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..::first post 2005::..
Friday, December 31, 2004
well it is 2005 here, has been for almost an hour. how did i spend see he new year in?
my own
thats how
on my own
sat here on the pc whilst hubby is sick in bed, princess is sleeping and me here with gin. gin my firens

i am here all lone then my mummy come online with J nephu and webcam then i cry
happy new year i cry i raise glass near empty and say toast 2005 on own with my friend gin.

i think bout yeah i have been fuck shit it has been cut up and scarred and scared too so much

everythi chang this year. like my babies keane sing everything change i dont feel right

they sing in my ear as i type stay in game try stay wake remember name everybody change i dpont feeelnsame

gin is good frined

my sister come on cam show me baby in her. wish was me. never be me gain. sad

so much sad in world now. so much hate so much sad so mauch die
2005 be good year for evyone you hear? good yeah for everyone

has to be cant get worse

scarlet sweet friend good as gin no betterer i loves scarelkt she is a rudolph on the pull i hpoe she gets shagged senceless she deserves good man with a good heart and big wallet and dick

not like that wanker ex of hers evil wanker shitmkimncker

scalet babe have one for me nmwaaaaah

happy new yeah to allnu persons tha readme and her and milky bastard eho cant be arsed to [post lately too mush good in his life we love u anway

happy newnyear to dyna sweet friends dyna who i hopes also finds lurves this 2005 22005 is easy to type than year

i hope all you lot find love ahppyness and lustness and rishmess and nice good thing

love you all

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..::My Review of 2004::..
Thursday, December 30, 2004
With 2004 about to feck off, i thought i'd write a wee review of how the year has been to me, none of that what each celeb got up to what the royals have done and news shit just how the year was for me. I think i'll warn you now it maybe shite and boring as feck!

Wtf happened in January it's so far back I can't fecking remember. I do know i saw in 2004 with close mates and got pissed.

Oh fuck that. It was such a good idea, but my memory is wank and you guys have been reading about my shite since April 1st! So if you're really really bored or can't sleep you can always start your way from the beginning.

So how am I gonna see the New Year in? Quietly. Obviously this is the house of lurgy not lou lou at present! So we won't be out much tomorrow. We have been invited out new years day, and we're out on the 2nd as i told you already! I think we'll sit home watch the tv and sup wine. Well i will and he can have lemsip!

In general 2004 has been a wanker. I've had unbelieveable stress, pain and anxiety. But i've had good stuff in there with it and after it all i'm ok. i'm hanging in there. I've cried more tears this year than i thought i could, said sweet and sad goodbyes. In fact i'll pinch some words off a post i wrote a few days ago they seem to sum it up!

"This year has been hard, it's been painful. But there is so much that I have to be thankful for as the year draws to an end. This year I have learnt who my friends are, I have learnt I am stronger than I thought. I have learnt I can get through anything. I have loved my husband more than ever, my beautiful daughter and my family. I have cherished those who are my true friends and i've made new ones, I have mourned the loss of a loved one. I have grown as a person, and I have grown up a little more as my life has changed. I have moved once more thousands of miles, I once more have left behind so much and given up so much.
I am thankful. I am grateful. I am loved. I am cherished. I am strong, I am in love. I am happy, I am sad I am what I am. Love me or hate me. "

I start 2005 counting my blessings, thanking God for letting me live.

2005 i'm living to the full baby

God Bless you one and All.

Happy New Year



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..::Where have you been?::..
Wednesday, December 29, 2004
Where have you been? Have you beeen hitting the sales? Have you been buying bargains you will probably never wear or use just cos they were cheap?

I wish I was! I'm soooooo jealous.

Things are a bit different here. Firstly it's like planning a mission just to go shopping for more than one thing! They don't have shopping centres here, and only a couple of european style supermarkets, everything else is corner shops. To go and buy presents is a major logistics operation! Everything is so spread out. You go to one shop, get in the car and drive to the next! How i long for the simplicity of a mall! It certainly lowers stress levels, cos they all drive like maniacs here and the roads in and out of the city are constantly chocca!

So I haven't yet hit the sales. i'm gonna try to in the first couple of days of January though once princess has gone back to school. W and I will attempt to go mad!

So what have i been doing? Yet more food shopping we bought a local "New Year" cake, which looks very nice. I also got hubby a frother yesterday for his coffee, some new trainers and a quicksilver top. We drove about5 kms between each shop! And that was enough! All the idiots were out yesterday.

We got home and chilled. Takeaway too. Sometimes there's nothing better than to kick back, have a glass of vino and do all the ironing! I know I must have been mad but it had to be done! Besides I got 3 loads dry yesterday, it was 19 degrees! Which is a lot cooler to hat I am used to now, but still quite genial! Back in uk there'd be people stripped off on the beaches for 19 degrees!

I would like to just touch briefly of the disaster thats fallen over Christmas. I don't want to talk too much about it, mainly because it's on the tv everytime you turn it on. I just want to say, please say a prayer for those who've lost their lives, for those injured and for those families left behind. It's not much but its the thought.

Well I'm going to drink my cuppa now, and relax. We're having a mong day! I don't even know if i'll bother to get dresed even! I'm not feeling great, upset tummy, hubby is sick inbed, and princess is not feeling wonderful either! Plus this is the second time i have tried to post this bloody thing. Thank god i used cut and paste for once!



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..::so did you have a very merry christmas?::..
Monday, December 27, 2004
It's been, it's gone. The extra bin bags piled up by the bins, fridge a little emptier than it was. pretty much just another day apart from the fact i missed everyone desparately, and it was pretty odd. surreal a better choice of word i guess.

We met up with 12 friends at a local restaurant for christmas dinner, which was delicious. christmas dinner with a local twist! On the way there we saw thousands of flamingos! It was a truly amazing site to see. We were there 4 hours! I was dessy driver so i just had soft drinks, but everyone else drunk copious amounts of vino and a great time was had by all. We had C and D and K and S back to our house after for a bit of a drinks party, which went well. A bit impromptu thank god i did all the baking!

Boxing day. mega mong day! I didn't get up till 11.30am, and when i did hubby was cooking breakfast! We had friends round in the afternoon, and our main meal, roast beef with all the trimmings and trifle to follow in the evening. By the evening i could barely move i was so stuffed!!!

Today, I've caught up with the housework, and had a nice quiet morning. This afternoon we went to the cinema to see 5 children and It. Not a lot of choice on english films here! But it was good and i have to say a few tears fell! This evening we've been vegging, i've spoken to a dear friend T from home, and taken it pretty easy.

I have absolutely no idea what we're gonna do for new year yet, well nothing is decided anyway!!! We are off out on the 2nd Jan though, a big night out like the last one! We plan i think this time to stay in a hotel in the city for the night! It will be cheaper than a taxi home! not too bad if theres lots of us, but just us its bloody expensive!

I'm of course looking forward to the sales, i mean who isn't i know they're already all started there in Uk. So far nowt here! I'm told when they start they're pretty good. I'm wanting another pair of boots, a flatter pair the ones i got for crimbo are a tad impractical for everyday use! (too high too pointy) and a couple more cashmere sweaters i think. I wouldn't mind another couple od gillets, they're really usefull here cos its too hot for a coat, but sometimes you need a little something!

Anyway i'm once more starting to bore myself! So i'm off to snuggle up with hubby by the log fire we have burning and watch the film, thats already started! I'm kind of following it by listening to it so i should be able to pick it up ok!

Hope you all had a very merry christmas

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..::santa got the change of address card!::..
Saturday, December 25, 2004
Santa came to visit us last night, must have got our change of address card! He scoffed one of my delicious homemade cinnamon pastry mince pies and a glass of orange juice (gone are the days that as a child i used to leave him a glass of sherry) carrotts for the reindeer and Princess had written thank you cards to him and the reindeer for attending our home.

I went to bed late, having watched a film, I can tell you sometime between 1 and 6am he arrived and covered our lounge with presents. Lucky for him the log fire had gone out by then! Princess was most concerned about him burning his bottie!

6am and we were up I could hear princess shouting "thats for me! thats for me! thats for me!" downstairs. I got up and i made hot drinks, we lit the fire and Princess in amazment began to open al her pressies. She did i have to say rather well this year. We only received one parcel from the uk that arrived yesterday, everything else is stuck in the system somewhere, so i guess we'll have christmas another day too. Somewhere we have quite a few parcels waiting to be unwrapped. Who knows where they are.

I got some pressies I knew about, and one rather nice one I didn't, Hubby had treated me to a beautiful watch. I was almost in tears. I thought we had agreed to wait til the sales in January, The day isn't about us it's about Princess. He is at this moment in time sat in the middle of the lounge floor playing with speaker wires, for his surround sound system i bought him, testing the bass etc. Bless. I've got my babies on and a headset and I can still hear him!!!

I've cooked the customary full english breakfast, orange juice, cappachino (tea for me of course) and thats pretty much it for my cooking today, cos i've done everything else and we're off out with 16 mates to a restaurant for Christmas dinner.

As I write this tears are pricking my eyes there are so many people I love who I can't be with this year. Its not that i've not done it before, cos i have, and yes i'm a big girl and i've not lived near them for years, but Christmas is the time I feel it, i just crack on with it the rest of the time.

This year has been hard, it's been painful. But there is so much that I have to be thankful for as the year draws to an end. This year I have learnt who my friends are, I have learnt I am stronger than I thought. I have learnt I can get through anything. I have loved my husband more than ever, my beautiful daughter and my family. I have cherished those who are my true friends and i've made new ones, I have mourned the loss of a loved one. I have grown as a person, and I have grown up a little more as my life has changed. I have moved once more thousands of miles, I once more have left behind so much and given up so much.

I am thankful. I am grateful. I am loved. I am cherished. I am strong, I am in love. I am happy, I am sad I am what I am. I am Lou Lou. Love me or hate me.

Christmas time is a time for loving and giving, Christmas time is for Families and Friends. And I am here thousands of miles away. Do not think because I am so far away I don't love you, do not think I do not care, do not think I don't miss you.

Because I do, so very very much and today it's painfully obvious.

Merry Christmas One and All

Much Love

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..::Christmas Eve? Surely not!::..
Friday, December 24, 2004
It doesn't feel like it. Yep I know the deccies are up, the festive food is baked the cupboards are stuffed full of yummy things and the wine is chilline but It still doesn't feel one bit like Christmas.

I have left behind a lot of what my Christmas is all about, the people I love, aside from Hubby and Princess. It became painfully obvious to me last night. (23rd)

Late night msn chat with my dearest mummy. Webcams were initiated so she could see my new hair do. We chatted away pulling faces, moving the cams around to show each other stuff. [scarey story involving most haunted from mummy] and then a glance at the clock, it was gone 12am here and time i should sleep considering I am still ill. I couldn't do it.
I couldn't be the one to turn the cam off. it ended with us both crying.

dear friends dear loved ones
i miss you more than you could know
merry christmas

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..::poorly sick this crimbo::..
Thursday, December 23, 2004
I don't wanna be poorly sick. Sadly i am. I went to bed early tuesday night my throat sore after falling asleep yet again in from of the tv, becoming a bit of a habit lately. I woke up yesterday morning my tonsils so inflamed i could feel the friction as i spoke. not to mention the chronic nausea. My temp graduating to 102.

So i spent all day on and off sleeping trying to get it out of my system. This morning my throat is yet again like razor blades, my mouth tastes like shit but the temperature is finally normal! So we've been out to get our final christmas food shop.

So i've been running back and forth to the kitchen the past couple of hours baking pastries! Yeah i know, a right little suzy homemaker! I do tend to go a bit overboard at crimbo to say the least! Although we are eating dinner out, i like to do a buffet type thingy for christmas night, and christmas eve and boxing day. Boxing day itself i am slow roasting a joint of beef.

Am almost all done here, got a ton of ironing to do! I'm sure you all have! Cos i didn't do a thing yesterday. I'm trying to get everything done today so i can relax tomorrow! We are off hopefully to the cinema tomorrow night to watch the invincables maybe. I have labels to stick on for santa and thats it.

So i'll get back to resting i'm trying not to speak, an early crimbo pressie some might say!!!!!!

laters all i'll try and get on tomorrow

lots of love

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Merry christmas.
Tuesday, December 21, 2004
I am sorry i haven't posted for awhile but have been major busy here.
lots of people to visit and just not enough time. but it has been lovely.
really looking forward to going away for christmas lots of pressies mounting up.
i am beginning to feel christmassy at last.
i have packed my extra large trousers( for christmas lunch)
enough clothes for a year( somthing for every occasion)
mobile phone( to phone the people i love on christmas day that can't be here)
resolve ( for the mandatory christmas cocktails)
two huge santa sacks.
unlike lou i haven't been lucky enough to get into my hairdressers, so my hair looks like it should belong to someone from the eastern block.
but maybe santa will bring me nicky clarke for christmas, on second thoughts if he's gonna bring me a man, fuck the hair, just bring me george clooney(without the clothes and with a fetish for woman with bad hair.)

merry christmas!
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..:;a quicky::..
I've spent 3 hours in the hairdressers, and i'm looking fab! I got the ever increasing grey removed, and Lou Lou is now a classy brunette with golden blonde streaks! I've kep the length to keep hubby happy, actually myself too, i've grown rather used to having long hair again! Its all choppy though so i'm pleased.

A couple more days of crimbo shopping, food this time, leaving all the fresh fruit and veg for over crimbo till crimbo eve, cos it goes off really quickly here, probably cos it's all fresh and probably organic, and not stuffed in chillers forever injected with crap like it is in the uk!

Weather has been evil. We sat here on sunday night watching the massive lightning storms, very impressive! Never have i seen storms the like of what we have here. Hellish cold too, maybe thats cos i'm used to the heat now, but still its fecking cold and lil lou lou has been suffering due to crappy circulation once more. Treated myself to a new fluffy pair of slippers so i no onger have freezing feet on the icey tiled kitchen floor! Very fetching.

Scarlets pressie arrived, she is suitably pleased. I'm chuffed. I knew she'd love it. Tennacious D the masterworks dvd. Not so easy to get here, but cheers to the tinternet i managed it!

Post wise we've had next to nowt from the uk here, its shite. no doubt everything will get here in the new year!

Oh well this was just a quicky, my sausage hotpot is ready...mail me if you want the recipe its scrummy and really easy to make. (not sausages)
laters all
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..:;can you belive its less than a week?::..
Sunday, December 19, 2004
I'm alive, just!
Fully recovered now. I think!

I spent yesterday out shopping with hubby buying crimbo pressies for each other....yeah i know not surprise ones but at least i'll be getting a little of something i want!
So what did i choose? Clothes, cashmere sweaters, and serious fmbs. I got him some speakres. Well he wanted them! I guess we will both go out separately and buy surprse gifts for each other too!

Other than that we've been rpetty quiet. It's nice to stop and take a breath! We've been chilling all evening last night and today. I cooked a fabulous full english breakfast this am......plates piled high! I don't often eat a cooked brekkie but today i really felt like one. A bit of a treat to myself!

The weather here today is realy cold, and wet and damp. I'm fecking freezing, i guess cos I am so used to the blazing sunshine by now. It won't last long though hopefully. My kitchen looks like a chinese laundry! I haven't got a tumble drier yet, waiting for the january sales! I have two airers laden! Which is a bit of a shit cos it means also i have to iron it all!

My hair is getting done on Tuesday, other than that I actually have no plans! Can you believe it? Princess has finished school now so no early mornings yay! I think we'll probably do some crafts this week if it remains to be wet. I think we're off out for drinks a couple of times.

Can you believe its less than a week to crimbo? Can you? I can't. I'm finding it hard to be festive over here, but i'm dealing with it! Tomorrow i think i'll go and buy some crimbo tunes.....that should piss hubby off! i love em, i'd have got married at christmas just to have tunes at my wedding!

We're just about allo done here, i've been getting emails saying pressies have been dispatched, and we're pretty much done here, just got a bit of food shopping to do. Which is wierd cos their christmas food isn't like ours. I'm trying new things though!

Talk about trying new things....i had a curry from the chiny the other night, friday night actually I just about died! Hot? HOT? omg not the fecking word i was dying drinking litres of water and felt really odd about 2 hours after i had eaten still!

Well i know i'm boring you now, i wanna go play some games anyway....i'm boring myself.

Love to you all


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..::oh what a night::..
Friday, December 17, 2004
I'm almost still dancing! I've not been home long, we got home as the dustbin men were starting their route! The sky was beautiful and the air cold. So how did it start?

5pm, we left, i got ready in a hurry and we all met at a local bar. The taxi turned up and we all went for grub, too many tiimes we've gotten wrecked on empty tummies, and we were all trying to be resonsible adults! for a change! All you can eat at pizza hut, a 6 seater taxi and we were on our way, we hit the strip!

Firstly, the strip is the main area where all the bars are, yes there are "gentlemens clubs" but we were off to the irish bar. They were wankers in there.

All we wanted to do was do guess the year of the song, we were coving the screen with beermats, they got most arsey with us. And their drinks were feckiong extortionate. The staff were rude and unprofessional. So we fecked off somewhere else in two taxi's this time cos they said no 6 seaters are here, obviously out to fleece the tourists, which we aren't. gits. Hubby and C and S in one car and me D and Cl in the other, me and D jumping into the car like demented twts shouting Follow that cab...... the driver was not impressed. then we told him to beat the other car there, when we did pass them, C got his nipples out and i was on the verge of getting my tits out to flash, but though feck, hubby's boss is in the car, best not .shit

So we get to this other place and get hammered, me and D in awe of their efforts at crimbo decs, wondering how many of it we can get in our handbags and will they notice? We did abstain, not the right colour scheme! So we got hammered, the staff were lovely, they kept bringing us free nibbles and the drinks were cheaper! The place began to fill up and we decided to check the irish bar out again, two taxis again wankers and we went back the kareoke was starting.

Oh shit, is what i thought as i was handed the book of songs, C who had been boasting on saturday night he had one competitions sung with Cl.Unchained melody. melody? my arse. C was shite Cl was hysterical, it was all i could do to control my pelvic floor lest pee dribbled down my legs, i laughed so much i was in pain. They even through a bit of role play in for good measure. Cl bastard put my name in to sing the beatles here comes the sun, i was most annoyed and got rather arsey i have to say. Then C sung a bit of Elvis, and a girl sung that sung like dido,
then mr and mrs showbiz turned up and hogged the mic. he was totally bald, paunchy with no arse and his shirt tucked in eeedwwwwww and she was big hair, slutty outfit fat assed and sung with lots of oooooooooohs so we bitched about them for ages it was good sport. yet again my pelvic floor was troubledso sad i didn't get my chance of glory...... A woman came round and took our piccies. They came out good, i looked so young, god i looked good, sat surrounded by men. D remarked i looked about 16 hahahahaha i so loved D for that, since i'm 31 hahaha but drink induced comment i guess.

1.30 and we went to the club downstairs.

mr and mrs showbiz dancing like drama school students, what a pair of wankers.

mr and mrs showbiz obviously loving themselves far too much, the moves were so fake, jazz faces, and laughingly out of rythmn. Robbie rock dj came on and ffs C got slightly into it
He thinks he's robbie, strutting about like a twat, we can't contain ourselvevs, esp when his shirt is getting unbuttoned, comes off and then the jeans are starting to come down.......it did not go down well with security! The dj went nuts, and took robbie off an C was left there stood looking like a twat. which he is.

We all of course had a great time, i danced my little feet off, fighting off C who thinks hes really good. i did actually dance with him whilst making loser signs behind his back......i'm such a bitch.
i danced till i couldn't breathe!

Getting a taxi home was a pallaver. i did my damsel bit, asking the barman to order me a six seater, he said there are none i told him i'm not a fecking tourist and since i came in one i knew there are. he said he'd take me home.
yeah right

so i went and argued the toss with the taxi drivers on the door who all said there are no 6 seaters. i told them, i'm not a fecking tourist, i know there are, i'm not being ripped off by a bunch of wankers cos you think i'm a stupid tourist. we were all pissing ourselves when we managed to get one.

We got home this am as the dustbin men arrived, it was 4.20am, wankered, i was gonna post but i was cold and needed warming up, and besides i couldn't have typed i was slightly inebriated. I know my drunken posts are better than my sober ones, but i promise you there will be many of them to come this festive season so please forgive me.

hubby went to work late, he could hardly get a bollocking his boss was out with us! I got up about 10 only cos the phone rang. bollocks. i've looked at the piccie, and yes i still look fab i also look like a hit of a slut surrounded by blokes! i'm not complaining. Of course most of what happened i'm not posting....it was far too much fun, and i can't be arsed to type so much! Besides what goes on on the night stays on the night!

i gotta go get showered i'm picking princess up from school early its the last day of term and then we're off to get pissed at a bbq!

I know the life i lead, non stop. ffs i ned a rest.


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..::blown away::..
Thursday, December 16, 2004
This morning i've been to Princess's christmas nativity thing, a production of Shake rattle and Roll. It was superb.
I was moved to tears by the solos, actually i was in tears as soon as the kids started singing, since i've been a mum voices of kids singing has that effect on me. wuss.
anyway so i took some photos, as you do and then looked at them on the lcd screen after it had finished.
I am blown away. You see every picture i take has orbs in it. Not just today, it happens pretty much all the time. But today was special. Very special.

Today an orb in one of my pictures has a face. It's so clear. I can see it even on the lcd screen without zooming. I've only got a 2.1megapixel camera with digital zoom, but still it's really clear.
I am so blown away by this. Its special truly special.

However you are, i'm honored.

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..:;this can't be right i'm41%slut and now this says i'm a good girl::..

You Were Nice This Year!

You're an uber-perfect person who is on the top of Santa's list.
You probably didn't even *think* any naughty thoughts this year.
Unless you're a Mormon, you've probably been a little too good.
Is that extra candy cane worth being a sweetheart for 365 days straight?

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..::so disapointed in myself ::..
Wednesday, December 15, 2004
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aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh...more more more mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

t'is the season you know! rum truffles are in the shops....even here! I am so grateful some shops here import english stuff cos of the massive amount of expats and holiday makers. Yummy Dancake mini rum truffle cakes rock. I have eaten 3 boxs already, i have a box by my side, george my nutricienist is not gonna be happy with my food report!

Oh well its fucking christmas, and I am gonna eat. Food has been so boring lately i am desparate to let my hair down and kick up my heels and stuff my face on the non correct foods list. Actually my food diary has been a waste of time just lately we've been out so often! Even so i think i have actually lost some weight! My belt is 2 knotches tighter! Just wait till tomorrow when i get my ass kicked when he say's i haven't! I'm not fat by the way not really not if you look at me you'd say there'es nowt wrong with me, it's just i am so much bigger than i was i was a teeny size 6/8 and now i'm a 12. And for some reason that weight change happened rather quickly hence me need of a nutricienist, cos no matter the diet i can't lose a fucking pound. *another truffle? for me? oh yes please reaches into box*

So what have i been doing? Had a delivery today...my new dining table, that the wankers gouged and getting through the door. tossers. so i've had to have a bit of a change around! I've finally finished the christmas shopping except for hubby who has as fucking usual no idea what he wants at all. I don't want much i've just asked for a few cd's and some clothes...which i will buy for myself. and a ipod but somehow i don't think that will happen, i don't know if he even knows what one is!!! *inserting truffle mmmmmmmmmm*

Princess has her school play tomorrow morning. True to form yet again hubby can't get the time off work. Wankers. I'm personally really looking forward to it, the songs she has been singing fill me head. I'm somewhat sad though my favourite little donkey will not be making an appearance.

Hubby is off to the cinema this evening with mates, so i'm having a few mates over to get pissed and watch dvds and stuff our faces on takeaway! Sadly my Scarlet won't be here which would make it perfect. *feels sad and emotional at flashback* Talking of Scarlet i ordered her pressie online last night....i wish i was there to see her open it, it's something she needs to complete her education.......and it's a touch rude! Any guesses to what i got her?

*mmmmmmm truffle must...savour truffle not many left in box daren't open another* i'm sat her with a bit of frank blaring out.....what is with this swing revivial? obviously i am so far ahead cos it's always been something i've loved along with big band stuff. My tastes are pretty diverse though! fly me to the moon and let me play among the stars........

So where was i? oh yeah out again tomrrow night...on the piss we are offf into the city! omg i can't belive hubby is gonna let me loose, well he isn't actually he's coming with me! But what the hell i plan to eat and drink my fill and then some and dance till my feet fall off! Princess is staying over at a mates house so if i get home about 5am thats no problem!!! I can have a lie in! Not decided what i am wearing yet.......any suggestions? I'm having my hair done next week in time for crimbo...... gonna get some funky streaks put in and go a bit choppy i think. Rather excited.

Oh well better go gotta hoover, not done that yet needed a break, besides i have just one truffle left now and i have to take my time eating it!


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..::my update::..
Monday, December 13, 2004
Sorry i've been neglecting you all, i've been busy i have a life you know! Well sometimes i do!
So update time!

Thursday.......well thursday night we went out. I changed my mind on what i was wearing and wore hipster jeans with a black very lowcut top, that has a satin tie on it, lets just say the puppies were ready to play! Spikey boots and i did wear my hair down. Lets say i was a popular girly! Food was great, and yes i did consume an amount of alcohol. Tis the season you know!!!!

Friday........ Um what did i do on friday? Umm errrr i can't really remember oh yes i can, a leaving buffet for one of hubby's colleagues in the afternoon, and i fell asleep really early friday night! Useless!

Saturday.......went looking for a new car. We are looking at a rather large shiney 4x4 to get sometime next year. Oh and bit of shopping so we had nibbles and alcohol to ply our guests with. Oh and we went to a crimbo market, at which point to my embarressment i realised my bra was hanging out of my pocket...(i had removed it last time i was wearing my jacket and put it in the pocket and forgotten about it!) actually i can do better for that for embarressment.

One day many years ago, a day my husband will never let me forgeti had gotten dressed in a hurry, putting yesterdays jeans on......i walked around doing the weekly shop with a pair of knickers hanging out my jeans leg......until they fell out in the road as i pushed my trolley to the carpark!

Anyway....now you can stop laughing. On with my update, riveting as it is!

Saturday night princess was at a bowling/meal/sleepover so we had a few friends over....for a special occaission. Due to the miricle of modern science we got the X factor final YAY! So we were all gathered eating nibbles, chinese and drinking copious amounts of alcohol ready for the showdown. I have to say it got a bit rowdy as they all shouted for Steve, and my little voice shouted for G4. I really had to fight to make myself heard!

Sadly Steve won. I was gutted. I still think G4 should have won. Steve is just too cheesy. Oh and talk about unprofessional with his last song going to shit after he won. Embaressingly i fell asleep at one point, too much to drink! and sat by the log fire, it lulled me!

Sunday.... we went pine cone collecting....we were told they went up well on a lof fire....we ended up with a bin liner full! The rest of the day we spent chilling and i used my new body toner zapper thingy that hubby got me, a good while on my tum, thighs and i even did my bum! was rather amusing watching me walk round the house with electrodes stuck to my bum and the power pack thingy attatched to my thong!

Today....... Was a quiet day planned, had a coffee with the girls from my language course, ended up going out to do some crimbo shopping i have finished princesses pressies! YAY. I also have almost everone elses under control....priase the lord for the wonderous internet. I was supposed to go on the piss at lunchtime wiht the school, a pta thingy but a phonecall from Scarlet put the spanners on that i'd rather talk to her anyway! Did the letters for the christmas cards, and wrote something for Scarlet i put in her card, a bit cheesy but what the hell! Hubby was out all afternoon at yet another christmas drinks thingy...he's asleep now.

The rest of the week is looking busy. Tomorrow i will finally post my christmas cards, now i have completed all my letters to go in them. Something i always do at crimbo. I have a few other bits a pieces to do too my courses and such like. Wednesday I have a friend coming for the evening while the lads g to the cinema and out on the piss, thursday i have the nutricienist, and thursday night on the piss in the city which promises to be exciting. friday we have a sleepover here for princess it marks the end of the school term here!

And then i can stop a while, and breathe, and get ready to rip paper off pressies!

So thats it from me, apart from the incident tonight that made my hubby laugh as i sneezed and peed myself.

Oh well. I'm a 31 year old woman you know, i've had a child........

Oh shit new years resolution...pelvis floor.

Love ya


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the aftermath
Sunday, December 12, 2004
well, our christmas do was somthing to remember alright.
The meal was foul, some didn't use their cutlery.
could have crawled up my own bottom, people started to bicker at the table, getting louder and louder........
my manager was being a twat causing problems right left and centre.
the disco afterwards was probaly the funniest thing i ever saw, 2 members off staff was dancing like they were fighting swams of invisible bee's. (and yes there are photo's to prove this but just haven't got round to viewing them yet.
has always i drank through the pain.
manager phoned me today to ask if i would interview a couple of poor unsuspecting people, for a position.
so i have to think of some questions to ask, so far i have come up with a basic intelligence test, which i think is fitting for the job.
tell me if you think they are to hard.

Question 1. who invented stevenson's rocket?
a) Tony Blair
b) Joan Colins
c) Stevenson

Question 2. which 3 colours make up the union jack?
(answer a. b. and c. only)
a) red
b) white
c) blue
d) purple

Question 3. write a 3000 word essay on newton's law of physics. or print your name using block capitals only.

Question 4. where does rain come from?
a) toronto
b) spain
c) sky

Question 5. name 2 colours in a zebra crossing?

Question 6. If you were french what language would you speak?
a) french
b) spanish
c) with a slight austrailian twang.

Question 7. where do cuban cigars come from?
a) cuba
b) dublin.
c) a small villiage near oxford.

question 8. how many commandments was moses given (approx) or close too

Question 9. would you consider working naked ?
(answer a. b. and c only.)
a) yes
b) ofcourse.
c) like you needed to ask!

would you come work for me?


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..::vino nibbles and a lack of crimbo shopping::..
Thursday, December 09, 2004
So we've been out, and it was ok. i managed, thankfully we could speak English most of the time! I did learn some new phrases though. I've been asked by Milky how many swear words i know in my new tongue now, since my english vocabulary is somewhat littered with them. Sadly and shockingly i know none! yes I know i am a feckiong disgrace. It should have been the first things i learnt, so i'm off surfing in a bit to become proficient in them and other insults i might find of use this evening when we go out!

So on with the class visit...... It was fab actually, the architecture lovely, the historical significance superb and the tasting of the wine wasn't bad either, and neither was the eye candy serving it at the bar! I was feeling pretty good about myself since the rest of the women in my class are a lot older than me, and a lot fatter and no where near as pretty as me! hahahaha No seriously they're not all dogs, but i guess as the youngest of them and certainly the funkiest i kind of stand out! pmsl There were some lovely nibbles too, stuff i had seen but would never have bought but now i will. only cos i didn't know what they were, a bit like a lot of the wierd and wonderful fruit and veg, we have veg that look like elephant dicks here.....

I sadly didn't have time to purchase copious amounts of the vino, i have taken notes of the agreeable names to put on my shopping list. My wine rack is rather depleted at present and needs a good stocking before crimbo begins proper.

So i've got home and i'm bloody strving, must be ovulating or something..... i just can't seem to stop eating today! I've just polished off another pack of those mini strudels! I am abad bad girl. Hopefully Santa will overlook this minor indescretion and bring me an ipod for crimbo. I have been really really good the rest of the year!

I'm just trying to remember when i last posted, i'm gonna have to check so brb!!
Ah yes tuesday.

The Carols thingy for the school was a fabulous success despite our outside set up being stuck in torrential rain and us having to move everything whilst trying not to be struck by lightning! The light show was awesome tuesday night the sky lighting up in massive blue flasses! The rain like you wouldn't believe, i guess cos it doesn't really rain here when it does it's a shock but it also rains enough for a bloody year in one go! I was absolutely soaked through just walking to my car! But i digress. The carol thingy went well, and had you been there you would have seen moi looking incredibly sexy in a santa hat serving refreshments of mulled wine and hot choccie. we raised a lot of money in the end and i didn't win the raffle of which i am slightly gutted.

Yesterday being wednesday i had of course the usual housework and a few other bits to do. Like manning the school shop for the morning. Last night was quiet and for once i did not drop off asleep in my chair, probably cos i drunnk loads of proper tea for a change* been drinking only green i miss caffiene*

This afternoon Princess has swimming tests, which hopefully she should do well at. And then she's off to W's house whilst i groom myself into a stupendiferous sight for yet another function. This one is being held in local traditional tavern type place with traditional food and local wine/beer with local entertainment. it promises to be a good night. I still think i'm going in nice jeans *by nice read that not with holes, not massive skater type* and my morgan top i love, cos its my favourite and i don't get to wear it often. Other than that, probably some black trousers and a nice top, either way i'm wearing my spikey heel black boots. Think i'm wearing my hair down again.....Hubby likes it down and i tend to wear it up in the week due to convenience. It looks nice either way really but yeah i think down. This is my last one for a couple of weeks until christmas and then the new year stuff starts, oh actually not, i'm out next thursday too i've just remembered! Hubby dropped that one on me last night!

Christmas we're out with friends to a local restaurant i'm looking forward to it. We're starting here for nibbles and bucks fizz and then getting taxis to the place hubby's amte has chosen. I have no idea what the name of the place even is, just that the food is bloody good!

I still have loads of crimbo shopping to do, i haven't started on eneryone back in the uk yet, and i only have a few days left to post it all back. Oh well it'll be little things that go in jiffy bags under 2kg or it wont get there in time! I have absolutely no idea even what i am gonna buy. I am fecking useless

oh well i can tell, you are all asleep, i'm sure thats why you all come here, so you can have a nap! I'm off now, gotta catch up with you all, there's so much going on in blogland right now, i can't barre to miss a single thing!


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i have found my mojo .............
Tuesday, December 07, 2004
wohhhhhhhhhhoooooo i have found my mojo again, lost it for a bit.
dunno whether anyone noticed but i was just a little down.
this time of the year brings nasty horrible and sad memories of a past chapter of my life.
yes, i have followed lou's suit and put the decorations up except my tree, which is causing a friggin problem.
And this i blame soley on lou, i turned my back one afternoon come home lounge is completely different, so no room for my 6ft friggin tree.
sooo i am bitching about this to one of my neighbours,
"oh i think i can help you out"
"oh you have an idea do you."
"no i have this multi coloured fibre optic flashing tree which you can out anywhere only a small thing"
oh my friggin god.
i was so stunned i forgot to say no thanks i 'll think of somthing.
so in she comes and promtly sticks it in my front window, for all the world to see, all was missing was a giant sign of
I am now the queen of bad taste.
i came home from work tonight, and all you can see from the end of my courtyard leading up to the house is the flashing red light on the top of the tree.
oh yes, isn't that a sign for a lady of the night?
sad thing is i haven't had any offers. the fuckers.
anyway very kind and all that but its got to go.
i have tried breaking the thing but it seems indestructable!
failing that, may have to fake a break in.
ohhh, its like the lampshade buisness my mother gave me all over again.
not to mention the forever friends pj's she keeps buying me( i secretly like those, shh don't tell anyone)
ohh the staff shin dig is booked and ready to go on thursday night.
yes i have booked an offical photograper(my friend) for the night.
so look out people!!
shit dunno what i am gonna wear!
lou be on stand by, you might have to help me make a choice via web cam.
we'll do a dry run in the morning!
right folks wish me luck, with the tree.


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..::babble babble::..
Ok ok, I admit it, the deccies are up in Lou Lou land and have been since saturday i could take the pressure no more and crumbled. I've been out this morning and even come back with a bloody poinsettia, yeah i know i'm done for. I'm trying really hard to make it all festive here but its fecking hard when the sun is hot and shining to even think its December let alone almost Christmas. Actually i've done a fabulous job if i say so myself, i even made a garland from scratch yesterday i'm so talented!

A relatively quiet day yesterday for me anyway! After a busy week last week and a busy weekend. I forgot to tell you all i went to see a dermatologist on saturday morning......and we have news! She can help me! YAY she says its the perfect timing to try and improve the scarring we have up till 6 months after the op, so i'm starting off with some steriod ointment for 4 to 6 weeks and we'll take it from there, if nowt else works laser treatment is an option. I am so relieved. *For those of you that are new readers i recently had a lumpectomy and the scarring is keliod*

I've been ever so tired again, yet again alst night i fell asleep in my chair. Its becoming a habit i can't seem to shake. At least the last 2 months i could put down to being post op and stress, but what the hell is my excuse now? I'm tired all the time and my hair is falling out loads when i brush it. FFS i just want to have some good health for a change is that too much to ask for? Maybe Santa can bring me some.

Last night we went to a crimbo lighting up thingy, it was rather shite, princess went nuts when santa arrived. i'm so pleased she still believes. i work really hard to keep he believing in things i held so dear as a child. too soon these days innocense is shattered. You know as a child i swore blind i actually saw santas sleigh in the sky....i still can't accept it wasn't even now! The day she stops believing will break my heart.

This afternoon i'm off to help set up the school carols round the tree thingy and then do my pta bit. i'm such a great mum! hahahaha it'll be bloody hard work to make sure it all goes off well but hey its for the kids. I have to say though its really hard to be fesstive when we're wearing t shirts!

Tomorrow brings helping at the school shop all morning, joy of joys. well i have to do my bit! and i think maybe some shopping in the afternoon i still have all the presents to buy to be posted back to the uk, and i only have a few days left to do it! Thursday brings my language class, and a day with a difference...we're being unleashed!! OMG as a special treat we are going out and about to speak in our new tongue *i will be very quiet!* and we're visiting a wine museum...with some serious tasting to be done......i think thursday afternoon i'll be laying down in a darkened room till i go out in the evening for another of hubby's work dos! Yet another excuse to get all dressed up.....nice jeans and a sheer morgan top looking good with spikey heel boots i think cos this one is a bit more casual than the last. i'll of course still loook fabulous! *in my own head of course!*

Friday night princess is having a friend herre to sleepover and saturday night she's off to a slumber party so i think hubby and i will no doubt find something to do home alone! I'm up for going clubbing with his boss actually, at least this time i'm not dying! We'll see and i'll keep you informed.

My babies are playing, on repeat, it calms and soothes me, reminds me of a good friend. I can't help but smile as i hear what i consider to be their song! I'm worried about said friend right now, but then i always do. I worry about everything and everyone. W said to me on sunday you're a strange one you are. yeah maybe i am. too few people care about anything these days.

And i know someone else, i know you're reading babe. you know i'm here on the end of the phone i know its rough i know its a shit time and i know the new things going on aren't gonna help lighten your load one bit. just book the fucking flight.....YOU HEAR ME? BOOK THE FLIGHT! we'll go get dressed up like the old slappers gorgeous young things we are, get pissed and find a bench to sit on and get really loud and embarressing on here....thinking of "our" bench right now. next time i'm there with you i'm gonna carve our names on it.

Right i'm a bad girl i've just eaten a whole packet of mini apple strudels again ffs can't i just eat one? nope obviously not. shit

i'm off to visit you all now.....


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..:: so how does it make you feel?::..
Sunday, December 05, 2004

December is I think perhaps the hardest month of the year, for many reasons.

For some it's because it's just so fecking busy, for some it's cos they're skint, for some it's cos they are alone and some of us just dred the arguments the stress and the hassle.

Have you ever noticed how many people die at christmas? They wait till all the familes there and then they drop like fecking flies! It's true.......... sad but true. For me christmas is no longer what it was. It is too commercial and has i think lost that special zing for me. I choose to live it through Princess now. Christmas is for children, I get excited about it for her, Christmas is for my baby.

Last year we went to Disneyland Paris for Christmas it was great, fecking cold, fecking wet and fecking brilliant. Just the 3 of us, a big secret planned for months. We never told Princess. We lied *bad parents* to her, we told her we were going househunting in France when she asked at 4am on the ferry why we were on it! She never guessed. Hubby and I were pissing ourselves with every giant sign of mickey mouse we went past and still she didn't cotton on. She finally got it, when we were outside the security gate of our hotel in the disney village and she saw the mickey mouse bus!

That moment, was priceless i still tear up at the thought of my sweet 6 year olds face realising that she was there on Christmas eve...Happy Crimbo baby! She couldn't believe it! Christmas morning instead of opening pressies we were inside the park having breakfast with the disney characters. It was truly magical. Throughout the day i really had to struggle with my emotions as i watched my beautiful childs expressions of wonder and joy, glancing at hubby holding hands like kids feeling such happiness and contentness.

There was no emphasis on pressies, opening them one after the other, it was us as a family, as it should be, enjoying each others company sharing laughter and smiles, not bitching about the shit on the tv, or who bought what crap pressie. No worry about cooking the dinner, no mess, no hassle. Perfect, apart from the weather!

For me Christmas is about the people you love, not what you've got or how much you spend on pressies. To me a £5 pressie can mean far more than £50.

This year Christmas will be strange. Today i've been shopping for pressies in the sun, instead of wrapped up in a thick coat scarf and hat, it's most bizzare.

It wont be the first Christmas I've spent away, I've even spent Christmas on my own, (the shitest christmas in history) it wasn't by choice its was just something i had to do. I remember laying in bed desperately unhappy saying to myself.....the longer i stay here the shorter the day i have to get through, the longer i stay in bed the less time i have to put a brave face on and pretend i'm happy. Breaking down in tears during grace at a friends house as prayers are offered for those not present. Its Christmas then that i hate.

I've spent Christmas surrounded by family too and Chrsitmas just the 3 of us, what do i prefer? I guess thats a hard one to answer. They both have thier own merits. This christmas i shall be missing those i love and hold dear, as we sit on the beach probably, in another reality.

Oh Dear how i've wandered from what i originally wanted to say! But then you all know me better than that and i guess have come to expect it, you're either all asleep or have fecked off before you got this far!

I'm one of the lucky ones, I have a wonderful loving husband, a beautiful healthy child and a supportive family and wonderful special friends, I feel lucky and privelaged I have so much to be thankful for this year so very much has happened.

Do you know someone who'll be spending christmas on their own? Do you have an empty place setting on your table? If you have why not put a smile on their face and a good feeling in your heart and fill it with them. Some aren't as lucky as the rest of us.

I'll leave you know with something completely unrelated but my Princess said to me this evening

"Mummy.....why do you look so young when you really are very old?"

Bless her....really old? I'm 31 ffs. Oh well It's a lifetime for her.

God I love her every little bit of her even if she is a spoilt little shit. She's my spoilt little shit.


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summing me up
Friday, December 03, 2004
so you never knew love until you crossed the line of grace
and you never felt wanted till you had someone slap your face
so you never felt alive until you almost wasted away

You had to win
you couldn't just pass
The smartest ass
at the top of your class
your flying colours
your family tree
and your lessons in history

please.... please.... please.... get of up of your knees please..... please.... leave me out of this ..please

you never knew how low you'd stoop to make that call
and you never knew what was on the ground till they made you crawl
and you never knew that the heaven you keep you stole

your catholic blues
your convent shoes
your stick on tattoos
now they're making the news
your holy war
your nothern star
your sermon on the mount
from the boot of your car
please....please....please get up off your knees....please...please....leave me out of this please

so love is hard and love is tough
but love is not what you're thinking of

september...streets are capsizing...spilling over, down the drain
..shards of glass splinters like rain but you could only feel your own pain..
october...talking getting nowhere...november...... december..... remember...
are we just starting again?

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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Yet another busy day in the life of Lou Lou I'm afraid! I fell asleep once more in my chair last night! Awakening with a sore neck! The whole day seems to have been a big rush!

Starting with getting Princess to school, incidently........she was presented on Wednesday afternoon with a certificate and her new belt for Karate. I was so proud i almost cried! Her name was called almost last I was crapping myself in case she hadn't made the grade! Some nice piccies though, and i did manage to keep the tears in!

Oh right now where was i? Oh yes, my day.......get Hubby to work so i can have the car! Come home, clean front veranda of leaves and bark. Go to my language course......manage to limp by and actually get stuff right! My homework was all correct and the rest of the lesson went well for a change!

Come home, change bag, go to hospital for check up.....same old same old. Get back collect princess swimming bag, collect princess from school, collect hubby take princess to swimming lessons. Go shopping to buy new curtains i saw on friday am gutted they were sold out. Went looking for crimbo decks. Not decided on theme for the year yet. Come home, start to finish the viking costumes i started yesterday....lots of fine detail handsewing! Finished 2 they are needed for tomorrow! Cook dinner inbetween drop one costume at Princess's friends house. Settle down to finish other costume.

Deep breath! Finally time for me!

So what do i do? I get on here for the first time in what feels like forever! Actually it was yesterday some time in the afternoon! I've checked my mails, and got a lovely suprise in one that i'll share with you in a mo! The viking costumes are for tomorow, princess is going marauding! They are having a school day as vikings complete with a feast! Sounds like so much fun! I have a quiet day really tomorrow at the moment anyway!

So i'm gonna share with you my lovely surprise dear dear Darth has sent me a lovely email with our lady all dressed up for crimbo! Isn't he a talented darling? We love Darth! *his site is bloody brilliant too so if you haven't been there before feck off and see him ok?*

Right i'm off now for a bit of me time, surfing and chatting me thinks before bed!

Love Ya


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..::Feeling Festive?::..
Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Loads of saddo bastards here have their deccies up already! I know already! its December 1st ffs!

So I thought we here at Stop! Would join the ranks of those sad gits and get the deccies out! We've gone for something simple and classy, god knows you will all be needing glasses after the glare you'll be encountering from the streets of chav over the coming weeks, as neighbourly rivalries get out of hand the surge on the powergrid threatening you all with a blackout!

*I is immune not living there anymore! hahahahaha although lots of people do have deccies out its not a case of dark glasses, unless you happen to live in the said houses*

So ours are a little restful, elegant if you like, just like ourselves!

Festive tidings and greetings all


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..::Days of Hell::..
Monday is never a great day is it? For me it was crap yet again. Not only was i still suffering, but princess also appeared to be getting it so i chose to keep her off school. At 7am the builders arrived to rip out the old iron patio doors and put in sparkly new ones. Problem? Yes.

I am sick, Princess is sick, there is dust everywhere, I am asthmatic, and then they leave to wait for the glaziers who should be here about 9am. So i sit here shivering in the cold with no back end on my house. And they don't turn up. The builders come back, tell me the glaziers have gone to the wrong house but will come to me next and will be with me before 1pm. 1pm? FFS i am sick, my daughter is sick and i have no central heating, and no backend on my house. AAARRRRRGGGGHHHHHHHHH

They finally turned up earlier than expected and got the job done, with the exception of the plastering and the painting, of which they tell me they will be back tomorrow, is that a problem? YES....my lovely new carpets are being fitted tomorrow, i do not want grungy stinky workmen traisping allover them.

Early night cos i am still dying quietly.

Tuesdays extravaganza!

8am builders arrive to plaster, pinters due at 9.30am. Big mess. I in the mean time am trying to move all the furniture out of rooms, its pretty much all in the bathrooms and the kitchen, and the veranda! dismantle my bed and do the nick nacks we didn't do last night. 9.30am the carpet fitters arrive. They decide to do the whole house at the same time. Ripping up carpets and manky underlay the house is in turmoil.

The painter turns up just when i am trying to fix the hoover that has just stopped working......he makes one hell of a mess. Luckily the new carpets weren't yet down in there but he did manage to get filler on my new sparkly doors. The fitters sadly are not fit, but seem to be nice people and get on with their work chatting to me about rubbish in stilted english as i hoover about and try and help them out making them drinks.

So, i have 2 carpet fitters here, one painter and then the doorbell rings.....3 guys turn up to put poison down the drains which is done routinely due to cockroaches apparently not that i have ever seen any in my garden. They all stand around in my lounge smoking and talking. I didn't think my day could get anyworse.......

And then it did. One of the carpet fitter twats decided to move princesses wardrobe on his own. TWAT. I got upstairs and he was holding it, what was left of it. AAARRRGGGHHHHHH the stupid twat had tried to move it from one room to another on his own and completely fucked it up. I was fuming to say the least. I went downstairs to cool off and his boss and him were having ascreaming row about it, well atleast i think thats what it was about me not being very good at the language!

Actually they were very sorry about it and by the time they finished the carpets they had arranged a carpenter to come and fix it which he did. Then they left and i had the task of hoovering yet again......i hoovered up 2 1/2 bags worth of fluff! I used to love hoovering, i've had enough of it now! I never stopped all day!

Then of course we had to put everything back.....a mamooth task it was like moving back in again! it all looks very nice of course and very warm and cosy. Good choice on the colours i think. The lounge is all very rich now in cream and wine and gold.

Take away due to knackeredness and an early night. I hadn't stopped all day, and considering i'm not well either i don't think i did too bad! There was nowhere for me to sit down anyway!!!!

So thats it, my catch up sorry it was crap, i'm still rundown and tired and looking about it looks like i'm gonna have to go and hoover again there's fluff everywhere again!!!!!!

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