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..::sorry its crap::..
Tuesday, August 31, 2004
I slept in this am.....ill almost 10, well it was 9.45am! I did not get to bed early and i have not embarked on my routine! Princess followed suit. Bollox.

As usual, and just to rub it in it's been rather hot here! Sweat dripping, i worse a tight t shirt today, i won't again i don't like the wet armpit marks yuck or the smell as it dries.

It's been a funny kind of day. I am starting to be les jumpy, and now at last i am not creeping into the kitchen scared of what i might find. This may seem extreme to you but believe me it's the way i am!

After doing the usual housey stuff princess and i popped out to the shops, just to get out. I bought and sent a card to the girls i used to work with and a card for D the lovely doc cos it's his birthday this week. I remembered cos it is so close to mine! Oh and Scarlet i sent u another card........hehehehehe

I've spent part of the day watching subtitled tv and the rest of it playing a well known pc game. I've been cultivating my final wish list for friday too! God only knows what i'll get! If anything!
I have primed Princess with exactly what i want as a back up plan hehehehehe

All in all it's been a quiet day i guess, maybe the quietest since we got here. I want to thank you all for the love and support i have been receiving by comments and email. It's really helping me get through it all. I expect there will be more to come life is never easy for me or so it seems.

I'm floundering now cos i have no tales of a screaming hysterical woman that you so enjoy hehehehe And it really has been a quiet day so i'll let you all get back to the other stuff you are doing and bugger off.

I feel so bloody alone here. Nothing is going my way at all. And there are those i miss desparatly back in blighty. no one said this would be easy, and it bloody well isnt i dont expect it to be but just once i want to have a fantastic day with no shit


lou lou

ps sorry its a crap post x

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Confidence is a funny thing
Monday, August 30, 2004
shitkicker strikes again!!!! he tried his usual trick of trying to get me into bed, like nothing had happened, then tried to make me feel like a failure in everything i do and have done,because he didn't get his own way.
now ,i know this but it still manages to do the trick.
It has just occured to me in moment of self clarity.
(which doesn't happen very often in scarlets world)
That he is exactly right.
i am very weak and scared.
My fucking job is pulling me down, so i am thinking ok hon, nows the time to get your degree pack it all in and move.
Then the reality of actually doing this scares me to death, moving, starting somthing new, the guilt of leaving family and friends behind, and the elderly lady i help , who would she have!
The truth is i moan and groan about not finding a man but this week could have had the pick of at least six of um, and yet i still find somthing wrong with them, but i am scared to jump in and get hurt again.
What i really am is scared to live.
god i suck at life!

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..::3 weeks 2 days::..
I've been here 3 weeks and 2 days now........What more is it gonna throw at me? Am i tempting fate even by saying this?

I've had my 3 things now, my stuff getting broken in the move, the bloody mice and then my poor new car being taken up the arse by a 4x4.

We've spent all afternoon getting it all sorted out. Major language barrier as you can imagine. I don't start my language course for another 2 weeks yet! ANyway in the end it's done and dusted and our car is in the body shop already! Our courtesy car is something to be desired.

I didn't think it would even get us home! It spluttered all the way. It had done 189,000miles it has no rear 3 point seat belts, so princess was put in the front with her booster cos she was safer that way and there are wires hanging out of it. the stereo is fucked, the gearbox gaiter (inside the car) is hanging off it stinks and is fucking filthy. As soon as we got home and into the house we all washed our hands! Needless to say we won't be going anywhere in it till we go and collect our repaired car!

I'm sat here fan on full....i'm roasting hot. Recovered now from the excesses of the weekend. Slept in this am nice and late, woke up to find Princess asking where her daddy was. I said downstairs watching tv? alas he wasn't there was no sign of him, no note either and the car had gone. 15 minutes later he turned up, he'd popped to the shops! Gave him a right telling off....hahahahaha

I cooked a lush meal last night. I am turning into whats her face the domestic goddess now that i'm at home all day with nothing to do! hubby is so pleased! My latest creation was Beef in Beer! Take 1kg of beef, chop into gulash sized pieces trimming fat, immerse in 1 bottle of local beer, with garlic, onions, and carrotts, add a little tomato puree and 2 stock cubes a little water and cook till its cooked and hey presto....fucking delicious. I served it with boiled potatoes cubed with skins left on. The whole bottle of beer was rather yummy in it. it got a big thumbs up from hubby and i was rewarded for my hard work in a hot kitchen generously! hehehehehehe *note princess had jacket potatoes*

i had a minor midnight crisis. I went into the kitchen to check both sets of french doors were locked and the floor was moving! Ant bastard ants....again. I had forgotten to take the bin out, i won't again! The floor looked like a massacre by the time i had finished. I pulled the carpet up to where they were coming in from and i silicone sealed the cracks. Gradually we are doing this as we find where the little bastards are coming in!

When i popped onto the veranda to get the silicone sealant i heard a very odd noise. a gushing sound like fast running water. i couldnt understand it till i turned the garden lights on. Princess's pool had burst it's banks, it had a puncture and the deflation was too much for the ampount of water in there! I didn't get to bed until 1 am by the time i had sorted it all out.

I have to get into a routine this week. Princess starts school on thursday and we have to be up at 6am........she starts school at 7.15am and finishes at 1.15pm. I'm a night person really so getting to bed early really is gonna be a problem for me! I also start one of my courses this week! It will at least give me something to do! Plus going to bed early cos of the time difference means its gonna be really hard to get hold of all my buddies on msn.*sob* we are gonna have to rely on email instead.

Well it's bloody late here and i'm waiting for scarlet to come back so we can chat for a bit......so i guess i should go. don't worry i'll be back tomorrow..........

lou lou

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~~I'm in Love...aaaahhh!~~
It's ok, I ain't committing adultery or anything, far from it!
The object of my lustful affections are my new shoes, *beams a whiter than white smile, kerching!*
Well boots really.
They are f*ckin lovely...LOL
Now don't get me wrong, I am not a shoe and bag girl, or even a dedicated follower of fashion, if I see something I like, I gotta have it, I'm compelled, whether they are practical or not!
Very rarely do I treat myself to something, my spare money goes on the kids mostly, or spoiling his Lordship.
But occasionally I get treated, and yesterday was one of those days.
Hubby and me were kid free for the day, so he whisked me off to Bluewater (huge shopping centre in Kent) for the day, with the premise of spoiling me rotten............*chuckles with glee*
And he did..............over and over again.
Of all the things I got though, most of them being practical, 'cos that's wot I am, "Miss Practicality!" it's those boots that I am lovin and adoring and rather foolishly am drooling over.....*note to self," do not drool on boots before spraying with weather protector"*
Can't really describe them, tried to find them online so I could post a piccy, will endeavour to take one tomorrow.
All I can really say is they are RED, very RED and very me....LOL
I wore them all day today, even in the house! I know, I know I'm a sad cow, but for a girl who rarely finds stuff that she truly loves, yesterday was a great day.
And not only the boots, another great find was an old film, one that I watched endlessly as a teenager...."Some Kind of Wonderful", for those of you who are John Hughes fans out there, you will know the one I mean, typical teenage angst. I so wanted to be drummer after this film...LOL
Mind you after watching "Pretty in Pink" I was desperate for a pair of Ducky's shoes.
I did get a pair though, except mine weren't white with big crepe soles, they were black suede with leopard skin inlays..........f*ckin scary.....pmsl

Anyhow I'll love and leave ya now,
Gotta go eat,

Love always,
"Evie with the Red Boots, Red boots, Red boots,
Evie with the Red boots on!"

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..::i was shitfaced but i'm not hungover!::..
Sunday, August 29, 2004
Last night, we socialised with M and D from next door, and a corker of a night it was! I staggered home to bed (ok so it wasn't far) at about 3am. I was pretty shitfaced. The food was good, the music was excellent and the company was awesome.

Scarlet my love......be proud be very proud.... what is our favourite thing to do when drunk? .......... *oi you lot keep your pervy thoughts to yourselves!* We put a cd on......Tennacious D.......yeah next door love Tennacious. We sat pissed singing along, * i can almost see you beaming with smugness*

The digital camera came out last night too.........we had a visitor in the garden, i've taken a few shots but i've left the camera round there so maybe later i'll post it for you. Praying Mantis. It was massive. It was pretty scarey i got pretty close to it. It was really funny when M tried to scoop it up in a dustpan to chuck it over the wall.........it was really quick!

We drank rather copious amounts of wine....me and M. Hubby and D stuck to beer. We talked about deep and meaningful shit and films. D gave me 10 questions that he used as a test to define people. I'm pleased to say I passed with flying colours. * well of course i did i am a wonderful and amazing person!*

We got up pretty late this am.........don't forget i'm a few hours ahead of you! And settled to watch Orange County. It was pretty good. OMG how like his dad does Colin Hanks look? Jack Black grrrrrrrrrrr was foxy as ever. I really just can't help myself. Hubby has gone back to bed to sleep it off, princess is pretending she is a cheeky mouse, now a very in joke around here........and is raiding the fridge for cheese! And here i am catching up with copious amounts of emails and hoping somone comes on line i can talk too.....

Missed Scarlet last night..... couldnt get hold of her so i left drunken phone messages on her answerphone hahahahahaa

I got bitten last night.....its on my thigh and its huge. will keep an eye on it just in case.....

I'm still a bit shellshocked about my sis's revelation to me on msn. It's wonderful news of course, but as i said i can't help feeling jealous. Will it ever happen for me again?

Did i tell you? About my tit's progress? I'm off to see the surgeon in 3 weeks on the 15th september. ...... i am a bit scared. how much of my tit will be left?

I'm on countdown too now........it''s my birthday next friday, i turn 31, i'm officially a grown up proper. Yeah right. I've decided i'm staying 30. I know i don't look it and i know you'd all agree with me if i posted a piccie.........i'm told i should byt Milky, but i'm not gonna. There are those of you *special* people out there that know what i look like and that's enough. I don't want traffic simply cos of the way we look. I'm told we would get shit loads more if we posted piccies of ourselves. Evie has put a half head shot up so you can imagine the rest......and Scarlet and me, well we'll leave it all completely to your imaginations! *play clean guys and be nice!*

Now that maybe sounds a little bigheaded......but remember thats what Milky told me. Us girls never look at ourselves in the mirror and see the good stuff......we're programmed only to see the bad!

On that note i'll leave you......why not tell us in the comments what you think we look like!

Lots of love

Lou Lou

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..:: i have news::..
Saturday, August 28, 2004
So i do, have news.......

..::NEWS::.. Firstly I am proud to annouce there are no mice, they are gone, and i can breathe once more and relax. After it took me 4 1/2 hours to sterilise my kitchen! NO I am not nuts, well maybe a little but its the way I am like it or deal with it!

Last night M came round and i proudly showed her Stop the world! She was half pissed so I didn't see the harm in it! By the time she left she was aresholed! Completely. Hubby was next door with D, M's hubby.We sent him over the fence with a basket of beers earlier! ( to stop them both from whingeing!) M was very funny and a nice drunk......and she swears more than i do, which to those who know me whill be shocked at that! I was so drunk by 1am i was stood in the kitchen dancing to the washing machine on fast spin.......i need to get out more!

..::NEWS::.. Today......we went out. Some FUCKING WANKER drove into my new fucking car at the roundabout and stoved the back end in. I have had the car 3 fucking days. I am not a happy bunny. Hubby and I are gutted. But we got all his details and on monday we are going to get it all sorted out. Luckily i was sat in the back seat with Princess. I am pleased to say we were all uninjured. And the guy did say sorry amid patting hubby on the back many times!

..::NEWS::.. MSN is revelutionary. Not only can it be used to chit chat, and play games, but it is also a fab medium to be told amaazing news...........
I AM GONNA BE AN AUNTIE AGAIN! MY sister who has known for 2 weeks decided to tell me by instant message that she is 8 weeks pregnant! Congratulations babe. I am in shock, and a little jealous to tell the truth. But my love is with her. xxxxx

..::NEWS::.. We have a social engagment! Tonight we are going round to M and D's for a piss up barbeque! M is feeling better this afternoon.........apparently it's my turn tonight! hahahahhaaha

..::NEWS::.. I went to fat club yesterday......tail between my legs thinking how the hell am i gonna get away with putting weight on, i had 2 maccy d's and a burger king..........i was chicken, but i went. I am in shock...... I LOST 3LB yay go me.

I am bloody hot and sweating buckets so this is gonna be a short one, the processor isn't very happy i have to get a new fan......it's well overworked in this heat...... its 31.1 degrees in the house.......

Anyway i've gotta getmy arse in gear and prepare barbeque food.......the beers and wine are chillin already..........hubby is sleeping, besides i have gotta ring Scarlet anyway.

Lots of love
Lou Lou

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~~Smile...and the whole world wonders wot your up to!~~
this is my usual weekend clubbing attire...lol NOT!!! But seriously, if I had ears like that, I would deffo go for this look..pmsl Posted by Hello

Be good,

Ps...the pic/tag is courtesy of a very good friend, thanx Silv honey, as usual you was fab! xx
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~~Uggghh......is it morning already?~~
Good Morning all you early risers of Blogland, well I guess not so early now, but it is the weekend.

My lie in consisted of 715am start with the little 'un yelling..."I need to get out!"
Get out where?
And why?
And what's your hurry?
Can't you go wherever it is you need to go to get out a little later on perhaps?
Of course seeing as she is all of 2 this falls on deaf ears.
So I drag my arse outta bed............f*ck did I actually get any sleep? Work last night so didn't crawl into bed till almost 2 this morning, seems like only minutes since my head hit the pillow.
She keeps coming and sitting on my lap and having cuddles and rubbing her "blankie" on my face, a sure sign that she is tired, jeeeeeeeez girl you just got up!!! Am having to endure that purple dinosaur dancing/singing fest again..........anything for 5 mins to Blog in peace...LOL

At last the sun is shining, definitely looks like its gonna be a good day. Have got all the kids together today, at Nanny's. For those of you in the know, my eldest lives with her Dad and at the moment my son is AWOL as my Mum is home (she lives abroad) since the day she got back, 4 weeks ago now, he has been in permanent residence at there house! It's been great for him, but the agony when she goes back home again is awful. It breaks his little heart, it's hard for me too but I try to just act as normally as I can for the kids sake. Although there are lots of tears the day she goes, and many more for weeks to come, but for me they fall when the kids are in bed or moments when the pain of her absence is too much to bear.

F*ck look at me!!!!!
Snap out of it girl, your supposed to be cheering people's day!
I'll p*ss off now before I start weepin into me cornflakes...pmsl
Have good 'un,
Love ya lots

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~~TV's, lie-in's and blah blah blah~~
Friday, August 27, 2004
Ok, just a little one as I have not been too vocal this week....jeeeez how long is it 'til the new term???? 10 days and counting........mind you it's a kind of catch 22 situation, kids back to school, kiss Goodbye to lie-ins..hmmmmmmmm now wot will I miss most...LOL I'll leave it up to you...ha ha ha

Our telly died Wedsnesday night, poor thing just went blank???? And then refused to perform again.....mind you it did have a good life, in a good home.........so joy of joys we had to go and buy ourselves a big f*ck off widescreen, nicam digital stereo, fast text, blah blah TV to replace it. Which of course the kids loved, we didn't.......a) 'cos I hate spendin money (LOL i know hard to believe!) and b) we hate all things technical and new, a TV is a TV as far as we're concerned, if its got a scart socket and has the availability of subtitles (hubby is deaf in one ear!) then it's a winner!
Lucky for us our local large food retailer has a pretty diverse selection of Tv's so we managed to get our weekly shop and said TV in one go, bit of a squeeze mind you plus the first time my shopping bill has come to over 300 quid...LOL

So that was the sum total of how exciting my last couple of days have been, well I did do a bit of weeding which wasn't exciting and wasn't enjoyable but had to be done as the old dear who lives next door, who must be pushing 90, kept droppin hints on the state of our garden and askin when we was gonna sort it????? Her's is low maintenance, very low maintenance....infact it's f*ckin concrete and shingle-tools required for her's:- a bass broom and a rake!!!
Tools required for ours:- shovel, fork, rotavator, JCB, Alan Titchmarsh, Charlie Dimmock.......need I say more?

Ok so enough drivvle already. Have a good weekend all.
Love ya

Ps I love romantic, slushy, Mills and Boon shite Milky, maybe you outta give it a go....LOL
Escapism is a wonderful gift....use it wisely!

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I love you because................
I glanced at you, you glanced back fleetingly and from that moment on a love burned deep inside both of our hearts, the mists of lonliness were cast aside and never have I felt so close to................BOLLOX ! You dont want to read shite like this do you ?

When it comes down to it, I read blogs about Shagging, partying, laughing and also ones that ask daft questions about what filmstar dwarf you are. Yup some things are best left to the bedroom like Mills & Boon chatter and adult baby fetish.

So onto things in Milky land, for the first time known to man, I'm possibly not going to be partying this weekend - dont all cry at once. I need a break, I've a free ticket for the Manchester Gay carnival (Male me if you want it), I got it as way of compensation for that business deal fiasco I invested in last year, fookn dyslexic pimp got me to pour all my cash into a Warehouse. lol.

So this weekend I'll be watching lots of crap TV, cheery shit like 'what happened in the final minutes before Chenobyl' or UKStyle has a House Doctor weekend when Californian Real Estate expert Anne Maurice advises you how to get rid of a bad case of subsidance using a floral throw and walking with a fake limp, I always feel sorry for the poor bastards that buy these houses after some camp doily like Laurence Llewelyn Bowen has fooked off, they probably spend the rest of their lives picking MDF splinters out of their arses.

Milky Top Tip of the week:

Taking half a viagra will stop you pissing on your moccasins when your drunk.

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..::musical statues for mice anyone?::..
Thursday, August 26, 2004
So where am i? i'm here right here, still and i'm beginning to cope. There was really nothing to add last night and besides Scarlets school reunion was a fab post and i hate to post over people. I think it's really rude. I always check to see when posted so i don't tread on toes.....

So this am.....i woke up just in time for the exterminators arrival! I am pleased to report that there were no mice or lizards in the traps! He says that it's great news cos if i was infested they would all be full! But then i show him what i found last night......

Droppings on my sofa, and then under further examination also on my armchairs under the cushions. PUKE. So i have been through the house with a fine tooth comb after swotting up on the tinternet last night for ways to get rid of the bastards. There are some very impleasant ways which do not involve poison...... which i won't go into now in detail too much but they are not nice although funny......drinking choc powder and plaster of paris mouse gets thirsty drinks water......hey presto mice can play musical statues!..........or feed them instant mash flakes, drink water.......mouse explodes....apparently the same with bicarb of soda....KIDS DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! I ACCEPT NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR THIS!

SO i have gone round the house with a fine tooth comb looking for mouse shit....oh it was a special time i can tell you...... i found a solitary lump in my hallway, a solitary lump under my telephone table and a possible lump on my tv unit, i say possible cos it wasn't perfect mouse shaped.

Mouse man, in his jumpsit, unzipped down to his lower chest...i can see enough of his chest to see he either shaves it or waxes cos it is all growing back hehehehehe He tells me that i need to leave the kitchen door open all day and night cos if there are any others in the house they will go to the traps for the cheese which they can smell 100 metres away! He says he doesn't think they are living in my house, just popping in to play!? Because as i said before my traps would all be full and there would have at least been one in it.

We located where they could be coming in.....i have someone coming to fix it all. Maybe i will sleep easy in a few days. I also went out today and bought some sterilising solution in readiness for my cleaning campaign to get back to normal in lou lou hq. He'll be coming back again in the morning!

The rest of today.......

took princess to her new school met headmaster and deputy head, had guided tour, filled in a million forms and found out her teachers name. She's pleased. Plus spent about £30 on the rest of her uniform i had to get with the school emblem on bookbags etc We were there for 2 hours!

Popped to S house for a cuppa. Then i drove my new car for the first time! The bite is well high i was screaming along hahahaha

Taught princess how to play solitaire tonight. After she heaved her guts up in the bathroom sink......hotdogs do not fit down plug holes....

And now everyone else is in bed and i'm sat here talking to Milky........ and he has been ripping the piss.

Tomorrow...... mouse man, fat bitch club and then off for breakfast at a cafe!!!!!! The rest of the weekend is kind of open, apart from if i am given the official mouse clear seal i will be scrubbing the daylights out of the house. The mouseman told me the people that lived here before me were mingers....big time mingers.........what he told me about them made me feel sick.

So i'd better get going.......my mum and dad will be waiting for their update........ love you guys xxxxxxxx

I also just want to mention Mike.

Mike his blog is well worth a look. I've read it since his first post. He never fails to bring a smile to my face, and usually a laugh......I made a comment a few days ago, and he honoured me by writing a post about it *choke*
He really does have a talent, he writes like noone else i have read on here.....and yet his life situation is not a privellaged one. It's as he says. Homeless. Sometime in his life, life fucked him. Go drop in and have a read, his blog is something special, and deserves a far wider audience than it receives...... God bless you Mike.

Well that's it for me, will update you tomorrow cross everything for me......

Lou Lou

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I am a royal pain in the arse!
Wednesday, August 25, 2004
Thats what they are calling me!
not very nice i think but hey!
it was my dad's birthday bash yesterday and another friends aswell, so we did a compromise, and managed to get both birthday boys together, which turned out to be a riot.
got in a 2.30 am al-la pissed.(again)
Downside to this is i had to be at work a 7.00am, 19 phone calls from work and my mum to get me up and i managed to get in early, to shock horror of my manager who was most impressed, but i soon told him that it was only because i 'd run out off milk and had to have a sit down for a hour with my breakfast cup of tea.
so about 8.30 i am kinda working, until 6'oopm, where upon we were going to look about the town, have a bit of supper with my sidekicks.
But forgot i was meeting shitkicker(ex- husband)
And , guess who forgot her mobile yes me, shitkicker turns up who is scaring me at the moment because he is in sucky up mode and is giving me compliments right left and centre.
most unlike him!
where upon it seems i was meeting mum and dad for supper too.
so mum manages to meet my friends and they are looking for me in a group, and walk around the corner only to be faced with me and shitkicker.
fucking hell if looks could kill that poor bastard would have been dead several times over.
i think it was the most uncomfortable moment of my life, only thing left to do was to do a runner! in true scarlet fashion.
god i am shuddering just thinking about it!
when i got home and looked at my mobile i had 22 missed calls.
ooaaps i am sure there is a moral to this story, if i look hard enough!
oh yeah, there it is, scarlet stop being a twat!


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~~Mid-week mumblings~~
Ok, so far this week my life has been far from exciting! Have been doing the usual thing, housewifely duties(not that!), playing Mum, sorting the kids for school-uniform, books, bags, shoes etc...the list goes on and on and on and......
Nothing really that is vaguely amusing, so i thought I would post something else instead.......

My daughter received a mail from her cousin, which she forwarded to me, i read it with much amusement and a certain sense of pride that one so young (she is 15) could write with such clarity and find such delights in human nature and transpose those thoughts into something which in my opinion is very adult, suprisingly accurate and above all else extremely funny.

Here goes...

"I was sitting at home thinking of all my lovely friends, and I though of all my girl-friends. I thought of just how much I love them, and although we're all different we have so much in common. I think that I wrote this email so that we can all be proud that we are WOMEN!
We should be proud because:

Our feet have now shaped themselves to fit into slim-line, yet mahoosivly high heeled shoes. We have the ability to walk and run in them, and still look glam. And no matter how much these kitten heel babies rub, and blister and BURN our icklyefeet, we wouldnt EVER let it show
We can make anything a mirror, be it our favourite shiny cd or a nearby parked car's wing mirror. We're just comprimising! Every window we check ourselves and make sure our bum is still looking slim and our hair is still un-frizzy.
Getting our own way-
I'm sure we away with things that most blokes do not! We can flirt and giggle, and flutter our eyelashes into anywhere, or to get anything. Well- I think we could get a free night out i suppose, flutter ya lashes at the bouncer of a club, then again at a young gentlemen at the bar, or even the bartender ;) If a dude did that to me I'd tell him where to stick it and say mate you know where the back of the line is? Go there, and hop it before I get my brick filled handbag out.
we can throw we can catch we cant kick. Only when boys are about though. We can play netball like no other sex and we look damn good in short skirts. We like beachgames as long as we can get a tan, and swimming is okay when theres a fit lifeguard about.
We cannot get enough dirt on people. We love reading gossip magazines and spend hours on the phone talking about other people- its our favourite hobby yet get seriously pissed hwne people gossip about ourselves.
Awww! Theyre kissing! How sweet! We love a romance. We may be jelaous, but we still think it all so cute. We can watch a million cheesey comedy romances at sleepovers and still never get bored. We are all too willing to set our friends up with the boy down the road, or our mum up with our maths teacher.
hello the handbag doesnt go with the outfit, its SO the other way around. If you have just bought the most gorgeous handbag, you just have to may your outfit work round it! Of course there is a handbag and pair of shoes to go with every outfit. You know if you buy a new topeyou have to buy the rest to match-from earrings to undies.
:O What was that curse word? We cope with these things and barely complain- the only people we hear complaining are the blokes, cos we're moody. Well, we wouldnt be women if we didnt throw the occasional tantrum. We complain that we look fat and bloated at this time of the month, and yet we crave chocolate and all things sweet n sticky. Even the slightest things fill our eyes up with tears, I remember crying my eyes out when I couldnt find my science book for school one morning. Men suffer when we do, perhaps from now on we should give the lads a pre-warning to let them know- so they can prepare themselves, you know, bullet proof vest etc. oh and with their wallets, WE WANT WE WANT WE WANT!
Bringing up the fact that you look fat, ugly, you're a bitch. No one will argue! "course you're not babe" We love it, it makes us feel good, and plus we've learnt if we compliment other girls they compliment us too. Always a good way to pyscologically shrink your bum size.
Retail therapy-
Why is it no matter how down you feel, shopping make you feel so much better? You trapse round the shops, you know all those drab ones with tv's n stuff in, then you reach the clothes shops! Woooo! How much do we love shopping? too much. We spend our wage packets straight away on clothes and all things girly. We cannot resist a bargain and can smell it from a mile away. We brag about our bargains to our friends, and when we get home with tip our carrier bags upside down and try everything on! We hate going in blokes shops-theyre so damn boring and lack the colour pink.yES BLOOD!!!!!!
We look good but we can always look better. We will sit for hours doing our hair, our nails and our make-up for a walk down to the local newsagents. Even if we're going nowhere we can amuse ourselves trying new hairstyles and colours on our toes, and you never know when a cute postman may come to your door.
Shes pretty? Prettier than us? We hate her. Anyone who is so min numbingly beautiful has to be a bitch, and we already dont like her. We go out of our way to make her feel pushed out, when secretly we want cute lashes and big boobs like her! And shes clever too? Hey we can do algebra! We make ourselves look total morons to upstage someone who only needs us to make her look so perfect.
Yes, dont we just love them. Perverts. All of them, the ones who hang out their car windows drooling, or beeping, cheering, or the ones who gawp down your top while you're talking to them, the ones who a little too hand and on and will do anything to get close to your bosoms or bring their size up in conversation, or maybe the ones who just try to get you to go on a date with them, and you feel like asking them, what about your wife, and will your old peoples home let you out at that time of night? We can deal with them. We know every trick in the book to fob them off, and to reject them, be it gently or with a sharp tongue. We are strong.
Fluffy, and sparkly-
WHERE WHERE?! We love these things. A kitten, how sweet! Anything soft and furry with little dough eyes we would take home with us anyday instead of a dude. and glittery sparkly thing- I dont know it kind of makes us sound like magpies, but anything sparlly and shiny we give them our attention. Diamond rings to the latest eyeshadow. We like all things beautiful.
Acting dumb-
We will do anything for a cute guy, and to make us look innocent and to make the man feel strong and superior, we let them think we're weak, and stupid. We get them to open our can of fizzy, and scream whenthe fizz squirts us. We dont know anything about cars, we leave that to the men. We ask them questions, with blatently obvious answers, and we make them lift things that we could do with one acrylic nailed hand behind our back.
Bras and undies-
We are proud of our boobs- Althoughsome men are kind of taking our glory away. Some of us choose to show them off, and others choose to be erm...slightly more discrete with proving our girliness! When we have a sexy bra on we feel good. Wonderbras are groovy, and sports bras are black eye savers. Padded bras are all very well until them come off, and no bra at all means freeeeeeedom. Thongs mean a constand wedgy yet no VPL! Granny panties are damn comfortable, but again when clothing comes off now quit as attractive. White bras go grey, and black shows through when you get caught in the rain. Neverwear black undies with white trousers.
We love them and we hate them. What would we do without them? They're cute, handsome, sensitive, kind, strong, clever- and yet sometimes they are tossers, arragont, womanising, rude and damn right unladylike. But we love em. Really we do, come on admit it. I mean I have to admit I have felt like chooping a few pairs of bollocks off in my time. But lets forgive and forget. For men give us the fuel and the determination to be proud and strong women!
We are women, we are pretty, we are proud!"

Thought this was great, i have left all the spelling errors and others in didn't want it to seem too perfect.....am lovin the Men advice and the amazing frankness concerning Bras and Undies.

Hope it makes you smile.

I know I did.




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..::another one bites the dust::..
I slept fitfully last night......my dreams were filled with mice and ants. This am as i dozed off on the sofa i awoke with a start....i had imagined a huge mouse rtunning accross the lounge.....oh god.

The exterminator kept his word and came back only later than he said he would. I now don't even want to set foot in the kitchen.

The SNAP i heard last night was as i thought.......another mousey deaded. Hubby told me when i phoned him it was a large one. I asked him if it was big and fat, he said it was flat when he saw it! but yes it was a fair size.

The poor lizard bought it. I am really sad about that he wasnt harmful in the slightest. God only knows where he has been hiding since hubby chased him into the broom cupboard. We couldn''t find him in there!

The i asked the exterminator how long this might go on for he said he didnt know but not to bother bleaching it all until we were in the clear. OMG i feel filthy.....he said to be careful when cooking. Cooking? I don't even want to go in there to get a drink of bloody water. The exterminator will be back again tomorrow.

So i took princess out for breakfast and very nice it was too! We bumped into friendly lady i met at the gym induction, and then again later too.

I have enrolled on some local college courses given in english. I am going to learn the local language....basics to help give me a start and i'm going to do a computer course. Yes i know i am completely pc literate. The only problem being not on paper...... i am completely self taught. So i will have something to do once Princess starts school next week.

Plus it kept us out of the house and not thinking about things that go SNAP!

My mum and Dad read this blog. I told them about it some time ago. Hi Mummy! Hi Daddy! They are fans of Milky! They read for updates re the situation apparently when i spoke to them on msn last night they were pissing themselves. Nice eh? I know you love me and i know you feel for me, and i guess when this is all over it will be funny? Yeah maybe it will take some time......
So are you all laughing at me? While i'm sat here terrified and crying? Maybe maybe not, i don't mind really i don't if i'm entertaining you in any way! But i don't write it meaning it to be funny....and me being me i don't think it is right now!

So this afternoon i'm off to collect my new car......well it's not brand new but it was a bargain. It's a Mazda Demio Aletta jap import special edition it has all extras and then some it's not quite 3 years old and only 6000km on the clock would you believe i think they only drove it on saturday's to do the shopping! It's not what were planning on but it will be nice to run round in. The 4x4 will come later when we're settled.

I'm not so much a mess right now maybe cos i've kept out of the house, but hubby will be home in an hour.... so i had better skidaddle and do a little housework....... oh and i'm going next door for a quick coffee too.....at last a grown up to talk to!

Thanks all for your support..... i really mean it

lou lou
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..::i am a mess::..
Tuesday, August 24, 2004
I am really i am a mess a big mess. not including the mess in my pants that is due to the ongoings at Lou Lou HQ.

So mr exterminator came and says e will be back....tomorrow at 8.30am to check the traps (ewwwww) he says they are getting cheeky coming out cos they cant find food cos i am a clean person. *me thinks he is trying to make me feel better*

I finally get up the nerve to go back into the kitchen and brave it. I begin my bleach campaign, cleansing all things on display, to put them away in cupbards while i am getting through this. So there i am happily (?) washing my spice jars with watered down bleach ( whoch i now have been told attracts cockroaches!) and there is a noise.

A loud SNAP right by me. I jump a foot in the air, shit myself and burst into tears running hysterically from the kitchen slamming the door shut i collapse onto the sofa shaking, sobbing, my 7 year old princess watching her mummy disintergrate. I am faling apart my sence of reason begins to desert me. I hover at the front door listening for cars, praying hubby gets home soon.

I spot my new friend and neighbour M she offers support. She is lovely. She calms me down. I am still crying. (yes i am a neurotic bitch) My other neighbour i have not yet met arrives home i introduce myself. Hi i'm Lou, i'm your new neighbour and we have mice, just thought you want to know. She graciously ignores the fact mascara has run down my face. She introduces herself ( i've forgotten her name now) and says not to worry she had one last week but it ran out the door! We laugh we chat and she really is nice.

Hubby gets home and takes a look at the traps says one has been set off but there is nothing in it. says lets get you out of here before you go nuts. In the car we chat.....i tel him all the exterminator said. he laughs and starts singing "we are the cheeky mice we are the cheeky mice you are the paranoid wife" etc etc. *git* We go looking for a nice set of garden furniture at a shop we saw at the weekend.

Expensive is not the word. £240 just for a table? fuck off. So we go for dinner at the biggest burger king in the world that we were the only customers in and it was blissfully airconditioned at minus something ! Omg did the heat hit us as we left! as we ate we chatted as i took a nice long gulp of my drink he starts singing the cheeky mice song again i start to laugh the drink goes down the wrong way i start choking really choking. i recover myself and he says we'll laugh about this later. *yeah right*

So we pop to the car dealer on the way home, we're told we can pick up our new car tomorrow YAY. So thats a good thing at least.

We get a bit of shopping and get home. hubby checks the traps once more.......one has claimed a victim......... remember the lizard in my kitchen the one we couldnt find after it ran in the cupboard? did i tell you about that? the poor bastard bought it. Shit. i am sad. i never meant the poor lizard harm. I like the lizard. it didnt bother me, unlike those evil mice.

Talking to nice Neighbour M she says lizard shit looks exactly like mouse shit so maybe it was just a lizard and a mouse inn the house! we chat for ages. its nice to have someone to talk to. i'm so alone here. i am so sad. i feel so sorry for myself.

Hubby silicone sealed all the cracks on the outside of the house we think the ants are getting in yay! thats positive. hubby went to bed at 10pm he has to go work at 6am. I implore him not to leave me alone downstairs. he laughs. says he loves me and goes to bed.

So i sit on the sofa watching the olympics......and i hear a noise SNAP another one has bought it? maybe? i hope......omg i hope so. i cant handle this...........

I am starting to lose it already. I am terrified to look in cupboards lest i find something staring back at me, even though as far as we know they are confined to the kitchen its the only place there are evidence of them. I am terrifed of going into the ktchen now just in case. i am completely paranoid. if they don't go soon my head will be well fucked up i am terrifed. i am a prisoner in my home held to ransom by mice.

ffs i really need to pull it together dont i?

anyone care to help me? please don't call out the men with the white jackets..........

lou lou

ps scarlet dont worry babe i'll be fine i know i'm not alone its just the ones i didnt invite that are bothering me.
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school renunion/ birthday bash
omg, what a night!
the night started off with me being dragged kicking and screaming to the annual school reninion.
which is a load of crap because nobody turns up anyway.
i was a horrible cow at school and really didn't want to be faced with people i no doubt where horrible to 16 years ago.
but hey, i turn up make a bee line to the booze area, where i hear screams of ....
" I don't fucking believe it, scarlet is that you, you horrible cow"
I turn around to be faced with the most disgusting foul mouthed tart of my year.
she was wearing jean shorts and a crop top, her arms where bigger than both my thighs together, but she did have lovely prison tattoo's.
but it gets worse, because her partner in crime at school was also there, who happened to turn up dressed in riding gear(which was still covered in horse shit ).
so i try and make polite conversation, telling them about my life, but she was getting louder and louder and very very drunk, they both lived in the midlands, and travelled down that day, i asked about the riding clothing thinking it was strange that she still had it on.
of which she replied "god, i wear it all day whether i am riding or not."
I make eye contact with my friend, as to say if you don't get me away from here i am gonna hit you very hard.
Then sarah said
"are you still a bitch then scarlet"
of which i did reply, then run away because she was bigger than me.
not very mature or ladylike but hey, nor were they.
then running at full speed to the birthday party, which was full of normal people thank the lord.
all in all an interesting night.

everybody send lou lou big hugs at the moment, because she is having a stressful time to say the least.
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..::Battening down the hatches::..
So it's another day.....was it gonna be better. I can anser that already and it's 11.21 here!
NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO and NO its not gonna be better.

Yet again i am deluged by fucking ants.....paperdoll you can have them for free! I am gonna market them i think!

And then just as i start to relax a little i see it. I am sat in the dining room and there the furry grey bastard is......running hell for leather accross my worktop, accross my sink, round my breadmaker and on top of the washing machine. So i batten down the hatches. Close all the doors and lay towels accross the bottom.

whoops gotta go door.......

Sorry about that it was the exterminators. Sensitive to the fact that i am terrified of mice they have set traps in places i won't be able to see in case they catch anything.

Whilst they were here i saw another one, i yelped and they found where it had gone, and then it peaked out again and again. my heart can't take this. They set a trap and sent me off into the lounge and closed the doors.

SNAP they got it. Only it's a really small one, even smaller than the one i saw yesterday......so they are leaving the traps. .... who knows how many more there are.

The exterminator says HE will be back! I am a wreck. I am shaking and i can't breathe so good. I am so scared of something so very very small.

I am horrified. I feel dirty. I feel unclean. They told me not to. They say rats are for dirty people. I saw i don't care a mouse is a mouse and where there is one there will be more. They then tell me the past two occupents of the house had trouble with them, that they had been here before......OMG i want to throw up. It's take away tonight i'm not doing a thing in the kitchen till they are eliminated, and then i will bleach everything. ..........and sterilise.

How could this be happening to me? Queen of Clean? The people that lived here before me were mingers no word of a doubt the more i clean around the house the more filth i find. The neighbours tell me they only heard the hoover once! I shudder to think what else is in store for me. I fucking hope they havent made it up the stairs.

Cross everything for me it doesn't take long till they get them.


a very terrified
Lou Lou
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..::Under Attack::..
Monday, August 23, 2004
Today has been a day from HELL.

I have been under attack. My cream rug turned black.....ANTS fucking ants die bastard ants die yells were heard again. And then the lounge was covered once more, and then again this evening again. On the advice of a neghbour i have scattered talc. Apparently they hate it, they are getting into the house through a crack on the wall hubby will seal it.

When we moved in i found something in the house. Droppings. small and black in the cupboard under the sink. I said to hubby...they look like they're mouse droppings. He told me not to be stupid they couldn't be. I disregarded them on his say so and put them down to being something to do with all the creepy crawlies we have here.

Yesterday i found my ant trap upside down in the cupboard, I wondered how it had happened and thought perhaps the lizard that had gotten into my kitchen had done it. Today I found more droppings but this time in a large cupboard i use for storing toiletries and cleaning stuff.

So there i am, cleaning Lou Lou HQ and i'm on the home stretch. I've finished the polishing and i'm about to attack the hoovering up of the dead ant bodies on the lounge carpet. So i put my other products away. Only i don't. I open the cupboard door under the sink and there it is......the bastard thing is looking right up at me......i scream and scream and scream and scream and in my panic i leave the door open instead of slamming it shut and the fucking thing gets out. It's dark beedy evil eyes glaring at me as it makes it's escape.

I forgot to look where it went to, the french doors were open so maybe it went out there.....but then it could have gone under the washing machine or the dishwasher....fuck.

I ring hubby in shock and he pisses himself laughing *bastard* how can i be scared of a mouse. I dont know i just am, i fucking hate them. He arrived home to find me sat down the other end of the kitchen broom in hand on guard, ready to bash it! To which again he pissed himself laughing.

The exterminators are coming tomorrow. I feel dirty i feel violated.
I know its not me, they were here before we moved in....but still i feel dirty. I am terrified of what they might have touched, of how many there are, have i been cooking on the surfaces the have pissed on? omg. thank god for ajax and bleach.

i will not rest easy till i know they are gone.

Tomorrow what the hell will that bring? snakes in the fucking garden? i'm really getting to know the locals!

I'll let you know

Lou Lou
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~~Weird weekend.....Lost in Middle Earth!~~
Good Morning All.

Well, my weekend didn't go quite according to plan, infact it was bizarre to say the least!!! Not entirely unusual I know in the Evie She She la Rue household, but non the less it felt at times like i was in another dimension...LOL

Ok.....Saturday passed by in somewhat of a blur, our usual trip to the Grandparents house and lunch and playing, a trip to the library...weather was good, which makes a pleasant change of late!
Saturday night there was f*ck all on TV, well apart from the Olympics, so hubby and I thought we'd sit down with a glass of wine, nibbles and choccie and watch a film. As usual neither one of us could decide wot we wanted to watch...in the end we settled on Lord Of The Rings.
Yes I know I must be one of the last remaining peeps on the planet not to of seen the Hobbit Trilogy, didn't really think it was gonna be my thing, but thought I'd give it a go.
What can I say????
Within the first 10 mins I was totally sucked in, whisked along on this fantastical adventure, amid scenery that was breath-takingly beautiful against the ugliness of much of its characters. We finished watching the first film a little before midnight, but i had to start the second one, had to see where the story was going, had to cling onto the hope that those little Hobbit lads would be successful in their journey. I thought I'll give it 'til 1am and then switch off and go to bed, 1 past, then 1.30am and I am still there, still intrigued, still caught up in this magical masterpiece....eventually at just before 2am I had to succumb finally to my bed, my heart was willing to see it through but sadly my eyelids no longer could...LOL

Sunday...I wake up to breakfast in bed, courtesy of my darlin husband, we're off to a family Bar-b-que lunch time, so we potter about and finally set off about midday. Now this is where I lose all sense of logic and indeed common sense.
While getting my daughter into her car seat, I place the bags and jackets on the back seat of the car and put my purse on the roof while I strap her in......I know I know it sounds fuckin crazy, it does to me as I am writing it!! Its something i do all the time, place my keys and my purse on the roof of the car while I strap her in, but this isn't my car and I'm not driving. Therefore I don't pick my keys off the roof, because I don't have them with me..................or my purse!!!


It's a fair way before I remember that I don't have my purse with me, hubby says it's ok he put it in the bag, I said I know i took it out when I put the little 'un in and put it on the roof of the car! He looks at me, I can feel the anger beginning to boil in him, the smoke is starting to emanate out of every orifice of his head.
F*ck, why am I so f*ckin stupid????? Don't answer that please! pmsl

He swings the car round and we head home again, lookin as we go, maybe it fell off on the drive and it'll be there when we get home, yeah and maybe the sky will turn green with red stripes!!!!!
We get home......nothing!

I don't wanna talk, I feel such a f*ckin idiot, I can feel him glaring at me, I can't feel any worse than I do already, I'm angry with myself, angry with the world,angry.................
The phone rings.............it's work, the nice girl on reception says "Evie have you lost your purse Dahlin?"
"Errr yeah how did you.......?"
"Someone found it down the road, recognised the staff card and phoned it in, I have a number for you to ring........!"

WOW......I can't believe it, I relay the phonecall to my hubby, he can't believe it!
Our faith in human nature has been restored, all the unkind words and accusations fall at the wayside and I collapse in his arms in tears.
I don't care about credit cards and debit cards or even about the £10.57 in cash that was in my purse, but there is a part of me that is in that small piece of leather, pictures of my kids, my hubby, stubbs from the Cinema visits with my eldest daughter........things I can never replace.
Lucky for me the person that picked it up, in the middle of a busy roundabout, while cars were to-ing and fro-ing was an honest, decent human being.

So you see my weekend was indeed strange, but comforting and in an odd way rewarding.
And Yes I did watch the end of the Trilogy, with tears in my eyes and hope in my heart, i willed those Hobbits on to the end.
The power of film is indeed a remarkable thing, but so too is the milk of human kindness.

Love to you all,
*blissfully lounging somewhere in The Shire*

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3rd degree nostril burns
Sunday, August 22, 2004
OK so I'm playing Russian roulette in the vodka bar (you and 8 mates buy 7 crunchie flavour vodka shots and one hot chilli vodka shot, then you all pick one and down it and hope to fuck you get crunchie flavour).

It wasnt to be Milky's lucky night as i picked the chilli one, but like a good milky I took my medicine and just as the battery acid chilli vodka was scorching down my throat I overheard some bastard say "its a bit worrying that they put braile keys on that drive-up cash machine isnt it".

The fookn vile 1000 degree liquid did a u-turn and pissed down my nostrils taking all in its way.

If you ever wondered about sticking fireworks up your nose then you have to try this.

Everytime I breathe today it fookn hurts and my nose is making a strange noise like a kazoooo.

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Saturday, August 21, 2004
Yes tis true i have woken up in the most happiest of moods,
cannot quite understand, has i have given up smoking yesterday. very very bizaare.
i am hoping it will last, even my son eating half a tube of pringles this morning has not even put me in a slight mood although he is quite worried, as i usually would sit him down and lecture him on eating such things first thing in the morning.
anyhoo', got very very drunk with my brother when he was down it was truly nice to see him.
would love to tell you more but really can't remember alot .
gonna have to buy the local rag and see if anything rings any bells.
I have really got to go, so i really hope this lasts for a while not very often i write a happy post.
hangon....... the olympic's are still getting on my tits.
(no i refuse to lose my chirpyness ranting about the fucking bbc bastards.)

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and finally.................
Friday, August 20, 2004
Crazy day - a dog tried to shag my leg, it wasnt a small dog either. A car drove passed me with a shopping bag on the roof, this always produces spontaneous laughter from me, then I look a twat walking around laughing to myself.

I sat on a chair that wasnt there, it fookn hurt, my arse looks like ive been three rounds with Zed from Pulp fiction.

Somebody noticed that i was wearing odd socks, ffs it was dark when i got dressed.

I put my mobi in the fridge instead of the butter, then spent 10 minutes looking for it.

Some days I actually believe that I am Trueman from the Trueman show and all you bastards are actually just laughing at me.

tonight im going to put MTV on and dance till im sick, I may eat Birds Eye Lasagne and drink vodka, it wont be pretty. I think its time for pictures from Milky's gallery, how do I do pictures then ?. Does Blogger allow 'them' sort of pictures. ;)
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Contrary to popular belief I am not soaking up the sun dakori in hand,nor am i laid on a sun lounger, I even am not swanning about in istsy bitsy bikinis.


I haven't had one chance yet to even sunbathe. It is not a priority in my life. I kind of think getting one's life in order is much more important.

Settling my family into their home in a strange country, enabling the transition takes place as easy and possible for my darling 7 year old daughter....who at this moment in time has not met another single child of her age range she can play with or even speak to.

My time is taken up entertaining her and trying to stop the mass invasion of ants we have and other creepy crawlies.

I am not so self centred as to not manage to watch the news. I am well aware of the weather in England and the awful awful devestation that is happening in some areas. I am certainly not immune to the fact that I have friends living in those areas.

Yes I have managed to find a supermarket or two, and yes i even found maccy d's. I am living 10 miles away from civilisation if you can call it that.
I am alone apart form my family. I have no job, no real friends as yet i don't speak the language yet either.

It is fucking hard for me. not all fucking sunshine and happy days.
I have given up a lot of the life i knew to do this for my family.

I do not appreciate it being said that all i am doing is sat in the fucking sun, when in reality its too fucking hot to even be outside the fucking house.

I have tried to keep my posts light hearted and not spell out the fucking agony i feel inside me. The fact i have left behind those i love very very dearly. It is killing me.

In short


I'm sorry but it had to be said.


Lou Lou
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~~Summertime and the weather is...................shite!~~
WTF is going on here?????
Jeeeeeeeeeez its August.
The middle of summer.
And yeah, I know it's Britain FFS.
But where is the God-damn sun??????
*sniff, sniff*
Right now I am sooooooooooooo jealous of Lou Lou, would even put up with lizards and bloody ants and hornets and shit, just to be sitting where she is, glass in hand, bottle of suncream in the other, kids running carefree on the beach, a gentle breeze lappin at the waves........aaaaahhhh*a sigh of pure contentment escapes my subtlely lipglossed lips*
But sadly I is not or ever likely to be there at all, well not anytime soon.............arrrghghg don't ya just hate real life sometimes!

Honestly though, I dunno if I could stand that kind of heat 24/7, I mean I love winter, I love it when the trees start to change their colour and the leaves start to fall, the morning's have a crispness to them and the dew on the trees that allow you to see those intricate webs woven in and out of the hanging branches, chestnut pickin, walkin through the woods when the ground crunches underfoot, the first snowfall and the look of sheer delight on the kid's faces at the imminent prospect of building a snowman! But of course before all of this................I would like at least one f*ckin week of sun!!!!!

One week of summer is all I ask, one week where I can get out there and burn my arse off and look like a sun-kissed Goddess for 5 mins...tee hee

Well today is Friday, hoorah..or not , today I am back at work after having a week off and today one of my best friends is leaving...*sniff , sniff* she's going to work at another branch 'cos our "oh so anal personnel dept." wouldn't give an inch on the hours she wanted to work....tossers!
So now they have lost a valued member of staff who has been with the company for 22 years and who is one of the friendliest, smart, most efficient member's of staff all for the sake of them not losing face....wot a bunch of .............................I can't even think of anything low enough to express how I feel about them right now!! Which is probably a good thing as I think I have vented more than enough for one day...LOL

Well I guess it's back to normality now, rescuing the kids from each other, re-playing that annoying purple dinosaur again, scrubbing my couch to remove all traces of this morning's breakfast before lunch begins in a few hours. Am desperate to do some washing, well not desperate you understand, but having a dry couple of hours so I can get some of it done would be good, my wardrobe is slowly dwindling and the washing basket is bulging at the seams...LOL

Ok, back to being a housewife then.
Take care and have a good weekend ladies and you too Milky,
Raise a glass to us Lou Lou back in dear old blighty,

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~~It's raining..............again!!!~~
Thursday, August 19, 2004
FFS we're gonna need an ark soon...lol
Ok so not much has happened to day, well nothing interestin enough to post or nothing that i wanna indulge to the entire world, so have done a little Meme that i recieved in the mail today.
Made me smile, which is good, 'cos today I feel like shit.

Here goes....

1) Nickname?........errrr D'oh think Evie will do, as we all know it's not my real name, right!

2) Wot were you doing right before you recieved this? Eating my lunch, turkey and brie salad on toasted bread, yeah I know posh lunch huh! lol

3) Favourite Tv Programme?.....Extreme Makeover, love that US trash TV, those surgeons perform f*ckin miracles, give it a go people you'll get sucked in I promise

4)Wot irritates you most of all? Postin when I have f*ck all interestin to say!

5) Wot did you do last night? Hmmmmm shall i tell....nah that would be totally unfair on those people who have no sex life, or live with a fireman, or have a rabbit, or handcuffs or..........oh am I giving anything away here????? pmsl

6) Wot's your ambition? World Blog domination, or just domination..tee hee

7) Best Feeling in the world? the one right after that moment that makes your toes curl *blushes a bright shade of crimson*

8) What characteristic in someone turns you off? Pickin there nose, adjustin there crotch, bad breath, shit shoes (sorry that one should've been first!) alot of things really....jeez never realised I was that fussy!

9) When you meet someone of the opposite sex you notice their...........? Eyes, smile, teeth and then shoes, if you have the first 3 and then your wearing b*llox shoes, forget it Mr your outta there!

10) What's under your bed? OOOh f*ckin hell, a menagerie of shite!

Hope this brings you closer to the real Evie,
Love ya

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~~Surf city~~
Ok been messin around today, well not that kind of messin around.
Surfing the internet, reading Blogs and Quizzes answering mails and generally just being lazy.
Not feelin too bright today, as in poorly....looks i might be coming down with something, f*ckin typical as it's work tomorrow.
Anyways saw this Quiz on another Blog and thought I'd give it a go.
Was surprised to find that I agreed with the results for once, which believe me is rare! LOL


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..::update from lou lou land::..
sat here cuppa by my side *thank fuck i can buy teabags here"*
I've not been posting quite so much mainly cos i have so much to do right now. It's a big thing you know moving abroad!

We've got ourselves a new car now anyway, pick it up next week. Not the huge *get out of my fucking way* 4x4 pick up we wanted but it's a nice little car to run around in for a while till we get sorted more. It's silver. We hate silver but there doesn't seem to be much choice out here.....silver or white. Cos it reflects the sun i spose, so silver it is.

I popped online albeit very briefly last night. I'm having to watch the time cos it's really really expensive to be online here and there are no all inclusive deals like in UK. The amount i use the tinternet i'll be broke! So i'm trying to be a good girl and cut down my use.

Whilst i was sat online my feet were getting tickled. I was under attack once more cries of "die bastard ants die" could be heard far and wide as i started my campaign of massacre once more. Where the fuck do they all come from????? I thought i'd got them all......how dare they come.

As I mentioned in a comment last night, we popped to Maccy D's for tea. I had a Hamburger Royal Deluxe meal......ooooohhhh Scarlet you know what i'm talking about. YUmmmmmmmmy! And cos i am a greedy cow i had a caramel fudge sundae to finish, which i ate in the car on the way home and melted really quickly! But yes, as i was sat in Maccy's a lizard slithered accross the floor, we were watching it and laughing at it til the maccy d lady saw it and looked in horror, hugged herself and ran away!

I'm getting used to all the creepy crawlies now, and man there are many of them. *gonna have to get the camera out i think*

I realised something yesterday. In two weeks time i will be having my birthday. My first birthday here....i don't really know what i want. I want a small gold band to wear with my beautiful anniversary ring i got, but thats about all i can think of. I have all i want and need i guess. I'm not a greedy person. Of course there's lots of shit i want.....but i don't need it. It's stuff i can do without.
*me will be 31 this year........staying 30 forever now!*

We've got a busy weekend ahead, Friday night we are off out for a meal which should be interesting i'm told the restaurant looks like a shed but the food is good. Saturday we're off either to the waterpark, or possibly to the watersports club. Not sure which yet. Later in the month we are going carting which should be fun i guess.

I'm starting to adapt to life here. Its a nice life. But i'm gonna be bored shitless once Princess starts back at school. What the fuck am i gonna do with myself? ideas on a postcard please.

I'm gonna be ringing my beloved Scarlet shortly. That's if the telephone lines havn't been washed away! It's odd you know. I really miss her desparately. We havn't lived next door for years, but its always as if we were, you know? Once we're together it's like time has stood still. The usual cameraderie of "you hoe you biatch, you slut put the fucking kettle on, na fuck that lets get pissed instead" kicks in!

We are the deepest and truest of friends. I often thank the Lord for the day she came into my life. I still remember that day. She moved in next door, we had a cuppa and that was it, like a thunderbolt we had absolutely no choice in the matter, we were best friends. We had no choice. Like love at first sight, thats how it was. It was like we'd known each other forever. I think personally we have. But that's the way we are. There's nothing i can't tell her, or she me. And i will defend her to the death if needbe! Love ya babe. Try not to miss me too much.....i'm missing you enough for both of us. *billy no mates in a far off land*

ok away from the slush........

I'm fine. It's great here, taking a bit of getting used to. I haven't beenout sunbathing not even once! My legs are still white, my toes are brown (thongs) and my back and shoulders and arms are a lush honey brown colour, now if only i could get my legs that colour too.......*me thinks serious sunbathing next week* i may do some before and after piccies of my legs to horrify you with their whiteness!eeeeeeek am i that brave?

Oh yeah. yesterday i went for my induction at the gym along with about 20 other people. Some girl collapsed and the whole bloody thing was cancelled. Bollocks i can't use the gym at all till after monday next week now. Selfish cow....why didn't she drink enough water? I mean you need to rehydrate.

So my quest once more for the body beautiful i had is back on hold! I've lost a little weight, maybe through sweat! Yuck! But it's a start. I only need to lose about 3/4 stone off my thighs hips and arse the rest of me is fine! So friday i will weigh in at the local fatbusters class and see what i can do! I'm gonna spend a fair amount of time at the gym i think.

I restart physio in a few weeks too. I've seen the doc re me tit lump....*sorry fibroid* and he is arranging for me to see a surgeon within the next two months.
Talking of tit lump.....it was fucking hurting last night, but then who wouldn't after your 7 year old on roller blades going downhill has smashed into you knocking you for six? on top of when i was stood in the garden and she had left the shed door unlocked a gust of wind took it and it smacked into me almost knocking me over! *said moments both painful and i'm bruised no doubt you are all pissing yourselves laughing* my hubby certainly was and the neighbours, who seam very nice btw.

In fact one said neighbour is coming round today for a cuppa, and S is coming too which should be nice, yay i am building a social life! GO ME!

Well at this i had better fuck off. It's gone 9am here i'm sat here in my dressing gown, and nothing else hahahahaa not an image you need in your heads!
laters all
lou lou
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Ok weather update
Wednesday, August 18, 2004
Yes i am still here didn't get washed away or hoisted up in an helicopter, with Itn news crews filming me.
little gutted by the outcome, but hey used to disapointment in my life.
The biggest dissapointment is the fact work didn't flood like it did last time, which now means i am late again should be there right .................NOW
just gonna cheer you up my brother will be here today and we gonna rip the town up so you'll have a welcome rest from scarlets post for a bit.
wohhhhhhhhhhoooooooo i can hear the screams from here.
I am soo pissed off with the lack of drama here i am planning the age old washing up liquid in the fountain job if it makes front cover off the local rag i'll post it.
god i am soooooooooooo childish.
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~~SOS....Save Our Scarlet!~~
Not seen hide nor hair of ya today girl.

1) Are you still with us, did you get swept away in the storms?

2) Fire lifted out of ya house in a saucy negligee, clingy fearfully to a stud muffin of a fireman?

3) Too bolloxed to post after watchin news all night waiting to trim ya lady garden just in case?

4) Ravaged a rescue worker, and he's now bringin ya breakfast in bed?

Awwww please tell all, if it's No.4 or No.2 even, we want details, an in depth blow by blow account....ooops wrong choice of adjective there maybe *blushes crimson*


Have my scuba gear at the ready *wink*


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~~For those who've loved and lost~~
Was talkin to a friend today who is strugglin with a love lost, or was it a lost lust....lol
Nah seriously it's happened to us all, they said they liked poetry so this is for you.
From one friend to another....................

If Only..........

Can you feel the rhythm of my heart,
Can you feel my body's heat rise with anticipation of your touch?
Can you see the fullness of these lips, ready to be tasted and kissed?
If I whisper "I love you" will the wind carry it to you,
Will it dance the memory of me to your heart?
Do you remember me?
Can you still hear my voice?
Does it bring you comfort or just echo the emptiness that I feel?
Does your world turn as slowly as mine,
Do the days go on never ending, slippin into one another with no edge or reason?
Is the dark a cold and lonely place once more,
Where once it held the memory of you to me and the sweet, but agonisng wait for your words.
Does the morning light beckoning a new day bring any warmth to your soul,
Or has the passionate light we once shared been extinguished forever?
Come into my arms my friend,
Stay awhile,
If only it were forever.....

If only............

Stay true to your heart and know that the pain you feel now will be but for a moment in this eternity we call life.

Love ya



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Tuesday, August 17, 2004
Oh my god, any boatmakers reading this ..... please give me urgent advice on the skills of ark making.
It is soooooooooo pissing down with storms and high winds. there are flood alerts a plenty here.
BUT.... yes a very big BUT(quite literally too i might add)
I have no sandbags and no house insurance, if only i hadn't called him a fuckwitt conman(long story and i won't bore you with this time)
so i guess, i'll have to prepare just in case ITN news, films me being airlifted.
so if you see a woman with freshly shaven legs full make-up and a sexy little black number on at 3.00am being airlifted shouting yes, its me fellow bloggers SCARLET. wohhhooo.
Or scenario number two will be me being filmed using son's surf board down high street humming the tune to hawaii five-o.
ahhhhhhh fuck- it either way i am gonna look like a friggin' nutter.
forever a twat scarlet.
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NOW Wash your hands !
Its not really about how soft, strong or very long it is really, is it ? its more about are my fingers going to burst through it. Yup modern day toilet roll really needs to get over itself.

Now I'm all about home comforts, but aloe vera coated toilet roll, even worse scented toilet roll. Who gives a flying fuck whethers its patterned, its certainly patterned when ive finished with it, and its not the type of pattern you really want to see, although i have to say it does resemble the flock wall-paper we had in our living room in 1978, we also had some of them pottery cart horses with the wagon of barrels behind it. I digress, yes so I dont think my hidden depths needs much scenting Im not planning on getting that close to anybody, and as for aloe vera, yeah great, so I've a smooth anal passage and a sphincter thats just lovely to nuzzle up to, but im just not meeting the right kind of people right now to appreciate these things.

So what ever happened to Izal, come on you 30 somethings know what im on about. Like using christmas decorations to wipe your arse with, still, it was shiny and efficient and probably as effective on your piles as sprinkling salt on them.

So - are you a folder or a scruncher ????
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~~Here's THAT picture...go on laugh!~~
Ok, so its not a fantastic pic, didn't claim to be a photographer!!! And I look kind of sour faced 'cos the sun was in me eyes, the cat was brushing up against one leg and the little 'un was trying to climb a tree!!! So all in all it's not bad, not really a terrific colour likeness though, in real life it's deffo more on the pink side rather than the red....... Posted by Hello

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~~It's me again!~~
Ok Ok, Blogger has pulled a fast one on me and just eaten my last post....................arrrghghghg majorly p*ssed off..LOL
Sooooooooo will have to attempt to write it again, although with little 'un bitin at my ankles and housework callin it will not be the Genius Masterpiece that it was, bugger I hate repeating myself, here goes..............


Day One

Journey down, or up..f*ck I dunno my geography is crap, was pretty cool, weather improved the further we went from home, only had one wrong turn and that was 5 mins before we got there, ended up in a small village, very quaint, but not really where we wanted to be!
Weather was scorching, found our pitch or was shown our pitch by some rather strange lookin man on a bicycle, at the far side of the campsite within the trees and in full sunlight......aaaaah *breaths a sigh of contentment* lovely!!

Thought we better set up the tent while the weather was still good, a tent I may add that neither of us had put up before and which came via a friend and without instruction.......f*ck!
Still, us being determined girlies and all, and without the aid of any fit, gorgeous lookin men in sight and not wanting to look like a pair of prats with a tent without the first clue of how to put it up we soldiered on..............and did IT!
Well f*ckin chuffed we were....*smiles broader than a Cheshire cat*

Put the kettle on, coffee and biscuit later we were ready to explore.......pretty place, peaceful, full of families and young couples, friendly staff...........ancient shower block with showers....... for midgets! (ah well ya can't have everything can ya)
Anyhow I digress, first night was good, had a few glasses, well mugs of wine got chatting to the couple next door, went to bed in the wee hours.
Did I sleep?
Did I f*ck!!!
Didn't bring an airbed so was sleepin on the floor of tent in a sleeping bag with a minus tog value, i felt like my back was breakin and was freezin my arse off!!!

Day Two

Brekkie, sausage beans and scrambled egg, ya typical campers fodder....
blah blah blah..........
Now this is the boring bit, so I'll skip it and get onto the bit where it all went pear-shaped.

Day Three

Rained most of last night, had to get out to go to the loo on more than one occasion, W (my friend) snored like a diesel train and kept me awake most of the night!!!!! Shit I have a husband at home who does that!!!
The sun was threatening to come through, I was feelin miserable and tired and pissed off, we'd spent most of last night talkin about workin mothers and people's rights to have kids and other such sintilating stuff, not helped of course by the never ending stream of alcohol...LOL
I was also having trouble with sharing my bowel movements with the rest of the world.
Hate the thought of going and someone knowing.
But can't stay bunged up for 3 days, it's amazing how much of a laxative wine can be, anyway I am delving deep into new depths of depravity here, talking about the realms of bowel activity and all that is taboo-which is not really my territory...........it's Milky's!!!! LOL

Anyway after much ummming and aaaahing we decide on going to Sandringham, good day out, beautiful grounds and house, steeped in history. We walked round, without much more than two words of exchange pretty grim really. I thought at this point she really was bored and wanted to go home.
When we got back I jokingly said (testing the waters you see) "D'ya reckon we can get this tent down afor it rains?"
She looked at me rather shocked.
"You wanna go home?"
"Shit don't you, you don't seem to be enjoying yourself W, and I'm miserable tryin to keep upbeat all the time, thinkin that you ain't happy or its my company!"
She said she'd been expecting me to say it, and I had been expecting the same thing!
Que heavens opening...........followed closely by a terrific storm.
So I go for cover in the tent taking all the equipment with me, she goes for the car and a big umbrella???
WTF is she doing?
She gets her coat on and stands in the middle of a field, with thunder and lightening crashing down around her its raining cats and dogs and she's under her umbrella having a fag!
And she hates storms????
Then she starts to collapse our small tent, (we had one pop-up one for equipment and food and stuff, we're professionals you see)...LOL In the RAIN!
I yell at her to wait, we'll do it in a minute, she doesn't wanna know, she's like a woman possesed.
She gets all her stuff in the car and comes back in the tent, we sit in silence.
By this time I've phoned hubby and asked him to come and fetch me, she asks me when he is coming, I said I dunno.
She says she wants to go as soon as possible, so i say let's put my stuff in the car, her car, and then get on with collapsing the big tent, keepin in mind its still lashing it down outside!
She says there is no room for my stuff in her car?????? There f*ckin was on the way down
So I go off down reception, armed with my phone so i can ring hubby and find out how long he is gonna be and to let them know we'll be leaving early and make sure it's okay for him to come through the gates.
Hubby phones, he's five mins away, Thank you God!
I phone W, tell her hubby is nearly here, we'll put down the tent together and then we can be on our way.
She said she's done it! She put down the f*ckin tent on her own, in the lashing rain.....why?
She said she didn't know where I had gone and whether I was gonna come back????
FFS, she had all my stuff, I was on foot, on a campsite in the middle of f*ckin nowhere, on a side road off the A47.................where the hell could I go, besides it was p*ssin it down and I had no coat....aaarghghgh
Then I had a thought WHERE'S ALL MY STUFF?
She said it was in the car, "I thought there was no room?"
Seems like she found some!

Hubby arrives in the Reception car park, I am at this point close to tears.
I'm knackered, cold and exhausted with arguing and debating on stupid petty issues.
I miss my family, my bed, a nice hot bath, clean clothes, my make-up, my straighteners......LOL
He puts me in the car, holds me and gives me a kiss.
We drive to our pitch, where W is waiting in the rain outside the car as there is no room for her to sit in it!
We load my stuff into hubby's car and stand and look at each other in silence.
Neither one of us knowing quite wot to say to each other, so we say nothing.
She gets in her car.
I get in mine and we head home.

F*ck don't you just love the outdoors.
Will I go camping again?
Dunno ask me next year....lmao

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...::Loyal People only apply!::..
To celebrate me being back among you all i've decided to give a few gmail accounts away, there is a catch though...........

You have to comment and tell me why you deserve a gmail account and how much you've missed me!!!!!!!! and how much you want milky to stay! The funnier the better and between scarlet and me we'll decide and let you know if you've been lucky.

yeah ok so i'm fishing but come on these are gmail accounts and i do have a few spare, well 5 to be exact!

So people come on and grovel!

Lou Lou
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what a day............
well, the debate still rages on with my sisters love life, still giving the same advice i did four months ago. (bashing one's head against the wall.)
my nieces decended in full pumped up on e-numbers mode, which was interesting on such little sleep i had.
pleeeeeease play on the play station, watch a dvd anything that doesn't involve auntie scarlet moving..................... but no off we went crabbing on the key... which did turn out to be fun,
we caught 62 crabs in a hour before it started pissing down(again)
I sat there with the kids, i was glad we did come out, it was certainly blowing the cobwebs away.......... which meant i was thinking ( yes, a very dangerous thing to do)
what i am doing here............( answers on a postcard please)
my family can't seem to cope without me not even for 10 days when we went away.
how would they cope if i moved to the otherside of the country.
my son doesn't wanna move really, its just me.
fuckety fuck fuck i was saying to myself, i can feel myself wither here, but i guess its easy to blame it on where you live for the direction your life takes i guess.
god, its all getting far to deep for my liking.
My brother will be here on wednesday, yes he is another fucked up bunny but hey ain't we all are really?
He is bringing his girlfriend down from manchester to meet me, she is german so this could turn out to be fun.
my mother will be running around saying don't mention the war, and low and behold it'll be the first thing she does ,you mark my words.
Still very brave off him to actually make her meet my parents, (fuck i soo would not do that)
He has also invited me to go to manchester and have a weekend with them, thats if mum doesn't fucking scare the shit outta her , or she see's me dad and thinks fuck thats what he's gonna look like in 20 years.
but hey, if it works out i think i will go, might just might have a good time.
And stop fucking being sooo miserable.
feeling a very twattish scarlet.

p.s where the fuck has neighbours gone!
fucking bbc bastards. who gives a fuck about olympic's, its no world cup now is it?

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..::In a nutshell......ok it's a big one!::..
Monday, August 16, 2004
So did ya miss me? Like fuck I bet hahahahahaha

So heres the bit where I bore you to death, I’ve condensed it shit loads……

The hotel was a quaint 16th century coaching inn. Beams darkened by age, and a distinct feeling of us not being the only ones there! And I don’t mean the other guests! Our room was like something out of pride and prejudice, all dusky pink swags and chintz dominated by a huge brass bed (that squeaked like hell!) The room really was massive. I took several pictures of the room, and my thoughts were confirmed. There are orbs in all the pictures. We weren’t alone, but in a nice way.

We spent our last few days in England in the Inn. It was lovely. We ate out every night and feasted. It was a lovely way to say goodbye.

Our flight was pretty normal the food was actually edible. The highlight for me was when I looked out the window and exclaimed “ Look babe, there’s an island!!” “Look over there to the right, it’s there, look at it it’s so clear!”

I am a twat. To my hubby’s great delight he pointed out there was no island. It was the wing tip. I still can’t live it down.

After a perfect textbook touchdown we got off the plane. It was scorching hot. It was like I was stood in a massive hairdryer surrounding me with hot air. Lovely.

We went through customs, I got my first ever stamp on my passport! (YAY) and we were met by hubby’s colleague. Who made us more than welcome and we spent a super afternoon and evening with them supping copious amounts of alcohol and take away!

I’ll give you a brief rundown of the rest. I really don’t want to bore the shit out of you too much.

We got to our house, treaded water for 4 days doing a bit of exploring until our furniture cleared customs and was delivered. And discovered there is a stray cat and her kittens that live pretty much outside the front of our house and don’t like us going in and out of our own house hissing and spitting at us aggressively as soon as we approach it or try to leave! (*me thinks I will have to carry a water pistol!*)

Also we discovered that we are rather vulnerable to hoards of ants! I have massacred many thousand already! * already told you that and various other bits that I am leaving out of this*

It took us 3 days to unpack! I can’t believe it took so long I really can’t but what with the heat you can understand it! It’s 21.50 here now and still about 30 degrees!

Everything is beginning, so fresh and new. We love it here, my family and I. We seam to be settling in quickly and already it feels like home. There are of course some vital parts of my life missing. Our family’s back at home and Scarlet.

Saying that since the phone has been on we’ve spoken loads! Plus importantly I’m back online blogging. Something I have really really missed.

Evenings here darken quickly. We have spent a lot of time out on the veranda looking at the world talking. It’s something we never did back home. It’s gonna be good for us here. Already I see improvement in our family life. Although of course I have had to make sacrifices, it’s for the best.

Hubby started work today. So today was my first official day of being a proper housewife once more. It was pretty odd. I had everything done by lunchtime and spent the afternoon playing with princess sticking and making stuff until the doorbell rang.

My new friend S and her 14 month old daughter were paying us a visit! We gabbed for ages and ooohed and aaahed as I let little one listen to princesses CD player it was a delight to watch her try to work out where the music was coming from.

Eventually almost teatime we showed them out, chatted on the doorstep walked to them to the path. I had propped the front door open with a pair of trainers. Suddenly there was a gust of wind and the door slammed shut! Princess and I were stood outside the front door with no shoes on completely locked out!

Meanwhile evil stray mother cat is sat ready to pounce on us and hissing and spitting. Princess is terrified of it. I have to say it is rather intimidating! *me is not a cat person*

We stood there for 30 minutes while we waited for hubby to come home, who looked puzzled at the welcoming party and them pissed himself laughing when I asked him if he had a key!

I’ve been a good wifey and cooked a fab dinner, delicious home cooked smells emanating from my French doors…….I’m so proud of myself!

I’ve been having a quiet evening since then, hubby has just gone to bed, so it’s just us………me and the pc.

Well all, if any of you are awake right now *hoping I haven’t bored the shit out of you* feel free to comment…………I wanna know if any of you actually realised I was gone! What with the fab replacement I lined up….who still hasn’t told me if he is going to stay or not, but I’ve out it in the header just in case………

Lots of love

Lou Lou

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