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Thursday, September 30, 2004
Every once in a while you come or cum accross a sparkling gem of a site, this is such a site. Shockingly with the content, the guy has no commnets. We here at Stop *me and Scarlet* have decided to champion his cause after giving us such raucous filthy laughter all afternoon...............
Laydeeez and Gentlemen We present you with


Lou Lou
posted by Lou Lou @ 4:19:00 pm  
..::sexy pj's and a lot more::..
I would like to just say a big THANKS to all of you out there who care about me.....and have offered me your wishes for the OP. I'm sending a hug to each of you.

I've had a busy old day so far. Up as usual early hours. Slept like a log last night stress i suppose, earlier in the evening, ok afternoon i had struggled to stay awake! It passed in the end and i went to bed about 11pm when i could no longer keep my eyes open!

Typing is a lot easier for me today, my poorly finger is starting to heal which makes life a lot more comfortable.

I've been and done my computer course this am and then i went for my language course. It's still all a bit of a muddle I'm trying to do an online course on it too at the moment.it's about as clear as mud!

I've had a bit of a pesky problem with the pc since we've moved. It doesn't like the heat *note to self buy a couple of new fans* and coupled with that it's had this Win 32 error message and then remote procedure shutdown. Which has pissed me off profusely! I of course *pc* am firewalled and anti virus protected to the hilt, and everything is up to date, and no virus or anything found, my spyware thingy hasn't found anything wrong either...... regardless of this the cpu has been running at full and everything has been dead slow. so i've been doing a bit of surfing to try and sort it. I've downloaded a patch so hopefully all will be well. It came highly recommended so here goes so far so good, i'm keeping an eye on the processes and everything seams to be back to normal thank god.

Other than that hubby has gone out on the piss, yes i know it's not evening yet they're making an afternoon/night of it. Bastards. I wanna go out and get pissed. Princess is banished to that room upstairs thats supposed to be her bedroom but resembles the local tip, she is on a mission to clean it before our "visitors" arrive this weeked.

I prepare for 2 weeks which will be most challenging...................
The "visitors" are namely my inlaws *God help me* they are coming for 2 weeks, 2 whole weeks for a "visit" *namely a free holiday* I am already in panic mode and my hair is falling out! It's pretty good timing though what with the Op i guess. Or not.

The OP. So how do i feel about it today? OK i guess. Have told relevent people whats happening made arrangments. Hopefully I won't be out of action for long. One thing is for sure....I will not be able to wait on them hand and foot, which is expected. And at least i will have an excuse to tkae to my bed if needed! Pmsl

So how do I feel? I'm actually ok at the moment whether i will be on Monday night remains to be seen! I'm already cacking myself i guess. Even though it's not long to wait and the surgeon told me i'm first on the list, but we all know how things can change!

I'll be getting a bag ready with some sexy new pj's in and some slippers and stuff. Any ideas what else i should pack in my bag?

Gonna have a nice chat with Scarlet now.................

laters all

Lou Lou
posted by Lou Lou @ 3:26:00 pm  
~~Forgive me for I have sinned...~~
It's been two days since my last confession...ooops sorry post!

What can I say, not much really...have not had alot going on in my life right now.
Just living day to day.

Let's talk about the weather.......wot gives???
Will someone please build me a f*ckin boat, I think I'm gonna need one come the 3pm school run today....ffs enough rain already!!!

My little 'un is asleep on the couch having been out to a friends this morning, although she has no kids, she has dog's, say no more!
For the entire morning my daughter was on all fours crawling round, barkin and yelping....LOL
And NO its not something she's picked up from her mother....lmao
I never crawl........lololol

Should be doing some ironing really, but can't be arsed!
Have a parents open evening tonight at my eldest's daughter's school, which means mingling with her father and his "witch" (believe me when i say i am being polite!) of a girlfriend.
Which is great news as recently her father has been a complete f*ckwit and my hubby is just lookin for an excuse to give him a taste of NHS hospitality!!!
And so far the only thing between him and hospital sheets is me, well not me between the sheets but me stopping hubby from being all animalistic and doing something very stupid!

But I am a firm believer in wot goes around comes around so one day soon I reckon he'll look in the mirror and see the f*ckhead that we've all been seeing all these years!

Sorry rant over.....
Can't think of much else to drivvle on about really........ermmmm well we are having a re-fit at work, which is a bit of a pain in the arse, the only plus side is the fact that we have numerous gorgeous lookin men -sparkies, brickies, chipies wandering around getting all hot and sweaty and being manly...ripping shelves out and dismantling displays with their bare hands......
Grrrrrrrrrrrrr.......*sighs deeply* "sometimes work is such a chore!"

Later ladies


posted by Sugar @ 1:39:00 pm  
..:: so the theatre is booked::..
Wednesday, September 29, 2004
In your part of the world you have probably just started work/got the kids to school.

Me, i've been up since 6.15am, got princess off to school and come home had a leisurely breakfast and cuppa on the veranda. Pranced around the house, and striaghtened my hair to avril levigne straightness. Moved hubby's capachino from an angry hornet looking for breakfast and gone to hospital.

It's done. I've got my tits out for another man.....and he's had a good gawp and a good prod.


Monday 10am............book in with the anesthatist.
OP first thing tuesday morning.
All t's crossed and i's dotted. Hubby asked the all important question.........."so how much smaller will her tit be?" and was reasured that he would do his best. Also I am really lucky with my breast shape and where the lump is.

The surgeon told me..............a fine needle biopsy isn't 100% (now they tell me) and that i will get results in 10 to 14 days........ that a mammogram is no good for me cos i'm only 30 *ok 31* and my breasts are too firm due to my youngness *flatterer*

All being well i'll be at home tuesday night, unless i need to be drained in which case maybe wednesday.......

I'm a bit emotional. I knew it had to come out, i knew it, but it didn't prepare me really, and to be taken in so soon too. I wasn't ready. I 'm shitting myself.

I had a little cry in the car.....told hubby i don't know if i'm crying from relief or terror. he laughed but He was supportive. Suprisingly so, he doesn't do dramas. *hubby was best hubby in world 6 years ago when i broke my back........the time i realised just how much he loves me*

I'm still a bit tearful now i've rung my family and Scarlet, didn't want them to read it here first and now you all know.

Fingers crossed guys..............

Lou Lou

ps, here's apiccie of that spike stuck in my finger.....it was 3mm deep inside thats why they couldn't get it out without the local!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
posted by Lou Lou @ 9:35:00 am  
..::poorly finger.... be nice to me::..
Tuesday, September 28, 2004
Firstly i wanna thank GIRL FRIDAY for the link she provided to this blog, which directed me to this which made me laugh with qips like this.....................
You bewitching vision, you have stolen my heart, my soul, and my spunk!

The powerful cunt! whose very name kindles in me an amorous flame!

I can feel your prodigious engine stirring in the very centre of my vitals!

oh i could spend all day there hahahahaha

so, i take it you were all amused by my drunken state the other night, glad to have been of service, i had a pretty good night!
I would have posted yesterday, but i befell an accident...........

In my madness, i started working on the garden at 7.25am...................its pretty hot here even then! i got loads done, i worked my arse off, *sadly not literally* and finished the front garden cleared out the drains *no job too big or small for super lou lou* and then got to work on the back.................

Now my garden, i've never said much about apart from it being desolate depressing and looking desert like...no exageration if nything i've gone easy on it! Well i decided since i was having a mad fit that i'd try and do a charlie dimmock!

*cue lou lou getting her tits out into bikini and hot pants slathering sun cream on* ( yes i really did!)

So i started and i did loads, i again worked my arse off *again not literally sadly* and cleared it all. until the last bit..........i got happy with a pairof shears...................and missed what i wanted, and then excruciating pain...............

agonised i swore prefusly *oh yes i know not like me at all hahahah* and took a look at the epicentre off my pain.

my index finger in my right hand..............the pain by now travelling up to my shoulder. Embedded deep in the tip of my finger was the spike tip from oneof my huge aloe vera plants! (that grown in my garden)

I tried really i did to get it out, but failed and i was shaking and in far too much pain by now.......
I made a call and got a nurse to fit me in the the local quacks...........

the needles came out and theyassessed, my symptoms perfectly normal for stabbing by an aloe vera plant......me"but its still in my finger" nurse " oh yes so it is"
*cue needles, and blood and lots of ows, ouchies and very repressed foul language*
they couldn't get it out it was far too deep. SO i was told to home sock it in a bowl of water to draw it out and go back later. i did it didn't work.
I went back, and they tried again, no luck far too deeply embedded so i was sent home with manganese sulphate to draw it out.

So i was gonna post last night but i couldn't type, in too much pain

tuesday am
So this am i was back there again, and the gave me a local anesthetic ring block.......which sort of worked............and finally it was removed. The offending spike measures almost 1 cm! They let me bring it home in a sample bottle to show hubby.............*see i wasn't making a fuss for nothing, you cooked dinner and waited on me for good reason! *

I'm typing now....just very stilted slower than usual, and i can't use my finger, can't put pressure on it. I will always garden with gloves on now! Even if they are full of sweat (which is why i took them off in the first place!)

The garden does look great though.....no water feature though...........but i'm well chuffed with it.

Bought Maroon 5 today, excellent cd..........
princess spent her pocket money on mcfly *curses*
had a donut for breakfast too *up yours diet*
hubby managed to melt a drill bit...............pmsl *new fence around veranda*

I meet the surgeon, and we'll discuss just how we'll get this lump out of my tit.........and just how much of a tit i'll have left! It's grown you knwo, the lump, not ,my tit! I'm worried and scared and aprehensive. What will he say?
Hubby coming with me for support...............we already know it's not cancer, thank you God. But still its a worry.

oh well onwards and upwards

lou lou
posted by Lou Lou @ 8:40:00 pm  
Hmmm where do I start?

Oxford Dictionary explanation..........

serendipity n. the faculty of making happy and unexpected discoveries by accident. serendipitous adj. serendipitously adv. [coined by Horace Walpole (1754) after The Three Princes of Serendip (Sri Lanka), a fairy-tale]

Life is a funny old gig, if wot we are lead to believe is true...that destiny has already decided our path and that we are all on one big ferris wheel going round and round like little white lab mice, wanting to get off and explore but not really be able to see beyond the bars on the cage!
Or is it really like that at all?

Do we indeed have any kind of deciding factors on where our true paths of destiny lead?
Is there such a thing as a chance meeting?
Is there that one someone out there for us all?
What if we don't find them?
Does fate lend a hand?

What if you find that someone and they are taken and you are taken....... but the pull that resides between the two of you takes control and diminishes all logic and reason?
Is this fate?
Or is it just a case of wot if?
Wot if the sky was to fall tomorrow, are we truly with the one we'd like to share our last moments with?
And if we're not, why are we wasting anymore time living only half a life when we could be enjoying so much more?

All these questions invade my mind once in a while and just thought I'd share my moment of complete madness....LOL

As for me, I believe two people can meet and know instantly that there is something there....call it love/friendship wotever and it can be heard without having spoken a word.

Serendipity is a beautiful word...............and a wondrous concept.
For me it has come true many times, chance meetings that have changed the path of my life forever................for good and bad.
But i wouldn't have it any other way....to step out into the unknown without that small chance that destiny is holding your hand is like life without sunshine, breathing without air, loving in fear and like living life through your head and not with your heart.

Have I made any sense??? I think not....still it got all that outta my head!

Love ya, especially YOU!


posted by Sugar @ 1:47:00 pm  
join me in support for lou to post only when drunk.
Monday, September 27, 2004
okay folks ,
you have seen her post when she is drunk, and yes it is the funniest thing i have read
in a long while.
so please please, show your support and email, making her only post when she is drunk.
or follow suit.
lou you made me laugh so much, you must do it again tonight.
thank you.
posted by scarlet @ 11:33:00 am  
..::this is what tip me over edge other day:;..
Sunday, September 26, 2004
From the second I saw you

Wanted it all
Something I couldn't reach
I've just a hope
Always going for those crazy dreams
They're always tearing me apart

Do I search for intrigue?
Something a little strange
If I had all the flavours
I know I'd start again
Do you see where we're coming from
Where I want to go
How much I think
How much I feel
Something you need to see in me
Do you know where tonight will go
If it could only go to where I dreamt
That night was slow
It's what you need to see in me
You know
I'm not your average kind of girl

So if you keep me in your mind
That's all I ask
So I know I had an affect on you
I'm out of the blue
Unknown face to what you've seen before
But oh for sure I won't drift too far
Do I search for intrigue?
Something a little strange
If I had all the flavours
I know I'd start again
Do you see where we're coming from
Where I want to go
How much I think
How much I feel
Something you need to see in me
Do you know what tonight will bring
If we could only go to where I dreamt
That night was slow
Who knows what you see in me
You know
I'm not your average kind of girl
I'm not your average kind of girl
I'm not your average kind of girl

alex parks not your average kind of girl

do u see where i'm coming from?
how it gave me dispair? not turning it on now
pished ad alex parks not good move
help me
posted by Lou Lou @ 10:21:00 pm  
..;;local wino is nice i drink lots fiuck the diet:L::..
ello my peeps forgive typos me is decidedly half cut ok sos i am pished tough shite decipher my crap hahahaha

ok the weekend
when did i post last? i don't remember firday what did i do? can't remember
oh yes got up nice and early and went out to buy new gRDEN furniture. very nice lush infact. glass and grey very sexy like me hahahaha got some niceother things too
went to surf shop treated hubby to a new rash vest. he got me a sexy voodoo dolls bikini in sexy red hot red.......i wore it in the afternoon when we went to the beach. hubby had kite surfing and me and princess had fun in the sun and the sea

last night we watched lost intranslation..........................i was fucking lost i can tell you what a fucking shit film it was wank completley wank iu fell asleep it was so bad yes i know there was irony and it was an intelligen tfilm....it was still wank. i get the thingyes he was in japan yes the translation was crap yes it was a fucking wank crap film who did they bribe to get those awards it wa a waste of good money to hire it if i gone to cinema to see it i would have walked out it was that crap bought hubby some nice aftershave too, smells yummy

and doesnt that blokey look old? he was much younger in groundhog day what happened to his face it all rinkly
i was a good girl and did my homework and helped princess wiht hers. i drank tea with the neighbours i had a lay in too this morning which was nice, i been shopping just for food and tonight i cooked a lovely dinner we sat out and ate , oh we did that yestday too nice dinner had wine with it kept on drinkingwine all evening shouldnt be on here now should be asleep it is late went tog et glass ater and make doors lcoked and though me speak scarlet opnline but she not here so i post instead relly should posted eatrlieer
cant be arsed bnow gonna go read blogfs
ta ta for nw babes
loveing u
lou lou
posted by Lou Lou @ 8:44:00 pm  
~~Bloody wine and cream carpets!~~
Saturday, September 25, 2004
this week has been weird.

Came to post the other night while hubby had kindly offered to do the shopping, had a nice glass of wine, was gonna have a little fiddle on Psp see wot kind of stuff I could do myself, then post something raucously funny *yeah right dream on* and then vege out in front of the TV and watch my fav programme Extreme Makeovers!!!
So anyways I get to the PC, place my glass of wine on the table, lean over to get my PsP for idiots guide and like a complete f*ckwit I knock my glass of wine of the table..................it shatters into a trillion pieces (ok, not quite that many, but a f*ckin lot OK!)
So there I am, on my hands and knees for the next 20 mins, sweeping and washing the floor, checking that I have got every last little bit up I turn round to get up and wot do I find, I've f*ckin cut myself!!!!


Am a complete girl when it comes to blood, even bruises give me the shivers.....brrrrrrrr!
The offending glass must of hit my ankle on the way down...ouch, there is blood trickling down my ankle and I'm trying not to look, trying not to pass out.....(it's about 2115 and have not eaten since lunchtime, so this passing out theory seems entirely possible)

Oh f*ck it where is Dr George "swoon" Clooney when ya need him????
Anyway to cut a long and very bloody story short, I cleaned up, the floor cleaned up but my poor beautiful cream rug still has remnants of my "bloody accident".
D'oh...why did I buy cream??? I mean I have 3 kids ffs????
Ankle is still sore, but I'll live....just! Lmao

Ohh I can report another lie in today......0750 this morning, fan bloody tastic!!!

Although I am still knakered as didn't get to bed 'til gone 2am, I know.....don't ask, but it's definitely not wot you think, I've got a few muscle knots in my back and work didn't help it much, so at 1am this morning was soakin in a very hot bath in an effort to loosen me up....ha ha
Feel as stiff as a f*ckin board this morning so will have to be sorted out later...lucky for me hubby is a trained masseur.....although I must say I get no pleasure from it.....it f*ckin hurts if its done properly, I'm normally wincing in pain not moaning in ecstasy!

Ah well best get back to real life.....although I must admit this one is far more tempting at times...LOL

Love you


posted by Sugar @ 9:42:00 am  
..::i don't know what came over me:..
Friday, September 24, 2004
Don't know what came over me.....
I put an alex parks cd on (?)*obviously an act of insanity* and then it happened.

I burst into tears, huge great big wracking sobs with big fat tears running down my cheeks.
I was sorting out photographs, surrounded by pictures of my loved ones, of those i left behind and of those with me. I really don't know what hit me.i couldn't stop that was 20 minutes ago and still i'm tearful still they are falling down my cheeks.

I rang Scarlet, i know she's at work, but just in case she wasn't i left a message on her answerphone. I'm sorry babe, i'm ok really i am, just a bit down. I didn't mean to worry you just wanted to hear your voice. I always turn to her.

There are people i miss more than others, close family obviously, but Scarlet, it's like being separated from your twin, there's such a strong bond there. I know she's having a rough time of it lately. It seems everyone she loves is leaving. I feel guilty. And so very sad. I know we talk everyday, and mail too, but still i feel her loss.

Through my life,(so far) i've had many friends some good, some bad and some who just shit all over me, Scarlet came along when i was 21. 10 years ago. Within moments it was written in stone, best mates, for ever. I've been for the most part unlucky with mates. I'm too giving, too trusting. (Girls are bitches. My best mates were mainly always lads.) I thank God for the day he brought her into my life.

So here i sit, tears still flowing, face a mess, massy in streaks (only make up i ever wear nowanything else slides off with the heat) feeling sad feeling such a sence of loss, yet i don't really know what i'm greiving for.

I have done some greatstuff today though i took two exams this morning. I passed both one 83% questions featured were not in my syllabus i found in the main not properly so very were very abstract i should have done better and could have, and the other i flew through 97% feeling pretty cocky about that one. I've been to fat club and stayed the saem weight, I've done pretty much all the housework minus hoovering. I'm going swimming this afternoon with princess and tomorrow we're off to the beach once more. on the piss more than likely Saturday night too.

Maybe i'll pull myself together in a mo......i have to. I can't spend all day like this.

Happy place happy place happy place.

Only trouble is what i'm crying about is in my happy place. oh bollox

going to put on happy music now.....

lou lou

posted by Lou Lou @ 10:09:00 am  
..::even bigger twat::..
Thursday, September 23, 2004
lookeeeee what happened to my beloved dishwasher.........................

if it wasn't so fucking funny i could cry

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

somehow the bowl, which i've put in there before incidently, touched the element somehow.......

have hacked it off, seams to be working ok now

*touches large chunk of wood* smella a bit though pmsl

lou lou

posted by Lou Lou @ 10:34:00 am  
..::lou lou is a twat::..
At bloody last, it's taken me 5 attempts to get into blogger today! ell the bit to write posts anyway!

Busy day yesterday.....by 9.30am I had done all the housework, made bread, made cakes, and had a cuppa with M! By 11am I had ben to the doctors, been referrred to a specialist *yet another* and been shopping.

I spent the rest of the day alternating feeling run down and upbeat......a most odd way of feeling.

M popped round, we did tea, and chatted, Princess was at Karate, she gets graded in November.....she's getting good.

Afternoon we popped out to buy garden furniture......the shop we wanted was on half day closing. Bugger. We'll go at the weekend now, there's wind, so the surf will be up...............which means a beach afternoon for me and princess while hubby does his new kite sufing thing. *makes him feel young i think!*

A quiet evening with crap tv enabled me to spend some time painting my toenails, and then my finger nails a delicious shade of royal purple. Shortly after, at about 8.30pm i drifted off. I woke at 10pm with a stiff neck...and went to bed.

See i'm not myself at all, it's really not like me all this drifting off to sleep crap.

This morning again i've been busy..........

Princess to school, she has swimming today in the open air pool lucky cow.
Then straight to my pc course to do revision ready for tomorrow.......not too worried think i should do pretty well. Spent 10 minutes of it writing an email to scarlet....which i sent and then realised i had mispelt her addy ffs some other scarlet has my twaddle in her inbox now .....*oh err that sounds a bit painfull!*

8.30am and i arrive in another classroom and start my language course.

teacher " blaaa blaaaa blaaaa blaaaaa Lou Lou "
lou lou" Ummmmmmm errrrrrrrrr ummmmmmmm sorry"
* lou lou hears exactly that, lou lou was a lazy biatch and did not do homework or revise properly.* Lou Lou is a twat, and looks it for the 2nd time already today!

It was a pretty good couple of hours and i learnt quite a lot today......i'm still pretty confused though it's just like gobbeldy gook really. I gotta get to grips with it or i'll look like a twat again!!

So the rest of my day.......as i said the beach more than likely......housework all done, no washing to do, i've given up ironing its too bloody hot.....mmm eating cakes and drinking tea, good plan i think
oh and blogging and blog reading. might manage a liccle revision later for tomorrow....i'll be back later
love you all

lou lou

posted by Lou Lou @ 9:15:00 am  
~~"If you do that again you'll go to bed!"~~
Wednesday, September 22, 2004
hmmmmmm...me thinx this is my catch phrase.
Or indeed the catchphrase of every mother of a toddler!

Wot is it with kids and food?
They don't just wanna eat it, they wanna spread it about, see wot shapes they can form with it, see what kind of reaction poring a cup of juice over it will have!
They like to grind it into the carpet, break it into a million pieces and feed it into the DVD/Video/Sky slots!

And not just food either..............
the other day I had to rescue a handful of Sticklebricks from my boots...........for those of you who have had the privilege of knowing this delightful toy............they are f*ckin painful when stood on in barefeet...lmao
Sometimes I think my youngest is the Devil's spawn..........at his moment in time she is kickin an empty beaker around eh floor in disgust 'cos her Winnie the Pooh programme has just ended????
And of course to a toddler this is a major incident............she's just coloured in( i say that loosely)
her brother's master piece of art....Ooops am i in major trouble now...eeek!

This morning we had to do the school run with a menagerie of animals...........LOL
Nightmare...i dropped Sweep half way to the school and had to scramble in the road riskin life and limb just to get the stupid f*ckin scrappy thing, it was one of them MC's freebies!
Then on the way back we had to "walk the wall's", a couple of low wall's surrounding a Dr's surgery on the school route, we don't have time on the way there but on the way back I have yet to find a suitable excuse...LOL
Today she was a bit over zealous and fell into a bush half way across, she was most upset as the small cat (complete with its own catbasket) she was carrying went flying, not worried about her own safety she scrambled after the catbox yelling..."oh no it's broken it, it's broken it now!"
Luckily for me it wasn't!

So now I am sitting in a room in complete disarray, there are crisps stomped into the carpet, grass strewn everywhere form where she has wandered in and out and a general stickiness to everything you touch....probably due to the fact that she had LemonCurd on her toast this morning......ah oh joy of joys!

As for me I am great, I have laughed this week more than I can remember and it is truly the best medicine there is.....................go get some today!

Have a great one!
Love ya

posted by Sugar @ 11:08:00 am  
..::feeling crappy, like this post::..
Tuesday, September 21, 2004
I spent a lot of yesterday feeling faint and queezy. i spent a lot of today feeling the same washing over me in waves.
The day was relatively quiet i guess. Went and did my pre-exam test.....did wonderfully of course, and i take my exam on friday morning! Did a little housework, had cuppa and chat with m.

in the afternnon had a meeting with mrs d princess's teacher. all in all she's doing well and has settled really quickly. I was really quite pleased. Spent a quiet evening in fron tof the tv feeling crappy til i had an early night. i felt that rough. unknown for me to be inbed so early.

This am....princess had huge strop. told her i would ground her a day for each minute we were late for school she was that bad....bollox we weren't late at all by the time we got there. most disapointing.

Spent a lovely morning with M, we went shopping....which was fun and the i was supposed to go to physio....only i didn't make it. it was my first time driving into town. i took the wrong exit off the roundabout, which was ok cos i had an idea where i was going.......except the journey that should have taken us 15 minutes took us over 40 minutes. we were stuck behind the slowest people in the world and it was bumper to bumper the whole way home.

Hence i had no time to get to hospital, i rang and apologuised though so we resheduled for next week. Just as well really i have been really lax doing my exercises the last week.

M and little A her son, came and had lunch with us hubby and D went to play squash in the afternoon. so we watched a dvd. it was really nice to have some decent company. it was really nice to just veg with a mate.

I've had a mad few minutes tonight, i cleaned my oven, scrubbed my kitchen, and i've scrubbed the veranda too! As i said the feeling crap is coming over me in waves. That was all done in a time frame i was feeeling ok.....now i feel crap again. my throat is sore too now, i still feeel faint and queezy. earlier this eveing i was nauseous too. not good. i'm seeing the doctor tomorrow anyway so i'm not that worried.

tomorrow i have nothing planned. apart from the doctors. i think i'll relax, and do some revising. i know i'll do well, my pretest has shown me that i'd just like to get a really high score! Lets hope i'm feeling better by then!

ok so this post has been crappy, exactly how i am feeling................sorry all, hope to be on form tomorrow


lou lou

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~~"Everybody's talkin at me......."~~
Monday, September 20, 2004
.............but I can't hear a word they're saying,
Only the echoes of my mind!"

It's been a funny old weekend, was here, but not really...f*ck not makin much sense am I..LOL
Don't wanna get too deep and morose so will keep it light.

Had a great day with my eldest daughter yesterday.
We did the town, I mean shopped, not a pub crawl, she has a few years to go before I'll be introducing her to that tradition!
She was thoroughly spoiled, like all good girl's should be...........are you listening?

Evie is a good girl!...LOL

Kids' watched Hot Chick at the weekend, love it!
Most of the jokes were above their heads but they enjoyed the slapstick and the story..LOL
And then as if we wasn't spoilt enough they put Deuce on..................woah *swoon* somebody lie me down! (the kids were in bed by this point, just so you know I'm not a totally bad mother, just a wee bit!)
I laughed so much I cried, which for me isn't unusual, I'm real pants when it comes to keepin my emotions in check during a good movie.....God sometimes I am such a girl...tee hee
But f*ck it, I think it's a measure of a good film......and me being me I weep and blub with the best of them...LOL

This morning had a long in depth conversation with my eldest daughter's Dad (we've been split up 10 years now, and she lives with him, has done since she was four) we never talk, infact I can't remember the last time we had a civil conversation or even spoke without finishing with an argument.
It was a pleasant change, and hopefully got us both somewhere, a little further down the road for each of us and our understanding of the other's situation.
I say hopefully as I have been here before.
But where there was once love there will always be hope.

Love ya all, especially YOU!


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..::the weekends nearly over::..
Sunday, September 19, 2004
I woke at 7.30am, needed a wee. the biggest wee in the world which managed to wake up both hubby and princess. Got lots done, early on and then Hubby went out. M and I and kids then went out for the day. Soaked up lots of sun walking around, got pretty pink in fact. Although its settled now to a nice honeyed colour.

Did a little shopping, met up with hubby and we went to the beach club., There wasn't enough wind for kitesurfing so we came home. Princess was not happy. nor was i we were looking forward to a nice dip in the sea.

Met one of M's friends, she complimented me on my tan, yay! i was pretty shocked, i don't think anyone has ever said that to me in my life! *usually pale and interesting looking*

Whilst in the garden i discovered a mouse..........eeeeeek living under the spikey bush thingy. I ran inside and closed the doors! *something not great to do cos it was so bloody hot!*

Baby sat for M last night, turned out to be a late night, during the evening i needed to speak to hubby but he wasn't resonding to my hollers. So i picked up some stones and started throwing them over the fence.....some landed in my fitted sheets i'd left on the line! In the end i managed to perfect my aim to land on the veranda, and he came outside to speak to me! I then wondered why i didn't just ring him....the thought never crossed my mind! Since moving here i hardly ever use the phone compared to what i did in the uk..............

M and D got home lateish, they brought a heap of friends back and it turned into a party! Met some really nice people, after M begged me to stay on....... I got home at 3am, after managing to get away. M was begging me to stay somemore but i was really bolloxed. discovered I, once more was under attack by ants in the kitchen. *can't understand this there the kitchen is immacualte* Found where they were coming from this time.......blocked it, and killed em all.

Hubby was fast asleep, obviously didn't want to wait up for me! Finally got to sleep, not sure when, the party was still well underway! When i spoke to a very knackered M this am, she said they finished at about 4.30am! That D was still asleep and that as soon as he was up she was going to bed herself.

I ,made breakfast, had a bath, got dressed, decided to wear a tiny denim skirt hubby bought me ages ago, but never had the confidence to wear, and my legs off course were way too white! Looked in the mirror and was pretty surprsied not too bad at all......finished with a nice pink halterneck.....*since hitting 30 i'm rather into pink not sure why......several ladies i know are the same! * sat in my lovely chair to watch a film *the fantastic happy gilmore adam sandler grrrrrrrrr*, and drifted off. Princess woke me, i drifted off. In the end i slipped upstairs and laid down on my bed. I woke at 4pm! Hubby and princess had trashed downstairs but quietly! And i was well rested!

This evening we watched Big Fish........ not what i expected. incredibly moving and a really fab film, i sobbed at the end. hubby of course and princess taking the piss out of me for doing so. Success re the ants, not an ant all afternoon in the kitchen after i put some barrier spray down this morning.

Had an *i wish i had my camera moment* this evening when i was in the bathroom. A massive bug thing was in my bath. Huge never seen anything like it with big antanae. I have no idea what it was it measured about 6cm long not including the antenae! I scooped it up *very brave* and chucked it out the bathroom window! Then kicked myself for not taking a piccie of the damn thing.

Still feeling a bit tired. Got a meeting tomorrow with princesses teacher which should be interesting. I have my course to do too. Other than that not a huge amount of stuff to do. I might invite W for a cuppa and a natter. M knows her on sight. So i think it will be nice for them to meet properly!

Oh well gonna go ring scarlet nd find out what shes been up to this weekend.........

night all

lou lou
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~~Fully charged and ready to go!~~
Saturday, September 18, 2004
For me this morning is like no other...........well no other Saturday morning that is, today I actually had a lie in, well 8.10............which is fab, and because I came home from work early last night, was actually in bed before 1am, which is totally unheard of for me on a Friday!
So today I feel like a new woman, recharged and full of vigour...............well I am at the moment as it's only just gone 9am, so maybe in a few hours time, when the kids have been whinging and moaning for a drink, a biscuit, a video, a snack.......I may just be pullin my hair out as usual..LOL

The weather is bleurgh*can we just have a teensy, weensy bit of your sun Lou Lou* it's very dull here in the South East, overcast....looks like rain, which of course is highly likely as it is the weekend and most peeps are not at work!
Have shit loads of washing to contend with, I was wondering whether to stick in on now and shove it all in the tumble or to wait and see if it brightens up at all and then chance it on the line!

I have CBeebies blaring in the background.......two hyped up presenters displaying birthday cards, making weird faces and noises and bursting into uncontrollable, pants wetting laughter...
F*ck and they get paid for this?
Shit am obviously in the wrong job.

Talking of job......................f*ck if i thought last week was bad, horrendously busy...this week has topped our "how long can your queue get?" list.

20 f*ckin people(in each queue)+
4 checkout operators+
2 managers+
long queues= pissed off customers, harassed staff and

F*ck, all hell broke lose....................people were swearing and cussing, our immediate manager got threatened with physical violence from one ape-like, Neanderthal moron! Who incited half of the queue he was in to join in with his rant.
Ahhhhh I can't wait 'til bloody Xmas it's gonna be hilarious, all that and we are soon to have a store re-fit, next month it's supposed to be starting, which means we will have some checkouts out of action temporarily..............moron's not gonna like that much is he!
Apparently we are over staffed....................??????
F*ckin where?
I hate office politics, its all to do with sales figures and ratios and bollox.
Thing is none of the management ever get to see it when the shit hits the fan, it's always usually at night when they have finished their cosy 9-5 shifts and us lesser mortals have taken control of the helm.
Well one thing's for certain, it can't continue in this manner, something will have to be done, maybe we should stage a mini revolution.
Down tools and p*ss off to the staff canteen, until they agree to employ more staff............or maybe just p*ss off altogether see how they run the show then! LOL

Anyway enough of my ranting, its not wot you need really on a Saturday morning.......ooh the sun has just appeared...........WoW
I'll not be running for me bikini just yet though.............. lmao
Have a good 'un


Ps Welcome back Scarlet honey xx

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..::the view from heres not shabby!::..
the view from there ain't shabby..............

so there i was distraught that yet again i'd put weight on instead of losing it ( now 10st 10 gutted)......stripped down to bikini and slathered in suncream in an effort to match up thse now red faded to brown bits.....*which are now peeling fit for a snake shedding its skin* i'm lazed on a lounger, gazing at the fabulous cloudless sky, the turqouise sea gently lapping the shore and from behind my designer shades checking out the talent hahahaaha

Tanned, toned with no spare ounces, yummy. W and I were not bothered much by them walking in and out of our sight range hahahahaha There was this one bloke, very tanned mr 6 pack as we dubbed him, shame about his face though he wasnt quite the full package......not that i noticed his package *fnarrr* Not that he would have given us 30 something *31* laydeez a second glance, well maybe he would, who knows!

Hubby looking good was strapped into a harness thingy head protector and lifevest thing (actually he looked pretty funny) and was having his lesson for kitesurfing. Already he is planning just what equipment he is gonna buy......he loved it.*note to self he gets that i get a laptop so's that i take it with me to the beach* He's going back there again this afternoon the wind wasn't up much enough for them to get out on the water decently!

So this afternoon again i shall be trying to even out this bod of mine. Not looking bad actually my normally milkbottle white legs are looking i'd say a pale honey now......of course where i burnt last week is actually a deep brown. it'll take a bit of work to sort it but with a view like that i'm not bothered.

Princess had a fab time with her little friend L who we took along too. W is her Mum and popped down later. L is coming nextweekend for a sleepover. It's like Princess and her have known each other all their lives. Its so sweet.

This evening we will most probably be sampling local brewery and vineyard products with d and m...........gotta go get a bottle of gin later too, m and i have decided to be sophisticated this pm and drink g and t...............

Up at 7.30am this am god only knows why.......although i got a really good nights sleep, i fell asleep again in the armchair...... but did wake up to go to bed. I've already been making bread, hung washing out and had 2 cups of tea with m and chatted. not to mention popping in here. ok i'm still not dressed but thats not the point is it?

Great to see scarlet is now fit enough to join us, and that her monitor is no longer in danger of being pelted with snot as she sneezes lol Welcome back babe!

Right, i'm off now to get a shower get dressed......something short today me thinks....feeling quite good.

laters all

love ya

lou lou
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Friday, September 17, 2004
hello people it feels like such a long time since i posted.
i am now stable on the poorly on the sofa stakes, was critical for a while, but hanging in there.
my poor baby boy has got it now, well i say baby but he'll be 10 years old soon.
so he had a day off school which he was very pleased with.
he is not liking school very much at the moment, because he has skipped up an extra year and left all his friends behind.
I am soo very proud of him, but i think i am gonna have to say somthing.

we vegged out on the sofa eating crap and hot mugs of tea, which was soo lovely, until.....
i look in the kitchen where my cooker is in bits.
i thought it would be a good idea to take it to bits give it a good clean tighten things up.
instead i just fucked up.
my dad came down had a look at it, after huge intakes of breath, he reckons i have now lost some screws.
any donations you wish to make. please send them to... "scarlets fuck up fund "
a very pissed off scarlet.
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..::its gone::..
unkymoods has gone.
it has dissapeared. it says theres no such page found and our liccle unky poeple have gone from the page *sob*
i liked my unky mate.
anyone know where they've gone?

lou lou
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..::wierd, kind of an update, coming up...::..
Thursday, September 16, 2004
Thats gotta be one of the oddest searches we've been googled on and looking at the page i can't see why! Some interesting person somewhere in the world was googling "can lockjaw spread by french kissing?" pmsl
Well we've come up on some odd ones before but that is a seriously odd one! I won't go into some of the others but i really do wonder how come we turn up in an amount of them, especially the ones i find disturbing.

Oh well.

Its been an interesting couple of days. Yesterday my princess had a friend over to play and for tea. It was bliss. She didn't moan or whinge once! They were brilliant. They got on like they had known each otehr forever. *sigh of relief*

This morning was a busy one. Firstly the school run, then i popped to do my course for an Hour, the pc one I got my maked work back. YAY go ME 100% i rock! Then it was a quick cuppa, and down the corridoor to my next course. 2 hours of confusion! Which i hasten to add i paid for!

Language course. Our tutor is lovely, and very enthusiastic. 12 of us assembled, pens and paper looking worried. She put us at ease ish and started with the basics, quick firing questions and expecting us to know the answers. *hey hang on love only been here 5 weeks and 5 days!* PLus she rather seemed to like using me, as her guinea pig. She kept telling me to speak up to not be shy to give in to the beauty of the language!

I struggled. I wasn't the only one. Ok now i can say my name, and where i live, and i can ask people what there name is and how they are, all with the help of a a4 sheet anyway! pmsl It wasn't so bad. The confusion was caused by the difference in the handwritten stuff on the board from the stuff in our workbooks! The font was no where near what was on the board we all got rather confused. In the end we had her write out the codeso we could decipher it lol

Other than then being invaded once more by ants once i got home for about the 20th time already this week! I got the usual housework done and then picked up princess from school. I did also talk to Scarlet briefly on MSN she is still rather poorly sick. She sends her love and apologies.

This afternoon, we've been out on the social scene once more! We wereinvited by new friend W and her hubby for the afternoon to realx drink and the kids could swim in the pool. Fab afternoon. Finished off with a takeaway.

I'm having a quiet evening now, it won't be long afore i am off to bed, i'm tired once more. I'm really sleepy all the time just lately. I find it hard to stay awake whilst sat watching tv even early eveing! Wtf is wrong with me now?

Course tomorrow next module anyway and exam prep. Fat Club. I don't think i've lost anything more than likely put it on even though i have been good i'm not noticing any differences, *shit forgot had nice donut yesterday!*

A fab weekend lined up, wine beer food and fun promised......... tomorrow i'm off to the beach i the afternoon to relax and hubby will have his first kite surfing lesson. Princess will play of course, we'll have her bodyboard with us and maybe she'll get a chance to windsurf i don't know. maybe i'll take her out in a kayak........... pmsl

better go,

lou lou
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~~Sleep....I need sleep!~~
Jeeez.......sleep deprivation is a wicked thing.
Work last night, but left an hour early, so was home before I would've even finished my shift.....5 mins after getting in the door (after having first made a cuppa and cut three healthy sized slabs of Ciabatta Olive bread smothered in lashings of salty butter) I am sat with me very weary arse on the couch, watching some kind of Poker tournament (don't ask...wot hubby does while I am at work, is beyond me, he does watch some weird shite though!) and the little 'un starts crying...f*ckin great!
I mean I wasn't gonna go to bed immediately or anything, but having an hour or so to relax and unwind before I drifted off to the land of nod was my plan, was being the operative word here!
Now take into account it's gone midnight now........my tea is going cold, and I just wanna vege...LOL
So I drag me arse up the stairs and bring her down with me, she whinges a little bit, curls up in a ball on my lap and stares at the TV!
Silence...............for about 6 mins and then she starts....

"What about Pingu/Barney?"
"No babe, it's nite nite's!"
"Go shops, go shops!"
"No darlin you gotta go bed in a minute!" *and so have I , now I'm knackered and had enough!!*

"OOOOh shall we read a story..shall we, shall we?"
"No babe, it's bed time!"
"Awwww please Mummy!" *cue sad puppy dog look that no human with a heart could resist!*

So there was I knackered, still in me uniform, wanting a shower and needing me bed at 1.00am reading a Disney girl magazine to my toddler! LOL
Ain't life grand!
Needless to say she got to bed about half one and I having had a shower, followed soon after, well I say soon, it was definitely gone 2.00am when I fell into bed.
Then before I knew it it was 6.30am and she was chirping away merrily in the room next door, just as if she'd had the best night's sleep ever.
Whereas her mother, looking all of her 33 years plus 20 more dragged her arse outta bed and stumbled to the bathroom.

Another day, the sun is shining, my heart is smiling and my head is screaming .....
"Not yet, 5 more mins!"

Have a good one guys

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..::just another day in the sun::..
Wednesday, September 15, 2004
Blissful sunshine, sand, waves, and hot guys in wetsuits. Yummy.
We went to join a beach/watersports club yesterday. Its stunning. Friday afternoon, i'll be there in bikini, to even out where the red bits faded to brown, apart from the peeling tit.

Whilst i'm there, Hubby is having a Kite Surfing Lesson. He's well into his extreme sports, which is fine as long as he doesn't make me do them! I might try my hand at windsurfing though.......lmao *picturing me on windsurf falling in copious times!*

I did go to the pta thingy, it was pretty good actually although i am by far the youngest, coolest milf there if i do say so myself! *feeling pretty good today!* Got home, watched tv and drifted off to sleep, hense no post yesterday!

Princess has karate today after school and then her new little friend is coming to tea.....she is very excited. It'll be good for her.

Today. was the big day. Except it wasn't. It was a waste of time. Pretty much anyway. The Surgeon was a locum , who won't be doing my op, he thought there was no need for me to get my tits out for an examination, no need to have another biopsy or ultrsound. He says i'm to go back on the 29th to see the guy who will be doing the op. He says he'll talk strategy with me, but probablythe routewill beto go up above my ariola and get out the lump that way, and i'll just have a small neat scar then...we'll see. I told him it was more prominent and it had grown, and that no longer am i in pain. He said to save it for the other guy. SO in 2 week's i'll know where i stand and those that love me can buy me pressies. And spoil me too.

Scarlet is poorly sick. poor baby. So send her your get well wishes. Mwaaaaah babe feel better soon. i'm ringing you in a mo anyway!

I'm feeling good today, which makes a change. I wore jeans first thing this am, it was dull and overcast. by the time i got back from the hospital they were sodden from sweat. Needless to say i changed into something a little more fitting the weather and now my pins are out not that they're getting any sun whilst i'm sat in here, one more reason to out ion my list i wanna laptop!

Right, i'm off, got lunch to prepare and pick up kids, and hubby too. Since i had the car today. Which i must say i rather like driving although i'm keeping my eye out for a small sexy convertable to bomb around in for myself...... this'll do for bit

laters all


lou lou
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Monday, September 13, 2004
So yes, I was busy, busy, busy this weekend. I've had stacks of fun, got pissed, played poker, and lost, not strip, but i did take my bra off cos it was rubbing my sunburn!

It was a fantastic weekend. Next weekend promises to be more of the same! Apart from the karting.....but i don't think it'll be long before we do that again!

Today I've finished the module on my course.....yay me! I've had cuppas with M. Had a lovely good for me lunch. Seen a brown owl......(brownies, my little one wants to be one!) Slathered myself repeatedly in cream on my still glowing red body parts.....Been covered in paint......and attempted to do a ground force bit on my hopeless cause of a garden! *blisters later its tidier but you can't really say anything more about it!* I finished covered in dust!

As a result i was not cooking.....chinese was ordered and delivered, consumed and very much enjoyed! I've of course done the normal housewifey things too.

I have made a decision, tomorrow, at 7pm i am going out. I have decided to go on what used to be known as the PTA, but now is simply known as The Friends! Yes people, i've decided to go and get involved with the school. Yes i know, it has that image. But ffs Its a way for me to give something back and meet people. And so far i don't know many, not that i have a crap social life or anything well in the week i do, weekends well.........

So what do you think? Am i making the right choice? Of course if they are all a bunch of snotty snobby biatches i won't go again!

I'm not on for long tonight i'm knackered, I spent yesterday afternoon desparately trying to cling to awakedom! It was a serious struggle i can tell you!

I am shitting it still about wednesday and my thing with the surgeon. I know i'll be ok, its not the actual op or anything, but i don't know whether they'll have to redo the biopsy or anything else.

The lump has grown in size, and is starting to worry me, alot. I was in a considerable amount of pain from it. Now not a twinge. Its now sticking out almost. I know they said i havent got cancer, but theres a nagging doubt inside me that says what if they got it wrong? What if it is. What if its worse than they thought. ever the pessimist thats me!

Right its late, i'm knackered and i'm off to bed....... don't forget i'm up at 6am

Lou Lou

No pictures are available re my sunburn scarlet/milky you 've seen it, laughed at it so stfu ok? lmao

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~~A little hug goes a long way...I'll start!~~
Saw this...thought it was real sweet and thought I'd share it................ Posted by Hello

posted by Sugar @ 6:32:00 pm  
~~My life is a blank page............~~
.............will someone please come write on it!

Oh bugger.............now I'm here I dunno wot to say....ffs my life is too mundane by half...LOL
Ok, apologies once more for my absence I have been living the life of Riley.....nah not really hubby was off for the entire week in the end so was forced to play Nurse a little longer than anticipated........arghghghg I'm so crap at it, especially when the patient refuses to go to bed, do as his told or take any kind of assistance!!!!!

Finally went back to work on Friday after nearly 2 weeks off, f*ck me, you'd of thought it was f*ckin Xmas the way people were shopping.
We were all gobsmaked at the amount of shoppers in...................it was surreal, I think I had 6 people in my queue for two hours straight......not the same 6 people mind, "I'm not that f*ckin slow!"....LOL
And almost everyone of them said "why is there so many people in tonight?"
"Errrr.....f*cked if I know!" was threatening to explode outta my mouth at any minute!
"You tell me!!
I gotta be here, I'm gettin paid for it!"

Saw my step-daughter at the weekend, which is great as she lives away so we tend not to see her that often, the last time was just after Xmas which is very naughty of us!
We just decided last minute to go, it's a 2hour plus drive and wot with the kids whinging you gotta be in the right mood to go!
Mind you its a bit of a reality check when we are there, she has a daughter of her own you see, so 33 year old, sexy, sassy, mother of 3 turns into "Nanny Evie" for the day!!!
I kid you not!
My grand-daughter, by marriage of course, is almost 5 and has just started school.
She's bright, funny, cute and adorable with it.
I must admit though it did seem a bit strange when "Nanny had a baby in her belly!" which of course turned out to be her Auntie...LOL
It's a funny old world ain't it!
But hey, I'm not complaining, some of us get to be Glamorous Grannies, give me a few more years and a few more grey hairs and I'll look just like the regular story book ones....lmao

Ok, so now I've filled ya life with a little more useless Blarney, I'll go disappear into the ether....LOL

I can hear the biscuit tin beckoning me....*grins guiltily*
It's good to be home......alone!

Love ya

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..::sorry theres no one in right now leave a message after the beeeeeeeep::..
Sunday, September 12, 2004
lack of post
have been busy
having fun
eating good food
enjoying great company
getting pissed
playing poker
and falling asleep

great weekend though................

hope yours was as good as mine


lou lou
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..::karting queen, well almost!::..
Friday, September 10, 2004

I awoke sore…..and stiff, Princess didn’t want to get out of bed, in fact she didn’t want to do anything. I on the other hand was raring to go!

I had Fat Club this am…… I lost 1lb, cutting down to 1 sugar had some effect then!

Then I did a little shopping, cos I had the car today! Went and did an hour on my course, popped home tidied and went to hospital for my first physio appt.

It was the first time I had driven really out and about, I have to admit I was rather concerned how close the road is to the edge of the cliffs! But I made it in time and found the physio department without problem.

My appt was a success, I have a load of exercises to be dong for a week until I see him again. He was concerned re my condition and has referred me to rheaumatology once more. He feels maybe there is something they are missing, or maybe there is something else they can do.

I got home just in time to run the straightener’s through my hair have a quick wash and change. And then we were off!

Raring to go we had the safety brief and were given our numbers. D and M came with us too, as our guests.

I was number 6. I had never been karting before, so it was a new experience. The first kart I got into I couldn’t reach the peddles, I’m not a midget but I’m just 5ft3 ½! My car was changed, the green flag waved and we were off! I was at first rather distracted by the vibration! In fact the end of it disappointed both M and me that our race was only 4 laps! Lmao

My first two races I came in 3rd, well 3rd out of 3!

My third race I came in 2nd . My 4th race……..getting to grips with the kart I sailed past hubby’s boss and took pole position and held it the others trailing behind me! Adrenalin kicked in, as I drove through the chequered flag I screamed and punched the air!

My number was called and I reached the semi final! I couldn’t believe it me, the semi final. I was driving against hubby and M. My heart sank. Hubby was ruthless out there having won all but 1 of his races. M in first and me in second we raced around the track 3rd bend and hubby rammed me…………bastard.

He was past me and then as I scream around the bends he rams M out of his way, take the lead and there’s nothing we could do! *I did call him some names though* I’m riding on M’s bumper and seize my opportunity…she’s hogging the inside, bitch, so I take my chance floor it towards the big bend and overtake her on the inside! I came 2nd in the Semi’s!!!!!!! GO ME!

Hubby made the finals. He lost. I was smugly pleased. He didn’t deserve it after nudging M and me!

We’ve been out for a meal, and in a mo we’re off for drinks with M and D promise’s to be an excellent end to an excellent day!

Can’t wait to go karting again!


Lou Lou

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jaffa cakes, buses and snow patrol.
well, i am adicted to jaffa cakes god help me please.
its bad i tell ya, now thinking of ways to cook them into an evening meal. ff's.
email me with sugestions, no don't ff's.
And i almost died today!

so, theres me today walking down the street listening to snow patrol ,(off whom i love so much i like to do each and everyone of them together if need be)
so i cross the street and out from nowhere comes a fucking great bus.
my life flashed before me, then the bus driver gets out and is waving his arms,
thankfully could not hear what he was saying because snow patrol was singing to me through the worst of it i think.
but what i did hear made lou look like an amateur in the swearing stakes, i can tell ya.
so i did the only thing i could do in that situation was pretend i was foreign.
but it did come and bite me in the arse when mo came shouting
so really snow patrol nearly killed me today.
maybe if i write to them and tell them, they might just give me a sympathy shag. (worth a try)

oh yeah my hot date guy has now left the town, and he didn't turn out to be hote date guy afterall. nevermind.
now looking for another distraction.
quiet weekend in store for me, just gonna concentrate on staying alive.

oh and i am working on lou posting piccy's. very funny btw
she is a twat (unlike me ofcourse)


posted by scarlet @ 4:16:00 pm  
..:: cooked::..
Thursday, September 09, 2004
ok...it's official I am a twat. something those who love me have known for a considerable number of years.
Today well this am has been a non starter. The broadband was down so i couldn't do my course, so i popped home, did a little housework, chatted to Milky and said my goodbyes.

Then stripped off, lathered my bikini clad self up with oil and went into the garden.,

I positioned by sunbed just so, and laid down, with a good book, set the alarm in case i drifted off and laid down bottle of water by my side.

All was well, i read lots, turned over, read more, turned over, laid on side. Alarm went off.

Picked princess up from school, not difference in my skintone. Had lunch, had chat with M, said she thought i had a little colour! Went out.

Came home.....decidedly stiffer than i was, and looking a bit well pink. Ok, dark pink verging on lobster.

hubby pissed himself laughing as i dropped my shorts at the extent of my lobsterness. Whilst i was laid on my side the sun had moved. My inside left thigh, my right leg and my tummy, my right tit all but a see white triangle all a throbbing angry lobster red.

Oh i am complete with white circle round my belly button where my belly ring was.......and the ties from my bikini bottoms, i have a white line over my tummy. I am very very pink.

Stripping naked i stood in front of the full length mirror to make sure i didn't miss anywhere with the aftersun. I could have asked hubby to put it on but he might have got ideas! I have to say i pmsl at myself. Only i could partially bake myself, only i could end up with the red bits in awkward places. Only i would get those stupid lines. I might be quite brown once it all subsides.........won't i?

My feet went brown without any trouble at all, my arms and back are a fabulous honey tone without any effort. Yet i have my legs out every day and no fucking colour. I do an eency bit of sunbathing and look what fucking happens.

I can't do fake tan and i can't do rel obviously.

How the fuck am i gonna manage physio tomorrow let alone my caarting grand prix?

Scarlet just came on line i got my red and white bod out for her to see........i dont know why she laughed so much..............

gotta go up early and all that


lou lou

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~~My week so far....~~
Ok so not been here much, apologies for those I have not spoke to or whose Blog's I have been absent from commenting on.......this Nurse thingy is taking up pretty much all of my time, well that and ferrying the kids back and forth to school and general everyday stuff.
But I have been poppin in now and again just to see how things are going with Scarlet's hot date and Lou Lou's life and all that that entails, no micely interruptions of late though, which is one good thing.
Good Luck with the Karting too, that sounds like fun, although I am a bit of a "girl" when it comes to cars and going fast....LOL
Am not a fan of driving at all, I do it cos its a necessity but don't enjoy it at all, well the only thing about driving I do like is the fact that when I am on my own in the car I can have T-Rex, Queen, Bowie.....whatever I fancy blaring out at full volume....LOL

Talkin of cars, mine died on me yesterday......*sniff, sniff*
Now it ain't no posh car, it's an old but good 'un but it's all mine and I love it!
I was across the other side of town at the time, dropping off the kids after school, had to get back though as had a Doc's appointment that I'd waited two days for to get to...................got in the car.......nothing, nada, f*ck all!
So had to phone the surgery and cancel, hopefully they can fit me in today..........i don't think I can wait any longer.
Hubby came out to the rescue "my hero", bad back and all, dosed up with painkillers, (which means he could've probably passed out at the wheel anytime) there was no stoppin him though, infact he told me to f*ck off when i had a go at him for coming out...........how's that for trying to be a good Nurse/wife/friend?????
So we think it's either the distributor or the starter motor..........oh f*ckin joy of joys, more expense...lmao

Other news...........
Well my brother is back from his holiday, lookin nice and bronzed and beautiful...did I tell you my brother was a looker?
I know I'm his sister but he is one fine lookin man, he looks Italian almost, very dark hair, smoldering eyes...................he met a girl at the airport coming home, he said she was giving me the eye so he went and spoke to her!!!!!
She gave him her business card and her personal number after a 5 min chat!!!
He maybe racing ahead in the number one spot for Milky studness...LOL

Kids are great...............little 'un is being a pain in the arse, 'cos her Daddy is home she's acting like a little whirlwind...LOL He thinks it's cute......'til she comes and jumps all over him and then he winces in agony and yells for Help!

Eldest daughter is loving high school, makin lots of new friends, excited by all her new subjects too, let's hope it lasts, I always loved school whereas her father attended when he had to........ie registration...... then he f*cked off to the park for a fag and a roll in the grass, not with me I hasten to add, he was a bit more mature when I met him.....well only just!! lmao

Well I guess that's it for me so far...........
Not very interestin I know, but it's me all the same :-)

Lovin ya all

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..::MIlky MIlky MIlky::..
I've just been chatting to Milky on msn....... and what a chat we've had.

Milky is thinking about setting up his own blog

......where the A list bloggers and rich and famous will hang out with him in his den of lurve............webcam can be activated for a modest charge of 99p yes milky and his mangina can be all yours fro that princely sum

VIP membership also available for those wanting the inside scoop on Milky and his Mangina...premium access to his bedchamber of lurve.

Interviews with A list bloggers from his bed of shag.......

Audio posts of the fun

If you think you're A list or wonderful at the very least.....and want Milky to Interview you........please leave details in coments below!

Join Milky!

Lou Lou
President of WE love MIlky Fanclub xxxx

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..::the tooth fairy cometh in the dark::..
Wednesday, September 08, 2004
6am has turned to 6.15am has turned to 6.25am, less than a week and i am faltering!
Princess is loving school here so can't complain. She started Karate Club today.

Something she used to do back in blighty till the class was closed. She was well chuffed. This was a different way of teaching. Her old class was no contact. This one is. OMG the kids get suited up in this body armour stuff. She had a great time, and it all started to come back to her. She will get graded in November, there's a competition in October and there's a Karate Camp in November too. All very exciting for a kick ass karate kid wannabe. There are 2 girls from her class doing it also. Which should help her social life a bit.

I've been and done some of my course, killed several thousand ants, blocked up holes with silicone and of course done housewifey things like bake bread and do housework.

I didn't manage to cut down to 1/2 teaspoon sugar today but hey 2 to 1 is a good start!

This afternoon Princess was eating a cucumber ( shes mad about them) and her tooth fell out. Excitiment. This means she gets money. ........ The tooth fairy cometh. Except she lost the tooth, and then went off on one. I was up to my neck after i went through the bloody bin in case........... *brain into gear* Problem solved. We wrote a letter to the tooth fairy describing the tooth and pointed out our new address and that the tooth was clean chiney and well looked after, just lost!

I've just written the reply from the tooth fairy. And yes even though she lost it I am giving her £2. Wow...... i only used to get 20p I'm waiting for her to go back to sleep so i can sneak in and sort it......

I popped round to M's tonight for a cuppa and a natter. Then we shit ourselves. Everything went black. Power cut..... Bollox You can never find a bloody torch when you need one, or a lighter for that matter! Shortly after that that princess woke up *I had popped back to get some batteries for a torch at M's, our house was plunged into darkness hubby had the torch upstairs, not a single candle lit! daft sod* Anyway, she doesn't like the dark.

I didn't think i was gonna get on here tonight! But here I am! Got a few bits and pieces to do tomorrow, i plan to soak up some rays for a change get my legs to match my brown feet lol
I am settling to life here i guess. Its all about routine. Lots more to do as of next week!

I know a couple of you *you know who you are* have been worried about me. I'm ok really i am, its just been tough, and shit, but i'm ok now i'm getting through it and my sparkle is coming back. I'm feeeling like me again. I've just got to re-identify myself. I gave up so much to come here, and i'm a little lost right now. Never fear i'm getting better. I've not had a breakdown, yet! Although if those bloody mice come back i may do!

Well this is turning into a completely boring crap post. I can't be arsed really i have to go to bed, i'm up in 6 hours ffs

lou lou
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My mother ...........again.
Ok folks i am sorry for not posting after my date. but things have been busy.

Lets get the date thing over with.
ok, heres the thing, i don't really like him very much this time.
supposed to be going out for a date tonight but i can't go out.
because i don't want too, my brother is coming down tonight anyway.
i hope my brother doesn't want to go out, otherwise that would be tricky.
oh my god the last time he came down and we went out i had my friend j who is nine years younger than me, holding my hand and stroking my cheek.
It was not good, my brother is very protective of me. which is a pain in the ass.
Now if we bump into mr D, who is ALOT older than me.
he 'll think i am fucking with his mind.
it'll be funny if we are all in the same room together.
omg i gotta go............

tell you about my mother later..... sorry guys .
now entering the 3rd day of acting like a retard.

posted by scarlet @ 10:14:00 am  
..::More woe::..
Tuesday, September 07, 2004
Right, i'm here now.......

The chicken pox isn't! After seeing two nurses and two doctors it was decided. It's not mainstream, pretty much all of you will never of heard of it, i know i hadn't. My poor sweet princess has "Molluscum Contagiosum".

It's a viral dna virus. I've done masses of research on it today. There are conflicting details on many sites.It may go spontaneously in a month or so, it may be 18 months to 5 years. There is no treatment recommended. I just have to make sure she doesn't scratch cos it will spread. Poor little mite had 97 when i counted them last night!

It sounds pretty bad. It's not major. She can still go to school. God only knows how she has got it, the incubation period for it is 2 weeks to 6 months! Click here for more info if you want it!

I got a lovely parcel today courtesy of Scarlet. A card that is oh so me, and a lovely pair of earings. Mwaaaah babe.

I also, upon speakingto her on the phone got some very, very juicy info, but i'm a bitch so i'm not gonna share it with any of you! I know you're reading this babe so i'll not say anymore!

The days here are still really hot and the evening also hot and sweaty. I still haven't got a fab tan. My feet are fabulously brown though pmsl I have to take some time now to match the rest of me, although my legs aren't as white as they were!

Tomorrow i'm off swimming with M, got my course to do as well cos i didn't go today with everything going on. Of course i've got a menu to plan too for the evening meal. I am oh so domesticated right now lol

Friday is gonna be the highlight of the week! It's busy day for me. Fat Club, i start physio, and then we're going go karting. We have a grand prix go karting event arranged by hubby's company! I'm really excited, never having driven one before..... and i do like to drive small cars fast!

Next week is a busy one too, i start my language course, and i am going to meet the surgeon who will be removing my breast lump. I am shitting myself about that. I know it'll be fine I'm a bit worried about how much of a breast i'll have left though!

Update on sugar.......down to 1 level spoon, trying for half a spoon tomorrow! YAY me we'll see what sort of a difference it makes on friday!

Better go, got lots to do and i'm sweating my tits off typing

love to all

lou lou

posted by Lou Lou @ 8:17:00 pm  
~~Wot a Carry On~~
Ok, so here i am again.

First off apologies for not being here, I have been playing Nurse for my hubby.........*totters around in 4 inch heels, lacey stockings, little white overall first 3 buttons undone showing ample cleavage, hair back-combed sixties style, little white hat*

NO NO NO, not that kind of Nurse!

I'm more the one with the wicked grin, Nora Batty tights, crooked teeth and a big f*ck off needle........LOL
My hubby poor soul, did his back in Saturday at work, Sunday he decided to be a hero and clean my car, by Sunday evening he was f*cked, not much movement at all, and wot there was made him gringe in absolute agony.
Had a fitful night's sleep, called the Doc in yesterday who thankfully dosed his up with painkillers and muscle relaxants.
So now he is a happy bunny, well a shuffling happy bunny.
He's in pain but not as severe, and the tablets knock him out so at least he is getting some sleep.
I've yelled at him for trying to do too much.
And he's yelled back for not being able to at least attempt to wipe his own arse.....nah just kiddin.
I never let him wipe his own arse...........it's wot all good wifey's do.............isn't it?
Although I don't think these muscle relaxants quite reach all his extremities!
When I ask the cheeky bugger if there is anything I can do for him, he just nods and winks at me...LOL

Well the sun is shining and the kids are back at school and lovin it, well i'm lovin it...LOL
All is right with the world, I feel alive and happy and thankful that I am here another day.
And on that little chunk of bullshit I will take my leave...lmao

Love ya all

posted by Sugar @ 1:06:00 pm  
Milky's Return.................
I been that pissed I forgot how to type.

Am now banned from all B&Q’s ffs, I went in pissed to get some grow bags for my ‘plants’ ;) and some twat comes over to me in orange dungarees and asked if I wanted decking ? So I made sure I got the first fookn punch in.

Things that are starting to piss me off, New potatoes, they’ve been out years ffs, so why do freakn grocers still call them New ???.

I think I nicked this next bit from somebody but cant remember due to permanently being addled. Speak Caribbean Lesson one:-

If your say the words Beer Can, it sounds like Bacon in Rastafarian, its brilliant aint it, go on just say it, then you can expand to Beer Can Buttie Mon.

Ok that’s it, one weeks effort gone into this post, is it the worst yet, quite possibly.
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..::monday monday::..
Monday, September 06, 2004
I've not done as much as i wanted to today! I got up as is usual these days at a little past 6am, got princess ready for school and myself ready and off we went.

After dropping princess off at school, i noticed how the heat was starting to rise. The sun burning ever brighter. And like a twat, i went to the gym!

I managed 35 minutes in the gym before i pressed the big red stop button on the treadmill, i had already been on the stepper for 25 minutes. My legs had turned to jelly, and i felt really very dizzy. Despite the fact that i was drinking copious amounts fo water from my sports bottle! I sat down, and eventually walked home a little unsteadily!

By the time i got home, sweat was pouring off me and a river was following! A nice cool shower later and i was feeling a little better. I will biuld up to it gradually. I really wasn't expecting myself to be so changed in the gym due to the altitude and heat changes. I didn't go beforre now because i was giving myself time to acclimatise! SO i will have to break myself in at the gym gently!

I couldn't be arsed to do anything much then, besides drink tea, with 1 sugar, hopefully down to none by friday! Play sims, for a bit and chat to a couple of old firends back in blighty! I must admit i didn't mind rubbing in the fact that i had forgotten what rain looked like or felt like!

1pm and got princess from school. She has been bitten alive my mossies, or so i thought until i grasped on the way home maybe she has chicken pox, cos they have little crusts on them all of a sudden. I never thought it was before, there just arent enough of them for to to have thought *ding* chicken pox. I'll get it confirmed first thing tomorrow by a doctor. If it is chicken pox, it's a really mild case. I think it's just bites, better to be safe than sorry eh?

i've got a bit of tidyinig to do before hubby gets home, thought it won't take long, i think i'll do a quick search on chicken pox and see if there are any pictures. not got much else planned for tonight....chat to old mates hopefully. ........and a juicy update on the phone from scaret too hopeully!

laters babes

lou lou
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..::uuurrrggghhh its early:::...
Sunday, September 05, 2004
urrrrgggghhhhh it's sunday and i'm up already. 7.30am to be precise. i had to deal with yet another ant invasion! Not as bad as the one on my birthday! We let the leftover chinese cool before putting it in the fridge two words, BIG MISTAKE. The containers were practically moving along the worktop!

Thankyou one and all for my lovely birthday thoughts in the comments and by email. I'm genuinely touched by you all.

So what am i gonna do with myself today?

Play Sims triple deluxe me thinks! We played it all day yesterday taking it in turns. Even princess got in on it! I must admit to being slightly pissed off that my birthday game was taken over. But what the hell!

I'm still on the diet so i am being a good girl. We are trying lots of local cuisine. I have found that i rather like the local specialities, especially the wine!

Shopping over here is rather differnt to the uk. Supermarkets there the produce is practically buffed to a shine, and there are a few special offers kicking about.
All produce is from local suppliers. It is all practically straight from the field. All needs a damn good wash, but tastes delicious. You can see how fresh it is, taste how fresh it is and you know it hasn't been stored in a fridge or treated with stuff for a few weeks! It took me ages to find a cucumber here. I couldn't understand why there weren't any. *so used to the large ones back in uk* until i found them. Baby cucumbers, about the size of bananas and smaller. Princess eats them one at a time! They're really handy for her snackbag for school!

Cakes here.....ooooh yummy. Somethings similar to uk but the rest is so much nicer.
I love the way they have all their special offers here in dedicated aisles and i love the way they give away plates and stuff with their special offers! It amazes me how many offers they have on. Even in the little local shops.

It's been 4 weeks now. I'm still a bit raw from all the goodbyes. But i'm doing ok. Now the mice have gone, i can relax a little, i am of course vigilent. I'm starting to settle now. Find my way. Princess has settled at school already and loves it. It was my biggest fear. That she wouldn't fit in. I guess kids are more resilient than we give them credit for!

Well gotta go, i need another cuppa, i've managed to cut down to 1 sugar too! I'm well impressed with myself! My downfall on the diet last week you know. Drinking tea again! I was too scared to go into the kitchen and make any lest i find mice hahahahaha so of course i wasn't consuming copious amounts and 2 sugars in each mug! It really showed on the diet this week, cos with everything else i had been really good excepting the 5 bottles of wine me and m shared!

Right thats me done, i'm off now, Scarlet you'd better ring me i want all the filthy details


lou lou
posted by Lou Lou @ 6:35:00 am  
~~Like a child again~~
Saturday, September 04, 2004
Today I stood at my Nana's door and cried like a little girl, as my husband drove away with my parents to the airport.
Five weeks they have been "home" now and I've been dreading this day since the hour they arrived.
My son went with them to the airport, his little choking sobs as he asked his father if he could go was enough to make my husband turn away and catch his breath so as not to break down himself.
The look of heart break on the face of your 6 year old son is not something that leaves you easily.

I tried to be strong, tried to hold it all in but as i caught my son's eye as he left the house, we shared a moment of loss, both of us knowing in an instant how the other felt. He smiled at me, a very grown up, "it'll be ok Mum" smile, that tore at my heart.
The little 'un, thankfully was blissfully unaware of her grandparents departure and my eldest daughter had said her Goodbye's already.

It never gets easier saying Goodbye and I never stop hoping that one day they will return for good, maybe get fed up of lying on the beach all day.......no f*ckin chance I'd say!

Tomorrow will come and it'll be like they were never here and Monday school will start and life will return to "normal" once more.
And we'll forget that she was here everyday, and that she was just around the corner and go back to counting the days 'til we see her again.

I was never close to my Mum as a kid. But as the years have flown by and I have a family of my own, our relationship has grown and blossomed into something more than just Mother and Daughter.

I miss her dearly and often wish her choices had been different, that she was a little closer not and entire ocean away.

So I dedicate this post to my Mum, who I know at this moment will be weeping in my father's arms at the loss of her family again and who has the beauty of a swan, the patience of a saint, the wisdom of maturity and experience, the softest of skins and the sweet smell of "home" when enveloped in her arms.

I miss you Mum.


posted by Sugar @ 7:55:00 pm  
i'm off out now on a proper date. first one in years.
soooo little bit excited, although he is alot older than me, but he makes me laugh.
so will post tomorrow with news hopefully!

posted by scarlet @ 7:19:00 pm  
..::It's my birthday and i'll cry if i want to::..
Friday, September 03, 2004
It's my birthday and i'll cry if i want to, and i have.
My morning started nice and early at 6am, 4am for those of you back in blighty! It may be my birthday but i'm a mummy first and foremost!

After being depressed after going to fat club, i put on 1lb ffs thats the 4 bottles of wine, no 5 i got through over the weekend with M! I also went and did some more of my course. It's flexi learning so i can go pretty much when i want!
I got home to find our new sofabed has been delivered LUSH. It is well nice, and oh so designer!

i popped online to be greated by queen of the world Scarlet, and the lovely messages from all you guys on here. A lovely piccie from Evie and Scarlet's post had me in fits of laughter and then tears. As i said it's my birthday and i'll cry if i want to.

A nice chinese meal tonight and a dvd. I've had a pretty quiet day in all.

But it all seams oh so trivial.

September 3rd. A date in so many people's heads. The day world war 2 started. Now it will be with us all for another reason.

I watched the tv, avidly, the russian school siege Stiffling sobs, moans and gaps of disbelief. How could they do that? to families, woman, children especially children?

Now given that i had just picked up princess from school my thoughts were with them ten fold. I saw their fear, i felt it. The tears fell.

Why is there so much evil? How possibly can killing these children and people help them? Traumatising them so they will never sleep again? Murdered Wounded, maimed, starved. What the hell has it achieved?

FUCK ALL. apart from death and devestation and loss. NO one has won. no ones cause is helped. Selfish selfish selfish evil bastards.

All join me please now,
say a prayer for those families who've lost, those families who don't yet know and those families that have lived. Those that will have to live forever with the evil this day brought into their lives.

God Bless


Lou Lou
posted by Lou Lou @ 7:16:00 pm  

well, honey been thinking about you this morning and all the funny times we have had together.
so hon this is for you.
hope it brings a smile to your face like it did to mine.

There been ohh so many hon. Do you remember getting drunk at the garden pub and you getting lost for hours in the allotments trying to find the path home.

Or the time, when hubby went away and you nearly killed all his fish,
The greek tradegy night (shudders thinking about it).
The girls night at tara's where i ended up looking like elvis (could still kill that bitch)
Going shopping in our stinking daps.
ohhh and our beloved friends night..........................to many stories in there to mention.
Well honey happy birthday, really wish i was there today, but i will be thinking of all the times we've had together, and thinking of future moments where i know there will always be laughter, and above all cringing moments of embarassment.
love ya babe
miss you like mad.

posted by scarlet @ 8:57:00 am  
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