We went out for lunch which was lovely and then hit the shops. Princess discovered tween shops.......oh dear god.

Anyway tomorrow.....

I am having my wisdom tooth out, so i will be decidely less intelligent, and not great. Hense the great housework rush. I am hoping hubby will take pity and do the ironing! I don't think i'll be feeling up to much......

The weekend planned is a busy one, saturday we're off to the waterpark with a group of friends and sunday we are waterskiing! Of course the evenings of each will probably be spent drinking wine and stuffing good foof down my throat! (tooth allowing)

well its bloody late, its damn hot still and i'm dripping once more, i have got to get some sleep,
nighty nights

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damn fecking hot
Wednesday, July 27, 2005
I am HOT

I am fecking HOT

I have sweat dripping off me, running down my hot body

The sun is fabulous, not a cloud in the sky all day (it's night now so i can't tell! for this moment in time)

I am sick of changing my clothes several times a day, i am fed up of the endless washing mountain, and the bloody ironing i have to do in the bloody scorching heat

I have taken to ironing in a bikini which is a little dangerous! Playing playstation in my bra and keks, which although cool is inviting attention........

I am bloody sweltering only another 4/5 months of it to go!




Scarlet book your fecking ticket so we can suffer together xxxxxxxxxx
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swoon, melt, yummy
Monday, July 25, 2005
I went to the cinema on thursday night with Deb, chick flick The Wedding Date. It was funny as hell and at moments truly bloody brilliant. I fell in love with a few quotes made by the leading man. Dermot Mulroney Yummmmmmmmmy!

"Close your eyes. Close your eyes. Close... your... eyes. You're safe. You can relax. I'm not going to kiss you. He's gonna be so sorry he lost you, so stop worrying. Forget the past. Forget the pain. And remember what an incredible woman you are."

"I'd rather fight with you than make love to anybody else."

"The hardest part of love isn't loving someone, but having the courage to let them love you back. "

Omg if only men said shit like that in real life! I could swoon!

The rest of the weekend i've been in the pool, at BBQ's getting pissed same old same old i spose.

I made a class one liner yesterday afternoon without even knowing! I was at Deb's house down the road and we were about to pop back to mine to get the puddings out my fridge.

I am already out the front waiting for Deb.

Deb walks through the gate, says "Omg, i am so hot, sticky and wet!"

I said...."are you coming or what?" lmfao

She almost pissed herself and i had no idea what i had said that was so funny....local wine will do that to you you know!

Twas a good day though. even when hubby decided to pull one of my bikini triangles down for a laugh.... ha ha funny love. Talking of which the triangles are whiter than ever.....gonna have to do something about that.

Last night it was unbearably hot, it took me 3 hours to get to sleep. Tossing, turning saying shut the feck up under my breath to the noisy neighbours having a bit of a party....wankers. I went downstairs and into the garden to get cooler, they were so obnoctious i was on the point of going next door asking them if i could join in their conversation since i could hear all of it from my bed!

I went back to bed after checking the thermometer...it was 32 deg jesus christ no wonder i was struggling to sleep. after another half an hour of tossing and turning willing myself to sleep my eyes heavy and head pounding i went and had a cold shower.......it worked. 3 bloody hours it took me to get to sleep.

I have no idea what i'm doing today yet...... more sun, more pool, yeah. waterpark planned for saturday......yay the rest of the week? lay ins prolly and good music whilst i lay on the lilo in the pool, good food, life is so crap lol

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Psssssstttttttt........Drink has much as you can!!!
Saturday, July 23, 2005
I am sorry for my absence again.
Not entirely my fault, puter decided to be poorly and I am depressed because my son is away for ages.
I miss him sooo much.
so hence a little wave of depression has come over me.
Usually its a time for me to rush out the door socializing massively.
but hey, not this time.
I had three offers tonight to go out and instead took mum up on the offer of supper. Now how sad is that.
Now my mum cannot cook, none of the ladies in our family are blessed with the ability to cook
now I accepted the offer thinking that dad would do the cooking has usually the case.
until he whispered scarlet drink has much as you can mum's cooking.
ohhh fuck lead me to the vodka dad.
Now the last time my mother cooked for me she gave me a serious bout of food poisoning, I kid you not, it was a bad case.
so me and my dad got shit faced which was really quite funny it has to have been the best meal I have had there but I am quite pissed has we speak so maybe not the best.
my dad and I think she had put the broccoli on around 2pm and being pissed asked her this every two minutes.
she did she the funnyside in our banter bless her, she said it was just like I never left home.
you sooooooo gotta love mums.
what am i gonna do all alone, my liver cannot cope with many more suppers cooked by my mother.
anyhoooo must drink more drinky - poo's
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i'm done. i'm finished.
Thursday, July 21, 2005

i'm gutted not only because of what happened but also the fact i've finished the damn book i've waited so bloody loong to read.

I am beside myself. i even shed tears.

oh well i'll have to wait god only knows how long for the next one. now all i need is someone else who's finished it so i can actually talk about it!

I'm not well. I'm poorly sick. the throat is a little better but replaced by dizziness and nausea. i almost passed out last night on the way up the stairs. i maybe was in the sun too long yesterday after bening out for the morning and spending the afternoon laying on my lilo in the pool. i did drink lots so i don't think dehydration is the problem.

anyways i spent the morning doing light housework and spending time with harry! Now i'm at a loss. i'm killing time right now waiting for the rolls i've baked to cool enough to eat.

i'm also incredibly hot it's about 36 deg today.......no respite looks like the pool is calling me again

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my voice is tres husky
Tuesday, July 19, 2005
woooooooooooooo the summer hols are here! i lost my voice yesterday but today it is i have to say a little better and rather husky, but not in an attractive way......

i've managed a few hundred pages of harry now....don't tell me!

It's fecking hot, the pool is shagged so i cna't go in it, for now anyway maybe tomorrow bastard cats

i was fecking knackered last night and fell asleep whilst watching a dvd in bed again. that is until my dear darling hubby woke me up so i could go answer the phone

lazy git

he said it would be for me anyway

it was for both of us, old friends and neighbours, excellent drinking buds and he's a bbq king are popping over for a holiday and want to go out for dinner with us while they are here. this is great news these peeps are top class. they are it has to be said a lot older than us, actually their eldest son is 2 weeks younger than me! but they are top class people and a lot of fun.

today i was applying for something and i had to give personal info., one of the details was my height and weight, another was my age. i made the girl guess (bitch i know she has to be nice) she said 26! Me i look 26! wooooooo i told her she was too nice and had to say nice things but later she said to me truthfully i look no where near my almost 29ness......... *cough nearly 32ness cough* apparently i look FABULOUS!!!!!! wooooooooo now she's either a lesbo (which i happen to know she's not) or she is desparate to be nice to old women! so it's be nice to lou day! which makes me feel much better after the chance remark my daughter made at the weekend.....

me: i'm dying out here (with reference to the scorching heat)
princess: what of old age?

cheeky cow...thats my girl, never too young to learn to bitch

ps scarlet where the feck are you?

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to sum it up
Monday, July 18, 2005
my weekend has been busy as hell.

After catching up with all the chores being a working woman has stuck on the back burner the weekend arrived with a vengence.

Saturday up early and down the beach for waterskiing, sadly there was none due to it being too rough, but we stuck aorund a bit anyway.

Back home, cuppa and shower and out again. Into the city, bit of shopping lush lunch and a visit to a patisserie for afters...yummy.

Saturday afternoon brought a shit committee meeting that went on for 2 1/2 hours and ended with a massive row and hubby wanting to hit someone.

trip to the doctors to princess has very painful ear after being in a swimming pool all afternoon at a mates house.

the evening good food, good booze, good company. cool night ta debs xx

sunday early up and a trip to see the doctor again, swimmers ear poor little mite, not allowed to get her head in the water for 10 days, drops to be administered. poor little bugger its so hot, the pool is the only respite.

popped down the beach. now i say popped because we were only going down to see the club boss for 10 minutes. however we ended up staying til 5pm!

NO bikini i was dressed in a ankle length gypsy skirt and a halter neck top all bloody day.....i have gone such a lovely lush deep brown on my arms and shoulders it'll be a bugger for the rest of me to catch up! The day was long and knackering, i worked my arse off on the beach manning the waterski /banana boat/screamer desk. I'm not grumbling, looking at tanned toned men all day is a pretty cool occupation, oh did i mention they didn't have much on? I didn't notice the women!

I forgot to say what happened to me on saturday......

early saturday about 8am we went to our local stockist of the new harry potter book, to find empty shelves. In disgust Deb and i approached the manager. He informed us the books are not allowed to go on sale until 2 in the afternoon. We argued we pleaded, he would not budge. i argued that in uk the books had been on sale already for hours what the hell was he playing at people had already finished it! no matter how many times he said no and what he said we stood our ground. We refused to leave without harry, even if he called the police! we caused quite a scene!

In the end he decided to show us the memo from his head office. " See laydees it says 2 o' clock,"
YES i shout, 2 am (you fecking thick illiterate twat) now give me harry!
He hands me the first copy from the box, i notice it's jacket is not pristine and demand he change it. Stroking the front cover i walk to the till. Harry safe in my hands.

After all that hassle until this afternoon i had only managed to read 2 pages! 2 fantastic pages that is. Last night i was so knackered we got a takeaway and went to bed with a dvd, which i fell asleep only woken at hubby's snorting laughter.

Up at 5.45am this am, i was back at work by 7.15am this morning. the office was boiling, i worked flat out, i've lost my voice, (a blessing for some) and it was my last day...i'm off for the summer now not bad is it? work a few days and then have 5 weeks off! I'm loving the challenge, i'm loving the job, my boss is ace, i love it love it love it.

Right i'm off to read a bit more of harry i managed 100 pages this afternoon, only another 500 or so to go! Don't expect me to post till i finish it and nobody tell me how it ends!

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a hard days work
Thursday, July 14, 2005
It went well. It was busy as hell, the lady leaving, who i was shadowing was called away and that was me chucked in at the deep end!

I managed admirably, started finding my way round the concrete jungle that is my new place of work. Found the staff room and the tea making facilities, and the handy strategically placed tuck shop with lush rolls.

My office, a new one is not quite finished, it lacks a vital componeant. Air Conditioning. It's upwards of 34 degrees here and god only knows how hot in the office! I have to say it was a little hot. I coped. My new boss is lovely. She is a sweetie. I will have to work very, very hard though. I will give 110% and it will be required. Already my hours have changed i will be there more hours, and already i have started making my presence known.

So anyway my first day back in the world of work.......it was great. I got home cooked tea, an easy dinner pizza, we had planned to go out for dinner to celebrate my first day but we're gonna do that at the weekend instead. It was bloody hot, unbearably so and i was knackered so about 8pm i went upstairs stripped butt naked and turned the fans on full, got myself comfy under the mossie net and put the playstation on, haven't played Sims for ages, I fell asleep. Hubby came up at god knows what time and woke me up. I guess a good days work just tired me out.

Also the fact that i'm a stupid twat and the alarm i thought i had set for 5.45am actually went off at 5.15am...... ( i forgot my alarm clock runs 25 mins fast) and then this morning the fecking thing didn't even go off!

The lady leaving popped back in this morning, and as soon as she was given her leaving gift she left, and i got to grips with reorganising things to how i want them! Cheeky cow i know, but it's my job now! The desk has been reorganised and i start on the file system monday!

I'm off tomorrow, and the weekend of course and then on Monday i'm back to work all day, and then i'm off for the rest of the summer! Yay! Cushti or what.

I have to say doing this feminine thing in skirts every day is quite nice, i did a bit of a marilyn monroe thingy earlier the fans played havok with the skirt i had on today!

Anyways to cut it short i'm bloody knackered, i'm bloody hot, you people back in uk don't know what hot bloody is! There's some decent telly on for a change, i'm 3/4 way through my book, deception point by dan brown which is quite good, and i need to go get a cold shower.

Plus i'm desperate to catch up with Scarlet...there are exciting things afoot in her house....but i is not telling yous lot. top secret.

Thanks everyone for your love and support

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It's been a while
Tuesday, July 12, 2005
After almost a year I return to work very early tomorrow morning. I say early because of the time difference most of you will still be sleeping as I struggle to wake up and embark into the working world once more.

I'm feeling rather nervy, not in a bad way in a good way, I'm excited really looking forward to my first few days and then I've got 6 weeks off! Ah the bliss of a term time job.

I haven't yet decided which of my delectable new outfits I'm going to wear yet, I'm sure I will make a decision sometime by 5.45am when I get up. I have yet to organize my handbag, work handbag, as carrying around a bright pink stripy bag isn't exactly sophisticated....It is a very lush bag though, as yes scarlet babe as soon as I can I'll post you one. I haven't yet decided whether to straighten my hair, or wear it loose a la mental tousled look (read through hedge backwards) I will I'm sure decide on that too!

The nights here are unbearably hot right now, it's still 30 degrees at midnight. Princess is being a pain in the arse because she can't sleep because its so hot. We are all having cold showers before we go to bed in an effort to cool down a little.

I spoke to my sis yesterday she was complaining how hot it is back in UK!!! Sweetie you don't know what hot is!

I suppose really I should go get sorted out and try and get an early night for a change..... I have after all got work in the morning. It's well weird saying that!

Well wish me luck, I'll tell all tomorrow

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the weekend that was
Monday, July 11, 2005
In honor of my starting work on Wednesday, for the first time in almost 1 year! (I've been here 11 months now!) i went shopping to purchase my new work wardrobe.

Sophisticated, capsule, sexy, classy,feminine and cool is how i'd describe it.

Elevenses.... yummy almond croissant stuffed with a custardy type filling and a cuppa to boost my lagging energy. Weighted down with tops, skirts, (my new signiture item) thongs, bras (gotta have something nice to wear under it all) I am rather pleased with myself. I haven't had such a splurge in forever. Clothes shopping is a very depressing thing to do here.

I've had a quiet weekend chilling on the beach. Princess has been waterskiing and bananaboating to her hearts content. I've gotten a bit browner, i've also lost 3lb's! I haven't even tried! Yesterday afternoon after a morning on the beach, i spent at home laying on the lilo in our pool, which is beckoning me as i type. It's so bloody hot today about 34 degrees. Even the breeze is hot.

All this is very nice and pretty shallow.

The news however is not. Dear Minnow had a close call. So many others were not as lucky. My heart goes out to them. As i sit and watch the news, the anonomous faces on posters with phone numbers on them, have you seen? missing! Where is? A large lump catches in my throat, the tears prick at my eyes and i feel so sad. Watching anything to do with 9/11 still effects me, who doesn't it? I know there is nothing i can do. I know nothing i can say can help. I wish it could. how i wish. It breaks my heart.

And yet yesterday shining bright, our message to the world. You will never beat us! The fabulous Veteran Celebrations. The pride of London. The pride of Britain. We are strong, we are united, and you will not change us. I think that although not meant to be it was perfect, a wonderful bit of propaganda. Two fingers up at the evil scum. The courage displayed in the last few days is a force to be reckoned with. Be warned.

Also something else has come to light. I was absolutely disgusted to hear on the news that some unscrupulous hotels in london were doubling and trippling their rates on thursday. Their doors should have been flung open to all, to anyone, not profit mongering out of tragedy. It makes me sick that people can behave that way in the midst of chaos confusion and crisis.

On a lighter note, but decidedly stressful, annoying i popped down to the cashpoint before my shopping trip this morning. I put my card in prepared to punch in my pin, and the bastard thing crashed. It went into meltdown, with my bloody card stuck inside it. I stood there for 10 minutes pressing buttons trying to get my card out. In the end i walked away rung hubby and got him to sort them out whilst i was out, which he did. It was most stressful. I was fuming. Thank god the bank of deborah could lend me some cash! Thanks babe xx

I also have developed an anoying habit of attempting to unlock my front door, by pressing the remote control on my keyfob! I have done this rather a lot of late.

Extreme ironing last night.....a la bikini not quite daring enough to do it naked...i keep buring my tummy!

Right off to have a chat to Scarlet before i jump in the pool.

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Thursday, July 07, 2005
Our Father,
who art in heaven,
Hallowed be thy Name.
Thy kingdom come.
Thy will be done,
On earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread.
And forgive us our trespasses,
As we forgive those who trespass against us.
And lead us not into temptation,
But deliver us from evil.
For thine is the kingdom,
the power,
and the glory,
for ever and ever.

The war on terror is far from over, as shockingly today's events unfold upon our screens. If you have a moment, please just pray for the poor souls who unwittingly have been caught up in this nightmare constructed by madmen.

After 9/11 we dared to hope it could never happen again. Sadly it has. I have to say the underground has always been a target waiting to happen.

Have we gotten complacent?

How could this happen?

Sadly there is only one answer.

Evil will always find a way to do evil no matter what we try to do to prevent it.

God Save the Queen

God Bless England

Bless us one and all

And please please keep everyone safe.

L and Scarlet

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Let this be a lesson to us all............
Wednesday, July 06, 2005
Dearly beloved,
Yes it is I !!
Lou has been going on at me to blogg, so blame her if you waste your time reading this post.
I think I am over my bout of woe is me.

So I have been trying desperately to get back into the dating game, with some new found confidence which is a big fat lie really, but it seems to be working.
Last Saturday I went to a live 8 party which was really good fun, and yes wait for it met a man!!!!
His parents owned a lot of property in the area, so he comes to the town often, hinting that he could be here very very often.
He was lovely, and bright really good looking just finished his degree (a mature Student) 32years old.
we got on famously, until he asked me back to his place and it was obvious what for, so I declined because I am a lady (honest).
so he asked for my number , I also declined and asked for his and said I would phone and arrange to meet the next day! He gave me a kiss goodbye which was yuck if I am honest.
o.k so far so good.
Got on the phone to Lou where upon I said
'nope not going to phone him'
even though he was good looking but there really was no chemistry for me.
Finished work this afternoon and was just popping into the shop to get some milk when
ohhhhhhh fuck he was in there,
so I did the only thing I could do and crouch down and hide by the pot noodle isle, I must have been there for about 15 mins, when a pair of hands reached for my sides and gave them a squeeze.
not only did he know I was hiding he asked why I haven't phoned him.
so I lied ( I never lie so there for my cheeks were a deep shade of red)
I didn't have any make up on or deodorant because I over slept and a pair of crappy tight jeans and an off the shoulder top on, I looked shite with a capital S.
After stumbling on my words for about 5 mins they asked me to there barbecue this afternoon where upon I lied and said that I have to go back to work, where upon the shop assistant said I thought you'd cut your hours don't you finish this time normally now.
I could have reached over and punched her in the face, instead I said yes that's right doesn't start til' next week though. Biatch.
so he invited me out tonight.
shit so might have to go unless I can think of a believable illness.
Fuck it!!
beware ladies always wake up in time a to put on make up and try and remember the name of the bloke who asked for your number.
Gonna go ask Lou see if she remembers what he was called.
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glam pudding
after a very fat day of licking out the bowl, and then scoffing many little cakes, coconut with bright pink icing, i left the sultana cakes to hubby (yuck) i felt decidedly guilty.

and then thought wtf i'll have another couple anyway!

the afternoon was spent being busy on exciting business. the evening i fell asleep in my chair.

boring cow.

this morning i took princess to school came home had breakfast, drunk my first cuppa of the day (the best) and proceeded to read angels and demons by dan brown. dozed off.

woke up, took myself off to bed, and slept. hubby popped home from work, he had forgotten some paperwork, and woke me up. shit. busted. he left so i went back to sleep!

was woken up by the annoying ring of my mobile, so thought i might as well get up! I popped out bought princess madagascar for her gba (which i will play later) and decided to treat myself.

I detoured to the beautician who just happened to have a free appointment, so i'm freshly tweezed and my lashes are a gorgeous blue black tint. sexy! i will no longer have massy running down my face at the beach cos i've fogotten i've got it on when i've gone in the sea. i'm a decidedly glam pudding now in my bright orange top and choccie shorts.

i feel better than i did earlier. this afternoon it's off to the beach i think to test out the new lash tint.

how boring my days are that all changes, i start work next week!

off to drink some water, dehydrating here its so HOT

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Tuesday, July 05, 2005
the best thing about baking cakes

eating whats left in the bowl

scrapes anyone?

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Monday, July 04, 2005
Happy 4th July!

Dyna, Subby, Em, Jeanette,G,Laura, Mr Underhill,Rob, Darth, Ex Raver Girl,HC, Glamtart,Jay and Jasmine and your darling babies,Laurie,Stimdawg and Jolynn!

Right now on to normal business. My dear Dyna has done something like this, so i thought i'd jump on the bandwagon! Sort of a random shit about me thingy.

The first cup of tea of the day is always the best.

I eat my weetabix soggy with 1 dsp sugar but i don't like it to disintergrate.

My back is browner than the rest of my body. Bugger.

I love 80's music. BUt i do like lots of other stuff too mostly rock.

I wear 5 rings. My wedding, engagement and eternity, my anniversary diamonds and my solitaire my mum gave me.

My ears have been pierced twice but i gave up on wearing 2 lots of earings they were apain in the ass, so now just the one and marks where the holes were.

My eyes are green, but sometimes change colour reflecting my mood.

My favourite colour is black.

My favourite everyday shoes are my reef flip flops.

My favourite everyday dress is a bikini top and shorts. It's too hot to wear much else!

I like to dance in my underwear or without for that matter

I don't get drunk very often. But i like to drink.

I have asthma. Just a bit.

A teddybear i have had since birth is still in my possession, it's by my bed, and wears a dress, it has no name. I have been known to cuddle it when upset.

I am a narky bitch. Well some of the time, though hubby would say all.

I am very houseproud. Take your shoes off all ye who enter.

My belly button is pierced.

I was once bullied as a child because i was so skinny.

I love banana's esp toasted sarnies, or in a bowl chopped up with milk and sugar. yummy.

When i was 3 years old i pinched a whols steak of my dads plate and stuffed it down my throat, the beginning perhaps of my love affair with steak.

I eat my steak very rare, practically blue. I have been known to eat raw mince while cooking.

I used to sing the doogie howser theme tune with my dad we even had a dance!

Me and princess have a dance we do to the theme tune of dark angel, and we sing along to all tv show tunes.

I still know the dance i made up as a kid to papa don't preach, i am still known to perform this in private when no one is watching.

I was a big fan of Wham. I still adore George Michael, my Dad made him gay by the power of thought.

I have a facination of handbags.

I have a stationary fetish. I have compulsions to buy it in binges.

My bedroom is lilac and cream.

One day i'd like to learn to fly an aeroplane.

I do not like sprouts or cabbage.

I like orange flavoured things but hate oranges, i can drink the juice but oranges in my mouth make me gag.

I am allargic to yoghurt and adhesive on plasters.

My favourite place to be is with my family,

My other favourite place to be is with Scarlet, on our bench plied with alcohol.

I always sing along in the car

Ok now you're bored, or have realised just how boring i am

Wasn't Robbie pure sex at live8? Did you see that bit when he looked right into the camera? That was for me you know, he knew i was watching. Even my mum calls him scrumptious bum. Minnow you can have him after me!


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Saturday, July 02, 2005
early riser shit
lets go mummy
i struggle to the bathroom and get sorted pulk on fithful bikini and we go out
feck tis early
the beach beutiful hot ready
struggle to wetsuit and choose skis
we me and princess is waterskiing today
she goes in i have heart in mouth she is up and away first go
tears of pride
i have my go
i am nearly there ad then i fall and then i go again and agin and again
and i give up
i am shit
my 8 yr old can do it


the beach was lovely afternoon came home got in pool lush
went for a lay down
i'm getting pissed now wathing live 8
talking to minnow
likes minnow sting is singing class

buy hammock
buy trampline
go waterski

i have such a hrd life these days

nice bttle wine by my side a lovely rose one yum stofked up on beer and wine today rack is full beer fridge full and slab on cuvboard

scrlets not her where the fecj are you beyotch



subby subtits
beyotch = bitvh
bollox= betwixt your legs
waterski= ski on water
beer/wine=get shitfaced
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its a small world
Friday, July 01, 2005
well it is really

i had a big shock yesterday afternoon

a lady came up to me and said "Hi Lou"

an old friend, not seen her for ages we lost touch after she moved house, and here she is, talking to me .

i'm not sure how i feel about it. excited? pleased?

i don't know

i instantly got hold of scarlet as soon as i got home. she knew her too.

how does she feel?

same as me.

in shock


it was nice to see her again i think. my princess and her little one used to play together when they were really small.

here i am one child. she has 3 now! she's still pretty. her once lush hubby has put on a lot of weight and is no longer the horndog we all thought he was way back then! the one thing i really noticed about her was her nails! they were like talons! How the hell does she manage with them with toddler ffs?

we'll meet up while shes here maybe for a coffee or something

we were never really close, scarlet has always been my closest friend my bestest friend, but we did share some good times.

we were young then

i still don't really know how i feel about it

posted by Lou Lou @ 3:16:00 pm  
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