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Saturday, July 31, 2004
hey babes,

I is here, somewhat briefly for the weekend only but I is here!

HT a new readerwas asking what exactly i am up to, so here goes.

My family and I are relocating, we're starting a new life in another country. Pissed off with England and it's wonderful rip off its people atitude we're gpoing where the sun is shining and where the sea is blue, and the sun is oh so fiucking HOT.

At the mo, we're in limbo. Our house is empty, our lives packed in boxes and travelling light. Well apart from the shoes i forgot to send accross, they're all gonna cost me shit loads in excess baggage, the words you stupid fucking twat spring to mind hehehe but how the hell can a girly know what shoes she wants to wear when she wakes up? (nothing usually)

It's a brave new adventure and we're excited. It's gonna take a while for me to reset up so my good mate Milky said he's post a few for me, marvel that he is, he's a newbie to all this. Completely mental of course as is everyone that is mates with Lou Lou!

It is a prerequisite that everyone of my mates has to be either deranged or loco in some way! Me of course is queen of all that!

Scarlet will be back from living a la francais this weekend and will be back posting with shit loads of ammo she's stored up whilst being pcless.

Hopefully she won't regale you with too much shite from our fun week together hehehee maybe some of that is left unsaid. We are crazy biatches when we are together! She did say I could post a photo of us on here, I just can't decide which one, there are so many, and in most of them we are pissed. Shocker!

NO doubt she will have plenty to say about french twats. Rude wankers the lot of them, sadly I didn't have the blog when i visited Disney at christmas, omg what a bunch of wankers.

So there you have it short and sweet. My life is in boxes, and i'm scared. I'm also really really excited. It's gonna be a blast. My legs might even see what they look like in hotpants (ha fucking ha) and might turn a shade of darkened cream rather than milk bottle white!

So since i've comandeered a pc till sunday, i'll be posting as much as i can, an interview coming with jonesy babe, (hi huni) which i'm well chuffed not to miss out on stay tuned..................the biatch is back!


Lou Lou


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Friday, July 30, 2004

I'm able, by amazing luck to get my fingies on a pc with broadband for the weekend! Yay, so, if i'm unpopular with my hosts tough shit, my baby comes first hehehehehe

The week has been crazy so crazy, i've had highs and lows, ups and downs and bucket loads of stress.

I have had copious phonecalls with the wankers at *cough* ntl and copious amounts of phonecalls to *cough* my mobile service provider. Both nominated for wankers of the tear for neglecting to diconnect both of my telephones. In fact the home phone is on til 25th August, even due to their fuck up.

I'm abodeless now.

I got maybe 3 hours sleep last night if i was lucky. Fuck. We were all sleeping downstairs in the lounge with the dining room end stacked up with boxes, me and hubby on safas and princess taking up an entire double airbed.

The removal guys arrived late. But made up for it after drinking a cuppa. Boxes were packed, rolls of bubble wrap used up and now my house is a complete shell with shit loads of crap at the bottom of the garden ready to be taken to the tip.

It's a really odd feeling. Knowinf we won't have our own home again till next saturday, knowing that we have no idea what it looks like.

We are taking this very big step at a new life, in a new location, a new country.

I'm fucking scared.

We'll be ok
We have each other.

Lou Lou
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~~Something for the weekend...Sir?~~
Had a friend send me this along time ago, thought it was quite playful and erotic, and Yes she did have a head...... but she was way too ugly and it kinda distracted you from the rest of the picture.. so we cropped and chopped her.....pmsl Posted by Hello

Seez ya all later,
posted by Sugar @ 11:07:00 am  
~~I've been bitten!!!!~~
F*ckin mosquitoes...........I swear to God if there is one within 100 miles radius the little f*cker is gonna chew on me!!!!!

Was out in the garden last night, discussing a mega undertakin to my house, ie an extension and a rather large conservatory, with my friend's hubby who is a builder *rubs hands with glee at the  thought of a shiny new kitchen*, as we're all friends we was out there chattin and drinkin for awhile, when i started to itch................and itch and itch and.....well you get the picture by now.
Of all the places the little blighter's could of bitten me, they chose my f*ckin neck!!!!!!!!!
Now i have a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge lump on the front of my throat.............*freak show!* that looks like I am hatchin another head, or at worst Versuvius' younger less violent relative!!!!
I have to divulge at this point that I am indeed allergic to bites and shite, which is why I get such an extreme reaction. 
So now I gotta drag my arse in to work lookin like some extra from some 70's Horror B movie........"Attack of the killer Mosquitoes...............run don't walk, from the blood suckers from hell!!!!!"

All this and then Milky's post about anal kind of threw me for a second there..........
We must of touched on all the taboo subjects by now....haven't we?...LOL
Not one to indulge myself I guess I can't really comment unless I'm an avid anal participant.......maybe I should try it, see wot all the fuss is all about....LOL
Mind you the thought of them Adult size Pampers is enough to deter............isn't it?
I have several gay friends maybe I should ask them.............pmsl

Sooooooooooooo, it's hot again today, very muggy....i hate that!  Mind you nothing can sully my mood today, my Mum and Dad are coming "home" tomorrow........*grins like a Cheshire cat* they live abroad and are coming back for 5 weeks, f*ckin bliss, a babysitter at last...LOL
Haven't seen my Dad in a year, although I saw my Mum in January.................will probably blub like a big girl when i first see them, but hey I'm just that little girl lost underneath all the perverted bravado that is Evie....although obviously not as perverted as Milky......pmsl
Just kiddin hun, I think your a riot..mwah xx

Love ya all,

Ps Michelle or Jason for eviction tonight

posted by Sugar @ 10:23:00 am  
mmmm - That Feels gooooood ! BUT.............
Fun in your 20's, regular in your 30's, but girls trust me, anal sex aint going to be your best friend come your 40's.  Sorry to say it but your sphincter will throw its hand in, and it going to be late night trips out to Spa for another pack of adult nappies.  Yes as much as you'd like to think that its too many bottles of jacob's creek or bacardi breezer thats going to be your downfall or popping the odd 'e' or the 40 Capstan full strength you inhale daily, i'm afraid your mistaken. Its so going to be the embarassment of adjusting your girdle around your 'huggies' in public.  So next time your biting that pillow - THINK ON !

Also, Never, Ever shave your anal hair, it inhibits the ability to fart silently. !  Ever been on that first date and after giving the bed performance of your life again (or is that just me *gloat*) your lying there in a half slumber when you just have to release that gurgling gut, not wishing to cause embarassment you try every manouvre in the book to fart silently (you know how its done),  and then it happens, its like a Ford Capri with triple air horns startling kids carrying 99's  from behind an ice-cream van, and your embarassment is complete.  It only ever happened to me once, she never really minded in fact she stayed all day in the company of Milky's love Rocket ;), although I did promise her a 48pack of Adult Pampers pullups. 


posted by Milky @ 7:31:00 am  
~~In and Out~~
Thursday, July 29, 2004
Just a quick one............I'm enjoying the sun, well trying to...lol
But thought I'd leave you a little something to look at while I'm burning my body to a crisp!
Am knakered today, no lie in....6.30am after gettin to bed at 2.00am...don't ask!!!
And no it wasn't me and hubby doing the "wild thing" either...lol  That's only on a Friday night!!!

The Ultimate Kissing Survey

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The celebrity you'd like to kiss: George Clooney

Friend you would like to kiss: All of them!
Favorite movie kiss: Never Been Kissed, the final scene

Do you kiss on the first date? maybe

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Average number of kisses you get a day: Too many to count

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The last person you kissed: My kids

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Do you consider kissing cheating? Yes deffo

The longest you've gone without a kiss: ooh bloody hell that's a hard one!

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Kissing in public is: good for the soul

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Wednesday, July 28, 2004
Just had to pop in before I go to work and say.....
Ye hah!!!
We reached 3000 yeah!
Now I feel better.........pmsl
Just a  big Thanking You all for coming and having a peep at our humble Blog and for all your lovely comments, sorry you missed it Lou Lou..mwah xx
posted by Sugar @ 3:06:00 pm  
~~It's a funny old world...innit!~~
Morning all, well nearly afternoon.....I know I'm a lazy cow...but it is the holidays and I do have to work tonight..'til midnight so i took the opportunity for a lie in........9.00am this morning........f*ckin excellent, now that's wot I call a lie-in..LOL
Believe me for those of you who don't have kids and you're reading this and thinkin..*this f*ck-wit is deranged!* you'd be half right, the deranged bit.........seriously though having rugrats and having a lie in occasionally just don't mix and match at all, if someone tells you any different..

a) they are lying
b) they're taking the p*ss!!

Well enough about me already, wot I really wanted to write about was this programme I watched Monday night........was gonna write about it yesterday, but clean forgot while I was postin and then when I did finally remember wot a gem it was I was too f*ckin knakered and caught up in all that is BB5 to give a toss about the rest of the world.............I'm just lovin' it this year, I'm getting withdrawal symptoms already just thinkin about the final week...*sobs silently into a tissue*.....sorry I'm meandering again!
Back to this programme's..........."101 embarrassing Sexual Accidents!!!"  Now wot it should of said was "101 Self-inflicted Accidents by the Twatty Public!"  These people were f*ckin idiots, with a capital I.......................wot kind of tosser sticks his knob in a hoover, or gets off on an electric sander???????
There was allsorts of nasty things going on, too vile to even mention here.....(after all we do have to keep in mind the delicate natures of our readers......yeah right!)pmsl

The best bit for me was the story of the guy who's girl was giving him oral sex and suddenly developed lockjaw........which is funny in itself, well not if your the guy in question....but to add to that it said that "all the guy could think of doing to relieve the situation was to punch his girlfriend in the head!!!!!"  Wot the f*ck was he thinkin???????  Then it said..."she arrived at hospital with a black eye and several broken teeth, he, incidently had to have his appendage sown back on."
Too f*ckin right, I mean if your partner was punchin you in the head, while you had a rather delicate part of his body in your mouth, you'd bite the f*cker off too...wouldn't ya?  I know I would...pmsl

 All this was accompanied by a rather fetching cartoon of a guy punching his girlfriend in the face while doing wot all good girlfriend's do.............the image was too much for me, I was in pieces, infact I laughed so much I was crying......my hubby was lookin at me like I was some manic pyscho, I mean he had chuckled slightly at the story but my mirth was uncontrollable....pmsl
I was talkin to  a friend about it yesterday online and it started me off again............oh Lordy, me thinx I have gone over that fine line, you know the one...between a little bit fruitloop to "right get her locked up she's a danger to the public!"......ha ha ha *laughs manically*

Ah well, enough Jibba Jabba,

Twill keep me amused while I am at work.....
Love ya

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Titanic - The Directors Cut
Tuesday, July 27, 2004
"A womans heart is a deep ocean of secrets" Said the old wrinkly as she proclaimed "EEK" and dropped that fooking expensive  necklacy thing off the back of that trawler.

Now in my version of Titanic (The milky directors cut) a good alternative ending would see  them same gnarly old corn infested feet slip off that handrail and see her sink to the bottom, meanwhile the necklace falls onto the deck, next morning captain Haddock gets the necklace - hoorah and claims his spoils, and the nice love bit is that the old beggar gets to be with Leonardo Di Caprio, even if by then he be pretty emaciated with yards of kelp strewn from his 'Y' fronts.

Thank you - I'm here till the end of the week, no actually until Lou Lou drags her sorry ass back off the beach.
posted by Milky @ 4:21:00 pm  
~~Sharing...'cos I'm that kinda of girl..NO not that kind!!!~~
This was the pic I had on my Yahoo profile once...people actually thought it was me???? If you look closely you can actually see her wings...although it is almost uncanny we share the same skin tone and hair.......pmsl Posted by Hello

xxx *in purple haze mood*
posted by Sugar @ 1:24:00 pm  
~~Blah, Blah, Blah...~~
So, I thought I'd come and bore you...ha ha!

Today started off well, had a lie in, well kind of 750am, I can't complain I guess, I have friends who's kids get up at 6am everyday and they think this is normal!!!!!

HELLO!!!!!  6am is in the middle of the night in this house......*I've trained them well*...LOL

So it's now just gone lunch, I've made breakfast, made the beds, made the lunch......done 2 lots of washing, put away yesterday's ironing, read a few Blog's, made a few comments, answered several mails, posted on several comm's that I am a member of, showered, dressed, dressed and washed the little 'un, done my hair, done my face.......*I know, I know it's hard to improve on perfection but I have to try*...pmsl...........and so this is where I am now, all I have left of my daily chores now is the washing up.........*i hate that job*, well I hate all housework really but it's a necessity especially when you have kids!

Little 'un has already put jam into the carpet and couch.......spread yoghurt over the nice pine toybox and TV..(I guess she thought it needed something???) and the cherry on the cake was her ransacking my make-up this morning and putting her fingers into my "NEW" blusher and flicking it all over herself and her brother's bed, which she happened to be in at the time of the "offence"!!!
As if this wasn't enough she proceeded to brush my legs..*me having 3/4 length trousers on today* with her toothbrush fully armed with toothpaste with such vigour I swear she de-fuzzed them with  sheer determination and a little help from said toothbrush.....ahhhhhhhh *sighs deeply* such are the joy's of motherhood!

FFS..............nobody said this was in the manual.....and her response to such mayhem?????

"Sorry Mummy, sorry Mummy....love you!"
Now how the f*ck am I supposed to respond to that????????????????
Jeeeeeezzzz girl's are soooooooo good at this suckin up stuff, even at the tender age of two...me thinx I better keep my eye on this one...............she looks like she's gonna be trouble......pmsl

Well better be off then and go bore myself some more, I think a trip to the park is in order once more ooh and maybe a visit to Maccy D's too, will soften the blow after having dragged them around the supermarket!!!

"How many weeks is it 'til they go back to school now?????????"

Love ya

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~~The Gasman cometh...~~
Monday, July 26, 2004
Well not cometh, but you know wot I mean...........don't ya?
*it's a song, it's a song*

Before I go any further with my post, which now will fade into obscurity next to all that is Milkyness (we are not worthy, we are not worthy)!
I take my hat off to our new mystery Blogger, funny?  I nearly shat!!!!
If this is your first tentative step into Blogland and you are indeed a virginal Blogger, WOAH "hold the front page!"...this dude can write.

Lookin forward to more of your posts with much anticipation.....although the images that today's conjured up are still with me.........*hmmmmm crotchless panties, shaved nipples, men in high heels*.........woah-don't go there!!!!!

Soooooooooooo back to the Gasman...

He arrived as he said he would...on time, although he had phoned earlier and said he was running 10/15 mins late, I think this may of been due to the fact that he was supposed to surface on Friday but something or several somethings came up and waylaid him!  I'd also said to him that when he did get here  he should arrive in full body amour, just incase he decided to be late or the kids had wound me up beyond the point of reasoning........not difficult at this moment in time.
Well he was a nice bloke, arrived with a grin on his face.......*tip for you lads, smiling when you first meet someone is a deffo good start* ...and left with a nice fat cheque......*que sad-face*

To cut a long story short, very f*ckin short.............

FFS.......If there is a God, which I'm sure there is......................he's pokin me with a really big shitty stick right now!!!! Pmsl

So, options are......
1.  clean the existing system patch it up and get it going again, short term soloution with about a £600/700 price tag
2.  f*ck the old system get a new EVERYTHING at the cost of £3500!!!!!!!

Just wait 'til I tell hubby, it's really gonna make his day, maybe I'll leave it for awhile......wait 'til after a good ----*husband and wife session* and kind of casually drop it in there........"By the way darling, the central heating and hot water system are f*cked!"
F*ck it, it's not gonna sound good whenever I say it is it?
Ah well, such is life....still I get to see the smiley Gasman again!

Love ya

posted by Sugar @ 5:50:00 pm  
The Myth that is Milky
Heres Milky.......

Lou trusts me for a few weeks, maybe she's deranged ?

So here goes with the artistic license, who knows i may start a blog just for me and Jellybean.

He's BEHIND YOU - Fuck I hope not...........................

So the Rocky Horror show is in town, a cross-dressing opportunity, its time to slip into Ann Summers and lap up some of them XXXL bargains.

I always think that cocks look stupid in panties, especially thongs !, they always poke out the fooking top by miles (or is that just me *snigger*).
Anyhow with all this sticky weather we've been having a guy's got to pip for the open crotchies, it gets so claggy dont you know !

Ok then, quick checklist, got the Limahl wig, open crotchies, fuck ! them suspender clips are murder to fasten espcially the back ones, dear me ladies I never knew how much trouble you've been  having, I cricked my neck fastening one, heels are in a Lidl carrier bag (classy bitch that I am) and its trainers for the journey to the theatre, shaved the nips too so the peephole is looking a treat.  Ok I'm ready to unveil my gorgeousness to the world.

Flagging down cabs on the high street looking like Linda Lusardi and Dr Evils love child aint a sport that i'm particularly gifted in.  I'm astounded that cab after cab ignore this manly feminine love nugget, but they do ?, surely lots of peeps are dressed the same and doing the same this evening, but alas no it just appears to be me.

One bus ride later, I hate teenagers on buses, they're not big and they're not clever, they're spotty wank monkies who would sell their mother for a can of Woodpecker and a packet of Marlboro lites.
I'll burn down that fooking youth centre for all the shite they were poking at me, and watch the twats run with their table tennis bats and shite mobile phones as the smoke bellows around them.

I digress

Off the bus and straight to the theatre door.  Lots of middle aged folk, few kids, no, in fact, lots of kids,  a few real oldies, and not a red lacy teddie in site, well the miserable bastards, they could have made an effort.

And so on into the vast vulgarity of it all, not noticing the poster declaring "NEXT WEEK - ROCKY HORROR  SHOW".  I take my seat my crotch still amazingly unsweaty and decidedly fresh ( take a tip girls, them crotchless really rock and leave you as fresh as a trout).

Curtain up - Small children racing onto stage ?? strange pubescent looking girl dressed as a guy with a green pointy hat and a stick with spotty hanky at one end, DICK FOOKING WHITTINGTON

BASTARDS AT TICKETMASTER, they're going to get these shitting heels right up them.

Still, it was a good performance, and the ice-creams were cheap, even if I did drop red syrup on my crotch (bloody open crotchies, I had to scissor them pubes off, I look like I've survived a small genital fire now)

And so to home, crash out with 3 cans of Hoffmeister (well it was only £2 for four cans plus a free out of date toastie loaft), and, I have to say was feeling relatively horny dressed up like that, frisky hands gliding about and minutes later all the makings of a cheap porno, yes not a wasted evening after all.  But dont tell jellybean - she'll flip.

Now all I have to do is face the neighbours who witnessed the catwalk to the bus stop, I just know they're going to be thinking "OH YES HE IS" and inside my manly goodness will be squealing back "OH FOOKING NO HE's NOT"


More Bollocks tomorrow sweeties.............I promise.

posted by Milky @ 4:27:00 pm  
~~Amusing myself~~

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What Flavor Lip Gloss Are You? Take This Quiz :-)

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Ps......stop lickin those lips...tee hee

posted by Sugar @ 12:16:00 pm  
F*ck I hate it when that happens......arrrrghghghghghgh!!!

Sorry should I explain myself........lol
Just spent the last half hour doing a post.....and Blogger ate the f*cker, it doesn't usually happen to me, I know Lou Lou has probs with them sometimes but not to little old me!!!!!!

Ah well, here we go again..............

Today is a funny ole day, the first full week of the school holidays - "riot patrol" as one of my dear friends tends to refer to it! And the first day without our beloved Lou Lou, it's very strange, kind of spooky even..... a bit like a Ghostblog...it's like she ripped the guts outta this baby and left us here alone and bereft *blub blub* be swift on your journey Lou Lou and return home to us soon..mwah xx

Ah well, i did write something mildly interesting about the Gas-man coming, but thinking about it now, I'll only bore myself to tears re-writing it so I'll spare you the agony...lol

I think I'll go do one of those non-sensical quizzes instead to amuse myself before I go strangle the kids, ooops did I say that out loud...I meant give them lunch...pmsl

Seez ya later,

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..::actually this is the last time hahahaha::..
Sunday, July 25, 2004
fuckety fuckety fuck i just did this fab fucking post and i fucked it up and lost it fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

Right back to the begining!

So actually this is the last time! I've managed to grab a few spare minutes so i sneaked on here to see if anyone was mouring my loss! And to my shock and amazement you already are, well some of you anyways!

I would like to thank you all for your kind words that i've had both by comments and emails, I'm truly touched ( yes touched in the head we all know that!) but seriously dahlings i am truly touched my your love.

I actualy am a bit pissed off, I just discovered that my mobile phone, the one i gave them 7 weeks notice to terminate the contract for is still turned on! FFS I can still make and recieve calls it was supposed to be turne off on 22nd, and her i am 3 days later and its still on. I've beenca loyal customer for 5 bloody years paid my bills on time and they can't even get that right for me! I'm gonna phone them first thing tomorrow and let them know just how peeved I am at them, obviously i won't be able to post this! Oh fuck the main phone line gets turned off tomorrow ffs i better get up really early hehe

I think what i'm gonna do, cos it's gonna kill me not blogging is keep a journal, which when I finally get my broadband (yay fuck off dial up!) I will upload the lot! Which might take a while but wtf it will give me something to do besides getting burnt to a crisp on a beach sipping cocktails!

I will miss each and every one of you but I would like to give a few of you a special mention. Those I don't name personally now, you know who you are! I'll miss you and I'll hurry back!

Andre Hugs huni keep fighting your beautiful revolution, Ray manly studmuffin you never fail to educate and amuse me, Miss Fluffy hugs babe fingers crossed eh?! Jonsey crazy lady that you are!Laura who's adventures keep me riveted!

Right thats me done *sob* *sniff* *reaches for bog roll*

I'll miss you
Lou Lou
posted by Lou Lou @ 10:13:00 pm  
~~*Sniff, sniff*~~
Another one too.........thought the sailing away into the distance was quite apt...keep smiling babe  Posted by Hello

Love always,
posted by Sugar @ 7:00:00 pm  
~~So long, farewell, auf wiedersehn.....Goodbye~~
Except it's not Goodbye.....just Au revoir for now..mwah xx
For you Lou Lou Posted by Hello

With Love
posted by Sugar @ 6:59:00 pm  
TRACK 9, Keane, Hopes and Fears, one of my favourites,
And this is my last time, for a wee while anyway *sob*

What will I do? How will I cope? I'm gutted.

I'm right in the middle of a swish new template too and it doesn't look like i'll have time to sort it now.....shit.

Some loverly people out there are actually saddened by me going! I'm actually a little shocked! I never really realised I had made an impression on anyone. I always hoped someone other than my mother read this! Although I don't think she does so much now cos i swear far too much to be a proper lady hehehe ( not that I am you understand i'm working class, but my mummy likes me to talk the way i was taught to! and i can, when i want to!)

I'm saddened to think of how much of your lives i will be missing out on, better make it good reading for when i finally get online! It'll take me ages to catch up!

If i manage to pop in i'll say hey, if i can manage to borrow a mates pc for a top secret purpose since i'm a covert blogger!

I'm so fucking depressed now i'm stuffed down a whole toblerone!!! Gutty biatch ain't i?

One of Hubby's mates came to say goodbye, he picked me up in a bear hug and almost re broke my back hehehe i think he broke a few ribs! Bless him he rang an hour later to see if i was ok. Bless you babe K i'll miss you (hes as much my bud as hubby's best bud)

I'll miss so much. I'll miss you all so much. I'm gonna go now quietly before i get all upset. I hate goodbyes, but this aint goodbye it's see ya later, au revoir....

love you, all

Lou Lou

posted by Lou Lou @ 4:38:00 pm  
~~Freakin Hell!!!!!!~~
Saturday, July 24, 2004
I had to share this...............http://members.home.nl/saen/Special/Zoeken.swf
A simple game of Spot the Difference

2 things...

1. don't get to close to the screen!
2. if you have the sound on......well just be warned................I needed new pants after this!!!

I visited the 1st time without sound, which was bad enough...with it......*trembles with fear*

PS. One more thing, it's not for kids!!!!!

posted by Sugar @ 11:41:00 pm  
~~Ok..I is here....barely!~~
Ugh...God I hate Saturday mornings, for those of you who know me or who have read me I'm the one with the late Friday night shift, got to bed at 2.30am and was woken at 745am.....aaarrghghgh f*ckin kids i'm gonna ducktape their little mouths shut so as to get my once in a blue moon lie in, I'm not asking for much.......9-930 would be just grand!
So this morning, I have distracted said kids, one upstairs, one at a friend's (excellent form of distraction) and one watching Playdays and chewing on Stiklebricks........and Yes the "witch Mother from Hell" did feed her this morning.......but as usual this is her daily ritual............
1.  Smearing Vegemite on toast into my beautiful cream leather suite!
2.  Making rivlets of milk with her cup down the seams of said leather suite!
3.  Emptying her toybox onto the living room floor and then proceeding to not play with a single item!!!
  Half watching several video's/DvD's of her choice.......
5   Demolishing video cabinet....piling them up so she can stand on them and reach higher up and do even more damage!!!!
 This is all usually before 10am...............f*ck no wonder I am bloody grey!!!
Anyhow, she is now momentarily enthralled in all that is the Teletubbies...aaah such bliss, five mins of silence, well almost silence.....we have the occasional   "Uh Oh!"  or "where's Tinky Winky gone?".......to the funny farm I should think, with that handbag and colour....."oooh dahlin...me thinx Tinky Winky has serious gender issues"....pmsl     
Sorry am i rambling????
Well here's a quick catch up on the last week for me....................

Fri........Ear Infection......go to the Quack's

Sat.......Feeling shitty Penicillan not kicked in yet, being kept vauguely compesmentous by copious amounts of ibruprofen.......
Sun......Deffo worst day.............lots of moaning and groaning and generally feelin sorry for myself
Mon.....CRAP......couldn't even get out of bed.......farmed the little one out to some willing relative and crawled back in to my pit, stayed there 'til late afternoon (ok, ok, so I did get a lie in this week!!)
Tues.....Much of the same, except little 'un was here with me!
Weds...End  of term, feeling dizzy and naseus, starting to panic now, thinkin I may be allergic to penicillan or worse still pregnant!!!!!

Thurs....Phew....NOT PREGNANT...not allergic, just the after affects of ear infection....*sighs with relief*
Which brings us to yesterday, which is the first day in a week that I have felt relativley normal, well as normal as ya regular fruitloop can get!!!
Well think I have blogged enough to bore ya senseless or at least get you to smile....
Its good to be back, 

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..::OMG OMG OMG OMG:::...
Friday, July 23, 2004
am i thick as fuck?
no i'm just really really stupid and those blonde streaks that i thought were a) beautifying me and b) hiding the grey have been blonding me and stupifying me.

I can't count. I have fuck all idea of time. FFS how can i be so thick?

my darlings, i will be leaving you on sunday although if i can squeeze a post out before they turn off the phone on monday i'll be gone then.

I can't believe it
I was so sure i had a week left with you all. But alas my dumbness has just been pointed out to me by none other than my favourite oompah loompah! (Stepping into my shoes before i have left them!)

His name is Milky btw, and he has a rather inflated ego! Of course, he won't want to admit to being short and stumpy and orange of face so expect some rather more flattering piccies!

My loves it's gonna break my heart. I shall miss you all, unless i can sneak some time in a neighbours pc........
I'll leave the goodbyes for now, keep your tissues handy for sunday



Lou Lou
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~~Woah...It's been awhile!~~
Hey all you regular readers...I is back!!!
Thankin you very much to Lou Lou and her persistance...mwah xx
I see this space has been filled very adequately by Lou and Scarlet in my absence with stories of memories revisited and of saying Goodbyes and general drunken behaviour...right on ladies, my hat is off and my pint glass is raised as we speak....full of Lucozade though as me has been a poorly girl of late...more about that tomorrow.
This is just a quick Hello and I missed being here....had nowhere and no-one to unload my angst onto....awwwwww *que violins*
Lookin forward to getting back in the saddle and pushing all Blogger's brand new buttons...*squeals with delight at the coloured text!!!*
see you soon
lots of love
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...:::*cough cough* i have an anouncement:::...
Thursday, July 22, 2004
You will gutted to hear (like fuck) that i have only just a week left of blogging afore i lose my internet connection and my pc. 
To look after you, my darlings i've found someone who can spout shit at you, (no scarlet not you babe) and keep up moral until i've made the move and got myself sorted out. (and blog once more with a vengance, the  new blog http://sunsandseaandstranded.blogspot.com  will also be up and running from then too proper like!)
(Those of a sensitive nature offended by lavish use if the words hot, sunshine, beach, bikini, suncream, palm trees, jetski, life of leisure and other words accociated with a permement holiday need not link to or visit my blog there!)
It's gonna kill me to be away.
I have one week left, to break Oompah into the land of blog and then i shall be gone like verucca salt down the golden egg shoot! 
Be upstanding and welcome my favourite Oompah Loompa. Shower it with praise and lavish it with comments.

loving you all
lou lou
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This is what lou lou forgot to tell !!!!!!!!!
Yes it is true , i am back lou bought me down a computer, so its here fault i am blogging again.
All complaints on a post card to   ;  LOU LOU BEAVERHAUSEN,
                                                             69  LOSERVILLE STREET,
 Right as you know she came to visit me . if anyone lives in the south, they will now understand has she arrived in the county, we had a plague of locasts, weekend famine, the sea's parted.
 It was a scene from the day after tomorrow.(Slowly returning back to normal now though)
             It was a blast all in all, lots of vodka had by all( mostly me mind) lou doesn't need any at all to be a crazy bitch , the  highlight for me was when after stumbling from the pub, ( having a pre-supper drink ofcourse) we entered the cheapest, tackiest shop in the town meant only for holidaymakers, and bought shit loads of crap. Lou bought me a badge saying
" WILL BUY DRINKS FOR SEX"  which the bitch made me wear all the way home.

I miss her already even though she is the twattish person i know in the whole widest world.
But hey, you guys already know that right.
well, guys this is gonna be short and sweet because i am off on holiday for a week now to recover from lou's stay you understand. ( there is very good mental institutions around at the moment).
    love scarlet.
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...:::FOR SCARLET:::...
Wednesday, July 21, 2004
Dearest Scarlet,

Thanks my love for a fabulous time. It's what i needed!
No one makes me smile or laugh like you can.
No one makes my troubles run away like you.
You give me peace,
You give me understanding,
You give me love ,
You also
Poke me with shitty sticks,
Get me pissed
And make me buy cheap tacky shite
You are the loyalist and truest of all friends
But best of all with you, i'm the real me.
The me others don't see, cos i don't let them get close

I love you babe
And i'll miss you

I give you................ our song

lou lou


Friendship is rare,
Do you know what i'm sayin to you?
Friendship is rare
My derrier
When you find out much later
That they don't really care
It's rare to me, can't you see?
It's rare to me, can't you see?

Oh shit there's abear
Could you hand me that shotgun buddy?
Also that chair
We're fighting a bear
Now your lives in great danger
And you don't even care
It's rare to me can't you see?
It's rare to me, can't you see?
It's rare to me
Say a prayer for me
'Cause it's rare to be
In Tenacious D

Friends will be friends
They're running naked in the sand
Friends holding Hands
Will someday surely form a band
Friends will be friends
They say that friends are friends
To the bitter end
Long as there's a record deal we'll always be friends!
Long as there's a record deal we'll always be friends!

Friends will be friends
They're running naked in the sand
Friends holding hands
Will someday surely form a band
Friends will be friends
They say that friends are friends
To the bitter end
Long as there's a record deal we'll always be friends!
Long as there's a record deal we'll always be friends YEAH

By the amazing Tenacious D

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..::Diagnosis Day::..
This is my 2nd go at writing this firefox just crashed and i lost the fucking lot
For the reg readers out there, i am in possession of a lump in my right breast.
I've had the examination, i've had the biopsy and i've had the results from that.  Today i had to come back home from Scarlets to keep an appointment to see the ultrsound dept to have the findings confirmed and expanded upon.
Princess held my hand as i lay on the bed thing half naked.  "mummy be brave"  It was pretty much like the canning i had done when i was pregnant i guess, except this time it was my tits!
The lump that when i first found it about a month ago was about the size of a small marble or malteaser.  Now it's 2.6cm in diameter which makes it pretty large, especially given the size of my breasts!!
I's not malignant, that was confirmed however it is something known as a Fibroid Adenoma.  It's not dangerous but can grown to the size of a baseball ball!  It looks like a dead cert i'm gonna have to have it removed. FFS i won't have any tits left once they take it away!
When my weight gain started ( i was painfully thin before) the one thing i was really really chiffed about is for the first time in my life i developed cleavage!  I was always the one they took the piss out of at school, cos i really was so flat.  I also weighed about 7 1/2 stone ( and cos i ate like a horse) it was yet more cause for bullying.  (Yep there you have it, i was bullied at school and not always verbally either.)  It was hurtful and caused me to have a major complex about my self worth for most of my life. I always felt inadiquet, i always felt like i wasn't complete and i never thought anyone would look twice at me cos of my lack of tits. I was quite pretty when i was at school,  I had boyfriends but i would do nothing with them except kiss, and then became known as a tease and a fridgid bitch. 
When I was 17 i met my now hubby,  We were friends, and then it went from there, there was chemistry we fell in love and the rest is history we've been together 14 years.  He was the only person i ever felt comfortable taking my clothes off in front of.  He is the only ane i have ever truly loved.  He loves me for who and what i am.  Tits or no tits! 
 When i was pregnant with princess i imagined i would blossom, sadly i didn't they got smaller than their 32b  and i got no millk so i couldn't breast feed.
On arrival of said tits, it gave me aboost, i finally can wear clothes i never could before, i finally have cleavage!  I finally feel womanly, it's given me more self confidence and at last i feel desirable, to me you understand.  I love the fact i can wear whatever i like now.  I put on 1 1/2 stone and with it i went up to a 34C.  It changed completely the way i feel about myself.
So i have this lump, and for my health it has to be removed, how much will i have left? Will it knock my confidence will it take me back to those days i hid myself and shape away in huge baggy jumpers and hunched shoulders instead of standing proud?
This post has taken on a life of its own i never meant to tell you all this just simply i'm ok i've not got cancer.  My tits are my insecurity.  well one of them!
I may well re read this later and delete it!
Lou Lou
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Tuesday, July 20, 2004
Yo Peeps,
 Me is in training for my life in the sun!  I'm in the sunny climbs of [insert olde worlde seaside resort] visiting my beloved bestest mate in the whole wide world scarlet! It's el scorchio here well lush, i'm gonna get me pins out in a mo in a very short denim skirt, there are so many rockles here no one will notice liccle ol me and i'll blend in nicely!
  The kiddies are playing in the courtyard, having a whale of a time.  Lay ins for them both this am cos it was a late night.  We went for a quiet drink on the quay which was very pleasant, although me thinks we were about to get moved on cos we were a little loud, not obnoxious but a little raucous! Princess was asking if she could catch crabs last night which proved to be too much for our little minds and muchos giggles ensued with double entendres by the dozen. 
Actually tonight we are taking the kiddies crabbing which should be cool. Plus it means we can have une petite drinky, and si on the benches with the yachting set! ( of which there are many!)
 Last night was cracking, we went to the best fish and chip place in the world and went back to Mo's place. Mo is Scarlets mate, who is stacks of fun but of course is no replacement for moi! 
we're at her place and she has this fuck off karoke system, i mean the real thing fucking pro stuff, ( we'll just brush aside the mother fucking plasma tv in the corner of the room &drool drool droool* ( i've never seen one that big!!!)
SO it gets turned on, of course and Scarlet opens up with some 60's number hehehehehe 
Rawhide( all of us), If i was a rich man, from fiddler on the roof ( sung by the kids)skater boi, (princess) Total eclipse of the heart ( me and mo) Ssssshhhh ( mo)  Baby baby ( scarlet) hey frankie ( all us girlies)  and lots lots more. 
It was a blast.  In the end we were having to wrestle the mics of the kids, and at 11pm, by request we turned it off, well the neighbours were well impressed with our professionalism but i wasn't exactly ready to get arrested for breach of the peace hehehehehe
During the performances, we took it in turns to do backing singers, dances and piss around in general in the front garden of all places.   I have some fucking fantastic piccies of me and scarlet avec shades looking very rock and roll singing our little hearts out, some lovely ones of the kids, one of scarlets lad skater boi in my shades looking very elvis, one his 'no publicity' photo and one is very very rock n roll. Damn our kids rock.
 Eventually we went home, drunk lots more once the kiddies were asleep and i briefly posted. Tonight........as far as i'm aware we are bar b queing it and having another karoke night which should be fun. 
 I will miss Scarlet more than anything i know we'll still blog together and i kknow we'll still talk ever day, but to know i cant get in the car drive four hours and turn back into the girl i used to be cuts me to the core. I'm a completely different person with her than i am with anyone else. my serious self fucks off and mrs fun fun fun arrives and we're a couple of crazy biatches together scarlet babe if you are reading this and i expect you are i love ou babe and i'll miss you, you're my sunshine.
 Lou Lou xxx
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..:: we sing 80's::..
just a quickie
the day has been long, and lots of fun
it's been rounded off with us on the quay drinking and then retiring to mo's house to eat lucious fish and chips and sing 80's songs on her karoke system yay we rock
it was becoming a fight to get the mic from princess who was hogging it in the end and some marvellous photos were taken which i will post as soon as i get back home if i can find my camera lead
if not you'll just have to wait till i get my decent pc back when we've moved
we're on the piss still so i'm off
love to you all
hugs to andre who is feeling so sad
lou lou
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just the two of us lalalalalalalalallalaala
Monday, July 19, 2004
Not that anyone has remembered or has given a shit that i haven't blogged for soo long!
It's me SCARLET le HARLOT baby yeah
i'm sat here, very very pissed a la newt.  I am sat here with Lou Lou the biggest whore of the land and she has made me get drunk.  
And i'm here! Lou Lou and i'm not quite as pissed as scarlet is yet but i'm well on my way hey hey
she says she has lots to tell about her mother but we'll save that for tomorrow.
For the next 3 days you are lucky to have both point and separate posts from us two loverleeee laydeees  ( hang on, i'm the only one with knickers on that means i'm the only one wot is a real laydee)  note to readers........she is wearing other clothing
stay tuned for a post from scarlet on the freedom of going commando
absolutely yeah baby
sorry for the break then we are having a domestic about my availability on friday night
whoopsies that sounds bad
now we've snogged and made up (only in your imaginations *wrestling naked in baked beanz *you dirty pervy bastards)
Scarlets son skater boi has been blaming his gipping farts on my princess all night who has been asleep and unable to defend herself
brief interlude while we get our kit off and into our pjs.........stay tuned for more illegible blogging baby
ok so we're back pjs and bedsocks
i think i'll have  aplya with this sexy new blogger button
sexy purple, now thats much more us.  we both feel very sexy in purple, of course the fact that neither of us are wearing it right now will go unnoticed on the tinternet
right then
how much voddy has scarlet drunk? answers on a postcard
most haunted is on in the background and scarlet has got the munchies
its been a long day for me  i've been up for hours and had a long long drive to get here to my bestest fwend in the whole wide worlds.
on my arrival it's as if we had never been apart, as usual, we talk almost everyday.  but we slip back into the old routine within seconds.
we're off to bed now, sleepy time it's 1.20am and it's taken god only knows how long to write this
lots of love
scarlet and lou lou

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...:::The last couple of days:::...
Sunday, July 18, 2004

Friday was my last day at work. I was only in for 4 hours, and it went really quickly. As is the tradition at work, i took in a feast for my collegues which we all picked at during the course of the day. My favourite patients came in to wish me bon voyage which was rather lovely. At 12.30pm all the staff gathered together Doctors, nurse and the rest of us. Senior Partner Mick gave a speach as did Lynne the Practice Manageer. I was presented with a lovely bouquet and some cards and then I said a few words. Hugs and kisses all round and I cleared out my locker, gave the keys back and said the rest of my goodbyes. I had to cut it short, the tears were falling and i made a dash to the car.

In the realative prvacy of my Clio I sat and opened the cards, well wishes from all, some more personal than the others "original" good luck! It was the personal ones that made me cry all over again. I sat in the car for 10 minutes sobbing. I shall miss working there, and i shall miss my firends there, and the money was pretty good too!

Pulling myself together i took the clio off for a carwash, at which within 5 minutes if it looking all shiney it started to rain! I drove to hubby's work to meet up with C a girl he works with who is interested in buying the clio. An hour later, it's sold, but i get to keep it till we leave! Picking hubby up from work whilst i'm there we go straight to the school to get princess.
Hugs and well wishes and pressies it was yet again choking. Promises to keep intouch exchanging of email addresses and Princess and i walked out of the school gates fro the last time.
Queue phonecall, from friend C who has decided she wants to buy the peugeot too, but again we get to keep it until we leave which is great news! We've sold it at a huge loss, but we have no choice and there isn't a second hand car market out there right now. Even though it's still under manufacturers warrenty! But at least it's two less things to worry about.

Friday night was finished by the three of us going to a local restaurant for a meal. Lovely food good company it was a nice end to a sad day.


Just a quiet day really, spent cleaning, a trip to the launderette, lunch at tesco (it was quite nice) and in the afternoon we sat together to watcha film, which i ended up not seeing cos i fell asleep!

Saturday night we recreated the meal we had had on friday night cos it was so yummy. It wasn't quite the same but it was really nice! Oh and a nice bottle of wine to finish it off and a movie.

...:::Sunday so far!:::...

A quiet morning chilling, i'm gonna have to get my arse in gear in a bit, i've got to get packed! Princess and I are gonna stay with Scarlet for a few days! And I'm taking her a pc so she'll be able to start posting again! YAY. SO tonight ladies and gents, Scarlet will be back among us! She has lots to sy too!

Until later
Lou Lou

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..:: I've learnt alot about myself tonight!::..
Thursday, July 15, 2004
I'm bored, and have been bored al night. So bored i decided to do a few quizzes. In a nutshell i've learnt a lot about myself tonight!

This afternoon i learned what a wonderful person I am, tonight i have learnt that i am a friendly flirt!, that i give a 75% blowjob ( actually i think i'm rated better than that practical exam he he) and i'm

classy sexy

You Are Classy Sexy!

You are a perfect lady - from your ultra feminine style to your impeccable manners.

You are graceful in every situation, and you always win everyone over with your charm.

Your beauty is understated but known by all. You don't need cheap tricks to get attention.

You may not attract most modern men, but it's worth waiting for your perfect gentleman.

What Kind of Sexy Are *You*?

More Great Quizzes from Quiz Diva

oh and this

Guys Like That You're Sensitive

And not in that "cry at a drop of a hat" sort of way

You just get most guys - even if you're not trying to

Guys find it is easy to confide in you and tell you their secrets

No wonder you tend to get close quickly in relationships!

What Do Guys Like About You? Take This Quiz :-)

Find the Love of Your Life
(and More Love Quizzes) at Your New Romance.

oh and that really i am

You Are Blonde!

And you know what they say - blondes have more fun.

You are the life of the party and turn people's heads wherever you go.

You know how to work a crowd and have all eyes on you!

Bleach blonde or au natural, you got it goin' on!

What's *Your* Inner Hair Color?

More Great Quizzes from Quiz Diva

and this

Your Hottest Body Part is Your Breasts!

You use those babies to get your way in the workplace and in relationships.

You'll do anything to show them off from wearing push up bras to going very low cut.

And while men don't look you in the eyes right away, you've always got the upper hand.

Playboy should devote a special edition to you.

Whether they're natural or enhanced, average or huge, they're your best friends.

These friends never let you down.

Celebs who work their breasts as hard as you do include: Carmen Electra, Jenny McCarthy, Tyra Banks, and of course, Pamela Anderson.

Want to play up your breasts even more?

Two words: push-up bra.

Even though you've got it, it can't hurt to flaunt it more.

Another boost? Tank tops and low cut tops with bras built in.

What's Your Hottest Body Part??

More Great Quizzes from Quiz Diva

which i find strange cos i only recently got breasts of any note!!!

So i was bored, and i still am bored, ffs its thursday theres fuck all on the telly and i've had enough

Sugestions anyone?...............................................

Lou Lou
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..::bored? yep i am ::..
20 Questions to being a Better Person

Your score as a human being is 97.4.

You are a pleasure to be with and a pleasure to be. Your friends do not envy so much as admire you, and you lead your life with grace, honor, and dignity. This site is humbled to have you take a test on it.

Which brings one to wonder, what are you doing goofing off on the Internet?

ain't i nice?

Lou Lou
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..:::A Life Goal!:::...
Wednesday, July 14, 2004
Yay! Go ME!

Today I reached a life goal, which might seam pathetic and insignificant to you, but to me, it's something big!

This evening princess was getting down to the scissor sisters on possisbly rather louder than the neighbours would like! It grabbed me like a woman possessed as i joined her on the "dance floor" and started to shake ma booty.

I can do it, finally i can shimmy! Yay! I finally have enough tits to do it! I'm so chuffed. It's something i've always longed to be able to do.(I told you it's insignificant to you) But alas the lack of cleavage always made me look like a twat as i did it cos there was nowt to shimmy, but today.....GO ME!

Later on I was treated to Princess's interpretation of "Scissor Sisters Laura" with moves Pans People would have been proud off my little love danced her socks of, with lots of odd little feet movements with very pointy toes and lots of "hey mickey!" arm moves! Also thrown in some scarey girating moves....... maybe i should stop her watching the music channels my 7 year old is starting to dance like a hoochie mama in a hip hop video!

On another note, my date came through for me breast scan........they gave me 36 hours notice! I have to reshedule asap, there's no way i can get out of work, not on my last morning!

I said my first goodbyes today to W and A cos they're not in on friday. I was a bit choked I'll be blubbing on friday as hugs are dished out. I shall be so sad to leave. So sad to go. Patients today also are wishing me well and telling me they'll miss me. It's amazing really how people think of me, you know when you look at yourself you don't see what others see.

I look in the mirror and I see a woman who's not the woman she was a year ago. I am a lot stronger emotionally and mentally now. I'm more independant and I'm far more self assured and I have shit loads more confidence. I've found myself again, I found my identity after being lost in a world of my own for so many years after I became a Mum. Which i wouldnt change for the world, but those of you who are stay at home mums with little uns will know what I mean!

I'm an emotional person i'll be wiped out on Friday! I plan to take a buffet in as we do on special occaissions. I finish at 12.30am on Friday. It's harder than I thought it would be. *sob* I really will miss them all, except for one, and you don't need any guesses to know who that is!

Right better get on blogs to read comments to make hehehehe

Lou Lou
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...:::Playing Catch Up!:::...
Tuesday, July 13, 2004

I spent this day in a complete hurry. 8am phonecall from T to ask about arrangments for the evening for Princess.
8.30am Wash nit stuff out princess hair and thorough comb through
9am scream at her to get a move on or we will be late
9.10 am ditto
9.15am ditto
9.20am and yes again
9.25am ffs i have to again
9.30am Finally she listens to be and starts to get dressed eat her breakie and enable moi to get sorted.
10am leave for outskirts of city
10.30am park for park and ride and get on waiting bus
10.45am walk from bus stop in city centre to the far side of city
11.10 am book into reception at eye hospital then follow the yellow line and take a seat
then wait
and wait ad wait
oh yippee weare called
same old shite as opthalmologist does the usual and then we are told to go to the main waiting room, by folling another coloured line on the floor.
Find an empty seat in the rather full wating room, get a cuppa tea from the league of fiends (yes i know its friends) and sit
and wait
and wait
and then wait
princess meanwhile stuffs her face on the nice food i have pput into her rucksack for her,
the wating room empties, we are down to 10 people, we pop to the loo come back and there are 6. Just in case i check with a nurse, but no we havent been called.
It is only us. we are the only ones waiting. and then out of nowhere a bloke that looks like howard from the halifax ads calls us in and i update him on the situation and he begins to assess. Princess has to sit on a pillow so she an reach to see into this machine that he's gonna look into her eyes through. He blobs orange dye onto her eyeballs , only it doesnt work and he has to do it again, and he tells me he can find no reson for the pain.

He can't find a reason why my 7 year old precious daughter is having pains daily in both her eyes not just the one that had been operated on. He has no answers, he says everything is progressing nicely. Ffs he even tells me the car inside her eyes is fantastic, (If you look really close you can see it) He says he will write us a letter to take to the new docotrs and we are ushered out. FFS why did we bother?

We begin the treck once more, ducking and diving through students and tourists. Happening upon dome pretty odd things and seeing some strangly dressed people, tell me....... what sort of a fashion statement is it to wear tights socks and sandles in juky and about 4 layers of clothihng and flowing scarves? Fucking stupid one i think!

At one point we were ducking around a girl laid in the middle of a pedestrian zone flat on her back dramatic like while student types circled her with cameras and clipboards!

I had managed to get a sarnie for the bus and looking at my watch noted i had about 1 1/4 hours to get home and drop princess off at her childminders and get to work by 3pm ffs where had the day gone?

The fucking bus didnt turn up. every 10 minutes my arse. every bus went by but the park and ride one i needed. Timme was ticking. Eventually it turned up princess scoffed a donut and me my sarnie and eventually we got back to the carpark i weaved through traffic of a horrendous nature and finally got home.

Donned my sexy work uniform (if only you could see it) popped princess to the other side f town and drove the 12 miles to work for my shift. I made it, just with 5 mins to spare. Work was mental, but i managed to get a fair bit done. I picked up princess from T's house and had a few cups of tea and got hpme about 8,30 i was so bolloxed i couldnt be arsed to cook so i amde a sarnie got into my pjs and got online to sort blogger out. i couldnt.


Quiter i spose, although work was crazy we were closing the surgery for the afternoon for gp training to do with the new gps contract that starts in september. I managed to get shit loads done though.

This afternoon after picking up princess from school (her sports day was this am but no parents were invited. i'm told it wasnt a proper sports day anyway they call it a mini olympics and each child gets an award.) I've sortted out the front and back gardens, gossiped with neighbours and tonight after dinner i even cleaned the carpet in the hall wiht the shampooer thing. It seems to have come up altight i'll know in the morning if i have to do it agin or not.

The probs i've been having blogger seam to have magically vanishe this evening which is odd cos no matter what i did yesterday i couldn't fox it. I also don't quite understand whats been going on with it hense the odd posts we've been doing.

oh well i shan't bore you any longer i have tended to whitter on a bit tonight havent it lol like thats unusal pmsl

Lou Lou
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..:::Nod your head if you can see me!!!:::...
Monday, July 12, 2004
I seem to be having a problem, and no one else is, i've even tried republishing time after time but still nothing i've written is appearing why the fuck not?
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..::My Beautiful Launderette::..
Sunday, July 11, 2004
Friday night i got slightly inebriated at my leaving do, it was a decent turn out, lots of posh scoff was stuffed and lots of alcohol was drunk and a good time wa had by all. And that's all i'm saying about it!

Saturday. I went shopping with hubby and princess. We stopped at maccy d's for breakie, i for once not minding cos at last they do cornflakes! Yay!

I was well chuffed i got a pair of mules and a pair on thongs, the thongs i've been trying to get for ages are the same as my favouite pair from last year that next arent doing anymore. I am made up. But not as made up as i was when i got my bargain of the year!

Ice blue, floor length, simply designed with delicate beading, fabulous cut and very flattering, I am gonna look oh so amazing in it with a pair of long gloves and my hair swept up in an elegant style. £249 and worth every penny, although i didn't pay that, it was as i said bargain of the year. I paid not £100 not £50 not even £25 i paid for a dress worth £249 a paultry £10 yes 10 smackers. I am chuffed to bits. It's fabulous and looks lovely on me too.

Of course hubby and princess got things too. I was not the only one. Both were very happy especailly princess when i bought her the scissor sisters cd.

Saturday afternoon was spent with hubby sleeping cos he felt poorly dying with conngestion whilst i popped in and out of blogs, but didn't feel like blogging myself.

And on to the topic of my title.....
Saturday night.
As you regulars are aware i'm in the middle of moving and at the moment i don't have a washing machine or many other mod cons we all take for granted. Instead of struggling to handwash we decided to take the stuff to a launderette.

Only the one i the place we live was recently closed down and off we drove print out in hand from yell dot com to find another. The first we couldn't find. So instead of asking soemone for directions hubby said we'd go to the next town. (stubborn ass) then we couldn't find that one but i rang it and found out it was closed anyway. So hubby says we'll go to the next one of the list which we found, but was predicably closed, Obviously people who live bear there have a life on a saturday night! So we went back to find the first one!

I mean ffs the first one, ans we knew it was still open we just had to find it so hubby cos he won't ask anyone for directions cos he's a man, sent me into a petrol station to ask where it was. Of course i found it!

On arrival the launderette was a hub of activity well saying that there was a girl in there reading a book about islam and the western world and as we attempted to make head and tail out of it and did we have enough change another bloke came in. We managed to put it all in and the machines started and we sat to wait. me kicking myself i hadn't taken a book and princess asking for chocolate.

The bloke that came in was sat on the bench he was aged about 40ish and pasty as hell, he was really very odd looking, and when his machine was ready his washing was really odd too, not only had he done a mixed load of darks and lights but his darks were rather flamboyant shirts. Looking as he did i really couldn't see him in them, maybe he had an alter ego? lol

The girl seamed to be there for ages. She barely even read a page or two she kept opening the dryer to check her clothes. Another bloke came in obviously a seasoned launderette user cos he had a "lucky star" heavy duty bag pmsl he was only using the dryers, and who could blame him with the god awful weather we had had.

Pasty bloke came and went and came and went until his washing was done and left. Princess was fidgetty, hubby decided to look under the bonnet of the clio and i for some inane reason decided to watch the washing lol Dryer man left and then islam girl left. and we were left alone on a saturday night in the launderette!

At 7.30pm a woman arrived i'd say she was about 40ish dressed quite nicely but with a green tabbard on, she being the custodian i guess. Anyway it was her hair that got me. I think either she was in a time warp or she felt she was being retro she has this 70's half curled flick fringy thing going on like some reject from charlies angel sporting blue eyeshadow too. Bless her.

Finally our washing was done, only 30 minutes and yet it seamed like hours, doesn't time fly when you're having fun? lol we dutifully popped it int the spin dryer and then into the dryers. until we were kicked out anyway cos it was closing.

It's not a way i'd choose to spend my saturday night but i will be going back, it's only gonna cost me £5 to clean my kingsize duvet in there!



Today i've not done a huge amount, i've done some cleaning, stuffed my face i've treated princess for fucking nits yet again, yes it was only last weekend i last did it ffs this is doing my head in now i'm trying yet another make at the huge cost of £10 and elts see if it works it stinks lke fuck and i'm leaving it on till the morning.

We sat together snuggled on the sofa watching International Velvet, my favourite film as a child. I cried of course frequently at times not even knowing why! It was nice though just her and me sharing what i felt to be a special moment a passing on from my childhood to hers.

Tonight i've chilled. Tomorrow it's hospital for princess to see the concultant, her eyes are giving her a lot of gip right now again. ffs it shouldnt be happening she's had the op, so why the fuck is she in pain?

will let you know


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~~Can you see me.....anyone..someone????~~
OK, NOW I'M YELLING...............


still invisible"



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~~Do not adjust your set!~~
Testing, testing......
One, Two.....One Two...
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..::It begins!::..
Thursday, July 08, 2004
Over on This It all begins...........
Lou Lou
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..::Did you know?::..
Did you know dogs like bananas?
Mine does!!!!!!!
Lou lou
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..::L from Hell ::..
Wednesday, July 07, 2004
A few weeks ago "L" started working at my place of employment. "L" from Hell as she is now known.

She is L for Lazy, and lots more words i can't think of right now that start with a L!

This woman is awful she's ignorant,unwilling to learn or take any advie, she's thick as fuck and i can't stand her.
I've tried, i've realy tried but i just can't stand her or her lazy fat fucking arse.

She completely infuriates me ina way I have never known anyone to get to me ever. I'm a completely non violent person and yet i find myself wanting to smack her one.

I know i'm not the only one. None of us like her at all. None of us can gel with her and none of us think she will last much longer.
Today after working from 8.30 to 12.30pm a meer 4 hours she took herself off home to bed before she started the killer shift of 3om to 7pm. FFS How fucking pathetic is the woman, i meen she hasn't moved her fat fucking lazt arse all morning apart from to piss and stuff her fat ugly face with sausage rolls.

This afternoon we've enjoyed the sport of taking the piss out of L while she's not there and have been making remarks like " ooooh i'm soooooo tired i might have to bunk off into one of the consulting rooms and have a kip!" "I neeeeeeed coffee i need to stay awake!" Oooooooh that desks clear, oh of course the works done, L isn't here" are we nasty bitches? I actually think we are pretty justified. What've i've told you about her is the icing on the fucking cake believe me.

She won't take critism and she wont accept help. She doesn't ask if she is unsure of anything and if she does ask its something really twatty and really simple that you should have got sorted in at least the first week. "L" is the workmate from hell. She sits on her fat arse doing fuck all when all around her people are working their arses off. BITCH BITCH BITCH LAZY BITCH. I really don't like her!

The lady we've taken on to replace me is another matter. She started on Monday afternoon and she's fab. Not only does she have a personality she's bright articulate and incredibly likeable ( ooooh like me!) She's willing to muck in you don't hvae to ask twice in fact you don't have to ask she offers. How different can they be?
I'm so glad i'm leaving now cos if i have to work with L much longer i really will twat her!

It's my leaving do on friday night i think i've mentioned that? lol well someone asked her ffs i hardly know her and i don't like her but there again i dont think she knows that hehehehe Let's hope she doesn't piss me off too much on friday before my do when i'm pissed cos i might just let rip on her........

Other than that bitch pissing me off i've actually had quite a decent day, i spose. Princess gets her school report tomorrow i wonder what sort of a mood i will be in........

its blowing a fucking gale here. Its torrential its july ffs and this afternoon the corridor at work from the main doors was filled with leaves and sticks that had blown in! I got home to garden devastated with crap blown allover the place. I'm sure it was sunny when i left for work this am with the sunroof open singing my heart out to my babies Keane.(mwaaaaaah)

oh well
laters darlings, i'm off work tomorrow so prepare yourselves for a full on blogging assult pmsl
lou lou
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~~Don't ya just love the colour green...~~

Something to ease your mind and caress your soul...enjoy! Posted by Hello
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~~Bloggin my arse off......!!~~
Ok...so now I'm just gonna ramble on endlessly and make it look like i have oh so many interesting things to say....which of course I haven't today and very rarely do...LOL
The weather.....hmmmm is slightly weird....the sun is shining beautifully, its quite warm but the wind is atrocious, really quite scary in fact.........half of the kids toys I've had to weight down or hide in the shed, such is the gusto with which the wind is blowing.

Not much is happening in my life right now, all is good.........there are a few friends I miss and no longer talk to, but I have had to close that part of my life away and concentrate on reality and not the fantasy world i was living in.......hmmmmmmm things came very close to the wire for a while there...but the future looks good, I am smilin....both on the inside and out and that can only be a good thing........can't it?

Had a lovely e-mail from the lady who we bought the Cabbage Patch kid off, via E-bay saying that she was gonna put it in the post today...oooh I'm as excited as the kids..........I always wanted one as a child, but sadly they were deemed "too expensive" in our house. As an adult myself, well last time I checked i was, I can agree entirely with that sentiment...pmsl

Boy had his Sports Day yesterday, was gloriously sunny, very hard on the small kids to be out and running about in it, there playground has no shade so the little rugrats were out in the full sun for an hour....needless to say endless trips to the water fountain and drinks table were made, all organised superbly by the PTA, and no I am not a member myself, but they do a grand job all the same.

These last 3 weeks at school are a nightmare for us parents you know...LOL
I have 2 kids in school, both different school's, either side of town from each other and so many events going on its impossible not to disappoint one or the other from time to time. Reports and end of term results are rapidly approaching and thoughts of next years teachers and classes are already a subject of discussion.

Both of them do very well at school and we are enormously proud,
Sorry..........did i say i was PROUD of them.....LOL

I have work later, which will be non too exciting, will be on me own late tonight as a few of the other girls are on holiday and a couple of changed nites now too, which leaves me all on me ownsome to battle the mega onslaught of weirdo's that time of night..........i know, i know you just wouldn't believe the level of intelligence that time of night....or lack of it should i say.
Apologies in advance for those shoppers who do not have any other choice through work commitments or families to shop at that un-Godly hour.....I don't mean you, I mean the other weirdo's...LOL

Ah well, do you think I've blogged enough, have I bored you senseless?

You still there?

Probably not, ah ok, time to be off then, nappies to change and beds to make and stuff....pmsl

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~~Just time for a quickie...~~
Tuesday, July 06, 2004
Hey y'all,
Not got a lot of time tonight, been out in the garden with the kids, diggin and weeding and stuff, now they are all in bed and almost asleep, hubby has just returned from an errand and I've now gotta go feed us both, so here's the name thingy i did earlier, read it enjoy, then i laughed my f*ckin arse off....he he he

My penis's new name is Elvis the Tiniest Battleaxe.
Take Name Your Penis
badasstronaut today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Name Generator Generator.

Well betta be off guys, love to you all and will endeavour to blog me arse off tomorrow, and that's a promise.............mwah xx

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..::At last a use for spam?::..
I was prompted by all the "goings on" over at Ray's Place to take a peek at some of his commentors sites. I came accross Phenol who asked what his readers penis's were called, so even though i'm lacking one, i thought i'd skip over and give it a go!
I'm the proud owner of a virtual penis called ........

My penis's new name is Apollo the Ultrasonic TrouserSnake.
Take Name Your Penis
badasstronaut today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Name Generator Generator.

I'm so very proud, maybe now i'll have ause for all that spam offering me extensions and viagra pmsl
Lou Lou
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Monday, July 05, 2004
I was,at this point in the day about to do a super post, but bollox i've noticed the time and i've goota get nto that oh so sexy (?) uniform and go to work! I was called in by the boss this am to go in early. Shit and Bollox.

Not that I don't like my job cos i do i love it, but today is the beginnning of my countdown to leaving (2 weeks)*SOB* I have my leaving do on Friday night at which i intnd to get very very inebriated, and i might even have a go at the Aunt Sally in the posh pub garden! (Aunt Sally, see old re runs ofWorzel Gummidge for explanation) I've chosen my grub already i'm not being very original but it's a RARE steak, and prawn cocktail for starters.......i'm so predicable lmao It's a fbulous menu there too and out of everything i've chosen steak, simply cos it goes down nicely with lots of alcohol i find and some other twatty dish might not be quite so good to the old tum tums when i have supped a considerable amount of vino.

Well off to work, will post tonight

love you all

lou lou
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~~I did it, I did it!~~

I finally got one, after being outbid on two, I got this one......hooray. Am still bidding on one more so may end up with several...awww well its only money. Posted by Hello
ahhhhhhh*sighs with great releif*
Love and hugs
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..::I'm In a Sharing mood, but only cos i've got nowt to say!!!::..
Sunday, July 04, 2004
I'm sharing again but only cos i really don't have much to say about my day, I spent this morning supping tea and gossiping, this afternoon i spent reading the sunday paper and this evening i've been watching the tv, oh i did pop online briefly this afternoon for a little blog entertainment!
Anyhow Enjoy these!.....
Lou Lou
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

And this! Sorry it's a bit naughty but i don't do football!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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..::As i grow up!::..
This was sent to me today, and I wanted to share it!
Lou Lou

As I mature I've learned that you cannot make
someone love you. All you can do is
stalk them and hope they panic and give in.

I've learned that no matter how much I care,
some people are just a*sholes.

I've learned that it takes years
to build up trust, and it only takes
suspicion, not proof, to destroy it.

I've learned that you can get by
on charm for about fifteen minutes.
After that, you'd better have a big willy
or huge boobs.

I've learned that you shouldn't
compare yourself to others - they are
more screwed up than you think.

I've learned that you can keep vomiting
long after you think you're finished.

I've learned that we are responsible
for what we do, unless we are celebrities.

I've learned that regardless of
how hot and steamy a relationship is at
first, the passion fades, and there had better
be a lot of money to take its place!

I've learned that 99% of the time when
something isn't working in your house, one
of your kids did it

I've learned that the people you care most
about in life are taken from you too soon
and all the less important ones just never go away.
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~~Don't ya just love make-believe?~~

Thought this was beautiful.........so I'm sharing it with you xxx Posted by Hello
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