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The two biggest medical events were in 1998 when I fractured my spine and in 2003 when I had a golf ball sized benign tumour removed from my breast.
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..::happy halloween::..
Sunday, October 31, 2004
Been partying already and now i'm feeling pissed although i didn't drink much, no really i didn't!

Princess cleaned up she has two big bags full of goody's from trick or treating!

The funnisest sight i saw was on my way home. A group of lads, about 14, all in girls clothing complete with shoes! And one of them desparately tying to catch them upfailing miserably in the shoes and tight skirt! I laughed all the way home like a demented idiot!!!

The party started early cos it was for the kids really. It was fab. The kids had an amazing time, actually so did we all!

My best halloween ever actually cos its not something i've ever really gotten into i will from now on!

Anyway gonna keep this short and sweet, i'm knackered half pissed and i want to lay down......

happy halloween people

lou lou
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..::hello there::..
Saturday, October 30, 2004
i stayed up late last night, cos i could i guess. I got up early well early considering i was in bed well after 2am! 9am up, by 10am we were out in the car driving to the surf shop to shell out shitloads of money. (hubby's kitesurf stuff )

Of course A, was still in bed and hadn't opened up, heavy night on the tiles? So we popped along to a charming cafe down near the seafront for a coffee and milkshakes. (i had tea last time and his teabags are crap)

It's nice to site in the sun, watching the sites, fat people clutching their carrier bags of beach stuff! Thin people who haven't a care in the world, and other ordinary people who just seem to blend in. I wonder what sort of person i am, how people see me. How do you lot see me?

Alex was open by the time we finished, we stayed there for ages chatting. Hubby was gonna buy me some lush surfwear but i declined the offer, *crazy* cos i want to lose this bit of extra weight first. We flashed the cash, my handbag seriously lighter and packed the car. Headed off to the beachclub we're members to chill and hope the wind got up enough to surf. It didn't so we chit chatted to friends, hubby set up the lines and adjusted everything ready but the wind didn't lift easterly winds just are no good in the bay! So we had a nice lunch and toddled off home.

I've not felt great tonight tired i guess, yet here i am again burning the midnight oil! It's 1 1/2 hours into halloween here!

Relaxing evening chatted to Scarlet and got serious gossip, which i am not at liberty to share! But be sure it is juicy! Watched tv, and played on the pc. I'm bored so here i am again!

Tomorrow, well today actually, we are gonna have a lazy day, hope that the wind comes in so hubby can go play, i shall be indulging in the sport myself when i am stronger and not so fragile. It's close to flying i'm told. I can't wait. And then late afternoon onwards we are off to a halloween party with W and B whcih promises to be good........and yes i will be dressing up!

The viking ship is finally dry so the decoration will begin shortly, i'm rather pleased withmyself. Only hope it'll be watertight and float. I have a sinking feeling it will do just that and sink! It does look the part though!

Ok i'm off to play this new game on yahoo, it addictive but i can't recall what its called!

Later loveys

lou lou

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..::the aftermath::..
Friday, October 29, 2004
So how do i feel now? after living on a knife edge for the past few months worrying myself sick about the tumour in my breast, now i know it's benign, now i know i'm going to be ok.

Still in a bit of shock i guess, you see nothing ever ever runs smoothly for me, ever, and because if this i, of course had assumed the worst. I cannot begin to tell you the sheer relief i have.

Life is getting back to normal. I can finally have a shower, properly, i removed the dressing today and it was really odd, to be able to wash properly. I'm still very bruised although it's beginning to fade a bit. I'm not in pain like i was either just random hits of pain which can range from awful to just a little wince. Sleeping is easier, not so much worry and i'm a lot more comfortable.

Tuesday morning when i woke up the morning after the strips were removed, i glanced under the covers to see if i had once again split open. I was, i have to say aghast for a moment there was a red patch. On closer inspection i realised it was my nipple! I have had such large dressings on it had been weeks since i had seen it properly. I still have to wear a small dressing just to keep it clean, and protect the scabby bits which will fall off of their own accord i'm told.

Life is getting back to normal, no longer am i falling asleep after sitting down for minutes, well i did at the weekend, with a cuppa in my hand, but i haven't this week not once! I'm getting back into my routine, which although isn't particually exciting is nice to be back to.

The viking longboat is in development, it's still drying out, i have done a pretty good job i think so far, and the papier mache i used kitchen roll for cos i didn't have a newspaper i think soaked up rather too much pva so now its taking forever to dry.

Exciting day ahead tomorrow for hubby, we pick up his new kite and board. Me thinks i might treat myself to a another new voodoo dolls bikini.

Half term is over and it's gone so fast. I guess the time is precious to me, I'm grateful i have it. Things could have been so much worse. In a few minutes my life could have turned more upside down than it was.
not gonna dwell. i'm ok and i thank you god.
i've had a few requests for piccies and i'm afraid i won't be posting any, sorry!

well i'm getting back to my g and t without a slice of lemon cos i forgot to buy one. bollocks

laters loveys

lou lou

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firestarter.....yep thats me!
Thursday, October 28, 2004
Ok its a offical there is a conspiracy going on to make me lose my friggin' mind.
And yes its working.
my T.V caught fire yesterday, first thing i did was to fan it with a tea-towel.
errrrrrrrrrrrr fuckwit i know.
but no damage (apart from T.V obviously) and unfortunately no big hunky firemen it just went out on its own accord, inspite of me fanning it so i was very lucky.
Although the smoke alarm goes off as soon as i even look at the cooker,
T.V catches fire, no nothing not even a little bleep.
But ff's this is just getting beyond a friggin joke.
there has been a long list of it lately.

computer moniter- big bang smoke bellowing feb 2004

microwave- again big bang no worky- sep 2004

cooker- ok that was my fault, but still- sep 2004

lightbulbs- ok petty but everyone blew in 2 days
and you try and cook by friggin' candlelight.

T.V- caught friggin fire. (bastard)

video- is deciding not to work. don't really use it. but i am out this weekend
and i wanted to tape somthing for the first time in 2 friggin years.

And to top things off its flooding galore here with waves about 12- 15 ft.
that'll be the next thing, i'll be washed away, hopefully to the south of france.
Is there somthing i don't know.
if this is karma i must have been hitler in a past life!
but lou's news has made up for all my castrophe's.
such a relief babe. love ya. xx

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..::blasted blogger, i had news i wanted to share::..
So i tried on and off all bloody day to get into blogger, or anyblogspot site for that matter, and for whatever reason it was down i was well pissed off. I had news you see news i wanted to share with you all.

But first i want to post an exert of an email i sent to a friend from the night before

At this point in my life, once more i feel them come towards me. This
time again through my health and uncertainty. I am scared. No i am
terrified of the news tomorrow may bring. My whole life will be
effected by what i will hear tomorrow. After the op to remove the
breast lump which was the size of a golf ball, i see the surgeon
tomorrow for the results.
its one way or the other.
I spoke to my father last night.
I said " if i have cancer i have cancer, we know they got it all
whatever it was. if its cancer theres treatment. i'll survive. If
its not well i'm lucky and grateful."

I was awful scared. Yesterday i had the first appointment with the surgeon, 8.30am. I was crapping myself before i went into his office, i sat on the chair outside the door in a state of ever increasing panic feeling sick shaking and generally about to pass out. At last he welcomed me inside.

He explained i had lost an awful lot of blood due to the size of the tumour. He said that's one of the reasons my wound split open, because there was nothing underneath the skin there anymore. He said he had the results.


Is there ever a better sentence in the world?

He left the office to get a nurse for my examination and i burst into tears as i took off my upper clothing. The relief tremendous.
The scar he says is looking better and healing well. It will take time but eventually the tissue will rebuild itself over where the tumour was.

I went to the car, and rang my husband, who hadn't been able to come due to his work pressures, i'm a big girl afterall. I rang my crying mum and dad and then i rang Scarlet, who didn't answer the ohone on account of the time and she was sleeping so i left a message.

Tearful on and off all day and i still feel it now. I can't believe to tell you how grateful i am that i don't have cancer. I feel very very lucky.

I want to take this opertunity to all of you have shown support to me through this difficult time through the comments and by email. I have made some special blogfriends out there. I thank you all for your good wishes, and your prayers.

At this point i go, i'll post again later maybe tonight, if blogger lets me in!!!

Full of happiness


Lou Lou

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..::Karma Chamelion::..
Tuesday, October 26, 2004
Well i know we have wildlife here in the garden, *cough desertlike wilderness* but i never ever expected to see 2 shagging chamelions!

It was i have to say the highlight of my day! Once they noticed they had an audience, Me, hubby, princess and D M and A! they crawled off, one still ontop! And he was not letting go!

Later on D spotted one of them, and managed to pick him up for a photo call! Probably cos he was exhausted from the shagging!!!!!

Image Hosted by
<br />ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by
<br /> ImageShack.us
BACK IN THE WILD.....my garden actually, and that is one of the massive Aloe Vera plants!

At the time we spotted them they were on the floor, and both jet black, M thought it was a rat to start with!

Notice how already he is changing to the dolour of D's glove.
It was facinating. D is feeling like Steve Irwin now!

Laters People

Lou Lou
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..::half term day 2::..
Half term, 2 days in. Awoke after a luxuriant lay in Princess in a lovely mood having had a great sleep herself. Amazing what a difference an hour or two makes! We've had a lovely lazy morning, watching a dvd. We chose Bridget Jones Diary, an old favourite.

I'm being a really really good girl food wise. I tried to get on earlier to post but my isp was down. So i went and played Sims instead. Princess has been making fabulous collages for me using my face pads (you know those round cotton wooly things)

I spent a long time on line last night talking to loved ones back in Blighty. I spent a while in tears as i saw them on cam....its wierd you know i go from day to day it doesn't bother me and then i see them and it floods back how much i miss them.
I spent a while looking for flights too, for Scarlet who is coming out to visit by the looks of things, which is great news.

I have had a catastrophy here though. A minor one in the scheme of things. Remeber that fabulous designer sofa bed i bought, well i needed to wash the cover. It being dark red with cream trim i was a bit worried it would run, and it did the trim became pink. SO i tolddled off to the local supermarket and bought some colour run stuff followed the instructions to the letter, and what have i got?
I took all the pink out the trim, oh thats wonderful but also patches allover the cover are stripped of colour too i am not a happy bunny to say the least. I am gonna have to go and find some dylon or something to match it and sort it ot. How the hell do i keep the cream bits cream then? I thought maybe using wax you know lie batique, but that always cracks and colour seaps through any ideas guys? please?

well off now got half term fun to have maybe off to the beach this afternoon, the wind is up so there will be surfing to be had if hubby feels like it, which means i can top my tan up once more i'm looking pretty good if i say so myself.

special features this week, how to make a viking boat that floats!....how the hell am i gonna do that?

bye babes
lou lou
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..::only me:..
Monday, October 25, 2004
Manic night, M and D popped round for an impromtu bbq after the lads played golf. L Princesses best friend who had been here all day playing also stayed for tea and a sleepover. The kids ran riot and completely trashed princeses bedroom. I am not a happy mummy.
I had a few drinkies, i'm on Gin now, cos its better to dirnk calorie wise than wine apparently. so i went to bed early, completely bolloxed.

Up early this am, i know i know it's half term. But i had an appointment at the Doctors. Got the girls up and sorted and off we went.

I have news.

I am now steri strip free, the wound is healing sufficiently for their removal! YAY, the swelling is subsiding although there is still a lot of bruising present, and i notice that i am left with an undeniable dent where the lump was removed from. Not a big dent but a dent nonetheless. I am told by the nurse, who has been through te same thing that the breast tissue will grow back there.

The girls are good as gold and eating brekkie watching the princess diaries (fab film) so i thought i'd pop on say coooeeee and fill you all in!

Busy day ahead, W L's Mum is coming for coffeeand so is M and then this afternoon we are all offf out together, with the kids. Should be fun.

The weather here is fabulous as always, i can't believe it's late october and i am still in shorts and wearing bikinis! Its amazing especially when i talk to the likes of Scarlet and she tells me just how the weather is back in blighty.

I am outraged just now by something in the news.
The Black Watch. Poor bastards are being sent off to another part of Iraq, just so Tony Blair can keep up George Bush's arse and help his chances of re-election. Apparently there is a legitimate reason for this deployment. Is this like the legitimate reason for the war?
Spare a thought will you for their families. And any deaths that may occur mr blair may they torture your concience.
From what i can see out there, there is much unrest out there and much hatred, bloodshed and
it's not getting better. Wasn't the removal of saddam supposed to make their lives better?
Our lads should be home with their families and let the twats kill each other if thats what they want to do.
ok mini rant over.
i'm not a political person but it really does make my blood boil. Next election i will not be voting for blair, hes a tosser. re us elections, kerry hopefully will win, he's in the mold of the divine mr clinton who did shitloads for that country and yet they fired him for spunking on a fucking dress.
thats it from me for now more later perhaps
lou lou
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..::its vital to have a sence of humour when scarlet is your bestest mate in the whole wide world!::..
Sunday, October 24, 2004
For those of you who read the below post , I would like to clarify something.......

Scarlet you are a biatch i am gonna kick your ass.......

Last night when i rang you and you told me what you had said, you were lucky i was inebriated....hehehehee I almost choked laughing!

Unfortunately cos i was pissed, just back from one get together and about to join another i didn't get online to set the record straight! (yes party animal this weekend)

You are so lucky i have a fucking good sence of humour and i love you to bits. Also that my Mum and Dad read this and know how to take a decent joke! *loves you both*

Dear readers, i have never at anytime in my life participated in the "sport" of dogging. I only knew of it myself through a newspaper article some months ago....

However, Scarlet would participate, asiding from the small fact she doesn't have a car and can't drive!!!!!! hehehehehee GOT YA

I was amazed when i told my mates D and M what she had done they had no knowlege of what dogging was either.. Laughingly i told their shocked faces...and they were pissed too!

Fantastic post though babe. I actually think Milky participates in the sport...he certainly knows how to party and has absolutely no hold backs. in fact he is a complete exhibitionist....maybe we should be expecting a post soon from him detailing his experiences?

Great weekend actually, well so far it's only sunday morning!

Been a a good few days. The hole in my tit is healing nicely at last! I hope to get the strips of it tomorrow, and then on wednesday i see the surgeon and get the results. I'm feeling ok about it at the moment.

Spent yesterday morning looking at kite surfing kit and then ordering an expensive kite(wipika matrix 11metre)/board/harness for hubby, christmas and his birthday have come early, and he will not be getting anything else! We got a fab end of season deal on it. He is i have to say very lucky i love him so much! I am a blooody brilliant wife. My consolation prize, a pair of reef flip flops! Oh and some amazing mascara that makes my lashes look like they're false!

From 3pm onwards the merriments began and B and W's house, lots of us on the piss, eating curry. Got home about 10pm so i could ring Scarlet and then moved onto next door for yet more drinking and merriment. Interesting start to my food management programme! I guess i'll start it tomorrow!!!!!

On the plus side. I have beaten it! I am now drinking tea without sugar YAY YAY YAY GO ME
it was not as hard as i thought it would be! I am quite proud of myself.

Tomorrow is Monday, which means it's half term! It's a welcome break from getting up at 6am...for a week anyway! And i'll probably have no hair left my friday, Princess is having a friend to stay one night too!

Gonna go now, got a dressing to change, and i might actually get dressed!

Lou Lou

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well, i never !
Saturday, October 23, 2004
O.k people hands up who knows what dogging is?
Right you dirty bastards it seems i am the only one who didn't.

Its not very often a story in the local rag makes me laugh but this was a beauty.
I was in my sisters kitchen yesterday, she was cooking while i was reading the local paper, and this story caught my eye.
so i looked up and asked her what dogging means?
she replied.................
Its when people gather in carparks late at night, and have sex or watch other people do it in their cars.
i'm not one to judge, but eeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwww.
anyway i read the story to her.
It went somthing like this.............................................

Three ladies in their 70's have been campaining against the practice of "dogging"in there area.
And have contacted the local council for its support.
They have been warnng the public who could easily get caught up in this unspeakable act, just by parking their cars.
Although, rather amused by the affair. town councillers declined the invitation to display warning signs in their carparks.

My sister and i both looked at eachother and both said at the same time.
"they got caught then"

well.... i can't believe i never knew what that was.
lou quite often is telling me that her and hubby is of for a bit off "dogging" at the weekend.
And i just never asked her what it was, i just smiled and said
" ahhh thats nice"
Well, i ain't getting in her car again, not unless she puts plastic on the seats.

A more enlightened scarlet.

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..::just another day::..
Thursday, October 21, 2004
I've been taking it easy. Well i'm allowed and i'm supposed to! Taking it easy Lou Lou style means not gutting the house like a whirlwind on a daily basis scrubbing it till it gleams, it means not hoovering up to 3 times a day. It means sitting down, taking it easy trying not to nod off.....which invaribly is happening!

This morning i had my language course, of which i could only go for an hour due to an impending hospital visit. I went to see the nutricienist/dieticien bloke to find out just why i've gone from a size 8 to a 14 is not a lot of time. To find out why my metabilism has stopped cos no matter what i do i can't lose the weight that appeared from nowhere. I ate no different it just all appeared. Anyway i have some instructions, some Food advice, cos we don't use the word diet with him! I have to write a food diary for the next two weeks and go back and see him......

So i came home, put the kettle on had a cuppa, ate 9 biscuits and tonight ate my last supper. Spag bog a big helping with cheese. It will be a long time before i can eat like that again. *sob* Normally i do not feast on biccies.....but as i said a whole new regime starts tomorrow. We have compromised on certain food stuffs, there is no way i said i am having skimmed milk.....so we worked out if i stopped sugar all together in my tea, and cut down the cups of tea i drink then i can have semi skimmed, which i have anyway.......i have a list of does and don'ts we'll see what happenes i'll try it .

i want to find me again. I don't feel like me anymore. I know i've got a lot of shit going on i know my health is shot to shit i know i'm 30 *cough 31* years old and i'm falling to pieces. i havent felt myself for a while whith everything going on. I haven't looked myself for a while either.....myself being a very slender 5ft3 1/2....with no tits. the only great thing about getting fat is that from somewhere a pair of great tits arrived. i wonder if we can sort it somehow so i get to keep them?

This afternoon we settled down for a quiet afternoon, hubby spent all yesterday afternon kitesurfing so i laid on the beach with a book....tomorrow we'll be doing the same. so this afternoon, oh yes quiet with a book, i started to drift so i went for a lay down rather than get a crick in my neck. they woke me up at 5.30! I had slept a few hours!

I had a mad panic after that a bit later....cakes to make for the school.....for thier bake sale. I have made lovely buns iced in bright pink!

I've just been showing scarlet and my mate t my tit on the webcam......general concensus...ouch....ooooh.......owwwww........nasty. So there you have it ladies and gents it is officially horrible. I even provided a ruler so they could see how big it was....the scar not my tit!
Check up tomorrow.......hping to get the all clear for a proper shower or bath......if i get the all clear i'm going to the waterpark on saturday......if not i might go anyway and soak up the sun!

Well i'm bolloxed even though i slept all afternoon so i'm off......i'm gonna have a quick chat to t and scarlet before i go anyway so goodnight ladies and gentlemen
lou lou

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Wednesday, October 20, 2004
Well, thats not right at all.
childish indeed.
well we all have moments where boredom kicks in for gods sake.
I was in work today, and i was working with my very bestest member of staff, and yes we do things thatmaybe peopel might look upon as "childish".
after colouring in all the page 3 girls in very nice permanent marker string vests, we get bored.
Well the fumes of the permanent marker gave me one hella of a headache, so i went along the shelves looking for the strongest painkiller known to man. when he handed me this new stick that you rub on your head and gives you instant relief.
okay, i 'll give it a go.
well, it was weird, first it goes very cool then kinda numbs it, i was giving "d" a blow by blow account, so he gave it a go then i gave it a couple more goes, then he did.
by then my nut was on fire.
just a thought i 'll read the instuctions.
That was it then , who could rub it on there nuts the longest, then we went completly numb.
"D" said go slap me really hard on the forehead, see if i can feel it.
Alright but then i better do some work.
so there i was slapping "d" on the head, laughing my tits off, when the owner of the shop comes in to see his lovely new shop.
ohhh fuck, in the office again for me.
and no, he doesn't have a sense of humour.
he said i was behaving childishly, and i should behave in a responsible manner when in charge.
so i got done once again.
but not that badly until someone came in to complain about his page 3 lovely.
so i blamed it on the school kids this morning.
i have destroyed the secruity tapes, so he will never know.
do you think?
I'm gonna leave i think anyways.
i can cause more damage that way.
posted by scarlet @ 9:38:00 pm  
..::R and R::..
R and R, rest and recuperation, or should that be really bored and really fucking bored?

Cos that dear loveys is what i am. Bored. I'm still on restriction of what i am able to do, ffs i find it haard even to get dressed in the morning let alone the amount of time it takes me to have my half shower!
SO what am i doing? not a lot. Of course i could just be planning my next daring spy mission (so not to dissapoint scarlet) but no, in reality i'm doing a lot of sitting and laying down, trying to catch up on my reading which fails dismally cos i keep falling asleep.

I'm trying hard to stay awake, as mentioned in the comments all the lovely music that's blasting out my house trying to keep me awake, thanks darlings for the suggestions i'll be sure to try and get that spinal tap one, i'm sure the neighbours would love that if they can understand enough english! I'm poised to putting on a bit of tenacious at the mo...*scarlets and mines favourite togetherness cd* But i think a bit of the new george michal will go down a treat today and calm me.

*******I am about to get a verbal kicking from scarlet for what i am about to reveal now******

I have had, since the tender age of about 8 or 9 a love affair with George. Even before i knew what lust was i lusted after him, in his Wham days of course. *Andrew was just the ugly little shit who happened to be on stage with him!* One weekend, my Dad gave me the best pressie a girl could have a 6ft poster of darling george, in a very shiney blue suit. How i hugged my dad tight for that thoughtful gift. *i still have it somewhere, in fact i have all my wham stuff somewhere*
My world ended the day they split, i was as millions of other girlies were devestated wham was no more....but wait george was on his own, he would not leave me.......
As i got older my dad would tell me, "He's gay you know" and i would call him a git and a liar. *my dad thinks most rich successful famous men are gay* All i could see was gorgeous george object of my fantasies. and time and time again "he's gay you know" would spout from my dads lips. Mum and i would stay don't be stupid you're just jealous.
How right he was. and yet, even now i say to him that he made george turn that way, with the power of his thoughts!

*******sorry it had to be said**********

Of course i still love George. No matter what. I of course had many other crushes on popstars, and at this moment in time i will abstain from telling you them lest i get a bigger kicking from scarlet who hasnt always lets say approved of my musical taste, be it wide and varied. *we all have listened to stuff we wouldn't admit to haven't we?*

Well, since nothing exciting is happening to me right now i'm gonna go, i've caught up with everyone in blogland already, the're some great posts out there today everyone, some are inspired! Why not go through the blogroll and try someone new you haven't on yours, they're all recommended!

I might just have a weeeee snooze now...............

Loves you all

Lou Lou
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..::this on this::..
Tuesday, October 19, 2004
i found this on this and it made me laugh, not to mention it's damn clever!

I'm off now for a rest again.......it's doing my head in but i won't heal well unless i do.......

by the way, yesterday i had a cuppa on the veranda and fell asleep, i awoke, went to lay down cos i felt so weak, and woke up at gone 12pm! see i really am not right, i really am completely knocked for six by this damn op

lou lou

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lou is a big spoil sport, because........................
Monday, October 18, 2004
lou and i have had an exective phone call over the future of stop the world and what direction we want to take ourselves.
well, i think i have come up with a most exciting new direction.
it stems form my new job which will be working in a photo lab, i know not very exciting.
but i was thinking we could twist it around to postings ala enid blyton/charlies angels style.
where i can unfoil russian mafia dealings, catch itailian gangsters, when they bring in there holiday snaps, all from my little lab in a sleepy seaside town, where scarlet saves the world again.
And for lou she could unfoil mysteries from the other side of the globe, with her secret government issue weapons hidden in super sized bikini cups to foil the chinese terrorist planning to take over the world with there giant mice.
and ofcourse she is on every beach protecting sunseekers from the evil americans with there drugged sun tan lotion.
but she didn't wanna do it, what a spoil sport.
i put it down to the american's and there sun tan lotion myself.
this message will self destruct in
scarlet (aka sabrina)
posted by scarlet @ 9:32:00 pm  
..::i'm back well sort of for a little while unless i fall asleep mid post::..
I'm here, but i'm on restriction......
things have been difficult here, firstly difficult because due to the visitors i found it really hard to get online let alone post, when someone is always looking over your shoulder to seee what you are doing......and secondly due to the wond explosion i have seriously restricted as to what i can do.

Catch up time!...... well sort of cos i havent done much really apart from rest rest and rest

The op has seriously taken it's toll on me, i am always tired, i feel completely drained. I am not myself at all. This although doesn't exactly worry me is making me feel like crap and that this whole thing is endless.

On thursday last week i went to have my stitches out, which was fab, it hurt slightly, but all was well. I walked home, and sat out in the sun in the garden, felt a little wet, peeked inside my top, and blood, gushing blood, casulty extra i leapt to my feet rushed inside and stuck a mepore on it and hubby drove me back to the doctors where i was steristripped and mopped up. I was told they wouldn't resutre me due to the wound had knitted underneath the skin partially. *curses* I went away home.

30 minutes later i was back there again, my dressing had filled with blood, and it wasn't looking good. All cleaned up and sorted again, i was told to go back the following day unless there was a problem. I sat at home miserable, unable to move about restricteing my movements.

Friday i was back, and i had bled again although not so bad, they had a good look, changed the strips again saying they have to strip it cos they won't resutre due to the partial heal.....*hello i have a hole in my tit* and took a swab just in case. It completely ruined my plans for the weekend. I am unable to get wet at all because if i do the strips will come off and i have this big whole in my tit.

Feeling rather down about the whole thing at the moment. Everytime i take a peek i catch my breath and hope to God the scar will fade, hope that it shrinks a bit, it's really quite large, and my breasts are not the biggest in the world (they belong to scarlet!!!)

We've been out and about a little, i'm ok walking about, we've visited archaelogical sites, and shopping centre, walked on beaches and eaten out a lot. The diet has seriously suffered, but i was told to up my intake to aid my recovery.

On the good side, the mousies have gone, all gone...and my darling mummy and daddy have sent me some special plug in thingies that put them into audible distress so they won't come in the house. It makes me feel a whole lot more secure to say the least.

Saturday i guess has been the highlight of the last week or so for me, we spent the entire day cruising on a catamaran.....pure luxury and i rested alot, although completely gutted i couldn't go in the water. I am not allowed to go in the water, hell i can't even have a aproper shower which is doing my head in, i can't get the wound wet.

The inlaws have gone now, we took them to the airport in the early hours of sunday morning. I spent yesterday doing far too much, well not far too much but too much, since i should be sat on my arse doing nothing. I'm not even supposed to be on here typing, because the mo9vements of my arm will hinder the healing or something. So just what am i allowed to do?

Feeling like not a lot and it's not helping the feelings of uselessness i can tell you one bit. I'm so drained one night in the week we were all out on the veranda playing cards and i fell asleep at 9pm cards in hand at the table. Pathetic.

I can't wait for all to be healed so i can get back to normal. I get the results on the 27th now, i don't know if i'm going on my own or not. i said to hubby to come if he liked, but i would like him with me. I guess i'd be ok. i'm scared at the news. we still don't know really what it was, just how big it was. I thought he would have told me when he took it out what it was, but they sent it away so that concerns me, of course that might all be normal procedure, but i'm a worrier.

I'm gonna have to go now, i can feel it pulling, i'm doing too much again, i'm only typing......damn, better go have a cuppa and read my book or have a lay down. I'm alone today. Princess at school, and the inlaws gone, hubby back at work. I'm feeling very very alone, the house is quiet, the cd i had on has finished (green day american idiot) and i feel like crying again. gonna have to shake this off,

be seeing you,
lou lou

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Friday, October 15, 2004
its me....i have to be quiet........ssssshhhhhhhh

i'm popping in to say i havne't forgotten any of you, its a bit difficult right now to get on and post proper, and i'm wounded......
i had the stitches out yesterday and the bastard wound has split open oozing blood and making me look like an extra from casulty! i'm steri stripped to death, they won't re stitch it gits so my movement is limited
will be on proper at the weekend and i'll fill you all in on all the excitment

lots of love

lou lou
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hello people.it is i
well, i am sorry i haven't blogged for a bit but life just gets on top of you sometimes.
i am having trouble sleeping again, hence blogging at stupid o'clock in the morning, this has been going on for about a week now.
so you can imagine that i look like a giant panda.
worried about my weight again too, which i am not going to get into. cause its shit isn't it?
when imsomnia kicks in , you can't help to be reflective which is always a bad thing for me, i am very overly critical of myself at the best of times. which i am not going to get into, because its shit isn't it?
god this post is shit.
and oh my god today, my son and i had to go to the opticans, so off we trundled, my son went first then i .
unfortunatley i need a new pair of reading glasses, which i new i would because my sister stepped on them by accident about 3 years ago, and just haven't got round to replacing them.
so i was choosing some frames when mobile goes off. the optican made a jesture to say fine take the call.
it was my sister,
"hi where are you"
"i'm in the opticans" says i
"what you doing there"
i mean what kinda question is that, for fuck sake. getting an indian head massage dumbo what do think.
although it did make me laugh because i did upset her by saying thats somthing mother would say, ohhh you must be turning into her in your old age love.
right then, i was coming down for coffee but you can shove it up your ass now.
the optican could hear every of word of this i could have crawled up my own arse let alone shove anything up there.
ohhhhhhhhhhh but she strikes again
my son was looking out of the window while i was being a total woman and trying on every pair in the shop.
when he comes running up and says that my sister was flicking the v's at me.
i could have crawled up the opticans arse then.
there seemed to be a nice family in there too with young children, that shielded them has i walked past.
i love the fact my family are eccentric, (well nuts) but fucking hell time and place for it and all that.
And mother wonders why 2 of her children got married and are now divorced.
its a brave bloke/bird who takes on one of her kids.
ohhh and heres another example of the level of crazyness that is my family.
my mother phoned up tonight to say that she might just kill my father.
ok mum whats going on ,
well your father has got a cold, so he's wrapped up like he's going to the north pole,the central heating is on full blast, its so hot in here that i can't breathe and he's wearing a woolly hat and scarf to bed, its like going to bed with a terrorist.
now is that normal scarlet, no it isn't.
so she said that she is sleeping in my brothers old room with the windows open in the the buff.
ewwwwwwwwwwwww, the mental thought of my mother sleeping in the buff might make me never sleep again.
thanks mum.
anybody know of a good shrink ?


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Monday, October 11, 2004
I have to say i'm in a little shock. I finally managed to get online and log in and what do i find?
Evie has decided to leave us. It was, i have to say news to me. It's sad you've chosen to leave us, i do wish you'd stay.

I havn't been on for a bit, i've been poorly sick as you know and recovering is hard work when you have visitors, so is getting online to blog or even send so much as a bloody email! I felt so bad i went to the Doctors in the end, had my tablets changed and some added stayed in bed nearly all day yesterday and i feel a lot better today then i have in a week. I am still in pain though. Not a huge amount, it's just there in the background twingeing every now and again.

I have of course had a lot of added stress what with the uninvited guests we had. Thursday the mouse man came, as i said before. We went out for a meal that night. When the we left the traps were empty. When we returned there were 2 flat dead mice! We were gone for two hours only. I was only expecting one, we had only seen one, they were completely different coloours. We moved the empty trap into the middle of the kitchen, it remained empty.

When the mouse man came in the morning he took away the traps at my request, due to the weekend. He felt sure that was all there was and so did my mother in law. My father in law made a drain cover for outside, we stuffed the top of the pipe with wire wool on the inside too. I very timidly have used the kitchen over the weekend, inspecting everywhere for any trace. Paranoidly i know but it's the way i am.

There hasn't been any, until this morning. I found 2 droppings. I've called the guy out again. he's put down a few more traps. It's a sure thing if there are any more they'll be got tonight! There is no way out..........they think maybe they are nesting inside the washing machine now possibly. Tomorrow they will look inside it underneath and see. It's the only explanation, there is no other way in, all exits are blocked.

I am not particually relived to hear this, i'm downright pissed off. I was starting to relax a little. Only my paranoia enabled me to find these droppings. There were only 2, so we're not talking infestation thank god, but still one mouse is one mouse too many.

The cheeky mouse song has been sung a million times, mother in laws nightshirt even has what she calls lou lou mice on it *grrrrrrrrrrrrr* i pissed myself last night when she started shrieking over a green insect thingy that flew onto her it was tiny. We all have our our foibles don't we?

The weekend was quiet really, what i needed, this op has well and truly knocked me for six, i never expected it to. I got brave this morning and changed my own dressing, i stood and looked in the mirror, although still swollen there is no big dent, there is of course going to be a big scar, my right tit is almost completely yellow and purple, there are a few flecks of blood, my drain hole is still bleeding a little. I am accepting it. My stitches are out on thursday morning and i have to see the surgeon for a review on the 21st, i'll get the results of what the mass is then too.

I'm on now cos mum in law is napping, and princess is tiding her room hubby and father in law are playing golf. Still i guess i am resting sort of anyway!

Oh well i'll be ok.

lou lou

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~~Over and Out~~
Friday, October 08, 2004
Ok so not alot to report here from the sunny south coast.....
Glad to hear Lou Lou is on the mend......the worry and anxiety of these things can take a lot out of us.
Emotionally draining, all that waiting and then the physical pain and sense of helplessness as you try to function as normal and find that your body is just not gonna go there at all!!!

I've decided that while we have Lou back on board and seeing as she has done so much to this "baby" of ours, tinkered with it and lovingly created the Stop that we all know and love I'm gonna take my leave and bow out gracefully.

My last few posts have not been all that and I always said once I got to the stage where I was struggling to write something that was even slightly amusing I would take a bow and leave while the going was good, which is now.

I'm sure Lou Lou and Scarlet (and Milky too, if he ever re-surfaces) will take Stop onwards and upwards as we are continuing to do.
I think when we started this thing out, neither one of us realised just how it would take off, I for one am amazed that people would wanna share in my bizarre but mostly mundane 9-5 existence.......but they keep coming...LOL

I'm sure Scarlet will keep us entertained with news of her ever evolving romances and hot dates and life in general.
And as for Lou Lou.....well she always has something interesting to say, even when she is low and not feeling her best she still manages to find that chink of reality that adds a smattering of mirth to an otherwise ordinary post.
I will be watching you ladies with interest as you share your complex and interesting lives with us all and beam with pride as Stop continues to flourish.

Missin ya already


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..::uninvited guest/feel shit::..
Thursday, October 07, 2004
i'm feeling groggy, but i'm trying to rest. Unfortunatly there have been a few events making it difficult for me to do this.

*forgot to post this as so much else going on due to my spcedoutness about op*
Saturday night whilst watching tv with hubby, we had an univited guest......yep you guessed it a mouse. It came through our open lounge french door and ran round the lounge. Hubby chased it out. O Sunday night I found droppings in the built in storage cupboard, which i know 100% weren't there before, as i has cleaned the cupboard the day before. I checked it monday and it was ok. Whilst i was in hospital mother in law was on watch and said all was well.

Last night we had a curry, and just as i finished my mum phoned. I put my plate on the worktop in the kitchen. 5 minutes later hubby walked in there to find the mouse scurrying from my plate accross the worktop onto the washing machine and vanish.

They tried in vain last night to find it for a good 45 minutes. Whilst i sat shaking on a chair on the veranda.

My mother in law bless her cleaned up where it had been and put all my stuff in cupboards., *utensils and the like* I put a towel along the bottom of the door lest it come out for a visit again as i didn't want it in the rest of the house.
I am completely gutted, my house is kept immacualtely especially my kitchen. it's not living in the house, just visiting from outside.

Hubby trys to lift my spirits singing the cheeky mouse song again arrrrrggggggghhhh

This am just as we finished breakfast mother in law went in there, and there it was running around the kitchen floor. She and father in law tried to find it, it hid under the cooker till they lit it then it ran out back to the washing machine. 15 minutes later the mouseman came.

He tried to find where it had gone and couldn't. He put some poison down where they are living in the garden and some traps down in the kitchen needless to say i will not be going in the kitchen to even get a drink i have everything here with me in the lounge i need. I am a mess to say the lest. you all know what i was like last time.

The mouse man says now he thinks that it is coming in up the washing machine waste pipe, or through the backdoor when it is open. it is the only way it can get in. He feels it isn't living in the house again they weren't last time. Hopefully the traps will catch it some time today. I did find a few droppings in the lounge this morning, in a couple of corners. i had heard some funny noises on saturday night, it kind of explains it now, only i was too scared to look. (when hubby was getting them froim the airport)

I am dying inside, of terror and fright, and disgust that yet agian they found their way to soil my clean house. It sickens me. I want to puke. Plus the mouseman who put poison down whilst wearing gloves then wearing the saem gloves touched things allover my kitchen......i wanted to scream and shout at him. arsehole. i have a lot of cleaning to do once more and i should be taking it easy and resting.

This morning i am tried very quickly, i am drained i don't know wheterh its the tablets or what.
I got hubby to change my dressing, which resulted in tears.

I got brave and took a peek at my breast. I have a incision about 2 1/2 to 3 inches big, some bruising and of course i am swollen still. I burst into whimpering tears when i saw what was left.
Told hubby i look disgusting and he will hate it and he will be disgusted by what is left by the scar i will be left with accross my breast.

He told me its not bad as i think, he tells me he loves me, he tells me it and i am not disgusting, he tells me not to cry, at least the lump is all gone. he goes to work.
i walk around the house quietly crying. trying to do a little light housework, although i shouldn't but i can't just sit. i know i'm sat now but i'm keeping occupied.

I don't need all this right now. I don't need the worry, i don't need the stress i feel like shit, i look in the mirror and see my pale honeyed brown tan face dazed and vacant, eyes sad, hair awry, in myself i feel down yet thankful they got it all out, it's a waiting game now til we find out what it is/was. i still feel like shit. All this added worry with the univited mouse is not going to help one bit

lou lou
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..:;home at last::..
Wednesday, October 06, 2004
i'm here, i'm home, i'm a bit dizzy but whats new?
So i got up really early after a fitfull sleep and hubby took me to hospital.

After being told to strip off into the hospital issue gown.....printed all over with hospital property in case i felt like pinching it my stats were taken and i was shortly taken down to theatre.

Hubby came with me. I laid terrified on the trolley as the put drains in and stuff and cried with the pain as hubby became unfocused.

I woke some time later crying, sobbing, uncoherantly unable to see. oxygen mask on, gradually the recovery room came into focus and still i cried. For some reason i was holding my lower right breast. The theatre sister reassuring but still i cried. She told me it was a success and they got it all.She said she'd ring hubby who'd gone to work to let him know i was ok. My nurse from the ward arrived to get me, and i was wheeled back. i was told i had a drain in and i wasn't going home. Iwas Still crying.

I arrive on the ward to the best sight in the world. My hubby had waited for me. And still i cried.
Eventually he left and i drifted off. I spent a lot of time drifting in and out. I was lucid for a bit when they informed me i was poorly, my bp had dropped very low to 70/40. It stayed down for some time rose a little but still was 85/40. I was on 15 min obs.
i couldnt even go for a pee cos i was blacking out and zoning out al very odd and scarey in the end i was able to pee on a wheelchair commode type thing, oh the indignity!
Drifting in and out i woke up had a little toast and drifted off.. Hubby princess and the inlaws arrived just as i was eating dinner.
All evening i drifted in and out until 2.33am when i was awake and couldnt sleep again

i was woken at 6am again my bp very very low.
I had a good brekkie and managed to start sitting up which was a massive improvment.......my drain was full so they changed it. I managed to sit up for some time and even with help walked to the toilets, which did me a heap of good cos my bp raised
i saw the surgeon and he advied i could have me drian out as i had slowed down my bloodloss and could just have a pressure dressing on, and then this afternoon i could go home!!!

so here i am at home
i'm hurting but ok
sorry this was a bit homour less but i'm not feeling on top form as you would imagine

thanks to all of you for your thoughts and good wishes by comment and email
i'm off to pop some more pain killers


lou lou
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Tuesday, October 05, 2004
ok , she has had the operation everything went ok.
thank god.
but she is staying in because she has lost an awful lot of blood and her bp is very low.
she did sound very down, but asked me to let everyone know she was ok. bless her.
its been a long day of worrying.
hopefully speak to her tomorrow and give an update.
but i guess if she is home no doubt she will post, she'll have hubby wheel it into the bedroom if i know lou.
so fingers crossed for tomorrow.
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..::its me .......i'm here::..
Monday, October 04, 2004
I'm here.
The "visitors" are already asleep and i'm sat here nervous as hell crapping myself.
I was up till 5.30am Sunday morning wating for them to arrive, as you can see from the new template it was time well spent!
Sunday once we were all up we went to the local water park............
Orange dome bubble thing, climb up wet dome with aid of rope....get to top get soaked by fountaind waterfall thingy...loose balance.........slip to the pool below losing bikini top on the way flashing my tits to the world!
Clinging every step to the handrail saying "dear god help me" as i climbed the numerous very tall towers in order to slide down the slides......*i do not like heights.....i am terrified of heights.....i do not like stairs i can seedaylight through much less the ground below me*
Having a fabulous time in the wave pools stuck in a ringo thing......and many other water related things.
Highlight of day........
having the balls to go on the "canon". Slide with vertical drop in pitch black closed tunnel which then kicks up and propels you through the air until you land in the very deep pool with a very very big splash. .............Watched loads of lads doing it posing and thought oh i can do that......... I almost shit myself once i got to the top and saw the drop. I found my balls, assumed the position (legs crossed, hands behind head) and woosh.....................

i came out of the black (lost the position i should be in) with my bikini bottoms wedged up my bits, and my arse...legs spread wide to an audience including my mother and father in law with a camera.................

but it was fun....so i did it again......i remembered this time to tightly cross my legs and i pulled my bikini bottoms down a little lower to allow them somewhere to go! ......I drops......I fly through the air.....I land with a huge splash.........my tits are hanging out having lost my bikini top...and everyone is laughing taking photos.........

I shrugged it off......bravely and desparately hoping that my father in law didnt have the zoom on......SHIT

It was a fab day though and now today i ache allover!

This am........i went to hospital, for those of you who are reg readers you'll all know i have a breast lump which is being taken out tomorrow.... anyway. I had to see the anaethatist today. It went ok he wasn't happy with some of my info, and sent out for my notes to be couriered to him re my ongoing vascular instability/arthritis/reynauds/ circulatory disorder. he is not happy with this at all.

He orders blood tests to be hurried through. I am there hours.
My blood presure is taken on one of those electric thingys....its low 99 over 69 the machine also managed to make my hands go completely numb and black, they eventually managed to get soem blood from me, after my hands turned black again! the temp etc was ok, but the thingy they put on your finger didnt want to work on me.......eventually it did after trying all my fingers, all due to my circulation problems.

In the end i'm let home, i have to be back there by 7am and i'm first on the list my op is sheduled for 8am.

This afternoon i took my father in law out we had a great laugh actually we bought a massive gas barbeque which took him and a cursing hubby over 2 hours to put together. It said on the box some assembly.....some they did all but mold the metal bits.......

So here i am nervous as hell crapping it. the hours are ticking by and i am feeling really on edge. i cant sleep......everyone else is.....and i have put my overnight bag together.

please god let it go well,please god don't let them find anything else in there, please god let me come home, please god just let me wake up please god just let me wake up and see my princess

going now startig to dwell gotta do something instead thinking too much

lou lou

posted by Lou Lou @ 8:06:00 pm  
update on lou
lou is at home at the moment, but she will be going in for the op at 8.00am tomorrow morning.
hopefully she will be out the same night, all being well.
so good luck babe.
i will let you all know how she is tomorrow.
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~~Out of sight but not out of mind~~
Had a friend tinker with this for me........ Posted by Hello

Love and Hugs
All of us here in Blogland!


Ps.. thanx for the tag Silv, your a star xx
posted by Sugar @ 2:17:00 pm  
~~Wow.....and Double Wow!~~
Now look I know I've said it before...but I'm gonna say it again, just louder this time...LOL

Lou Lou, you is a bloody genius...mwah xx

We look sexy, sassy and fine........and we deffo have plenty of Va Va Voom!
Not that we didn't have before you understand, it's like now you have captured the essence of the ladies and gent (Yes Milky that's you!) on Stop in only a way that YOU can.

Your in our thoughts babe, dunno if your at home right now, or if they made you stay in or not, I guess Scarlet will let us know later.

I've just spent the last 5 mins wiping up pee pee!!!!!
Yes my daughter is at that stage......eeek "Potty Training" aka p*ss on the floor for the next 6 months! Lmao
She had on a Pull-up nappy, which I'd noticed had gone rather saggy, so pulled it off and went to get a clean one, when I come back into the room, she's climbed onto a dining room chair and is splashing in the puddle that she has just produced...?????
"Look I is wet!"
Errrr, yep and so is everything else, so there I am on my hands and knees, soakin up "pee pee", I turn round and wot has my little angel done???? Wound the kitchen roll round the living room like a crazed Andrex puppy!!!!
OMG......I can feel the steam attempting to surface out of every orifice.........she smiles sweetly at me and utters those immortal, heart wrenching words....
"So sowwy Mummy, I so sowwy!"
F*ck, she is soooooooooo good at this shit...LOL

So now she's sitting down quietly having lunch...hmmmmm or is she?
I'm not gonna look, I'm here with you now, having 5 mins peace...so unless the house catches fire, or Richard Gere turns up outside in a big white Limo, or Clint Eastwood rides up to my porch or the sky falls in, I am all yours...for now anyhow...LOL

Had an interesting day yesterday, youngest step-daughter was over and she needed to go shopping for a dress, so we all go into town, hubby goes off with the other 3 kids, which just leaves me and her. Now I am the world's worst shopper, I hate it!
But this girl is in a league of her own.......
"too tight,
too small,
not long enough,
makes me look like a tart,
wrong colour,
wrong shape,
too over the top,
no way,
too expensive!"

So wot did we buy?
F*ck all!
I came home very stressed, tired and in desperate need of a large Vodka on the rocks! LOL
Never again.....well until the next time...Lmao

So that's it from me for now,

Love you all,
Big hugs and Best wishes for Lou Lou,


posted by Sugar @ 1:26:00 pm  
ohh we have gone posh...
Sunday, October 03, 2004
well done lou, the site looks lush.
just spoken to lou and she informs me that she will let me know how she gets on tomorrow and tuesday.
good luck babe.
thinking of you.

i had a child free weekend and to be honest one of the most boring ones to date.
friday...got very drunk emailed a lot of people, you know who you are.
and i am very sorry!
saturday night pretty much the same thing, but with the most boring people in the world.
i have had more intellectual conversations with children under the age of 6.
so i did what most people would do. i drank through the pain!
must admit it did have its highlights.
one of them being a debate about condoms.
which flavour?
i went for the mint ones, in my opinion you get fresh breath too.
many of my friends went for the strawberry,(i think too sickly but each to there own)
then during the night i'm thinking with my lack of action
if i buy them they will come!
so i did.
unfortunately only attracted twats drinking stella act-a-twat.
maybe if i buy a different flavour, i might attract a different sort of man.
i dunno what flavour are you?

posted by scarlet @ 7:32:00 pm  
..::aren't we all growed up::..
As a Birthday Pressie to Stop, i've been working my arse off tonight sorting out our new look!
Hubby has gone to the airport........so i've had some time!
So what do we think?
Its a bit more sophisticated than it was don't ya think?
And of course, the piccie looks just like me!!!!! *dreaming again*

oh well it's 3am here..................better go............

wish me luck and patience! pmsl


lou lou
posted by Lou Lou @ 1:55:00 am  
..::this will be my last post..............::..
Saturday, October 02, 2004
This will be my last post............
well actually it's not! It's my last post i'm able to do without the "visitors" here. So from tomorrow the covert blogging begins! Just how i'm gonna manage it is beyond me! Especially since they like to be on the pc. I have changed my passwords just in case lmao. *lightbulb*i can email post.....they'll just think i'm doing normal emails....*

So I'll be hiding out, maybe in internet cafe's, if i can find one............... They will be sleeping in the lounge on our very expensive designer sofa bed *and I mean expensive* Cos we only have two bedrooms here. Being my pc is in the L shaped part of the room, they're gonna be able to see pretty much everything i do. Bollocks.

So much for the quiet restful weekend Evie prescribed. They land tonight.....*thinking aliens, no aliens are cute and green i like aliens* For the next 2 weeks my life and house will not be my own. I of course will be grateful for their "support"? whilst i am recuperating after my OP. Who knows, I don't think I'm gonna have an easy time of it between you and me.......

In case I don't manage to get on tomorrow....... this is the rundown.

Monday 10am. Hospital to see the aneasthatist....who might or might not let me go home, *hoping i can come home*
If i'm allowed home.....7am Tuesday...present myself at the reception and go to my ward. After starving myself all night.
9am Have OP.
5pm Go home, if allowed all depends on how the OP went or whether they have to put a drain in or not. If they put a drain in it'll be a few days in there. knowing me.....nothing ever is easy.

If i can't go home i'll either ring or text Scarlet so she can let you all know how it went.....If i get home, i'll try and post. Or get Scarlet to if i'm feeling crap.

I don't know what to expect really. I've had minor ops, never a major. I only ever have had a general anesthetic once before and i was 9 years old then. I had a badly broken wrist.

*Flashback.....1984 Torvil and Dean have just won gold medal at Olympics with Bolero........5 minutes later 9 year old ME is inspired and gets the next best thing to ice skates out.......rollor skates (with 4 wheels, inlines not invented then!pmsl) I glide, i twirl, (I'm not bad on a pair of skates, well i wasn't then!) i aim for the hill...........i fall........i cry.....i am a broken mess. Nice lad from over the road picks me up and takes me home....my Dad says those famous words......"Thats not broken!" *my screaming face a contorted mess* but takes me to casulty in case. I am x rayed.....i am taken to a childrens ward, i am taken to theatre, i wake screaming in the night, and my dad has gone home. I go home the next day and spew everywhere. Apparently general anesthetic and Lou Lou is not a pretty combo!.........flashback fades....................*

Not sure what we're up to tomorrow....i think we're off out for dinner to a local place we love......which is very authentic local food, and kind of looks like a shed but the food is awesome. I have a few more things to do here which i'll do a bit later on.......

I got an awesome email from Scarlet....she was completely wankered....such a shame she didn't post, would have beaten mine hands down God love her.

So people that's it for now.................

Love you

lou lou

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~~Update on the "other night"!~~
It's alright...calm down, I'm not gonna give you a blow by blow account of my love life *oooh very apt choice of words there!*
I'm letting you know wot happened at the Parents Open evening................

All was going well, we arrived in plenty of time after rushing about and dropping the youngest two kids off in time to see my daughter playing netball.
Her Dad was meeting her at the court at 8pm, so we were unable to walk round the school with her, as it was she finished her game early (through injury bless her) and we took a small tour round the grounds of the school.......
1st the Science and Art block, on the door was a rather stern looking teacher....my daughter whispered to me..

"His name is Mr Dick!"to which I replied
She said "I just thought you ought to know!" and then burst into a fit of giggles....LOL
I of course trying to act all adult and mature refrained from such silliness, well only until we had past him and were safely out of earshot...LOL
We past several classrooms in which kids and adults alike were doing various experiments, there was a nice relaxed atmosphere.
My husband said the school felt nice and homely?????
To me it was very Grange Hill, very old buildings, a huge place of meandering corriders and secret hidey holes.................I can see how for a first year student the sheer size of the school would be pretty overwhelming.
*Bursting with pride here at the thought of my daughter having settled in fairly unscathed*

Time's getting on and who should we meet as we're on our way to her form room................
her Dad and the bitch from hell.
Neither one of them make eye contact, her Dad mutters an Hello.
I can feel my daughter getting very uncomfortable, she asks if its okay to take us to her form room?
F*ckface answers yes and the "witch" says in a trill, sickeningly syrupy tone..
"Of course Darlin, that's what we're here for!"

Arhghghghgh......I want to f*ckin strangle the bitch!
Anyway after seeing her form room and her work and chatting to her teacher, who seems very nice, we decided to take our leave.
One daughter taking round two sets of "parents" can be very uncomfortable for all concerned.
As we said our Goodbyes in the corrider, I could feel the witches eyes stare right through me as I kissed my daughter goodnight!
And then the supercilious cow had the cheek to say......
"Bye, see you again, was lovely to see you!"
She doesn't say two wrds to us all night and then goes all friendly.
F*ck that bitch, we ain't never gonna be friends, too much water under the bridge there!

Don't get me wrong I ain't a person to hold a grudge.
And really I can take quite a lot before gettin relatively p*ssed off.
But I can't stand false people, infact I f*ckin hate them.
You wanna say something, you come say it, don't go being nice to my face and then bitch about me later.

Just remember what goes around comes around guys!
Do unto others as you'd have done to you *this is not a sexual reference, although thinkin about it, it could be!*

Take care and have a great weekend.
My thoughts are with you Lou Lou, try if you can and have a relaxing weekend before the big day on Monday.
Big Hugs

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..::wow we made it!::..
Friday, October 01, 2004

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Last night i had big plans to do this all singing and dancing post at the crack of midnight, but midnight for me, isn't midnight for the rest of the guys.......So i thought i'd wait and then got sidetracked by my email from Milky this morning and completely forgot!

I first posted here on 1st April, a historic day and a brave one at that!

I've been having a snooze on the sofa.....late night hubby rolled in at 2am, and had no key so muggings had to stay up......getting up at 6am wasn't a great combo! He's in bed now!

He wasn't rolling drunk, but apparently his boss was pmsl. He has brought home photos taken by barmen in some irish bar or something......not bad actually. He had a good time, even if i was pissed off at how late he was.....*went out early at 4pm so it wouldn't be a late night*

When he knocked the door i was practically starkers....just putting my clothes in the washing machine , the knock came and a thought of panic entered my mind....

"whos there?" me
ME hubby
anyone else with you? me
No you silly cow let me in! hubby

I was struggling to stay awake, yet was unable to fall asleep on the sofa as i waited! I was just about to give up and go to bed!

Just about managed to pull myself out of my pit this morning, college for a few hours and then fat club......i lost 1lb this week.

Then back to Lou Lou HQ to start the preparations for the inlaws *cough** free holiday seekers* I'm almost done, I've gutted it all, even though it didn't need it. Even though they won't be here till the early hours on sunday morning, we're off out tomorrow to the water park to have a fab time with M and D. Promises to be fun. *note to self.......new voodoo dolls bikini put to good use tomorrow!*

I also of course have preps to make for my visit to the hospital, make sure all is in order in case i am in longer than expected.

It's gonna be interesting blogging while they're about.....a bit of covert blogging will be going on, they don't know about the blog and i'm certainly not going to tell them. It's none of their business, besides i need somewhere to moan about them and get it out of my system whilst i'm tempted to send them packing to a hotel! pmsl *you just watch me*

better go nearly tea time here, shit i forgot totake something out of the freezer..... oh well take away looks good


lou lou


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Too knakered to post...but thought this was great...says it all don't ya think!
Can't you just smell the aroma of roast chestnuts...lol Posted by Hello

Have a great weekend all,
Great post Lou Lou, so I guess now we know where Milky has been hiding, bad boy!!!!

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..::Milky Milky MIlky::..
Well Milky is a really busy celebrity at the mo, beating off the fans and by the sounds of this maybe beating off something else as well.......

As posted down below *snigger* the site in question has a number of links all incredibly funny. So me being me i emailed Milky the link last night to one of them.......and this is what i got for my trouble so i thought i'd share it with you..............


Anywhen its fuckn autumn here now so i went looking for nettles in our dank
damp back garden last night, it was dark and the outside light had a moth
with a big raincoat and a top hat on so it wasnt very illuminating. I
grasped a handfull of vegetation and sneaked into the shed, I lit a candle
(it wasnt very romantic) and proceeded to thrash my weapon with
aforementioned foliage.


Now me knob is covered in fuckn mud and i swear there was a pine cone in
there cos ive scratched me shaft.

So the Lou challenge for today is to get yerself off using a pineapple thats

been in the freezer for 2 months, so when youve succesfully scratched all
yer pubes off and yer punani is somewhat similar to a monkey with its head
cut off, then i reckon we've achieved equalibrium.

Good luck babe


Make of that what you will...........

Oh the link it's referring to is THIS

Loving ya all..........

Lou Lou


posted by Lou Lou @ 10:21:00 am  
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